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Vehicles Polluting Water

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The topic of water pollution has been a recent controversy particularly in the wake of the Flint, MI problem. A story by David Graham on headlined ‘Michigan has finally declared a state of emergency over the city’s lead poisoning, but there are questions about why it’s taken so long to respond’ told us the following: “In April 2014, Flint was under the direction of an emergency manager appointed by the state. To save money, the city began drawing its water from the Flint River, rather than from Detroit’s system, which was deemed too costly. But the river’s water was high in salt, which helped corrode Flint’s aging pipes, leaching lead into the water supply. The move saved millions, but the problems started becoming apparent. The water smelled like rotten eggs. Engineers responded to that problem by raising the chlorine level, leading to dangerous toxicity. GM discovered that city water was corroding engines at a Flint factory and switched sources. Then children and others started getting rashes and falling sick. Marc Edwards, a Virginia Tech environmental-engineering professor, found that the water had nearly 900 times the recommend EPA limit for lead particles. As late as February 2015, even after tests showed dangerous lead levels, officials were telling residents there was no threat.” The full story is available at this link.

This issue has led to a political firestorm and will likely end in litigation. Automobiles are another potential source for water pollution. On March 2, 2016 a story by Tony Bizjak in the Sacramaneto Bee titled ‘Caltrans launches roadway clean water initiative’ explained the following: “California highway officials launched a clean water campaign, aimed at reducing the amount of pollution that flows off of cars into streams, rivers, lakes and such. Caltrans operates storm drain systems along the state highway system. Roadway pollution flows through ditches and pipes into city or county storm drain systems, or directly into watersheds. They recommend:

  • Keep your vehicle clean to reduce particles from washing off into storm drains.
  • Keep tires inflated. Under-inflated tires wear faster and send particles into the water system.
  • Clean the brake pad dust from wheels.
  • Truckloads should be secured with a tarp to reduce materials flying out onto the roadway.
  • Maintain your vehicle so that fluids don’t leak.

State Water Resources Control Board member Steven Moore said such actions, take together, will make a difference. The 3-year campaign is being guided by a steering committee that includes Caltrans, the state water board and the California Storm Water Quality Association. The article is available in its entirety here.

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