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Scrap & Recycling Under New Administration

Owners of junky cars in Stow, Monroe Falls, and East Akron concerned with damaged vehicle removal—you are in luck! Automobile owners throughout Silver Lake, Wadsworth, and Kent needing to junk cars for cash—today is your day. Junky car owners in the areas such as New Franklin, Firestone Park, and Highland Square that call for a price for scrap cars get free towing. Some of the improving news for Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna residents involves scrap yards that buy cars now servicing your areas.

On November 14, 2016, Ken Silverstein posted a story on Environmental Leader titled ‘What Happens to Renewables in a Trump Administration?’ with the following details: “Now that Mr. Trump is the president-elect, does that mean that greener energies will get be shunned? Despite his partiality toward the fossil fuels, renewables themselves have gained the legs that they’ll need to compete. The tax bonuss provided again to wind & solar last December will hold for several additional year — at which the industry & its supporters can re-evaluate their stances.

It is likely that renewable portfolio standards are an attractive place at the state level & it is those policies that have brought about the development of wind & solar advancements. Even red states in the mid-west are rich in wind advancements & the jobs that they are providing: Nebraska, Iowa, Montana & Ohio. Texas, meanwhile, is one of the nation’s leading hosts for wind energy while Arizona & Nevada are major solar states. “It is thus more probable that a Trump Administration will be pro-all energy resource development rather than undertaking anti-renewables initiatives,” says Kramer. “In short, the renewables train has left the station.”

But what happens to tax incentives? While the tax bonuses were part of a horse trade in December that included the right to sell US-produced oil overseas, the subject of subsidies remains touchy in the energy field. All producers are, in fact, fighting to get their slice of the government pie: renewable advocates argue that they want to be able to compete with fossil fuels on a level playing field while those producing natural gas & coal say that they are accountable for a much bigger share of the electric portfolio. With the further extension of the tax benefits, wind & solar projects began before the end of 2016 will qualify for a 2.3 cents per KWHR production tax bonus. It will gradually diminish through 2019. Wind & solar projects could opt instead to take a 30 % investment tax bonus that reduces their federal taxes dollar-for-dollar by what they put into the project. The main difference is that the solar production tax bonus will end at the end of 2022.

There is a consensus in the wind sector that another extension after this one phases out isn’t likely, Wind energy — the price of construction & wind turbines — has fallen by 50% over 5 years, he adds. On the solar side, the ramp downward is a heading that solar is seemingly economically competitive with other such options

American Electric Power has said it will triple its wind purchases because of promising pricing. Meanwhile, Xcel Energy is adding more renewables all the time as way to reduce carbon emissions. Berkshire Hathaway’s Mid-American Energy is another one pumping up its wind operations in Iowa. That’s the free market at work — a more powerful entity than any political speech.” The complete story is available here:

Fast Damaged Vehicle Removal in Summit County

The advancement has begun to include NTB locations, Mr. Tire, Monro Muffler & Brake shops, as pick up spots for damaged vehicle removal. Car owners everywhere within Bath, Lakemore, Clinton, and Rootstown should read the memo—the ability to junk cars for cash is now available. Those with junky cars in the regions of the Portage Lakes, Norton, and Brimfield should contact the office for a price for scrap cars. Scrap yards that buy cars are reaching out to owners with lousy cars in Tallmadge, Peninsula, and Granger Township.