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Recycling Fraud with Scrap Containers

At Barberton Junk Cars we buy any car that is running or not allowing you to junk your car for cash. To sell a car for scrap in Tallmadge, Peninsula, or Bath, you should contact out junk vehicle buyer. Are you wondering who buys junk cars in the Rolling Acres area, Coventry Township, or the Chapel Hill area? We actually buy used cars for scrap; therefore, when you junk your car for cash, it is recycled—which is good for the environment. Those residing in Brimfield, Tallmadge, and Peninsula should know that we buy any car and are among who buys junk cars that are using recycling practices that protect and preserve resources, lower costs and decrease pollution.

 On February 16, 2016 a press release on calrecycle.ca.gov titled ‘Agents prevent $13,550 hit to California’s CRV fund’ was posted with the following story: “The CA Department of Resources Recycling (CalRecycle) announced the 1st recycling border bust of 2016. Mr. Daniel Rosales, of Baldwin Park is due to appear at tRiverside County Superior Court for arraignment on charges of felony recycling fraud & attempted grand theft. He could receive 6 months to (3) years if convicted. CalRecycle’s Director Scott Smithline says that drivers need to understand that recycling fraud will not be tolerated. It essentially steals money from the honest Californians who pay CRV at the cash registers. Anyone helping these criminals haul out-of-state beverage containers into CA to make fraudulent redemptions will be caught & punished.

The CA Department of Food & Agriculture agents at a checkpoint in Blythe conducted an inspection of a semi-trailer, marked as BNS Trucking, and found used beverage containers. Mr. Rosales, has a bill of lading stating he was hauling bottle caps and was unable to produce the Import Materials Report, required for transporting used beverage containers into CA. CDFA agents alerted members of the CA Recycling Fraud Team. After conducting an interview, Rosales was arrested and the truck impounded. Rosales was hauling 6,622lbs of aluminum and 2,606lbs of plastic beverage containers with a potential redemption value of $13,550.

CDOJ investigates and prosecutes cases on behalf of CalRecycle, which has authority over the state’s beverage container recycling program. The department combats fraud and illicit payments through precertification training of recycling center owners, probationary reviews of centers, monitoring & tracking the disposition of imported materials, assessment of daily claims for reimbursement, prepayment controls, and post-payment reviews.” The complete story is available at this link.

To get an overall picture of exactly how this works we have this statement from the CalRecycle website: “CA Refund Value is the amount you paid at the checkout stand that is paid back to consumers when they recycle their aluminum, plastic, glass & bi-metal containers at recycling centers. The minimum refund value is $.05 for each container under 24oz and $.10 for each that is greater.”[1] So people looking to cash in (like the gentleman discussed earlier) take large loads to CA to try to collect on out-of-state generated containers.

[1] http://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/BevContainer/Consumers/FAQ.htm

We currently buy used cars for scrap

When we buy any car, we take great pride in our efforts to recycle the vast majority of the components. We currently buy used cars for scrap throughout Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls 6 days a week. The requirements in Northeast Ohio to sell a car for scrap are that you possess the title for the car and the listed owner must be present with valid ID. Those seeking to junk your car for cash can receive a junk car quote from our vehicle buyer in three simple ways; during business hours, you can call us at (330) 732-JUNK, or after hours can send a text to that number, or email your vehicle’s info through our website. We are now offering scrap vehicle removal in the regions of North Akron, Sharon Center, and Mogadore. With our ‘cash for junk cars’ program, the results are that fewer raw materials are used, thus conserving precious energy and natural resources. Residents of Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna, can get cash for clunkers today by contacting Barberton Junk Cars. We are now happy to be serving the Medina County areas of Wadsworth, Medina and Granger Township. Those in the Portage County areas of Kent and Rootstown are now within our junk car removal service area!