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Truck in Recycling Scheme

Are you calling around to find the place that is the highest paying for junk cars? When we are posed questions about how to scrap my car or what is a junk car worth, we explain that a call to (330) 732-5865 will address your concerns. We pay cash for cars 6 day a week and are a site who buys crashed cars. What is a junk car worth these days? Typical pricing in April 2016 is between $110 and $190, which may not be the highest paying for junk cars; however, we can tow it away and pay you cash on the same-day or next-day.

Are next topic is how truckloads of recyclables are pouring into California to be redeemed for cash, despite not being items that originated in CA—so essentially a scam. An April 11th article on Recycling Today titled ‘CalRecycle arrests LA truck driver on charges of attempted grand theft and felony recycling fraud’ with the following details: “The California Department of Resources Recycling & Recovery (CalRecycle) has announced the arrest of an LA truck driver on charges of attempted grand theft as well as felony recycling fraud. The arrest is the 2nd time in (3) months that a driver using a New Evolution Trucking vehicle has been accused of illegally transporting scrap beverage containers into CA from NV in an attempt to defraud the California Redemption Value Fund.

CalRecycle’s enforcement partners with the CA Department of Justice, the CA Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA) and the CA Highway Patrol (CHP) continue to increase the pressure on such organized recycling fraud. CalRecycle Director Scott Smithline feels that with each bust, our team learns more about these criminal outfits, and they will face consequences. In February agents with the CA Department of Justice’s Recycling Fraud Team investigated a Las Vegas storage yard with a history of handling scrap beverage containers into CA. At 4:25 p.m., agents observed a white semitruck labeled New Evolution enter the storage yard. Agents followed the truck as it departed and requested help from CHP after the driver took a route to avoid the CDFA border checkpoint.

Carlos Flores, 36, of LA was stopped and stated he did not have the bill of lading or Imported Material Report required to haul used beverage containers into CA. He was arrested, and his trailer was impounded; a subsequent check of the materials inside revealed 7,260lbs of aluminum and 3,360lbs of plastic junk beverage containers with a potential California Redemption Value of $over $15K.

CDOJ investigates & prosecutes cases on behalf of CalRecycle, which has authority over the CA beverage container recycling. In addition to CalRecycle’s interagency agreements with CDOJ and CDFA, CalRecycle fights fraud & illicit payments through pre-certification training of recycling centers; probationary reviews; oversight of processors; monitoring & tracking of imported materials. The complete article is available at this link.

Are you the highest paying for junk cars?

Are you attempting to determine how to scrap my car for cash? We are a junk vehicle hauler who buys crashed cars and damaged vehicles in cash. Used engine oil can be recycled, purified and reused, another example of sustained renewability. Old cars house harmful chemicals that we manage in an environmentally friendly manner to avoid contamination. We provide junk car hauling; therefore, contact our buyers of junk vehicles to find out the cash value of a junk car and receive a quick quote for your car, van or truck.