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Scrap from Shredded Junk Vehicles

Barberton Junk Cars pays cash for cars between 8AM and 5:30PM during the week in Silver Lake, Wadsworth, and Kent. Do you need junk car hauler services for a scrap vehicle in the New Franklin, Firestone Park, or Highland Square areas? The current market price for a damaged car is influenced by a series of various factors in the cities of Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna. We have been a functional provider of scrap car hauler services throughout the regions that include Merriman Valley, Bath, and Lakemore.  Your old car is recycled and repurposed significantly when we buy junk cars from you.

Auto shredders come in different varieties. The Wendt Corporation is a manufacturer of these units with the following specs: “Offering a full line of auto shredders from 60″ to 130″ with horsepower ranging from 750 to 10,000. All shredders are designed and engineered to provide the highest production per KW HR and lowest wear of components per shredded ton, while maximizing performance, reliability and safety.”

Shedder Residue

The following information was provided by Vulcan Systems’ report on vehicle shredder residue: “75% of automobiles can be recycled. The other 25% are combined metal & shredder waste known as automotive shredder residue (ASR). Auto recycling produces over 5M tons of ASR annually, much of which endsup in landfills. These plastics and metals are able to be recycled or reused. ASR contains a variety of material, some are hazardous contaminants such as cadmium, lead and petroleum hydrocarbons. Other materials include:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Foam
  • Wire
  • Fiber

With dwindling space in landfills and the potential of hazardous chemicals seeping into the environment, recyclers & scientists have found a way to recycle & reuse ASR. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agent (EPA), about 1M tons of ASR can be recovered for fuel usage. The benefits for usage as fuel include:

  • Reductions in harmful carbon dioxide emissions
  • A savings of 1M tons of coal per year
  • Prevents unnecessary landfilling

Vulcan ASR Dryer Systems are made to suit each client’s distinct project needs & customized specifically to dry ASR, making the material simple to transport, sort, and handle. The drying process features a drum with a burner which is mounted to a combustion chamber. Shredder residue is placed into a rotary dryer. After traveling through the system, the dried material is fed to a transfer conveyor for additional sorting and separating. The vapor generated is pulled through a cyclone that is exactly designed to work with the fine ASR dust, as well as a higher temp baghouse that extracts additional fine particulates from the flow of vapor. The dryers are very efficient and retain material temperature below 185℉ (85℃) while limiting moisture levels to low as 2% of weight. Plastic makes up about 15% of a vehicle’s weight and is about 50% of ASR. 95% of plastic can be recovered. Approximately 10M tons of steel & iron are recuperated each year from scrap vehicles in North America alone.” The full white paper is available here.

Where to get cash for cars

Don’t waste another day with your junk car, call our junk car hauler today in Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Are you thinking about scrapping your old car? The initial step is to contact us for a price for a damaged car in Kenmore, North Akron, or Sharon Center. As a scrap car hauler in Mogadore, Stow, or Monroe Falls, we will purchase vehicles with any and all levels of damage or failure. We regularly buy junk cars in the surrounding areas including Springfield Township, East Akron, and Portage County. Motor vehicles are a leading recycled product in the US and beyond.