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Vehicle Weight Reduction

Barberton Junk Cars is a “scrap my car” solution allowing you to receive fast cash for cars. By simply call us at (330) 732-JUNK you can receive a price for scrap cars with junk car towing included. Our buyer of junk cars is eager to take your call and provide you a junk car quote throughout the counties of Summit, Portage and Medina. Did you know that in the United States each year approximately 12-15 million cars are scrapped, providing significant amounts of recyclable components and salvageable materials?

On June 7, 2016 an article by Jeff Bennett titled ‘How Auto Companies Are Making Their Cars Lighter’ was posted in the Wall Street Journal with the following details: “Engineers are seeking the future of auto manufacturing: finding materials that is just as strong as the one it is replacing, but with less than half the weight. The auto industry is searching for new & different ways to drop weight from its vehicles to reduce carbon emissions & increase fuel economy. Tighter emission and fuel-economy regulations in the U.S. and throughout the world have auto makers using more aluminum and other potential materials, such as magnesium, strong steels, carbon fiber, compressed wood and even soy. For every 10 lbs. they can drop, it means about 10 to 15 lbs. less of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere each year.

Shedding the weight is no easy task, as new materials can be costly. Some are hard to work with, and others don’t work at all in the auto manufacturing-related processes. Most vehicles are growing bigger and heavier. Cars and SUVs on the roads have added hundreds of pounds in the last 20 years. Charles Klein, GM’s chief of CO2 strategy says size increases in all segments have led to a compact car now being almost as big as what a midsize car was ten years ago. He says there is much more content on a vehicle, whether it’s for safety or other options, such as cameras. The usual compact car has increased to almost 3K pounds from 2,542 pounds in 1996. The subcompact sport-utility vehicle has seen a weight reduction though; those vehicles are now down to an average of 3,048 pounds Mr. Klein says the numbers indicate how much further they have to go. The new Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards that go into effect in 2025; these require auto makers to increase fuel efficiency from 10-20%.

Steel is still the most used material; which compose over ½ of the vehicle. Steel makers have begun producing lighter grades of steel & using different heating and cooling techniques that can cut the pounds without weakening the metal. Auto manufacturers are spending a lot of time tinkering with aluminum, which has many of the advantages of steel but is generally 40% lighter. The one drawback: It’s about 2 times the price of steel. Ford took one of the biggest plunges recently when it switched the body of the F-150 pickup truck to aluminum. This substitution cuts about 700 lbs. in weight. Another possible material is magnesium; the alloy is 75% lighter than steel and 35% lighter than aluminum. It is heated and made into a variety of parts. The biggest challenge with magnesium is the cost. While market prices for magnesium & aluminum do fluctuate, they tend to be more expensive.” The full article is available here.

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As a long-established buyer of junk cars and scrap vehicles, we can make sure that you get fast cash for cars 6 days a week. Included in the price quote is the junk car towing service. The price for scrap cars has been lower than usual so far in 2016. Our buyer of junk cars will make the process quick and easy for you! Our organization is committed to waste diversion by striving to reuse and recycle as much of the material as possible. Our goals include facilitating a positive environmental impact for the savings of resources.