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Scrap Auto Tires: Landslide Prevention

A common misconception is the when you junk your car for cash, that is the end of its useful life. In reality, this is not the case, as people that buy junk cars in Cuyahoga Falls, Springfield Township and Kenmore can attest to the solid process of recycling and reusing. Residents of North Akron, Sharon Center, and Mogadore that are seeking a scrap car hauler to take away a car are encouraged to contact us. When you sell a car for scrap in Stow, Monroe Falls, and East Akron, a large percentage of the vehicle is repurposed. Did you know that our complimentary vehicle removal program is in full swing throughout Silver Lake, Wadsworth, and Kent?

We are reviewing the following excerpt from Calrecycles 2016 TDA report: “Road landslides are often caused by a various excessive pressures applied to weaker backfill materials below the surface of the road. They typically occur from a lack of stability in a slope caused by extreme loading from heavily saturated soils within the makeup of the slope. TDA is lighter-weight and permeable, it’s great in reducing loading on a potentially uneasy slope. An added benefit to using TDA is that its high porousness allows drainage through the various layers and can dramatically reduce the potential hydrostatic pressures. TDA is a good choice for landslide repair and thus has been used in many completed landslide repair attempts. A slope is deemed stable when the strength of the soil exceeds the weight of the backfill down slope along the plane. When the driving force exceeds the shear strength of the backfill material, the slope will succumb to the pressure and slide. In landslide repair plans, TDA is used in alternating layers with soil.

The key benefits to designing a slope with a TDA backfill are:

  • It is less than half the weight of soil, so the driving force triggering a potential landslide is reduced.
  • The internal shear strength of TDA exceeds that of soil, further increasing the resistance force.
  • Designs using TDA as an alternative can achieve the necessary safety with less excavation.

A section of road in Calpella, CA had been gradually failing; originally built by backfilling a ravine to create a base that would support the construction of a roadway above. Over time, this gradual slope failure had been fixed by re-establishing the road grade using a combination of soil, base rock and asphalt concrete. This structure provided a temporary access path to areas. This repair was repeated several times after failures, and the repeated repairs to this road eventually led to significant layers of base rock & asphalt concrete nearly 7’ thick. The weight of theses sections actually made it more unstable. CalRecycle, with the Mendocino County Dept. of Public Works, developed a repair design using TDA. The design utilized two layers of TDA wrapped in geotextile to prevent mixing with soil; this landslide repair plan used about 130K passenger tires and saved some money as well.” To read further about these developments, visit their site here.

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Among the people that buy junk cars, we extend you fast and courteous scrap car removal in Barberton, Ravenna, and the Merriman Valley. Calling a scrap car hauler in the cities of Bath, Lakemore, or Clinton, OH is often the best available option for disposal of an unwanted vehicle. To sell a car for scrap in Medina, Rootstown, or the Portage Lakes, we suggest calling for a price quote and having the title and an ID ready. Our same-day vehicle removal service is available in Norton, Brimfield, and Tallmadge if you contact us early-on in the day. Automobile-related liquid waste is kept from contaminating the local environment; therefore, we strive to have a positive environmental influence for the preservation of the resources.