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Environmental Vehicle Program

Where is the nearest place that pays fast cash for scrap cars in Brimfield, Green, or Fairlawn? A salvage car can certainly be an eyesore when left sitting around in Cuyahoga Falls, North Akron, & Springfield Township. The first step to sell your junk car in regions such as the Wallhaven area, Doylestown, or Summit Lake, is to obtain a junk car quote. The greater Sharon Center and Mogadore areas now have a wrecked vehicle buyer on hand.

Ford’s Partnership for A Cleaner Environment (PACE) program is making some impressive strides in terms of environmental benefits, which has been a challenge for most auto manufacturers. In conjunction with their suppliers, they estimate saving over 500 million gallons of water, the equivalent of 800+ full-sized pools. In addition, they are making strides in emissions, energy and waste reduction. Some of the key practices include enhancing cooling tower operations, using less compressed air in production & eliminating single-pass systems for cooling.  Some of their more simplistic practices included switching way from usage of incandescent lightbulbs—to LED. Also, their suppliers used experts at their own production sites to locate other opportunities to conserve vital resources.  We certainly appreciate Ford’s obvious commitment to this cause.

To be profitable in today’s green marketplace, the auto scrap process must be done systematically. Are you seeking a local spot for obtaining cash for scrap cars in Stow, Monroe Falls, or East Akron? People looking to turn an old salvage car into cash in Silver Lake, Wadsworth, or Medina have found the place to do so. In considering if to sell your junk car located in Kent, New Franklin, & Firestone Park should visit http://www.barbertonjunkcars.com/. Those in Highland Square, Elizabeth Park area, & Copley in desperate need of a wrecked vehicle buyer should call us.

Electric Vehicle Update

Are you seeking a buyer of scrap vehicles in the (330) area? We pay fast cash for scrap vehicles with same-day salvage car removal in many cases. By calling BJC at (330) 732-JUNK you will receive a junk car quote for the scrap value of your clunker. The old car scrap process is simpler than you may realize. Our “green” practices and extra steps preserve many key resources and are a prime example of environmental responsibility.

 The following except is from the Idaho National Laboratory Study (2016) regarding electric passenger vehicles:  “It can be difficult, but it is important to secure high-level state support at the beginning of a PEV (plug-in electric vehicles) program. The state of Vermont has a long history with PEVs going back to the E-Vermont program and the state’s support for early development and deployment. In 2013, the VT governor signed an 8-state MOU calling for action to reach 3.3M ZEVs by the year 2025. Before, VT aimed to achieve 90% renewable energy across all sectors by 2050. The governor had visited several DEV events & supported them in various venues, such as the New England Governors/ Canadian Premiers meetings that led to formation of the Quebec-Vermont green corridor for PEV charging. Having top-level state political support for PEVs raises the distinguishability & awareness, and helps gain buy-in from other important bodies, such as groups that often refer to VT policy when considering grants. Establishing of lofty state-level goals fosters a variety of state activities, including access to clean energy funds, public investments, updated codes, permits, and incentives. Most DEV-related activity that has been completed have not needed legislative action; in fact, Act 56 in 2015 included a Renewable Energy Standard & included a provision that requiring electric utilities to lower their customers’ consumption of fossil fuels.

Despite this extensive support from leaders, VT hasn’t found a steady funding source for PEV incentives due heightened pressures on statewide budgets, such as health care. While state incentives would surely increase the usage, DEV has found alternate cash sources (in section 6.7) for minor incentive programs and strive to see PEV market gains. In VT, all state agencies engage in climate action establishment, with standard state climate cabinet discussion of the VT ZEV plan. As a result of the prevalence of the prior mentioned “green corridor” connecting Vermont to Montreal, members of DEV, particularly utility outfits and other agencies, coordinated meetings & assigning some responsibilities. Recognizing the wide-ranging nature of PEVs, (3) state agencies (i.e., environmental, energy, & transportation) acknowledged needs to determine a central and single point-of-contact serving as a lone head of PEV-related activity. A problem in VT was that state’s PEV efforts didn’t truly have a home, set of events, a pool of stakeholders or a web presence.” The complete article is available at http://avt.inl.gov

Where to obtain cash for scrap vehicles?

We are a “cash for cars” buyer of scrap vehicles proudly serving the regions of Summit, Medina and Portage Counties. The process is quite simple, as you call us for a junk car quote for your salvage car and we will be out to pick it up. Old car scrap is reused and recycled in accordance with the best environmental practices. Our eco-friendly methods in handling junk car recycling helps in conserving many raw materials and protecting various habitats.

Scrap Vehicle Licensing

Scrap Vehicle Licensing

We are back with our next piece of news and information regarding the auto recycling, vehicle removal and salvage car industry. As a wrecked car buyer that deals in junk car scrap, we offer money for a scrap car 6 days a week in Monroe Falls, Tallmadge, and Granger Township. To sell a car for cash in the Portage Lakes, Fairlawn, or Norton, you should contact our junk car scrap and wrecked car buyer today. Regardless of whether your old car is located in Bath, Stow, or Lakemore, we can offer money for a scrap car or salvage vehicle, which includes the vehicle removal. Our next topic involves a scrap and wrecked car buyer in Massachusetts that his competitors claim is performing services that extend beyond the scope of their state license.

In the Tuesday, January 26, 2016 edition of iberkshires.com , Andy McKeever authored a story titled ‘Licensing Board Rules in Favor of Pearlman’s Scrap Vehicle Operation’ which told us the following information: “The Licensing Board says Pearlman’s Recycling doesn’t need additional licenses to buy scrap vehicles, transfer the title to another company, and resell the vehicle components. The board decided the company is in compliance with laws regarding automobile recyclers. Randy Stein, the City Fire Inspector issued the complaint saying the company was selling old vehicles & components without proper licensing. The board found the operation in compliance with its current junk dealer license to satisfy the statute under a Chapter 54 license. For those who wish to take a look at the company website, the link is here.

Pearlman’s operates a scrapyard and buys junk motor vehicles. They transfer the plates to a separately-owned entity, Eastern Vehicle Recycling, with the same owner, where they are “parted out” and/or resold. Pearlman does not have a used auto sales license required to sell components locally. Mervin Haas, owner of County Auto Wrecking, says they are bypassing the rules. Haas has a Class 2 auto dealer license, to sell used autos & handle the titles, as well as a Class 3 junk license to buy & sell salvage cars. Pearlman’s only has a junk dealer license and the law says that a used-components dealer only needs the additional licenses if it is their primary business, which it is not. The Licensing Board determined that the company operations are in line with the permit issued.

If the company has a license to be a junk dealer, then it is authorized to sell cars if the company meets those provisions, which it does. The issue really center on the titles; the board said the company is required to keep records of the titles, which is being done both at Pearlman’s and he sister company, which does have the license to resell the items. The board ultimately found in Pearlman’s favor. The complete article is found at this link.

Barberton Junk Cars is where to sell a car for cash in Green, Silver Lake, and Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio’s requirements for selling a salvage car to a scrap vehicle operator or wrecked car buyer are that you possess the title and a valid ID. Being that this requirement is a state-based law, it applies regardless of whether you are trying to get money for a scrap car in Springfield Township, North Akron, or Sharon Center. Our junk car scrap buyer is on-hand 6 days a week when you call us at (330) 732-5865. Those stuck with a car needing a costly repair such as a new motor or transmission located in Mogadore, East Akron, or Wadsworth, are encouraged to call. Residents of Kent, New Franklin, and Peninsula will be happy to know that same-day junk car removal is now available. Are you wondering where to get cash for cars in Firestone Park, Highland Square, or Copley? Visit us online at http://www.BarbertonJunkCars.com today!


Scrap Car Battery Recycling

Scrap Car Battery Recycling

We at Barberton Junk Cars strive to do much more than pay money for a junk car or salvage car. We provide the latest news and information several times per month concerning topics of interest t the scrap vehicle buyer and auto recycler. Car buyers in the US and beyond face continuous challenges in the salvage car market. As a scrap vehicle buyer, we know all too well that the money for a junk car that is generated has decreased due to falling steel prices. We buy junk cars 6 days a week and are among the many who scraps cars in the Northeast Ohio market.

A January 8, 2016 article by Ben Messenger on waste-management-world.com titled ‘Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling to Surge’ discussed the following: “A new report outlining best practices to recapture and recycle the materials used in electric-drive vehicle (EDV) batteries once they reach end-of-life has been published by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC). According to the CEC, an organization intended to protect the environment, the market in North America for electric-drive vehicles has surged over the last 10 years and the supply of end-of-life batteries for EDVs is expected to continue to increase.

The report says that this represents a vital opportunity to recapture & recycle the materials used in EDV batteries, such as nickel, cobalt, and steel. The study, a partnership between Canada, Mexico and the US examines how EDV batteries are currently managed at end-of-life across the US protect health & the environment. The report is named ‘Environmentally Sound Management of EDV batteries in North America’ and warned that changes to using less costly materials in the batteries need to be assessed to ensure the continuing environmentally sound management at end-of-life.

Current Facts:

  • It is projected that about 276,000 EDV batteries will reach EOL in North America in 2015
  • Most of these batteries are likely to be nickel metal hydride (NiMH), the primay battery chemistry used.
  • By 2030, almost 1.5 million EDV batteries will reach EOL. By that time, close to half the EOL EDV batteries will be lithium-based, with the remainder being NiMH batteries
  • Manufacturers like Toyota & Honda are starting reverse supply chains to ensure the batteries are recovered & recycled
  • The recycling/processing structure for EDV batteries is in its infancy, but large players are in the market and plotting for future expansion. The complete story is available at this link.

Those of us who scraps cars have likely not begun to receive these electric battery powered vehicles into the salvage car market yet. Car buyers should expect to begin encountering them in the next couple of years. As a scrap vehicle buyer, we wait in anticipation to see what the aftermarket options and value for these will be.

We buy junk cars in Summit, Medina and Portage Counties. Those looking to get money for a junk car should contact our scrap vehicle buyer at (330)732-JUNK. As car buyers in Northeast Ohio for several years now we know that sellers of cash for cars vehicles want fast pickup and payments in cash, rather than a check. BJC is the best option available and we hope to see you soon.

Toyota Auto Scrap Recycling

Toyota Auto Scrap Recycling

Barberton Junk Cars is a scrap vehicle buyer and wrecked car buyer that will pay money for a junk car. In the salvage car business, there are several factors that influence the amount of money for a junk car that you can receive. We include complimentary vehicle removal with our ‘scrap my car’ service. Our scrap vehicle buyer is on-hand 6 days a week throughout Mogadore, East Akron and Wadsworth. If looking for a damaged or wrecked car buyer in Barberton, Ravenna, or the Merriman Valley, we are ready to provide you a junk car quote. In the December 17, 2015 edition of plasticsnews.com, Jim Johnson composed an article titled ‘Toyota leans into recycling as it streamlines national effort’ with the following report: “Toyota Motor Corp. North America is increasing recycling through a national program. The effort includes the company’s largest component centers in Ontario, CA and Hebron, KY., as well as regional component distribution centers in Cincinnati, L.A, San Francisco and Portland. Toyota is using Boles  Supply Inc. as a contractor for its recycling, including component & packaging, through the company’s National Scrap Program. Boles provides a single vendor source to take all of the recyclables from the (6) sites.

Toyota workers can easily intermingle all recyclables without worrying about separating them, freeing up more time to do their component distribution. Juliana Dee, manager of the recycling program at Toyota says they are very protective of product quality and are handling it to ensure that defective products don’t get out in the marketplace. They had using dozens of vendors around the US;  each basically had their own process, it wasn’t standardized and we saw some challenges and opportunities to improve. Going to a single vendor to handle recycling for all locations allowed Toyota to standardize and implement controls, to get components in and out the door. Recycling is cumbersome for the facilities to manage; Bolesi is handling those duties at the sites. For the six locations using Boles, the amount of material being recycled & diverted from landfills has increased. Items that were once trashed are now finding their way into the recycling stream. Foam and cloth, that were thrown away or incinerated, now gets recycled.

Toyota’s recycling program handles a variety of plastic items and provides them a secure system of knowing the unacceptable products no longer find their way back into the market. Plastic bumper covers are a good example of a part that the company had difficulty recycling before Boles came on board; now they are shredded & reprocessed to make new auto components. Toyota hopes to expand its national recycling program through Boles. Boles not only handles a wide variety of plastic for Toyota, but also packaging used to transport those products, such as bubble and shrink wrap. The complete article is available here.

This story relating to the salvage car market is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, any scrap vehicle buyer can tell you that the plastics and cloth-style materials are the least recycled components of a salvage vehicle. With this being said, it is fantastic that there are auto recyclers that have developed a means of extracting and reusing these components for their vehicle removal and scrap system. The other aspect is that sometimes during their production, certain components are determined to be faulty or irregular. Once this determination is made those pieces were (previously) sent to the various vendors for recycling. With the new single-stream “monitored’ system, Toyota can be assured that none of the components are removed from the process and sold back into the aftermarket.

Where to scrap my car

We act as a scrap and wrecked car buyer in the areas of Green, Silver Lake and Cuyahoga Falls. Residents of Springfield Township, North Akron and Kent are encouraged to contact our salvage car buyer today. We can get you money for a junk car which includes free towing in Highland Square, Copley and Barberton. Cash for a salvage car is available in Monroe Falls, Tallmadge and the Rolling Acres area by calling us at (330) 732-JUNK. Even if your car is facing costly engine or transmission repairs in the Portage Lakes, Fairlawn, or Norton—we will purchase it.


Scrap Vehicle Refurbished

Scrap Vehicle Refurbished

Barberton Junk Cars, the area’s premier salvage car buyer and junk vehicle buyer, is back with the latest news. We offer money for junk car scrap or salvage car 6 days a week throughout Lakemore, Clinton and Medina. Our junk vehicle buyer is on hand to receive calls from those selling a scrap car. To get money for a junk car, the requirements are that you have the title and a matching ID, regardless of whether you are located in Bath, Stow, or Kent. Our next story involves a savage car that was refurbished and then donated to a needy driver. On December 11, 2015, Tamara Browning posted a story titled ‘Collision center gives refurbished car to single mother’ on The State Journal-Register with the following information: “Zara’s Collision Center gave a refurbished 1999 Oldsmobile Alero to Mahogony Wilson, which provided much needed transportation for work and caring for her 4-year-old named Aniya. Wilson used to take cabs to her job at a hotel & to the baby sitter. With the car that was given to her, things have changed gotten a lot easier. Wilson, 29, expressed it’s a wonderful thing–just what I needed right now.

Zara’s Collision Center’s giveaway to Wilson is part of its benevolence program; nearly 30 vehicles have been refurbished & donated now in 17 years. The car was presented to her during a recent event that included a recipient & donor appreciation luncheon. Julie Zara, co-owner, says she met Wilson during a parenting class she teaches at a transitional shelter. We have classes every morning, life-skills classes, and parenting.  Wilson recently moved (from Ohio to change her life for her daughter. She stayed with them for six weeks, already had a job working nights and the buses don’t run late in town.  The refurbished Olds Alero had been totaled by an insurance company. Zara’s purchased the car, took over the title and fixed it up into great condition.

Several businesses helped with the refurbishing of Wilson’s car, including Lauterbach Tire & Auto Service, which provided new tires; S & K Buick GMC, which did detailing; NAPA Auto , which supplied components; Accessories Unlimited, which took care of mechanical repairs; and Specialty Paint, which supplied paint materials. Other help came from R & S Towing, for towing to and from Accessories Unlimited; KB Computer Consulting Inc., which provided a laptop for Wilsons use in college to take online classes. The complete article is available at this link.

Where to get money for a junk car

BJC is a salvage car buyer that processes junk car scrap in the areas of Barberton, Ravenna and the Merriman Valley. Those of us in the junk vehicle buyer market have recently experienced a significant drop in the value of a scrap vehicle. The global commodities market, similar to that of gasoline, is the lowest in many years. The value of junk car scrap is a direct reflection of this reduction. We are paying cash for cars in any condition in the regions of Coventry Township, the Portage Lakes and Fairlawn. Residents of New Franklin, Kenmore or the Chapel Hill area, are encouraged to contact us at (330) 732-JUNK for a junk car quote. Even if you have a totaled car or non-running car to sell in Monroe Falls, Green, or Tallmadge—just give us a call!