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Scrap Auto Recycling

Scrap Auto Recycling

Barberton Junk Cars is continuing to update this blog with the latest news relating to auto scrap, junk vehicle removal and the factors that influence the value of a scrap car. We are one who buys old cars for the auto scrap recycling industry in NE Ohio. We are available 6 days a week offering vehicle scrap, sell an old car and junk vehicle removal services in Summit, Portage and Medina Counties. Our next topic centers on how a manufacturer is conducting significant research to increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of when the vehicle ultimately is recycled. On October 30, 2015 there was a story posted on compiled by Kirstin Linnenkoper titled ‘Sticky lizard feet to advance car recycling’ with the following information: “Ford Motor Company has partnered up with Procter & Gamble for a project aimed at heightening the recyclability of its cars. The source of inspiration is the brightly-colored gecko lizard. Researchers have been struggling to find a glue-free production method for a couple of year, which would notably improve quality disassembly & material recovery at the end-of-life stage. The research has led to the gecko, due to its ability to stick to surfaces without liquids or tension.

The reptile’s power resides in its toe pads & the creature swiftly sticks and releases itself as it moves along objects – without leaving any residue. Researchers note at adult weight the lizard of just 2.5ozs. and capable of supporting over 290lbs. This work is in-line with biomimetic innovation. Ford recently met 200+ experts at the Biomimicry Institute, a not for profit studying nature to develop many solutions to modern challenges. Solving this particular problem could provide cost savings & and environmental savings according to Debbie Mielewski, Ford senior technical leader for plastics & sustainability. They could increase the recycling of more foams, plastics, and further reduce their environmental footprint. The gecko may also inspire fabric technologies that could transform the interior of their vehicles. Using nature as its guide–its efficiency in design uses minimal resources.” The full story is available at this link.

My summation of this program is that when a car is finally ready for auto scrap it would greatly benefit the recycler and the environment if able to avoid encountering glue adhesives. Ford wants to find or create an alternative material so that after the junk vehicle removal and recycling process begins, things will be much faster and environmentally sound. To those of us who buys old cars, it seems to be a great idea.

Value of a scrap car

Are you in the process of trying to determine who buys old cars in North Akron, Rolling Acres and Cuyahoga Falls? Do you wish to find out the value of a scrap car that you own? We offer fast cash for junk vehicles and scrap cars throughout Silver Lake, Copley, Springfield Township and Mogadore. Many car owners find themselves facing a massive repair bill at a local Conrad’s, Goodyear, Monro or Midas repair shop. It is at this time that you need to weight the options on whether to spend the money to repair the car, or simply to “junk it” and move on. We are currently buying junk autos in the cities of East Akron, Kent and Peninsula. Those living in Firestone Park, Highland Square and Barberton that seek to simply scrap their vehicle for cash are encouraged to contact us. Those wishing to receive “cash for a clunker” in Ravenna, Merriman Valley and Bath can call us at (330) 732-JUNK today.