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Recycling Scrap Oil

Recycling Scrap Oil

The auto scrap recycling and junk vehicle removal industry is centered on reusing existing product to protect the environment, limit expansion of landfills, and reduce the costs of new product production. (and much more)  Many of the recyclers who junks car in the US are more creative than others in developing potential auto scrap and recycling ideas. Many in the junk vehicle removal and those who buys junk cars arena may choose to recycle at a minimum level to simply satisfy EPA and/or other regulatory agency requirements. When selling a junk car, you should consider whether the outfits who junks cars in your area are true “champions” of green practices and recycling. Our next story is certainly a creative and practical recycling initiative that is underway in Georgia. The November 25, 2015 edition of contained a story with the headline ‘Used Thanksgiving cooking oil translates to city vehicle fuel’ authored by Will Franklin, which brought up the following: “Leaders in the Atlanta area are hoping residents will take part in a program that has already helped save the city’s fleet hundreds of gallons in bio-diesel fuel. Smyrna, GA, which is about 17 miles NW of the ATL, are being urged to collect their used cooking oil from Thanksgiving and leave it curbside for pickup. The city turns the oil around for use as bio-diesel fuel in its trucks. Virginia Davis, a city manager says it is an awesome program because they sometimes struggle with keeping their pipes in good condition since many dump their cooking oil down the drain.

Davis says that they usually get about 200 gallons (of cooking oil recycled) during this season and it saves the city a lot of money. They are trying to get more people to take part in this program. The city hopes to add another bio-diesel vehicle to what they already have; anyone wishing to recycle their oil should seal it in a container and place it outside alongside the recycling at the normal time.” The full article is available here.

According to, “cooking oil sticks to sewer pipes, which creates clogs and breaks that are costly for landowners and cities to fix. Grease can also interfere with water treatment at sanitary facilities.”[1] The US EPA explains the details and process further at this link. Here are some highlights: “Biodiesel is an alternative fuel made from virgin or used vegetable oil. Animal fats like beef tallow & fish oil can be used to make this fuel. Unlike fossil fuels, biodiesel is renewable and can be made domestically. Biodiesel may be blended with conventional diesel to get various blends such as B2 or B20 (20% biodiesel). Biodiesel is cleaner-burning than petroleum based diesel. It reduces emissions of harmful air pollutants and asthma-causing elements. When used cooking oil is recycled to produce biodiesel, waste grease can avoid landfills and city water pipes. Used cooking oil diverts waste from landfills and converts into an energy source. In metro areas with restaurants and cafés, waste oil is harvested instead of using virgin soybean oil. Some of the grease is used in feed for farms, but some ends up in landfills.”

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