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Scrap Battery Recycling Solutions

Our buyer of scrap cars is taking calls 6 days a week in Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls. Those in the areas of Springfield Township, Kenmore, and North Akron are now being notified of our cash for scrap cars program. Old car removal is even available now on Saturday throughout Sharon Center, Mogadore, and Stow. Calling Barberton Junk Cars is decision that should be made when needing a quote for a junk car in Monroe Falls and East Akron. If you recently transformed your vehicle into a totaled car in Silver Lake or Wadsworth, go ahead and make the call!

A recent article on Digital Trends told us the following: “Throwing your single-use alkaline batteries in the trash can isn’t exactly a conscious way to dispose of them. Batteries, including single-use alkaline batteries, use many various chemicals and materials such as lead, cadmium, zinc, and lithium — perhaps even mercury. Batteries thrown into a regular trash bin will just go to a landfill, where the chemicals will drain into the ground. Batteries disposed of by incineration even have some chance of causing air pollution.

100% of all alkaline batteries are recyclable if you so choose; meaning each piece is separated, resulting in several products: zinc, manganese, steel, paper, plastic, and brass. Duracell recommends reaching your local government for information on disposal of these batteries, though, there isn’t a proven cost-effective to separate these parts just yet. If you’ve got a bunch of alkaline batteries to dispose of, it’s suggested that you don’t throw them away. Rechargeable batteries should always be recycled. These are the types of batteries used in a camera, smartphone, laptop; essentially anything you can recharge again after it’s been drained. Even these types will ultimately die for good.

In the US, the rechargeable battery industry began a free recycling program known as Call2Recycle, that accepts dry-cell batteries under 11 pounds. There are plenty of sites with drop-off points. You don’t have to remove the battery from the device. Many of the same places which take rechargeable batteries also take your cell phone during the same drop. Your vehicle battery is likely a lead-acid battery which is surely not something you’ll want left around, as used lead-acid batteries are deemed as hazardous. The good thing is, most of us know how to recycle them. AAA says that 97% of car batteries are recycled. To be recycled, these batteries are beaten apart into pieces. Lead and metals within are then separated from the plastic. AAA is a great resource for recycling car batteries.” The full article is available at

Old Car Removal

Our buyer of scrap cars will explain that free scrap vehicle pick up is encompassed in Ravenna, the Merriman Valley, and Bath. On our website you can propel us your vehicle’s year, make and model to get a ‘cash for scrap cars’ quote in Lakemore, Clinton, or Medina. How much is my junk vehicle worth in Rootstown, the Portage Lakes, or Norton? Simply call us at 330-732-JUNK for a quote for a junk car. A totaled car in Brimfield or Tallmadge that exceeds 10 years in age is better off just being scrapped.