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Scrap Vehicle Tires

Scrap Vehicle Tires

Barberton Junk Cars is back with our next posting relating the world of junk car towing, old car scrap and other auto junk. We are a place to scrap a car for cash in Monroe Falls, Green and Tallmadge. When you are selling a junk car the first order of business is to determine the price (the value of a scrap car). Once you agree to our auto junk car price then we can schedule it for old car scrap, which begins with junk car towing. As you have heard or seen from our prior posts, the value of a scrap car has dropped quite a bit recently due to declining prices in the metal commodity market. The next topic is one that has been hotly debated recently. Old scrap vehicle tires are being shredding into very small pieces and used in the artificial turfs that are designed for athletic fields. Mr. Jason Scott composed an article titled ‘Crumb Rubber Concerns Halt Turf Installation’ in a November 2015 piece on athleticbusiness.com with the following information: “Seminole County has stopped installation of artificial turf on athletic fields at a new sports complex after Commissioner Lee Constantine had concerns about the crumb rubber material that substitutes for dirt. Per the Orlando Sentinel, the install was halted so that the county could have an opportunity to look into the health impacts.

Crumb rubber is made by grinding tires into small pellets. It’s been used in construction, playgrounds and ball fields for years. Parents have concerns about this rubber made of heavy metals and chemicals such as lead & arsenic are found in car and truck tires. The county began constructing a $27M sports complex this year. Once completed, it will feature a baseball stadium, and fields for soccer, football & lacrosse. Nine fields are planned to have this turf and others with natural grass. Crews have partially installed crumb rubber on fields, but stopped installation. Seminole County’s leisure-services director Joe Abel said that county commissioners decided to install this turf citing it lasts longer than natural turf, is less expensive to maintain and can be opened up to use more quickly after a heavy rain.

Commissioners say county employees didn’t tell share info about safety concerns with them before the decision. Robin Wiener, president of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), that represents the recycling industry, said that despite calls for an examination of the safety of crumb rubber, research supports it as a safe material. There have been more than 75 independent, peer-reviewed studies on the health effects of synthetic-turf fields & playgrounds with crumb rubber from old tires, and these fields are safe. To read the article in its entirety, please visit this link.

This debate will likely drag out for many years, since the ability to determine adverse effects from using these auto junk tires is very difficult to determine. Perhaps this movement is being fueled behind the scenes by a constituency that has financial interests in promoting an alternate product that can be used?

Old Car Scrap

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