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Scrap Vehicle Licensing

Scrap Vehicle Licensing

We are back with our next piece of news and information regarding the auto recycling, vehicle removal and salvage car industry. As a wrecked car buyer that deals in junk car scrap, we offer money for a scrap car 6 days a week in Monroe Falls, Tallmadge, and Granger Township. To sell a car for cash in the Portage Lakes, Fairlawn, or Norton, you should contact our junk car scrap and wrecked car buyer today. Regardless of whether your old car is located in Bath, Stow, or Lakemore, we can offer money for a scrap car or salvage vehicle, which includes the vehicle removal. Our next topic involves a scrap and wrecked car buyer in Massachusetts that his competitors claim is performing services that extend beyond the scope of their state license.

In the Tuesday, January 26, 2016 edition of , Andy McKeever authored a story titled ‘Licensing Board Rules in Favor of Pearlman’s Scrap Vehicle Operation’ which told us the following information: “The Licensing Board says Pearlman’s Recycling doesn’t need additional licenses to buy scrap vehicles, transfer the title to another company, and resell the vehicle components. The board decided the company is in compliance with laws regarding automobile recyclers. Randy Stein, the City Fire Inspector issued the complaint saying the company was selling old vehicles & components without proper licensing. The board found the operation in compliance with its current junk dealer license to satisfy the statute under a Chapter 54 license. For those who wish to take a look at the company website, the link is here.

Pearlman’s operates a scrapyard and buys junk motor vehicles. They transfer the plates to a separately-owned entity, Eastern Vehicle Recycling, with the same owner, where they are “parted out” and/or resold. Pearlman does not have a used auto sales license required to sell components locally. Mervin Haas, owner of County Auto Wrecking, says they are bypassing the rules. Haas has a Class 2 auto dealer license, to sell used autos & handle the titles, as well as a Class 3 junk license to buy & sell salvage cars. Pearlman’s only has a junk dealer license and the law says that a used-components dealer only needs the additional licenses if it is their primary business, which it is not. The Licensing Board determined that the company operations are in line with the permit issued.

If the company has a license to be a junk dealer, then it is authorized to sell cars if the company meets those provisions, which it does. The issue really center on the titles; the board said the company is required to keep records of the titles, which is being done both at Pearlman’s and he sister company, which does have the license to resell the items. The board ultimately found in Pearlman’s favor. The complete article is found at this link.

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