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Scrap Vehicle Tire Recycling

Scrap Vehicle Tire Recycling

Barberton Junk Cars is back with the latest news concerning car buyers and auto scrap from someone who buys junk cars. As you know, we buy any car (regardless of condition) allowing you to sell a car for scrap. We buy used cars for scrap in Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls. Those in the regions of Springfield Township, Kenmore, North Akron, should know that we buy any car available. To sell a car for scrap to car buyers in the Ohio auto scrap market, the vehicle title is required. Are you pondering who buys junk cars in Sharon Center, Mogadore, or Monroe Falls? The good news is that we do buy used cars for scrap throughout Summit, Medina and Portage Counties. Our next topic discusses the recycling of scrap car tires in California, that some believe is causing a “blowback” of sorts.

A February 12, 2016 article by Zach St. George on takepart.com with the headline “When Recycling Goes Awry: California’s Old Tires Cross the Ocean and Come Back as Smog” tells us the following: “Inside a machine shop, Mark Hope leans over a conveyor belt, picking through the black scraps. He finds a web of silver wires sandwiched between two layers of black rubber. Hope says there is a lot of wire in tires and it’s tough on the equipment. The shredder has shears that need changed out all the time, since they are constantly going dull from the wire.

California drivers generate over 40M scrap tires annually. Most are too beat up to return to the road, and until the early 1990s, 2/3 went to landfills, taking up space and costing money. Others tires were burned for fuel and a small portion were recycled. Since then, the state has gone to great lengths to keep tires out of the dump. Besides their utility as fuel, they can be shredded and turned into artificial turf, or applied as landfill cover CA has been a catalyst for the tire recycling business and developed markets for the product. California’s scrap tires winding up in landfills fell to just 26% in 2001. Studies have shown that pollution from China makes it across the ocean, fouling CA air. A 2015 study by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, found that although the Western US reduced its pollutant emissions between 2005 and 2010, air quality remained the same because of a simultaneous increase in emissions in China making it back—as smog.

For most of the ’00s, CA kept about 70% scrap tires out of the landfills–then a new crop of balers arrived. In 2007, the price of Australian coal spiked, squeezing power plants supplying China’s booming economy with electricity. Suddenly tires were cheaper than coal as a fuel source. Next, Asian tire manufacturers started putting more rubber from used tires in their new tires, using up the tires that could have gone to the power plants. The power plants then began looking abroad. Records from CalRecycle show exports doubled in 2010, and by 2011, more than a quarter were exported. In June 2012, CalRecycle predicted two outcomes. If demand in Asia remained strong, the exporters would become members of the state’s scrap tire industry. In this scenario, the number of tires going to the landfill would stay low–but the environmental benefit might be a wash. Terry Levielle, a lobbyist, says the cement kilns that incinerate tires in CA are subject to strict air quality regulations, standards he doubts the factories in China would match—a hunch that air quality in Beijing would seem to support. In 2013 China’s economy faltered; prices of Australian coal fell and with it, demand for scrap tires. Currently, only about 10% of tires get landfilled (even as exports have slowed somewhat).” The article is available to be read in its entirety at this link.

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