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Scrap Recycling Debate

Scrap Recycling Debate

Barberton Junk Cars is back with our latest update relating to the salvage vehicle, salvage car buyer and junk car removal industry. We are among those people that buy junk cars by paying money for a scrap car. We offer you a fast price for a junk car and complimentary junk car removal is included regardless of whether you are located in Kenmore, Chapel Hill, or Hudson. BJC pays money for a scrap car or salvage vehicle in Tallmadge, the Rolling Acres area and Coventry Township 6 days a week. The people that buy junk cars must realize the importance of taking environmental concerns seriously. Our salvage car buyer and junk car removal processes and procedures are definitely eco-friendly.

Recently on Bob Gedert of National Recycling Coalition authored the following story titled ‘How to respond to attacks on recycling’ with the following news: “You may be familiar with the jabs at recycling that came through several editorials distributed nationally recently. These same basic attacks have been recycled over the last 25 years. The commentary from William F. Shughart, a libertarian, wrote assumptions, gross generalizations and false statements that are misleading. The National Recycling Coalition is responding, setting the record straight for all who are working hard to maintain recycling efforts. Recycling makes More Americans – and more manufacturers – recycle today than in past decades. Shughart asserts that the costs associated with recycling almost always outweigh the benefits. If this were true manufacturers wouldn’t rely on recycled metal, paper, plastic and other for nearly 50% of their raw material needs.

In the U.S., steelmakers rely on iron & steel scrap – processed from automobiles, appliances, bridges and machinery – to make 60+% of the steel produced. One-third of the U.S. aluminum supply comes from soda cans, aluminum siding and other scrap. Mr. Shughart also proclaims that landfilling is better than recycling, conveniently ignoring the environmental costs of landfilling, as well as the financial costs to our communities. According to the U.S. EPA, as many as 30 hazardous air pollutants have been identified in uncontrolled landfill gas. In the U.S., recycling helps us avoid harmful effects, and the use of recycled instead of virgin materials reduces carbon dioxide emissions by significantly scaling back the total energy needed to manufacture the products.

Recycling is an important economic engine and job creator, supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs and generating $11B in tax revenues for the federal, state & local governments. Every 10,000 metric tons of recyclables generates 37 jobs, which equates to $1.1 million in wages and $330,000 in tax revenues. Conservation of natural resources is often not counted as a major benefit of recycling. When one looks at the facts, it is clear that recycling makes much more sense than burying or burning our waste. The National Recycling Coalition encourages all Americans to recycle, not just because it seems like the right thing to do but because it makes clear environmental & economic sense.”  The complete article is available at this link.

The debate on if recycling is worthwhile is seemingly endless. While there may be certain recycling related processes that could be more economically efficient, the underlying motive for recycling is to preserve natural resources, conserve energy and limit landfill expansion. Recycling, like any concept or initiative, is still continuously evolving and will likely increase the cost effectiveness of the many processes over time.

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