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Poor Recycling Rates

Barberton Junk Cars is back with the latest news relative to auto scrap and recycling. We are a wrecked vehicle buyer proudly serving this local area. Our scrap vehicle buyer is on-hand 6 days a week to provide you a price for the value of a junk car. By calling out junk auto buyer for a quote for an old car, you can determine the scrap price. Keep in mind that when scrapping a car with us you can rest assured that the majority of the material that composes the vehicle will be recycled—a win for the environment!

A story on Waste Dive by Arlene Karidis on April 25, 2016 titled ‘Study finds NYC’s commercial recycling rate 19%’ informed us of the following: “A study shows NYC’s commercial rate of 19%—compared to the national average of 34%, and a full ten points from New York’s 29% rate back in 2004. Transform Don’t Trash sees inefficiencies in the performance of privately-held companies. These haulers of approximately 4,000+ trucks week, which Kirsti Barnes says are getting out of control. Mr. T Carting, one of the largest, recycles at a rate of about 11% of what it hauls. Sanitation staff reported to the NY Daily News that many companies don’t recycle.

Many NYC activists are pushing for designated trash collection zones, citing that it would progress the city’s miserable recycling rates, particularly commercial zones. At least one study shows that nearly 90% of the waste is recyclable. The NY Department of Sanitation (DSNY) publicly called for such a zoning system. Many say it would cut traffic, noise, and other pollution and spark competition. The NYC charter of the National Waste & Recycling Assoc. (NWRA) opposes this, citing possible prices increases, thus small firms couldn’t compete, eliminating open market competition. Former sanitation worker Ernie Waight tells the NY Daily News that poor recycling efforts have existed for 25+ years. A researcher named Justin Wood says the lousy service stems from few incentives for improvement.

NY Mayor Bill de Blasio feels that although we don’t control private waste hauling, the commercial firms can and do better. NYC is working to gain the regulations to achieve the goals. De Blasio’s goal is 90% diversion from landfills prior to 2030 for residential wastes.” The complete article is available here.

What is the value of a junk car

Our wrecked vehicle buyer or scrap vehicle buyer will provide a fast quote for an old car, which essentially begins the process of scrapping a vehicle. Did you know that the vast majority of the materials that make up the composition of your car can be refurbished, repurposed or remanufactured? Auto recycling with BJC helps to reduce energy usage and consumption of critical raw materials in the eco-system.