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Vehicle Education

Vehicle Education

Barberton Junk Cars, the local people that buy junk cars are back with more news. The amount of money for a scrap car in the market has dwindled quite a bit lately due to market conditions. We are car buyers that offer cash for a salvage vehicle or other unwanted car, truck or van. Those seeking money for a scrap car in Tallmadge, the Rolling Acres area, or New Franklin, can turn their salvage vehicle into cash. Our car buyers are on hand 6 days a week throughout the areas of Kenmore, Hudson and around Chapel Hill Mall. Our next story tells us of an auto-related educational gift. In the December 14, 2015 edition of the a contributed story titled ‘Teacher Receives $10,000 Grant for Automotive Program’ detailed the following: “Auto Technology Teacher Eddie Billings at North Moore High School (NMHS) is a Real Tools for Schools received a $10,000 grant from the Ingersoll Rand Foundation. NMHS School will use the funds for upgrading in its automotive classrooms and course-work with newer equipment, supplies, staff training and curricula. Billings says the grant money makes a big difference in the readiness of his students in their future career paths.

Billing says he’s thrilled to get the grant to provide students better tools to advance their automotive tech skills. It allows us to enrich our auto-related technology offerings for the students. NMHS offers students the following (4) automotive technology courses: Into to Auto and Auto I, II and III. It is currently one of the more popular elective programs at the school. Billings has about 65 students per term. Many of the graduates go on to work for, manage or own their own automotive-related businesses. The School Principal Jenny Purvis appreciates the generosity of Ingersoll Rand, saying that he’s grateful for Ingersoll Rand’s commitment to fund our classrooms & upgrade equipment in the auto tech programs.

Ingersoll Rand’s grant is not only a financial investment and gift to the school; it shows their commitment to NMHS and our community as an educational partner to better prepare our students for success. The Ingersoll Rand Real Tools for Schools program is sponsored by the Ingersoll Rand Foundation & their power tools business to enhance education. Automotive technology is becoming more sophisticated; employers prefer to hire technicians and mechanics that have completed a formalized training program. In addition to the grants, Ingersoll Rand is partnering with high schools to deliver seminars, hands-on training and development. Discounts are also eligible for purchasing Ingersoll Rand power tools. Company President Donny Simmons recognizes that students are the future of the automotive tech industry and they are proud to support technical education that preps them for success & job readiness.” The complete article is available at this link.

It is great that Ingersoll Rand’s Power Tools Division is helping out. Educational programs in Automotive Technology can definitely lead to a diverse and rewarding career path. Auto technology is certainly a time of education that really has practical applications within the economy. The majority of people drive automobiles and the industry employs people in jobs everything from engineers, developers, manufacturing, sales, repair maintenance and recycling.

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