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Recycling Old Cars

Recycling Old Cars

Barberton Junk Cars is back with an auto recycling related story. We are among those who buys old cars, allowing you to get cash for a car 6 days a week. Are you wondering who scraps cars in the Silver Lake, North Akron and Rolling Acres areas? We handle old car scrap by making it easy for you to get cash for a car. Those in areas of Cuyahoga Falls, Copley or Springfield Township that are looking for someone who buys old cars should give us a call. The Bay Area Rapid Transit System in CA has decided that rather than selling their junk vehicles to somebody who scraps cars, they will recycle them. An article titled ‘BART Expanding Its Fleet By Recycling Old Cars’ was posted on on October 25, 2015 with the following news: “BART is expanding its fleet with a massive recycling project that is turning previously scrapped, damaged cars into fully-functioning ones. The project began this year in response to increasingly crowded trains, according to BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost. Trost says riders are more cramped than ever and being able to add these trains can help.

Twelve refurbished cars are already in service, and six are being worked on. We assumed the trains were done for and only be used for spare components, but staff came up with a plan to fix them and get them back into service. The project will help increase the number of cars available for service and lengthen trains to alleviate commute crowds.  As ridership increases, more cars are needed. The project will add capacity for 800 more riders per car each day, and increase the percentage of train cars from the daily average of 86% to 89%.

BART recently secured $1.7 million in federal funds and $1.69 million in state funds. The new cars are safe and have been through extensive testing, as we want to have a safe mode of transportation. BART is currently hiring additional mechanics and electronics technicians. Individuals interested are asked to go to for more information.” To read the article in its entirety, visit this link.

BART has an average of 422,490 weekday passengers, which is hard to fathom for those of us in Ohio. The system loses millions of dollars every year and relies on federal, state and local tax revenue to survive.[1]


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To get cash for a car in Mogadore, East Akron or Kent, we are a solution. Those seeking old car scrap from someone who buys old cars in Peninsula, Firestone Park and Highland Square, are encouraged to contact us. All of the providers among those of who scraps cars are going to require that the seller possess the vehicle title and an ID. Scrapping cars 6 days a week is what we do. Those wanting to sell my car for cash in Barberton, Ravenna and the Merriman Valley should simply dial (330) 732-JUNK. We offer same-day old car scrap removal services in Bath, Canal Fulton and Warren.  Call NOW to get an INSTANT OFFER on ANY car or truck in ANY condition!