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Shipping Junk Overseas is Shifting

Escape from the clutches of a junky car in Clinton, Rootstown, or Rolling Acres—make the call to the buyer of scrap vehicles! Standing vehicles with missing components are an eyesore to all and need junk vehicle removal in the Portage Lakes, or from Conrad’s locations.  Getting a price for your car from our scrap vehicle buyer is as easy as picking up the phone from Mr. Tire or Monro Muffler & Brake shops.  When we buy any car, we take pride in our efforts to recycle the majority of the components throughout Monroe Falls, East Akron, & Silver Lake.

A recent CNN reports indicates that the $5 billion in annual sales to China may be potentially ending. According to the World Trade Organization, China plans to no longer want many types of solid waste, plastic and paper products that U.S. companies have been sending there. Overall, the ISRI gauges this as being roughly 20% of the overall market. Many scrap recyclers here may realize a significant drop off in the ability to exports these materials.  The U.S. has run a major trade deficit with China for years and there is a need to have product aboard these containers that are returning known as “backhaul”.  China claims that much of the reason for the ban is based on environmental concerns. Apparently too much product ends up in landfills or being burned in incinerators. Kevin Duncombe, of Western Pacific Pulp & Paper, says that there is some uncertainty when the ban will actually take effect. Many Chinese buyers are no longer placing orders and some have reportedly been simply left at the port location.

Used oil from junk cars can cause environmental damage. We insure that all fluids from the vehicles are properly handled. Follow the conventional school of thought for vehicle disposal in Wadsworth, Medina, & Kent—call our buyer of scrap vehicles. The swift facilitation of junk vehicle removal is a perfected process now also available in New Franklin, Firestone Park, & Highland Square. We are a high-volume scrap vehicle buyer serving Summit County, including towing from transmission shops and Goodyear stores. Currently, we buy any car in the Copley, Barberton, & Ravenna areas.