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Scrap Materials for Cars

Old car removal services are necessary in any places where aging vehicles are located. Those looking to turn and old salvage vehicle into cash have found the place to do so. It is true that in 2016 the price for a junk car available from scrappers is less than in previous years. If you are sitting around wondering where to scrap my car, wake up and call Barberton Junk Cars. The best part is that your old car helps extend the functional life of other ones that are still on the road!

A recent posting on 3BL Media titled ‘Recyclable Materials Auto Makers Use to Make Cars Eco-Friendly’ told us the following:

“Here are some examples of how recycled content is incorporated into cars and trucks on the road today.

• GM developed a method to convert oil-soaked booms into air deflectors for the Chevrolet Volt. Recycled deflectors used in cars built in 2011 & 2012, prevented 212,500 lbs. of scrap from ending up in landfills.

o These air deflectors comprise 25% boom material, 25% recycled tires and 25% packaging plastic; the remaining 25% is a mix of post-consumer recycled plastics and other such products.

• GM shreds & uses its test tires & packing plastic in making air & water baffles for a variety of cars.

• Cardboard shipping materials from its plants are recycled into a sound-deadening material, used in the Buick Verano headliners to help keep the interior quiet. This is a case of closed-loop recycling in which GM retains its own materials in use, bringing greater efficiency to their production operations.

• Scrap aluminum from transmission cases are melted down and reused to create additional casings. This saves money while also furthering its facilities’ landfill-free program.

• Water bottles from (5) facilities in Michigan get a new life as material used in their Chevrolet Equinox. Seven bottles are necessary to make enough fabric insulation to dampen the noise of the vehicle’s V6 engine.

• Plastic caps & shipping material from their Fort Wayne plant in Indiana are mixed with other materials to make radiator pieces for the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks. The materials’ 1st use is as protection for car & truck parts while they are being moved to the plant. Once installed in the car, they help direct air through toward radiator reduce heat.” The full article is available here.

Where to scrap my car?

There is no need to guess what the price for a junk car will be in Summit, Medina and Portage Counties, just give us a quick call! Our salvage vehicle buyer is on-hand 6 days a week to give you cash for cars. The old car removal specialists will get you cash for your car quickly. We have offered scrap my car solutions in the area for years and include complimentary junk car retrieval. Many scrap auto recyclers use systems & processes that are not harmful to the atmosphere. Did you know that the majority of the materials in your car can be reclaimed, recycled and remanufactured?