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Auto Scrap in Summit County

Are still undecided about your old car going to auto scrap? We will pick it up from a Monro Muffler & Brake shop, in the Portage Lakes, or in Norton?  Call us today for fast cash for cars regardless if wrecked or otherwise damaged in Uniontown, Tallmadge, or Peninsula.  Many of those in Summit or Portage County did not know aware that we buy junk cars.  People with junky cars parked all around in regions such as Granger Township or Canal Fulton can quickly junk your car for cash.

A report from Transunion, a credit and data reporting company, indicates that the volume of auto loan originations rose over 5% from 2015 to 2017. Many of these loans are actually initiated to refinance existing automobile loans. Many people sometimes choose to refinance their loans shortly after receiving them when they realize they could have gotten a better rate. Among those who refinance their car loan, the average individual saves roughly 2.4%, which equates to roughly $52 per month.

Eco-Friendly Fast Cash for Cars

Auto scrap recycling saves over 80 million barrels of oil that otherwise might be lost in manufacturing new components. Why put it off further when we are buying auto scrap 5 days a week throughout Highland Square, Elizabeth Park area, and Copley.  Call 330-732-JUNK today to receive fast cash for cars 6 days a week in Barberton, Ravenna or Clinton, OH. If you want your garage back in Kenmore, Rootstown, or the Rolling Acres area call to junk your car for cash.  Our business is fairly straight-forward, we buy junk cars for scrap in East Akron and surrounding areas.

Barberton City Junk Car Ordinance Law

Our buyer of junk cars will provide you with a junk car quote for vehicles in Kenmore, North Akron, or Doylestown. Contact us today for fast cash for cars regardless if wrecked or otherwise damaged in Sharon Center, Mogadore, or Stow. Our organization has successfully acted as a salvage car buyer in the regions of Monroe Falls, East Akron, and Silver Lake as well. Why would you consider another place when looking to sell a junk car? We are fast, friendly and pay with cash in Wadsworth, Medina, & Kent.

The city finds that vehicles described as abandoned, damaged, junk, dismantled, or non-running are a detriment to health and safety within the community and potentially impact property values, encourage vandalism, and may be fire hazards. Parking, storing or leaving unlicensed vehicles upon private property is prohibited if visible. Junk vehicles must be enclosed in a building. Junk cars are deemed as being a nuisance that should not be visible from the street and is the responsibility of the property owner, lessee, tenant or other party in control of the premises. Violators will be notified in writing and given 72 hours to remedy the problem. The city may conduct removal of the vehicle if no action is taken.  The city or representative of the city may enter private property for the removal of the vehicle and no individual may obstruct or interfere with this process. The full ordinance is available at this link.

We are now serving as a buyer of junk cars in the regions of Uniontown, Tallmadge, or Peninsula, OH. We are standing by in Granger Township, Canal Fulton, and Coventry Township, to get you fast cash for cars in any type of condition. Unwanted vehicle owners in the Chapel Hill area or Hudson should reach out to our salvage car buyer. To sell a junk car is always a better option than to leave it sitting around somewhere in the Portage Lakes, Norton, or Brimfield. Scrap automobiles can be a source of other hazardous items, such as lead, mercury and asbestos.

Vehicle Weight Reduction

Barberton Junk Cars is a “scrap my car” solution allowing you to receive fast cash for cars. By simply call us at (330) 732-JUNK you can receive a price for scrap cars with junk car towing included. Our buyer of junk cars is eager to take your call and provide you a junk car quote throughout the counties of Summit, Portage and Medina. Did you know that in the United States each year approximately 12-15 million cars are scrapped, providing significant amounts of recyclable components and salvageable materials?

On June 7, 2016 an article by Jeff Bennett titled ‘How Auto Companies Are Making Their Cars Lighter’ was posted in the Wall Street Journal with the following details: “Engineers are seeking the future of auto manufacturing: finding materials that is just as strong as the one it is replacing, but with less than half the weight. The auto industry is searching for new & different ways to drop weight from its vehicles to reduce carbon emissions & increase fuel economy. Tighter emission and fuel-economy regulations in the U.S. and throughout the world have auto makers using more aluminum and other potential materials, such as magnesium, strong steels, carbon fiber, compressed wood and even soy. For every 10 lbs. they can drop, it means about 10 to 15 lbs. less of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere each year.

Shedding the weight is no easy task, as new materials can be costly. Some are hard to work with, and others don’t work at all in the auto manufacturing-related processes. Most vehicles are growing bigger and heavier. Cars and SUVs on the roads have added hundreds of pounds in the last 20 years. Charles Klein, GM’s chief of CO2 strategy says size increases in all segments have led to a compact car now being almost as big as what a midsize car was ten years ago. He says there is much more content on a vehicle, whether it’s for safety or other options, such as cameras. The usual compact car has increased to almost 3K pounds from 2,542 pounds in 1996. The subcompact sport-utility vehicle has seen a weight reduction though; those vehicles are now down to an average of 3,048 pounds Mr. Klein says the numbers indicate how much further they have to go. The new Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards that go into effect in 2025; these require auto makers to increase fuel efficiency from 10-20%.

Steel is still the most used material; which compose over ½ of the vehicle. Steel makers have begun producing lighter grades of steel & using different heating and cooling techniques that can cut the pounds without weakening the metal. Auto manufacturers are spending a lot of time tinkering with aluminum, which has many of the advantages of steel but is generally 40% lighter. The one drawback: It’s about 2 times the price of steel. Ford took one of the biggest plunges recently when it switched the body of the F-150 pickup truck to aluminum. This substitution cuts about 700 lbs. in weight. Another possible material is magnesium; the alloy is 75% lighter than steel and 35% lighter than aluminum. It is heated and made into a variety of parts. The biggest challenge with magnesium is the cost. While market prices for magnesium & aluminum do fluctuate, they tend to be more expensive.” The full article is available here.

A scrap my car service provider

As a long-established buyer of junk cars and scrap vehicles, we can make sure that you get fast cash for cars 6 days a week. Included in the price quote is the junk car towing service. The price for scrap cars has been lower than usual so far in 2016. Our buyer of junk cars will make the process quick and easy for you! Our organization is committed to waste diversion by striving to reuse and recycle as much of the material as possible. Our goals include facilitating a positive environmental impact for the savings of resources.

Junk Cars Shipped South

Junk Cars Shipped South

As we all know by now, new automobile production is a major industry in Mexico. Another large trend is the market for “fast cash for cars”, even old used cars among Mexicans. The used vehicle market is very strong in Mexico, particularly due to the overall low income of its residents. Here at Barberton Junk Cars, a NE Ohio junk car removal outfit, we find this trend to be interesting as used vehicle dealers in Mexico are loudly exclaiming “we buy junk cars”. On March 29, 2015 Tim Johnson of toledoblade.com composed an article titled ‘Droves of used autos trucked in from U.S., tight credit add to drag’, with the following notes: “Every day, Mexico’s auto industry churns out shiny vehicles and puts them on rail cars to cross the border bound for U.S. showrooms. Every day, similar traffic rolls in the other direction: thousands of used cars. Those 2 traffic flows have set off a battle in Mexico that has spiraled into a fight over patriotism & global warming, with arguments laden with phrases like “junkyard cars” and “garbage vehicles.” At issue is that despite Mexico’s powerful and surging auto industry, the domestic market for new cars is weak. What is robust in Mexico is the market for used cars. Auto brokers sweep up more than 1,000 discarded or partially wrecked vehicles at U.S. auctions and bring them back across the border to be sold at used car lots. The battle over the imports has escalated to extraordinary levels.

The new-car industry claims the flood of used cars contributes to greenhouse gases, endangers drivers who aren’t notified of safety recalls, and unfairly depresses the price of used cars in Mexico. The used-car industry claims its popularity is because of tight credit rules & high interest rates that put the purchase of new cars out of the reach. When we talk about the ‘lost decade’ in the domestic auto market, this information bears it out,” said Guillermo Prieto Trevino “Studies tell us that Mexico should be selling 1.7 or 1.8 million units [domestically] a year.” Mr. Prieto described the importation of used U.S. cars as a “cancer” wreaking havoc on the Mexican automotive industry and sending pollutants into the air. “A lot of these [used] vehicles are six or eight-cylinder, and when they come in poor condition, the contamination is enormous,” Mr. Prieto said.” The full story is available here: http://www.toledoblade.com/business/2015/03/29/New-car-industry-tries-to-regain-its-muscle-in-Mexico.html#8QBZfA77TW7bCWWf.99

So apparently auto brokers can count on fast cash for cars across the border. We buy junk cars for the purposes of recycling its materials. Junk car removal outfits near the border can weigh the option of selling that vehicle for restoration and use in Mexico. I guess either way would be considered recycling?  Looking for fast cash for cars (even a junker) in Kent, Highland Square, Peninsula or Barberton? Well contact Barberton Junk Cars today for junk car removal—since we buy junk cars throughout the greater Summit County, Medina County, Portage County and Stark County areas. We buy junk cars in Ravenna, Springfield Township, Merriman Valley and Bath. Free towing and junk car removal is available in Canal Fulton, Silver Lake, Canton, and Copley. To get fast cash for cars in Mogadore, Warren, Stow, Lakemore or Clinton simply call (330) 732-JUNK today. The requirements for scrapping a vehicle in Medina, Coventry Township, Cuyahoga Falls and Fairlawn are that you have the vehicle title and valid identification. We buy junk cars in the cities of Firestone Park, Norton, Monroe Falls, Tallmadge, and New Franklin Monday through Saturday until 6PM. If you have a broken down or damaged car in Massillon, Kenmore, Chapel Hill, Green, Hudson or the Rolling Acres area—get in contact with us today!

Totaled Car Options

Totaled Car Options

Have a totaled car, truck or van? Scrap yards that buy cars will remove it, but is that the best option? Barberton Junk Cars pays cash for cars in Summit County offering fast cash for cars, we think you should explore your options before going the junk my car route. In December 2014 insurance.com posted a story titled ‘Understand your options for a totaled car’, which was composed by Des Toups. Some of the interesting findings are as follows: “Coping with the aftermath of a serious accident can be stressful, especially when trying to deal with your insurance company & the loss of your vehicle. Knowing the right questions to ask, and having a realistic understanding of the situation, can be helpful.  It’s time to learn how to talk with your claim adjuster about a total loss.

Insurance company may decide your damaged car is a total loss if:

  • It cannot be repaired safely
  • It would cost more to repair the car than it’s worth, or
  • State laws require the company to call it a total loss due to the amount of damage. This can vary from 50 % of the car’s pre-accident value in Iowa to 100% in Texas. Many states use something called a Total Loss Formula: cost of repairs + the scrap value must exceed the car’s value.

Will the insurance company buy me a new car?

 A new car loses some of its value as soon as you drive it home. Some companies offer “Guaranteed Replacement Cost” coverage for newer cars, so you don’t have to worry about how much you’ll be paid. If you don’t have this coverage, your company is required to “make you whole,” as defined in your policy. This means your company will pay you the actual cash value of the car, minus the deductible for the collision coverage on your policy. Ask your adjuster to explain the details of the total loss worksheet, so that you understand the full calculation, including how the deductible is subtracted from the total. Your payment should be enough to buy a car that’s comparable to your old one.

Can I keep my car and repair it myself?

Usually a damaged car is auctioned at a salvage yard and the insurance company keeps the proceeds. If you want to keep your damaged car (and OK by state law) your company will set the fair market value—and deduct this amount from the settlement. Many states require the title to be changed to a “salvage title” which means you will not be able to register for plates until you complete the repairs & apply for a new title. The salvage laws in your state may make sense to keep your car and repair it. You might not be able to buy collision & comprehensive coverage on a rebuilt-title car.” The full article can be seen at this link: http://www.insurance.com/auto-insurance/claims/understanding-your-options-for-a-totaled-car.aspx

Barberton Junk Cars is the home of “cash for cars” in Akron, Barberton, Bath, Clinton and Cuyahoga Falls. Need fast cash for cars in the Portage Lakes, East Akron, North Akron, Wadsworth or the Chapel Hill area? To junk my car in Mogadore, Stow, Green or Highland Square visit https://www.barbertonjunkcars.com. Scrap yards that buy junk cars are common place in NE Ohio, but do they offer free towing, same-day pickup and hassle free junk my car services? The scrap yards that buy cars are usually a bit “rough around the edges” and pay minimal attention to details—it is just the nature of the individuals in the junk my car business. Although owners & managers of cash for cars establishments may have deep pockets, they naturally are not as refined in customer service.  This is NOT the case at Barberton Junk Cars. Residents of Copley, Coventry Township, Springfield Township and the Merriman Valley should call (330) 732-JUNK today. Get fast cash for cars today from our junk my car buyer in Monroe Falls, Peninsula, Tallmadge, New Franklin, Kenmore, Hudson and Lakemore.

Junk and Abandoned Vehicles

Junk and Abandoned Vehicles

Our new article relating to the this great business of being a junk car hauler aka “fast cash for cars” company, or scrap car hauler, takes us to S. Dakota. The town of Belle Fourche, which literally means “beautiful fork” in French is a town of approximately 5000 people and is one of few areas of the country that are actually colder then Northeast Ohio this time of year. On November 13, 2014 an article was posted in The Black Hills Pioneer by Jodi Black that included the following highlights: “City Council member Greg Raisanen was named in a nuisance ordinance violation Belle Fourche Council meeting. Six junk or abandoned vehicles were included in the violation: three of the motor vehicles belong to councilman, Greg Raisanen.

When code enforcement officers notice a nuisance motor vehicle in Belle Fourche, a written notice is served to the owner, notifying them of the existence of nuisance ordinance violation, requiring its removal within 15 days. A nuisance vehicle is declared as something that is not registered and can’t move 75 feet with its own power, or something that is dismantled. On Sept. 25, letters were sent out to the owners of these vehicles. Mr. Raisanen signed the letter on Oct. 6, which signifies that the owners have received the violation; He said that their nephew, who runs an auto repair shop where two of the vehicles are located, indicated he didn’t know what they were doing with the vehicles. Mrs. Stacey Raisanen said that the vehicles are now registered and they are making arrangements to haul them out. City council members moved to table action on the potential abatement to the next city council meeting. Councilmembers gave no reason why they were tabling the action, but Stacey Raisanen mentioned that it was because she and Greg were making efforts to get the vehicles licensed.” The full article is available here: http://www.bhpioneer.com/local_news/article_df8d6992-6b54-11e4-bc46-9f0fcb5a6a61.html

Well, it is not a overly exciting story, but it is humorous that the councilman would be present at a meeting where he was named as a nuisance violator! Why did he not call a scrap car hauler? Perhaps there are no junk car haulers in SD? He could have avoided the embarrassment and possibly have gotten some fast cash for cars in the process. Obviously, this an extremely petty issue as it relates to the councilman, but if you look at the problem of vehicle abandonment across the US it adds up to many junk vehicles, scrap cars and old clunkers sitting around. The solution for dealing with these is to remove the cars via a professional scrap car hauler or junk car hauler or buyer–so these vehicles can be recycled and reincarnated into something useful.

About Barberton Junk Cars

We purchase old cars, scrap vehicles and junk cars 7 days a week in the 330. We are a scrap car hauler serving Akron, Cuyahoga Falls and Barberton. Looking for a junk car hauler in Ellet, Firestone Park or the Portage Lakes area? Receive fast cash for cars in Norton, Copley and Fairlawn by calling (330) 732-JUNK. Residents of Stow, Tallmadge, Kenmore and the Merriman Valley are encouraged to visit https://www.barbertonjunkcars.com to send us your car’s year, make and model to obtain a complimentary junk car quote plus complimentary towing of your scrap car or non-running truck, SUV or crossover. What is required to get fast cash for cars in the Goodyear Heights or Montrose areas of Summit County? The requirements are that you have the junk car’s vehicle title and a photo ID. Please note: We are unable to purchase a scrap car with a memorandum title. A memorandum title is the verification of ownership used when the lender (bank, credit union etc…) still owns the vehicle. You are unable to sell a junk or scrap car in Ohio with a memorandum title, since you are not the owner (yet).