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Recycling in Akron

Recycling in Akron

Barberton Junk Cars is a wrecked car buyer that processes junk car scrap and is among those people that buy junk cars in the areas of Tallmadge, Rolling Acres and Coventry Township. To receive money for a junk car in Kenmore, Chapel Hill, and Hudson, you must have the title and a matching ID. Are you wondering where to junk a car? Perhaps you are asking yourself where to sell an old car? There are options among people that buy junk cars, and more than likely the amount of money for a junk car that you receive will be comparable. One differentiating factor with our wrecked car buyer and junk car scrap program is that we are among the most environmentally conscious in the industry.

Our next topic looks closely at the details of the City of Akron’s curbside recycling program. We look to their Recycling Collection Division page on akronohio.gov to provide the following information: “The City offers single stream recycling, meaning it is all combined together. Recycling allows you to save on your monthly bill and keep materials out of landfills. Most packaging from items you buy at a grocery store that are larger than 3″ and smaller than a plastic jug of laundry detergent are acceptable items. The plastic grocery bags or trash bags are not recycled.

The Material Recovery Facility (MRF) that we take your recycled items to be processed only accepts the items that are listed below as acceptable:

Paper products: Newspapers, office / school papers (not shredded), junk mail, phone books, beer & beverage packages, cereal boxes and tissue boxes

Cartons: Milk, juice, soup, broth and others

Plastic products: Bottles for water, soda and sports drinks. The containers used for milk, iced tea, and juice. The food containers such as yogurt cups, sour cream, butter, margarine, & coffee creamer are accepted. Containers used for soap, dish liquid, & laundry detergent are fine as well.

Other items include: Cardboard (flattened, not bundled), aluminum cans, trays and metal cans, soda cans, beverage cans, soup cans, tomato cans, vegetable cans, glass bottles for juice, iced tea & beer, as well as canning jars.

Top 5 Recycling Rules:

  • Place suitable items in your recycling cart loose—not bagged.
  • Rinse the items out before placing in the cart
  • Place caps & lids into the trash
  • No plastic bags
  • No medical waste, needles, or syringes

Larger items are recyclable as well. Auto tires & household appliances such as refrigerators, washers and air conditioners can be collected weekly from the curb. These items should be place next to your trash and we’ll pick them up. These larger items go to a local salvage company to make sure they are recycled correctly.” To read the complete resource, please visit this link.

Where to junk a car

To sell an old car in the Portage Lakes, Fairlawn, or Norton, place a call to our people that buy junk cars at (330)732-JUNK. As a wrecked car buyer serving the regions of the Merriman Valley, Bath, and Stow, we insure that your junk car scrap is properly recycled. The amount of money for a junk car that you can receive can be determined by contacting our cash for cars buyer. We are proudly now offering junk vehicle removal in Ravenna, Kent and Rootstown. Not only has our scrap car hauling area been expanded to Portage County, but to Medina County also! Free scrap car removal is included in the price you get for an old car in the areas of Medina, Wadsworth and Sharon Center. Residents of New Franklin, Peninsula, and Firestone Park are encouraged to call us regarding cars in any condition. Even if the junk vehicle is parked at a Firestone Service Center, Conrad’s location, or transmission shop, facing costly repairs—call us!