Environmental Vehicle Award

The process of obtaining cash for scrap vehicles is probably much simpler than you may think in Fairlawn, Cuyahoga Falls, and North Akron, OH.  I’m sure your neighbors are tired of looking at the car sitting in Springfield Township, the Wallhaven area, or East Akron—sell an old car for cash to us!   Those actively seeking out or searching for a wrecked car buyer in Doylestown, Summit Lake, & Sharon Center should contact out office.  What in the heck can be done here in Mogadore, Stow, or Monroe Falls to receive the highest paying for junk cars?

The recent issue of American Recycler discussed the Green Truck of the Year for the 2018 model year. The Green Car Journal awarded the Chevrolet Colorado, a mid-size truck within General Motors’ line. The honors are reserved for those who demonstrate leadership in the environmental realm. The Colorado is capable of delivering similar performance in terms of function, capability, and features among competitors; however, the two-wheel –drive model back in 2016 was rated as the most fuel efficient vehicle in its class. The 2018 model has an available 2.8 Duramax Turbo engine and is still touted as the most fuel efficient model of the group. In addition, it has a host of available safety features including driver assist technology and strategically positioned cameras to help prevent potentially dangerous collisions.

We strive to boost positive public opinion of the auto scrap and recycling community. When deciding where to go to get cash for scrap vehicles in Silver Lake, Wadsworth, or Medina, Barberton Junk Cars is a great spot. If you are facing a costly auto repair bill in Kent, New Franklin, or Firestone Park, it may be simpler to sell an old car for scrap and move on. Many auto body shops will pass our number on to their customers who really just need a wrecked car buyer in Highland Square, the Elizabeth Park area, or Copley, OH. The period when we were the highest paying for junk cars is now somewhat behind us, but reasonable value is expected in Barberton, Ravenna, & Clinton.

Environmental Vehicle Program

Where is the nearest place that pays fast cash for scrap cars in Brimfield, Green, or Fairlawn? A salvage car can certainly be an eyesore when left sitting around in Cuyahoga Falls, North Akron, & Springfield Township. The first step to sell your junk car in regions such as the Wallhaven area, Doylestown, or Summit Lake, is to obtain a junk car quote. The greater Sharon Center and Mogadore areas now have a wrecked vehicle buyer on hand.

Ford’s Partnership for A Cleaner Environment (PACE) program is making some impressive strides in terms of environmental benefits, which has been a challenge for most auto manufacturers. In conjunction with their suppliers, they estimate saving over 500 million gallons of water, the equivalent of 800+ full-sized pools. In addition, they are making strides in emissions, energy and waste reduction. Some of the key practices include enhancing cooling tower operations, using less compressed air in production & eliminating single-pass systems for cooling.  Some of their more simplistic practices included switching way from usage of incandescent lightbulbs—to LED. Also, their suppliers used experts at their own production sites to locate other opportunities to conserve vital resources.  We certainly appreciate Ford’s obvious commitment to this cause.

To be profitable in today’s green marketplace, the auto scrap process must be done systematically. Are you seeking a local spot for obtaining cash for scrap cars in Stow, Monroe Falls, or East Akron? People looking to turn an old salvage car into cash in Silver Lake, Wadsworth, or Medina have found the place to do so. In considering if to sell your junk car located in Kent, New Franklin, & Firestone Park should visit http://www.barbertonjunkcars.com/. Those in Highland Square, Elizabeth Park area, & Copley in desperate need of a wrecked vehicle buyer should call us.

Automotive Changes & Update

In order to receive money for a scrap car in the areas of Stow, Monroe Falls, or East Akron the seller must initiate contact with our office at (330)732-5865. Are you in immediate need of a scrap car hauler in the cities of Silver Lake, Wadsworth, or Medina? Fast and complimentary vehicle removal services are included when you have a junky car in Kent or New Franklin. The instruction manually on how to scrap my car in Firestone Park or Highland Square is just one paragraph long!

Auto Finance News recently posted an update regarding some trends within the realm of automobile finance. They explained that vehicles currently average 13% depreciation each year, which was less than the 17% projection. It is believed to have benefitted from the demand for inventory caused by over 500,000 totaled vehicles in this year’s big hurricane season. A massive volume of vehicles that are returning from lease are hitting the market. The price of new vehicles is rising and auto lending rates are low. They say that potential new-car buyers are settling for late-model preowned vehicles that are more affordable. Recently, Cadillac launched their Book by Cadillac initiative that allows owners to “swap-out” between Cadillac model vehicles. These types of programs are considered to be now models of auto ownership.

Many auto recyclers dismantle vehicles to recover fluids and components for many uses. Those holding on to their broken-down vehicles in Brimfield, Green, or Fairlawn may call today for money for a scrap car. I’m uncertain if those possessing junky cars in Cuyahoga Falls, North Akron, or Springfield Township are aware of our scrap car hauler service. If residents in the areas of the Wallhaven area, Doylestown, Summit Lake are not aware, fast vehicle removal is here. The question is how to scrap my car in Sharon Center or Mogadore?

Summit County Facts Regarding Recycling

Are you are a bit confused about the process of where to get cash for my car in Copley, Barberton, or Ravenna? The majority of people that buy junk cars do so for purposes or reusing, recycling and scrapping them in Clinton, Rootstown, or Rolling Acres. Cleveland Scrap Cars is one of the local scrap yards that buy cars in the surrounding areas of the Portage Lakes, Norton, and Brimfield. My car needs a new transmission in Tallmadge, Peninsula, or Uniontown; what is a junk car worth in this condition?

It these cold winter months, those who keep doors closed and heating grates closed in rooms that are not often used can save big on energy bills. Remember to unplug mobile devices when not in use, as only a fraction of the energy is actually used for device charging. Inadequately sealed duct work is among the greatest “energy wasters”. When driving 55 miles an hour you are likely getting the best fuel efficiency and it drops by approximately 2% for each mile per hour over. Encourage people to dry their clothes on a line and save expensive dryer-related energy costs. According to the EPA, in-home pollutant levels are actually greater than the air outside. The average house has over 50 different chemicals present.

The vehicle fluids from a junk car are drained carefully and deposited into spill resistant containers. Junky vehicle owners should call us for cash for my car quickly today in Green, Fairlawn, & Cuyahoga Falls. We are the people that buy junk cars from Springfield Township, Mr. Tire, and Monro Muffler & Brake shops. We want to get the word out that there are scrap yards that buy junk cars in Granger Township and Canal Fulton. Who has the answers regarding what is a junk car worth in Coventry Township, Chapel Hill, & Hudson?

Junk Cars From Hurricane Flood Damage

We are on-hand now to provide you a fast junk car quote and cash for your car in Green, Fairlawn, & Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Often car owners face big repair bills for a motor or a transmission; in this case, it is usually best to call for a price for a junk car in Springfield Township, Kenmore, and North Akron. We are the premier site for scrapping cars and junk vehicle hauling throughout Wallhaven area, Doylestown, and Summit Lake. Those seeking cash for a damaged car in Sharon Center, Mogadore, & Stow are encouraged to call.

With the recent wave of horrendous hurricane activity in the southern regions of the U.S., many advocates are heightening awareness regarding the potential for hazardous flooded vehicles to be unknowingly sold to consumers. The NADA recently posted some best practices to avoid being a victim of those looking to pass these vehicles off on the public:

  • Investigate the VIN (title) history of the car. Both Auto Check and the National Insurance Crime Bureau have a means of doing this.
  • Look at the vehicle’s interior and within the engine compartment for potential remnants that suggest flood damage.
  • Has the carpet recently been shampooed or have they used significant air freshener to mask the smell of water damage?
  • Check beneath the carpet for the condition of the floor boards.
  • See if any dried mud under the dashboard area.
  • Are there any screws or other metallic components showing premature rust?
  • Always have a professional thoroughly inspect the vehicle prior to purchase.

Our company believes in waste diversion by aiming to reuse and recycle as much as possible. Are you seeking a junk car quote for your old clunker in Monroe Falls, East Akron, & Silver Lake? The price for a junk car can fluctuate based on some variables throughout the state of Ohio including the regions of Wadsworth, Medina, & Kent. Environmental concerns are at the forefront of our operation which is scrapping cars in New Franklin, Firestone Park, and Highland Square. We pay cash for a damaged car or wrecked vehicle 6 days a week throughout Elizabeth Park area, Copley, or Barberton.

Scrap Vehicle Recycling Awareness

What all is involved in the process of going to sell a car for scrap in Green, Fairlawn, or Cuyahoga Falls?  When selling a junk car in Springfield Township, Kenmore, or North Akron it is important to consider market fluctuations in the value of a junk car. The sites who buys old cars in the Wallhaven, Doylestown, & Summit Lake areas; now offer same day vehicle removal. Complimentary scrap car hauling & removal are available among those who junks cars in Sharon Center, Mogadore, & Stow.

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) posted a story about America Recycles Day. This is a national day that occurs on November 15 that seeks to increase awareness regarding the benefits of recycling. It is a day that encourages us to be friendly to our environment and to maintain clean air and water. Recycling has a host of benefits including lower costs for manufacturers, less material in landfills and the feeling that the scrap material is repurposed for future usage. Much of the recycled materials are sent overseas to be processed. In 2016 ISRI reported that over 30 million tons of such material was exported. They also claim that the industry supports roughly half-a million jobs domestically and contributed over $13 billion in tax revenues between the three levels of government. The process also preserves vital resources and conserves energy. The complete article is available here.

As a proud proponent of the “green” movement, we make certain your car becomes a positive resource. Sell a car for scrap today and get fast cash and a free tow in Monroe Falls, East Akron, and Silver Lake. The value of a junk car in Wadsworth, Medina, and Kent has drastically decreased this past year and price quotes will reflect it. Sourcing the correct place for who buys old cars can be effortless in New Franklin, Firestone Park, or Highland Square, by calling (330) 732-5865.  Are you wondering who junks cars in the Elizabeth Park or Copley area? The good news for those reading this is that you already have the answer.

Junk Car Removals Causing Problems for One City

Those in need of cash for cars in Monroe Falls, East Akron, or Silver Lake, should know that we are boasting over a 90 percent rate of recycling for the vehicles. Those who process junk car removal are then required to process the car in an environmentally sound manner in areas such as Wadsworth, Medina, & Kent. If you need to get rid of an older vehicle, give us a quick call for a price for a wrecked car in New Franklin, Firestone Park, & Highland Square. In considering whether to sell your junk car located in Elizabeth Park, Copley, or Barberton visit http://www.barbertonjunkcars.com

The City of Albuquerque is reportedly being overtaken by a flood of unwanted, junk or abandoned vehicles. Over 450 cars were reported just in the last three months via the App now available for residents to send reports. The city has a “wrecker rotation list” that contains 24 towing organizations that they use. Jon Kellar, manager of Duggar’s services, says that over a span of six days they towed in 141 junk vehicles on behalf of the Albuquerque PD. Kellar says that many of the vehicles parked at his place have been there for a year or more. He sends a certified letter to the registered owner to request that they switch the title into the towing company’s name so it can be scrapped. Often there is no response from the owner; after which, the company must wait 45 to 75 days to obtain ownership rights. On a few of these cars individuals have destroyed the VIN # that identifies the vehicle. Kellar says that ultimately the scrap value in insufficient to cover the costs of towing the vehicles and filing all the necessary paperwork.

The vehicle fluids from a scrap car are carefully drained and placed into spill resistant containers for proper recycling and disposal. When seeking cash for junk cars in Green, Fairlawn, or Cuyahoga Falls; remember to choose an environmentally sound buyer. Get free junk car removal when you scrap your car with us in Kenmore, North Akron, or the Wallhaven area. The price for a wrecked car in Doylestown, Summit Lake, or Sharon Center can vary based on several factors associated with the age, condition & distance for pick up. The first step to sell your junk car in regions such as Mogadore, Stow, or Springfield Township, is to obtain a junk car quote.

Scrap Cars Under a New Ordinance

Barberton Junk Cars is an organization that functions as car buyers throughout Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls. The cash for wrecked cars business is hopefully that prices rebound post-election throughout Springfield Township, Kenmore, & North Akron. Our junk car scrap program allows you to see recycling in action when we buy cars in Doylestown, Sharon Center, or Mogadore, OH. The factors that influence the price for scrap cars include: location, market pricing, vehicle age and condition—among others in areas including Stow, Monroe Falls, & East Akron.

The City Council in Hampton approved expanding the restriction relating to junk cars sitting in residential neighborhoods, while permitting people working on broken down cars in either their own yards or garages to still do so. The new requirements come with a new way of defining what exactly a junk car is. These include vehicles those that have no license plates or a sticker indicating an inspection which is more than sixty days expired. This is the first such action that may lead to additional provisions over time. Philip Russell, who oversees the management of residential areas and zoning related concerns, said that his staff employees seem to be receiving more additional complaints about scrap cars & trucks lately, particularly because of vermin nested within them. Hampton’s ordinance had previously only covered cars lacking both plates & inspection stickers, and those in some state of disassembly that had been that way for sixty days.  The new law begins in January.  The “backyard” mechanic language says that owners must prove that they are actively in the process of improving the vehicle. In the meanwhile, they are to keep it blocked from the view of the public in some reasonable manner. The city presently says land owners can keep two scrap vehicles on their properties if shielded from view but doesn’t specify and details about actively working to repair them.

We strive to have a positive environmental impact in efforts to preserve the vital Akron-area resources. We are among the many car buyers in the greater Silver Lake, Wadsworth, & Medina areas that pay cash for scrap vehicles. Many of the residents in the vicinities of Kent, New Franklin, & Firestone Park lacked awareness about cash for wrecked cars. Often areas will begin to accumulate vehicles lying around that need junk car scrap in Highland Square or Copley? The current price for scrap cars in Ravenna, or those we pick up from transmission shops or Goodyear stores may be subject to some fluctuations.

Shipping Junk Overseas is Shifting

Escape from the clutches of a junky car in Clinton, Rootstown, or Rolling Acres—make the call to the buyer of scrap vehicles! Standing vehicles with missing components are an eyesore to all and need junk vehicle removal in the Portage Lakes, or from Conrad’s locations.  Getting a price for your car from our scrap vehicle buyer is as easy as picking up the phone from Mr. Tire or Monro Muffler & Brake shops.  When we buy any car, we take pride in our efforts to recycle the majority of the components throughout Monroe Falls, East Akron, & Silver Lake.

A recent CNN reports indicates that the $5 billion in annual sales to China may be potentially ending. According to the World Trade Organization, China plans to no longer want many types of solid waste, plastic and paper products that U.S. companies have been sending there. Overall, the ISRI gauges this as being roughly 20% of the overall market. Many scrap recyclers here may realize a significant drop off in the ability to exports these materials.  The U.S. has run a major trade deficit with China for years and there is a need to have product aboard these containers that are returning known as “backhaul”.  China claims that much of the reason for the ban is based on environmental concerns. Apparently too much product ends up in landfills or being burned in incinerators. Kevin Duncombe, of Western Pacific Pulp & Paper, says that there is some uncertainty when the ban will actually take effect. Many Chinese buyers are no longer placing orders and some have reportedly been simply left at the port location.

Used oil from junk cars can cause environmental damage. We insure that all fluids from the vehicles are properly handled. Follow the conventional school of thought for vehicle disposal in Wadsworth, Medina, & Kent—call our buyer of scrap vehicles. The swift facilitation of junk vehicle removal is a perfected process now also available in New Franklin, Firestone Park, & Highland Square. We are a high-volume scrap vehicle buyer serving Summit County, including towing from transmission shops and Goodyear stores. Currently, we buy any car in the Copley, Barberton, & Ravenna areas.

Salvage Vehicles from Hurricane Areas Could Make It to Ohio

As an experienced buyer of scrap cars, we know how to get the process completed quickly in Green, Fairlawn, or Cuyahoga Falls. Car owners throughout the areas of Springfield Township, Kenmore, or North Akron, should consider contacting our buyer of scrap cars. We have been a leading junk vehicle buyer in the Doylestown, Sharon Center, & Mogadore areas for several years now. The facts are that those in _ can sell a car for cash very quickly. If you are stuck in Stow, Monroe Falls, or East Akron wondering who buys junk cars—you are now aware!

AAA has released a host of warnings regarding the potential sale of pre-owned vehicle from the hurricane flood zones. Roughly one-million vehicles were submerged in water by the recent weather events. In massive flooding situations, thousands of cars may be classified as ‘totaled’ by auto insurance providers.  Salvage lots may purchase them and restore them to some degree for sales into them on the preowned-car market. Colorado’s AAA spokesman, Skyler McKinley, says the state tends to receive a high volume of these potentially flawed cars.

Water damage can be discovered as follows:

  • If a waterline exists under the hood
  • You notice mud and dirt in the trunk
  • Internal rusting
  • Detection of strong cleaning agents (scents) to mask the musty or moldy odors
  • Traces of wetness still remain inside

It is important to recognize the difference between the more common “salvage” title and a “flood” title, which indicates that the vehicle had been submerged. You may want to check CARFAX vehicle reports, conduct a title search, or have a mechanic professionally inspect it. Watch out for deals that seem “too good to be true”.

To be profitable in today’s green auto marketplace, the auto scrap process must be done systematically. Do you seek a buyer of scrap cars location near you such as Silver Lake, Wadsworth, or Medina? Barberton Junk Cars is presently a buyer of scrap cars active in Kent, New Franklin, & Firestone Park. As an experienced junk vehicle buyer, we can give you a price for your car right over the phone in Highland Square, Copley, or Barberton. To sell a car for cash in Ravenna, from transmission shops, or Goodyear stores, the process is quite simple and easy. The litany of facilities who buys junk cars is typically the widest in areas of high road salt usage in the winter.

Barberton City Junk Car Ordinance Law

Our buyer of junk cars will provide you with a junk car quote for vehicles in Kenmore, North Akron, or Doylestown. Contact us today for fast cash for cars regardless if wrecked or otherwise damaged in Sharon Center, Mogadore, or Stow. Our organization has successfully acted as a salvage car buyer in the regions of Monroe Falls, East Akron, and Silver Lake as well. Why would you consider another place when looking to sell a junk car? We are fast, friendly and pay with cash in Wadsworth, Medina, & Kent.

The city finds that vehicles described as abandoned, damaged, junk, dismantled, or non-running are a detriment to health and safety within the community and potentially impact property values, encourage vandalism, and may be fire hazards. Parking, storing or leaving unlicensed vehicles upon private property is prohibited if visible. Junk vehicles must be enclosed in a building. Junk cars are deemed as being a nuisance that should not be visible from the street and is the responsibility of the property owner, lessee, tenant or other party in control of the premises. Violators will be notified in writing and given 72 hours to remedy the problem. The city may conduct removal of the vehicle if no action is taken.  The city or representative of the city may enter private property for the removal of the vehicle and no individual may obstruct or interfere with this process. The full ordinance is available at this link.

We are now serving as a buyer of junk cars in the regions of Uniontown, Tallmadge, or Peninsula, OH. We are standing by in Granger Township, Canal Fulton, and Coventry Township, to get you fast cash for cars in any type of condition. Unwanted vehicle owners in the Chapel Hill area or Hudson should reach out to our salvage car buyer. To sell a junk car is always a better option than to leave it sitting around somewhere in the Portage Lakes, Norton, or Brimfield. Scrap automobiles can be a source of other hazardous items, such as lead, mercury and asbestos.

Barberton Junk Cars Looks at Ocean Shipping

Additionally, we buy used cars for scrap 6 days a week in Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls. We pay cash for junk cars regardless of condition and damaged car removal is included in Springfield Township, Kenmore, & North Akron. Old car removal is included in the price you receive for scrapping your car in Doylestown, Monroe Falls, or East Akron.  We will provide you money for a salvage vehicle and pick it up today from a transmission shop or a Goodyear store.

In the May/June edition of Scrap (scrap.org) we learned some insight about the scrap shipping market as follows: “Changes are plentiful within the ocean shipping market in the U.S. Fluctuations in this market have a direct correlation to the bottom lines of many recyclers. In 2015, the market was down amid low demand and other key financial indicators. That year, the U.S. exported total scrap commodities that totaled $17.5 billion. China is the largest consumer and their demand for material had dropped considerably. Scrap facilities on the west coast struggled as manufacturers fled the region due to an unfriendly regulatory climate.

Exporters of scrap are largely dependent upon ocean shipping. Suddenly in 2015, ocean shipping prices fell and stayed that way until 2016. These factors caused many container companies to take significant loses. Since then, the rates have rebounded steadily. Shippers must either diversify their shipping providers, or if using one carrier, monitor their financial situation closely in the future”. For the complete story visit http://www.isri.org/policy-regulations/transportation/shipping

When we buy used cars for scrap in Sharon Center, Mogadore, or Stow, the vehicles are classified as end-of-life vehicles. Residents of   seeking damaged car removal should contact us in  Silver Lake, Wadsworth, and Medina. The key to old car removal is insuring that we deliver on same-day and next-day vehicle pick up in Kent, New Franklin, and Firestone Park. It is quick and stress-free—you only need the title in your name to get dough for a salvage vehicle in Coventry Township, Chapel Hill, and Hudson.  Did you know that auto scrap recycling saves over 80 million barrels of oil, normally lost in manufacturing new components?

Understanding New Car Sales & Old Car Scrap

We are specialists among those who buy scrap cars and recycle the materials and accessories in East Akron, Silver Lake, and Wadsworth.  If you have an old vehicle sitting around in Medina, Kent, or New Franklin—take full advantage of our scrap my car offering today! Are you concerned with who scraps cars for immediate cash in the Firestone Park, Highland Square, and Copley areas? My car is impounded at a towing place; who buys crashed cars in Barberton, Ravenna, and the Merriman Valley like these?

Indiana University’s Public & Environmental Affairs 2017 report informed us of some interesting data. “The auto industry plays a major role in the overall functions of the U.S. economy. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), auto manufacturing accounted for over 9% of the total gross output of the full manufacturing sector in 2014. Also, this manufacturing & subsequent retail trade activity contributed 2.7% of U.S. GDP in 2014. Many feel that the resurgence of the U.S. auto segment played a big role in the persistent recovery of the U.S. economy from the recession years of 2007-2009. 2016 was a strong year for financial advancement, a year when the auto industry reached milestones for new auto sales. This recovery has not been totally consistent throughout the country.

Rates of new car sales in response to regulatory standards influence the speed of retirement of old cars from the fleet, also called the scrap rate. Older cars exert a significant influence on national gasoline consumption and emissions concerns because they usually lack good fuel efficiency. Slowing the rates of new car sales negative impacts the goals set out for emission standards.

The rate of scrap of old vehicles is also linked to adverse safety consequences for motorists. The new enhancements of newer vehicles today offer much better rider crash protection than older vehicles. A slow rate of new vehicle buying hampers progress in auto safety, because motorists will are exposed to the higher risks of using in older vehicles for a longer period.” The complete report is available here.

Did you know that most of the material that comprises a car can be repurposed or remanufactured? We now buy scrap cars throughout the Ohio areas of Rolling Acres, the Portage Lakes, and Norton. The removal segment of the scrap my car process is as easy as it gets throughout Brimfield, Uniontown, and Tallmadge, OH. We are among those who scraps cars in the Peninsula and the Granger Township area. We take some pride in offering quick vehicle pickup   Are you seeking out somebody who buys crashed cars or damaged  vehicles in Portage County?

City Addresses Problem With Junk Vehicles

Many eco-friendly ideas come and go; however, in Rootstown, Rolling Acres, and the Portage Lakes, our buy my junk car program is consistent. No reason to keep sinking cash into that junky car in Norton, Brimfield, or Uniontown–junk your car for cash today. To determine the scrap value of your junk car, simply call us for a quote for an old car in the regions of Tallmadge, Peninsula, or Granger Township. You should take advantage of our sell my car for cash option in the areas of Canal Fulton, Coventry Township, and Chapel Hill.

“Regardless if parked in your driveway or on your front lawn, the city wants it gone. The city is starting to enforce the presence of “junk cars” that are littering neighborhoods. To avoid the “sight of blight”, non-running vehicles are subject to the city’s code enforcement and police are trying to spot vehicles where they don’t belong. Many are consistently parking on the lawn or have broken down cars sitting in driveways that don’t move.  People are encouraged to move them into the garage.

Upon the first violation, you will receive a warning letter. The next step is a $50 fine and then it will progress to a $100 fine. In April and May the city issued 137 warnings and/or fines for scrap vehicles. They do not want property values to drop and think that it should be basic common courtesy. Joanne De Bus, a local resident, lives next to an abandoned property and says the house has been vacant for several years. She thinks abandoned homes and street potholes are a problem.  She would worry more about houses then cars. Currently the city has some resources to make assist with this particular problem. They are focused many aspects of improvement. Those who are aware of a vehicle violation should contact the Jackson Dept. of Neighborhood Operations at (517) 788-4060”. The full story is viewable here.

The city code regarding abandoned vehicles contains the following provisions:

  • Automobiles left for a period of 48 hours in a parking area are considered to be abandoned and are subject to removal and impoundment.
  • To have an impounded vehicle released, all parking fees and towing charges must be paid.
  • The city has the capability of ultimately disposing of impounded vehicles that are not claimed.

Who Will Buy My Junk Car?

It can be illegal and dangerous to discharge dirty auto fluids to our water, land and other critical resources. No need for further procrastination in Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls–we are the buy my junk car answer. If you want your garage space back in Kenmore, North Akron, Doylestown, call us to junk your car for cash. If you vehicle needing repair is parked at a repair shop located near Sharon Center, Mogadore, or Stow, you can call us for a quote for an old car and we’ll pick tow it away. Those located in the areas of Monroe Falls, East Akron and Hudson should be knowledgeable about our sell my car for cash options.


Low-End Auto Financing Could Present Problems

Why put it off further when we are buying auto scrap 6 days a week throughout Springfield Township, Kenmore, & North Akron. Most of the junk cars in Ohio are resting somewhere, perhaps out in Doylestown, Sharon Center, or Mogadore, for no reason.  You have the ability to sell us your car 6 days a week throughout Stow, Monroe Falls, & East Akron. Do you know how to sell a junk car in Silver Lake, Wadsworth, or Medina? If not, give us a call today.

A May 22, 2017 article on Bloomberg by Lisa Abramowicz informed us as follows: “The auto finance market has been producing a significant volume of business recently. Lending standards have increasingly become more lenient. Santander Consumer USA is a large player in loan offerings to those with substandard credit, also known as the subprime auto finance market. Loans secured by bonds are much lower for them compared to a 64% rate in a security reports by GM Financial Co.’s AmeriCredit segment. In May, Moody’s reported that Santander had an advanced proportion of loans combined with dangerous terms, poor consumer credit and minimal verification of income compared to their competitors.

Santander is largely viewed as an anomaly among some of the large vehicle lenders, along with many independents, some of which also are known to facilitate risky lending practices. It appears somewhat similar to the 2008 financial meltdown, where lenders had infamously lax standards. In the years prior, lending institutions allowed for massive mortgage debt, which turned out poorly. This market is different because the groups of vehicle loans are small smaller in volume (value). Auto loan terms are much shorter, and the amount of outstanding debt is comparatively less. Lax vehicle financing practices may result in greater rates of default. This is bad news for automakers, who may decide to begin limiting their share of the lower end of the market. U.S. auto manufacturers are amid great change in their marketplace from the potential of self-driving cars.” The complete story is available at this link.

Auto Scrap Car Recycling

We strive to boost positive public opinion of the auto scrap and recycling community. Are still undecided about your old car going to auto scrap in Kent, New Franklin, & Firestone Park? The market for junk cars in Ohio is volatile throughout Highland Square, Copley, or Barberton.  When you take action to sell us your car in Ravenna, Lakemore, or Clinton, the process of scrap recycling begins. A message to those with a “piece of junk” car sitting there in Rootstown, Rolling Acres, or the Portage Lakes—learn how to sell a junk car!

Cars Trying to Be Lighter

Our auto recycling of junk cars system is fast and easy in Lakemore, Clinton, and Rootstown. Those in need of cash for cars in the Rolling Acres area, the Portage Lakes, & Norton should know that we are boasting over a 90% overall rate of recycling for vehicles. Those in Brimfield, Uniontown, or Tallmadge who are checking around among those who do junk car towing and removal to see some variance in scrap car pricing. Those with unwanted cars and trucks in Peninsula, Granger Township, or Canal Fulton should be aware of our scrap car removal services.

A recent Plastics News article explained the following: “Plenty of different suppliers have offered solutions to further lighten the weight of auto doors — cutting ounces by substituting in nylon for steel in window regulation units, new efficiencies in inside components or lighter closures. New ventures backed by FCA US LLC, Magna Int’l Inc., Grupo Antolin & the U.S. Dept. of Energy took a streamlined approach by considering the doors as a complete system that can lead to a solid solution. These results include door units weighing over 40% less, and only a moderate rise in costs. A lighter-weight internal system accounted for a 7% of the drop in weight. Using aluminum compared to steel for the body panels also helps in weight reduction. The modules show a weight benefit in the short-run, even as other municipal & market driven entities continue seeking long-term solutions, perhaps as by using more composites and carbon-based fibers in the cars. These lower-weight units do make some minor changes, but it doesn’t seem like the vehicle market will change too dramatically.

The government seeks to shed weight in autos by 25% to improve miles per gallon. Cities from across the globe have specific goals for enhancements. Despite a new management in D.C, automakers are still finding ways to get slimmer. Reducing 42% from the door units can’t alone result in the weight cuts they desire. Beyond weight, these door units can be rapidly installed along the traditional assembly line or in the aftermarket.”

Auto Recycling Junk Cars in Summit County

We strive to boost positive public opinion of the auto scrap and recycling community in Green, Fairlawn, & Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Proper auto recycling of junk cars in Kenmore, North Akron, and Doylestown is critical for protecting the environment. Barberton Junk Cars pays cash for cars between 8AM and 5:30PM during the week in Summit County.  Our junk car towing operation in Sharon Center, Mogadore, and Stow is environmentally sound, not to mention pretty fast! Processes related to scrap car removal in Monroe Falls, East Akron, Silver Lake are always made environmentally.

Auto Scrap Program Stopped

With our auto buyer website it is fast and easy to get a quote and can remove the vehicle from a Mr. Tire or Monro Muffler & Brake shop.  Did you know that even a totaled car has some kind of salvageable value in Rootstown, Rolling Acres, or the Portage Lakes area? When determining where to sell a junk car in the regions of Norton, Brimfield, or Uniontown–we are the solution. Ask around among those of us who buys scrap cars Tallmadge, Peninsula, Granger Township and they will tell you the per car scrap price has fluctuated.

A recent story on NBC 4 New York by Jonathan Dienst tells us the following: “Paterson has canceled their auto tire recycling program after the possibility of corruption led to an investigation by city staff as well as the FBI. Mayor Jose Torres passed an executive order canceling the program for recycling vehicle tires at the City Yard on E. 16th St.  Curb-side removal of truck or passenger auto tires for recycling can be arranged through the Dept. of Public Works. The News 4 team determined last months that allegations of corruption & poor management were occurring at the recycling plant. Several city staffers stated that residents may drop off up to (4) tires for free per year, the wide majority of tires dumped in there were from auto-related companies. These dumping them don’t pay the necessary fees & instead sometimes paid cash to some workers. The city then loses revenue from program.

The FBI subpoenaed the city regarding the program. Paterson’s attorney Domenick Stampone says the city was served a subpoena. Mayor Joey Torres has been under scrutiny for supposedly using city workers to perform side jobs at his residence. Investigators want to know if federal grant funds may have been misappropriated by the city.  The mayor denies any wrongdoing and referred the issue to the city administrator, who in turn reached out to law enforcement.” The full story is available here.

Akron Auto Buyer

Our auto buyer will give you the opportunity to sell your car and can tow it away from Conrad’s locations, transmission shops, or Goodyear stores. If you recently transformed your vehicle into a totaled car in Canal Fulton, Silver Lake, or Wadsworth, go ahead and make the call!

The people in Medina, Kent, and New Franklin know where to sell a junk car. Are you in search of who buys scrap cars and pays cash in the areas of Firestone Park, Highland Square, or Copley, OH? Our company believes in waste diversion by aiming to reuse and recycle as much as possible.

Green Electric Vehicles from Nissan

If your car, truck or van is now auto junk, we are here to pick it up in Canal Fulton, Coventry Township, and Chapel Hill. Yes, will buy junk cars quickly in the region of Hudson, as well as from Firestone Service Centers or Conrad’s locations. Our “cars for cash” program is quick and simple, allowing you to get cash today in Peninsula, Granger Township, or from a transmission shop. Millions of cars annually need damaged car removal in the Uniontown and Tallmadge, far too many end up residing in driveways & backyards.

In a recent February 19, 2017 post by Lindsay Chappell on Auto News, the Nissan Leaf is discussed: “Nissan’s move within the electric vehicles (EV) market has had low sales; however, at Boulder Nissan in CO, the Leaf now is roughly 80% of the new cars sales volume.

They attribute their success to connecting with EV-consumers through social media & sending salespeople into the communities to display the vehicles. They are interested in a possible AWD version, to expand on sales of approximately 250 models per year. Nissan sold 14,000 units last year. There are strong geographical regions where EVs are in demand led by Seattle, competing with the top selling Altima. Growth also has been happening in Kansas, Delaware, NJ, Minnesota and Connecticut. .

The owner of Rosen Nissan in Milwaukee has never sold many Leafs; however, last year, he opened a store in Madison where he is generating Leaf sales. Volkswagen is nearing their launch of many EVs. GM is unveiling the Chevy Bolt, capable of traveling over 230 miles on a charge. Daimler’s Smart brand is said to soon be an EV brand. And Tesla is busy developing the Model 3, it hopes will move the CA EV manufacturer into higher-volumes of sales.

The U.S. consumer demand recently has been focused on trucks. Dealers recognize a need for having a dedicated EV expert on the team, who can deliver outreach and education. He visits schools explaining how the technology works, and joined many groups and government groups. The Boulder dealer executes “ride-and-drives”, taking half a dozen Leafs to local company parking lots so employees can drive them. In December, a group-buy effort in the Kansas City appeared to wake up prospective consumers. The battery-driven Leaf had competed closely vs the plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt after both launched in 2010. This year, Chevy has introduced the battery-driven Bolt, boasting double the battery power of the Leaf.” The article in its entirety is available here.

Summit County Auto Junk

Depending on the condition, auto junk from Firestone Park, Highland Square, and Copley will be salvaged quickly and quietly. We buy junk cars throughout Barberton, Ravenna, and the Merriman Valley, often the same-day that you contact us. Owners of junky unwanted vehicles in the areas of Bath, Lakemore, and Clinton can rest assured that we buy cars for cash. The advancement has begun to include Rootstown, the old Rolling Acres area and the Portage Lakes as pick up spots for damaged vehicle removal. We strive to have an excellent environmental impact for the preservation of the resources.

Automotive Industry Outlook & Changes

Do you have any idea what is a junk car worth for scrap in the Merriman Valley, Bath, or Lakemore? Our auto buyer will give you the opportunity to sell your car through Clinton, Rootstown, and the Rolling Acres area. Our auto recycling of junk cars system is quick and easy in the Portage Lakes, Norton, and Brimfield, OH.  We buy junk cars throughout Uniontown, Tallmadge, and Peninsula, often the same-day that you contact us.

A February 4, 2017 article by Tony Hughes in Fortune explained the following: “Mexican autoworkers should be worried, as their jobs threatened with increases in tech. The vehicle industry is nearing some changes as ride-share technologies expand and a possible wave of autonomous cars may develop. Consumers may be capable of commuting in driverless, inexpensive vehicles unlike those currently being manufactured in Mexico.

In the 80s and 90s, a lot of lower-skilled auto jobs vanished from the Midwest, as cheaper Mexican labor increased in popularity. It is possible that Mexican workers may have to deal with job losses. President Trump has identified this process—what he calls “American carnage”, and the U.S. economy stands improve if autonomous ride-sharing lives up to the potential. For manufacturing jobs to return, assuming that worker pay can’t be cut to match up with foreign competition, imports must be taxed highly enough rate for domestic production to be beneficial to manufacturers. Prices of new vehicles would need to spike in the U.S.

If President Trump opts to establish a straight tariff on Mexican imports, automakers would have the burden imposed by the tax, but ultimately consumers would be paying higher prices. A 20% tariff is not likely enough to prompt closing Mexican plants with much cost savings over similar U.S. factories. If the tariff is increased to the point where the closures do occur, the price of new vehicles in the U.S. would rise.  Higher prices for new cars would heighten the nominal value of the entire U.S. vehicle fleet.

Auto financing companies could benefit from the increased value of the autos. Loan repayments & current outstanding balances on existing cars will be unaffected, so nominal credit losses would be lower than baseline as increased resale prices would be present for repossessed vehicles. Higher prices & lighter sales volume for new vehicles would cut into loan originations, reducing revenues for the auto lenders. Lower sales volume will hit the overall industry hard. Dealers would lose business; high vehicle prices would hurt, although U.S. demand for driving is remarkably inelastic.” The full article is available here.

What is a Junk Car Worth in Akron

What is a junk car worth if totaled in regions such as Coventry Township, Chapel Hill, and Hudson? Is your vehicle stuck at a Goodyear store, or Midas location, and need a buy my junk car provider? Are you facing a broken down old car with high repair bill at a Firestone Service Center, Conrad’s location, or transmission shop? Scrap automobiles can be a source of other hazardous items, such as lead, mercury and asbestos, when auto recycling of junk cars occurs.


Electric Vehicle Study 1.1

The sites who buys old cars in the Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls areas; now offer same day vehicle removal. Many of those with rusted out rides in Springfield Township, Kenmore, and North Akron, don’t know where to scrap my car. The groups who buys junk cars in the areas of Sharon Center, Mogadore, and Stow, simply requires you to call for a quote. There is no mystery where to junk a car in the towns of Monroe Falls, East Akron, and Silver Lake.

The UCLA Luskin Center’s report discusses how types of Multiple Unit Dwellings (MUD) relate to PEV ownership. “Early Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) sales show that upper-income households are buying PEVs at increasing rates compared to those in middle- and low-income households. Upper-income households have tendencies to buy new vehicles more rapidly in general & have more disposable income to spend on newer technology. Upper-income earners also afford to live in higher-priced homes, making the MUD cost per unit an indication of latent PEV demand. This provides means of measuring the possibility of PEV purchase.

Property values in MUDs in the South Bay accelerate as you move in closer proximity to the Pacific Coastline. 90 percent of MUDs valued at over $500K or greater are located within the near beach communities. Also, for the Inland Cities (other than Lomita), 90% or more of MUD households are valued at under $250K.

Newly constructed MUDs may have advantages when installing EVSE on site. The electrical arrangement being provided is more likely to have adequate capacity for handling PEV charging, eluding the need for expensive service upgrades and transformers. The panel upgrades such as newer circuit breakers typically necessary to serve the capacity for PEV charging, additional materials may be easier to locate and less costly. The MUD presently in the South Bay area can be classified as older, roughly 61% of MUD households were constructed prior to 1970. Only 10% were constructed after the year 2000.

The Inglewood region has the majority of MUDs (21,051 or 82%) built prior to 1970; Rolling Hills Estates has the least (2). Redondo Beach is home to the highest number of MUDs (1,855 or 28%) built in the area following 2000; however the majority of its MUDs were also built before 1989. The rest of the newer MUDs are located in Torrance, and Carson.” The complete report is available at this link.

Who Buys Old Cars in Barberton

Are you asking who buys old cars for money in Wadsworth, Medina, and Kent? We are here to show you where to scrap my car for fast cash in New Franklin, Firestone Park, and Highland Square. Who buys junk cars that are no longer running throughout Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna? Barberton Junk Cars is where to junk a car and receive complimentary towing from Merriman Valley, Bath, and Lakemore. Recycling reduces the pollution associated with manufacturing processes.

City Planning Junk Car Removal Sweep

An environmentally sound wrecked car buyer in Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls, can assist you in junking a vehicle. As a guy who scraps cars for cash in Medina, Springfield Township, and Kenmore, can give you a junk car quote. As a provider servicing North Akron, Sharon Center, and Mogadore, who buys old cars—call us today. Those in doubt of where to sell a junk car in Stow, Monroe Falls, or East Akron, contact us at (330) 732-5865 today.

On the December 29, 2016 edition of the Examiner, Connie Clements informed us as follows: “On Jan. 17, the city of Navasota is beginning a citywide “sweep” to remove junk cars in violation of the city’s junked vehicle ordinance. They are seeking out vehicles that are visible from the public view that isn’t registered, is wrecked, disassembled or non-running. This is the initial such plan for the city. Prior, scrap vehicle violations were dealt with on a case-by-case format but many owner complaints lead the choice to move forward. By February letters will be mailed out to the owner of record, the property owner and/or lienholders.

Article 8.05 of Offenses & Nuisances creates a definition of junk vehicles. These cars are a magnet for vandals, potential fire hazards, and are an obviously indication of urban blight.  Accumulations of shattered glass & rust, limits other neighbor’s ability to enjoy their properties. The ordinance contains some exceptions such as antique cars or special-interest cars. The ordinance indicates that if the property owner doesn’t request a hearing or transfer the vehicle elsewhere, they can have the car towed away to a junk yard.

When auto owners receive their violation letter, they will have 10 days to schedule a hearing in muni court. If they don’t request the hearing or move the vehicle, Gruver will file a criminal complaint in muni court. If the owner ignores the letter, the auto will be removed, junked & dismantled, & the owner will be subjected to a $200 fee for each day.” The full article is available here: http://www.navasotaexaminer.com/news/article_f16f6dde-cd1a-11e6-a28f-7baa8c4ed67d.html.

Akron Wrecked Car Buyer

Take it from a wrecked car buyer in Silver Lake, Wadsworth, and Kent that hanging on to that old car is not worth it. The many of us who scrap cars within New Franklin, Firestone Park, and Highland Square are available Monday through Friday. Those of us who buys old cars in Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna can attest to the recent low scrap auto pricing. When pondering where to sell a junk car in Merriman Valley, Bath, or Lakemore—look no further than Barberton Junk Cars. Take a step in the right direction for protecting our environment, by simply contacting us for eco-friendly vehicle recycling.

Automotive Pros in Short Supply

Current market conditions when you sell a car for scrap may influence pricing throughout Coventry Township, Chapel Hill, and Hudson.  We are now available to facilitate selling an old car from Firestone Service shops, Conrad’s sites, and transmission shops. Scrap pricing has remained much lower now in the Portage Lakes, Norton, and Medina, luckily vehicle removal costs are low. Steel prices have been plummeting and impacting the value of a junk car in Mogadore, Stow, and Monroe Falls.

Clay Falls of KBTX posted the following story: “One small business owner and several car experts say there seems to be a need for more skilled training in auto technology. Taylor McGee, Lube Tech at Pilger’s Tire & Auto Shop says he knew that he wanted to obtain a job doing something with automobiles because that is what he really enjoys. Currently he is a math major @ Blinn College and wanted to see additional options on opportunities to study cars.

Many people don’t know what course to take to get the essential training. It is somewhat hard to determine a path your own. Perhaps if they possibly can guide you through it all that would be an excellent idea–Blinn announced they don’t have plans to expand auto mechanics training. Experienced techs can be difficult hard to locate according to Rick Pilger, who has been a member of the car related business since the 1970s. There aren’t too many younger folks wishing to go into this business as there were in years past and the nature of the beast has become slightly more sophisticated, requiring additional training a lot more electronic computers. It just seems to be that it’s hard to find people that are willing to spend the time in to learn it..

Maybe a part-time style training program would be available or offered for continuous education in the market would be really good. The individuals at Pilger’s tell us there are career opportunities available in the market but like electricians & plumbers and other trades, it’s a matter of getting those who are truly qualified for the job. Charlie Weltens is one of a mere two workers at Pilger’s and has been in the industry for so many years. Many of their newer employees come in with no experience and have to be trained for several months. If a tech school exists, such as a trade school it would be a great help. When he was younger Charlie traveled to Waco and went to TSTC but a more localized school within the community would be a tremendous benefit. Some of the various opportunities for automotive tech include TX State Technical in Waco and San Jacinto in the Pasadena area.” The full article is available here.

Where to Sell a Car for Scrap in Summit County

If your car isn’t worth fixing and sitting at an NTB location, Mr. Tire, or Monro Muffler & Brake shop-sell a car for scrap today!  The simplicity involved with selling an old car from a Goodyear store, or Midas location is as easy as one phone call. Fast and complimentary vehicle removal services are included when you have a junky car in Ravenna, Merriman Valley, or Bath. There are frequently some fluctuations relating to the value of a junk car in Lakemore, Clinton, and Rootstown. Auto recycling with Barberton Junk Cars assists to reduce wasteful energy usage and overconsumption of raw materials.

Automobile Reconditioning Center Concept

Limitless vehicles are scattered throughout Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna—contact us today for a junk car quote. If you notice crappy cars sitting around in the Merriman Valley, Bath, or Lakemore, contact us for junk car removal. If you want your garage back in Clinton, Rootstown, or the Portage Lakes, call to junk your car for cash. Residents possessing junk vehicles in Norton, Brimfield, and Tallmadge, should contact us for a price for a wrecked car.

Jamie LaReau composed an article in Auto News with the following information: “In 2014, Northern CA dealer Jeremy Cunningham ran out of space in his service department. He writhed to balance reconditioning of pre-owned cars, new-vehicle processing & customer-pay work. So he spent just shy of $1M to build a satellite facility, known as a reconditioning center, to house & prep new & pre-owned vehicles. Within weeks of opening, his pre-owned-car sales increased by 25%, & service revenue soared by 30%, now that his service techs were freed to do more paid work. He also saved a great deal in annual costs.

Off-site reconditioning sites have been around for several years, pre-owned mostly by landlocked dealerships in large cities. But now, more dealers beyond larger cities enjoy the benefits, too. An off-site reconditioning site is expensive to build & staff. But advocates say it can truly limit the time required to refurbish pre-owned cars, making costly charges amassed every day the dealer retains the car & can’t sell it. It creates more parking for inventory, &, since new autos are delivered to the center, traffic backups are somewhat reduced at the dealership. A reconditioning site frees the dealership’s service garage & skilled techs to do profitable customer-pay work.

Finally, it can be a key to recession-proofing operations. The dealers who use an off-site reconditioning center safeguard dealership profits in an era of shrinking new-car margins, added regulations & a potential sales plateau. Steve Emery, performance manager at NCM Associates in Dallas says he knows of a minimum of a dozen retailers who constructed reconditioning centers in the past 5 years.

Cunningham says his 30,000-sq.-ft. off-site center is a good revenue source for his stores. These stores, roughly 150 miles from Sacramento, sell over 2000 vehicles per year. He was constrained by the capacity in his service dept. meaning it would take too long to refurbish more pre-owned cars profitably. A fast turnaround in reconditioning pre-owned cars can be critical since dealers pay to hold, or stock, a car each day. The average cost is roughly $50 each day. If the dealer takes 7 days to refurbish a pre-owned car, that’s a $350 cost. Limiting it to 3 days is a big savings. In his 20 Group, dealerships notice the costs to form a centralized refurbishing center made good sense only for a group of 3+ stores, and staff costs were high. Mark Scarpelli has a solution by converting a 2,500-sq.-ft. spot & Raymond Chevy into an on-site refurbishing center to assist it & Raymond Kia, also on the same street.” The complete article is available here.

Summit County Junk Car Quote

Get rid of that old car in Springfield Township, Kenmore, and North Akron by calling for a junk car quote. Cut your losses on that vehicle in Sharon Center, Mogadore, and Stow, with our excellent junk car removal options. No reason to keep pumping cash into that junky car in Monroe Falls, East Akron, or Silver Lake—junk your car for cash. If you have an old ride in Wadsworth, Kent, or New Franklin—get a fast price for a wrecked car. We strive to boost positive public opinion of the auto scrap and recycling community.

Automobile Financing Mistake

Break free from the sight of a non-running car in Green, Fairlawn, or Cuyahoga Falls—call our buyer of scrap cars. Escape from the clutches of a junky car in Medina, Springfield Township, or Kenmore—make the call to the buyer of scrap vehicles! Why leave that old car sitting there in North Akron, Sharon Center, or Mogadore—get cash for cars today! It is better to cut your loses with that non-running car in Stow, Monroe Falls, or East Akron—receive fast cash for a junk car.

A recent NYT article by Ann Cairns tells us the following: “Many people who trade in their vehicle when buying a new one are upside down, which means they owe more on the existing auto loan than the vehicle is worth, the auto website Edmunds.com reports. Edmunds says that 32% of trade-ins for these purchases in the 1st 9-months of the year had equity that was negative.  The average negative equity was roughly $4,800 at the time, which is quite high. About a 25% of shoppers buying pre-owned cars also had negative equity, averaging $3,600.

Owing more than the car is worth is like to being “underwater” on a mortgage, in that the asset behind the debt is not worth the loan. Assume you owe $20,000 on a vehicle now valued at $18K. This truly means that you have negative equity balance of $2,000. If you were to trade in your car, the debt from the old loan must be rolled into a new one. It will then take a while to have any equity in this new loan, which means you could get behind in a vicious cycle of loans with negative equity.

Consider if you can truly afford the vehicle you want to buy. If necessary, to extend the loan to 6-years, it may be better to choose a less expensive car. A rule of thumb is “20-4-10”: 20% down, finance the car with a loan terms of not more than 4 years, and make sure the monthly bills, which includes the car payment, insurance etc. aren’t over 10% of your total gross income. If you can’t make it within those parameters–then don’t buy it.

Take more than one short test drive before deciding on a car to limit the chance of buying an unsuitable vehicle that you’ll want to trade in during the initial period of the loan. For example, a tall buyer may want to think twice about a subcompact car. He was really too cramped driving that vehicle. The full article is available here: http://www.elpasoinc.com/news/top_story/article_0846ba8a-b588-11e6-a4d9-5b7ee43a1177.html

Summit County Buyer of Scrap Cars

Best practices are in place throughout Silver Lake, Wadsworth, and Kent, by our buyer of scrap cars. Follow the conventional school of thought for vehicle disposal in New Franklin, Firestone Park, and Highland Square—call our buyer of scrap vehicles. There is no reason for further delay in Copley, Barberton, or Ravenna—get cash for cars today. At last, your neighbors no longer have to look at your junky vehicle in the Merriman Valley, Bath, and Lakemore-you got cash for a junk car!


Scrap & Recycling Software

 Has anyone in the local regions of Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls determined where to get cash for cars? Do those with junk vehicles in the areas of Medina, Springfield Township, and Kenmore have a solution for cash for junk cars? What in the heck can be done here in North Akron, Sharon Center, or Mogadore to receive the highest paying for junk cars? With the demands for holiday cash beginning in Stow, Monroe Falls, and East Akron—better figure out how to scrap my car.

Megan Greenwalt on Waste 360 reports the following news: “There are an array of companies offering specialized back office solutions for the waste & recycling space. One of the most established players in the space is Oxford, Pa.-based AMCS Group, a supplier of integrated software &vehicle technology for the waste, recycling material resources industries. American Disposal Services, from Manassas, Va., has been maintaining 350,000 residential, commercial & industrial customers with over 600 employees & hundreds of trucks since 2001. To assist in its back-office procedures, the company employs several products from AMCS. Their products allow American Disposal to further develop its back office operations, recycling procedures, mobile & vehicle expertise with on-board scales. This new latest technology allows for more efficiency & productivity as well as easier function with customers & routes. AMCS develops the full process from customer on-boarding, contract & pricing development, collection, route development, optimization, asset development, customer service & invoicing.

It purchased PC Scale Technologies in 2014 & finished another set of acquisitions in 2015. Its client base contains mid-sized to large waste & recycling corporations dealing with marketable & industrial waste, city waste collection, hazardous types of waste, public services, recycling & material bartering. Liberty Tire (LT) is one of the largest scrap tire collectors & recyclers in the nation, collecting and recycling nearly 33 percent of America’s annual scrap tire production through a network of facilities. A big piece of how the technology is changing the way LT does business at is its tire collection. By using the software, we’re able to recognize if the truck is full or not before it proceeds to the site. If the truck isn’t full, the driver can call LT and the company can add a new auto shop on their course to maximize the space in their truck. Also, the technology helps the corporation with agreement standards that it needs to abide by in each state. Innovative surplus companies know that new generations of customers interact differently. They mold communities that collaborate, cooperate online and assume services to be accessible to them anywhere. Merging reliable & robust methods of record with the digital tools and applications to convert your trade is what AMCS is truly about.” Here is the link.

Get Cash for Cars in Summit County

Everyone in your neighborhood wishes that you would call cash for cars to get rid of that eyesore in Silver Lake, Wadsworth, and Kent. You may not realize just how badly you need to call cash for junk cars to get that junker removed in New Franklin, Firestone Park, or Highland Square. Yes, that is whispering you hear in Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna wishing you would figure out how to scrap my car. The answer to if we are the highest paying for junk cars in Merriman Valley, Bath, and Lakemore will likely be a resounding no.

Scrap & Recycling Under New Administration

Owners of junky cars in Stow, Monroe Falls, and East Akron concerned with damaged vehicle removal—you are in luck! Automobile owners throughout Silver Lake, Wadsworth, and Kent needing to junk cars for cash—today is your day. Junky car owners in the areas such as New Franklin, Firestone Park, and Highland Square that call for a price for scrap cars get free towing. Some of the improving news for Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna residents involves scrap yards that buy cars now servicing your areas.

On November 14, 2016, Ken Silverstein posted a story on Environmental Leader titled ‘What Happens to Renewables in a Trump Administration?’ with the following details: “Now that Mr. Trump is the president-elect, does that mean that greener energies will get be shunned? Despite his partiality toward the fossil fuels, renewables themselves have gained the legs that they’ll need to compete. The tax bonuss provided again to wind & solar last December will hold for several additional year — at which the industry & its supporters can re-evaluate their stances.

It is likely that renewable portfolio standards are an attractive place at the state level & it is those policies that have brought about the development of wind & solar advancements. Even red states in the mid-west are rich in wind advancements & the jobs that they are providing: Nebraska, Iowa, Montana & Ohio. Texas, meanwhile, is one of the nation’s leading hosts for wind energy while Arizona & Nevada are major solar states. “It is thus more probable that a Trump Administration will be pro-all energy resource development rather than undertaking anti-renewables initiatives,” says Kramer. “In short, the renewables train has left the station.”

But what happens to tax incentives? While the tax bonuses were part of a horse trade in December that included the right to sell US-produced oil overseas, the subject of subsidies remains touchy in the energy field. All producers are, in fact, fighting to get their slice of the government pie: renewable advocates argue that they want to be able to compete with fossil fuels on a level playing field while those producing natural gas & coal say that they are accountable for a much bigger share of the electric portfolio. With the further extension of the tax benefits, wind & solar projects began before the end of 2016 will qualify for a 2.3 cents per KWHR production tax bonus. It will gradually diminish through 2019. Wind & solar projects could opt instead to take a 30 % investment tax bonus that reduces their federal taxes dollar-for-dollar by what they put into the project. The main difference is that the solar production tax bonus will end at the end of 2022.

There is a consensus in the wind sector that another extension after this one phases out isn’t likely, Wind energy — the price of construction & wind turbines — has fallen by 50% over 5 years, he adds. On the solar side, the ramp downward is a heading that solar is seemingly economically competitive with other such options

American Electric Power has said it will triple its wind purchases because of promising pricing. Meanwhile, Xcel Energy is adding more renewables all the time as way to reduce carbon emissions. Berkshire Hathaway’s Mid-American Energy is another one pumping up its wind operations in Iowa. That’s the free market at work — a more powerful entity than any political speech.” The complete story is available here: https://www.environmentalleader.com/2016/11/14/what-happens-to-renewables-in-a-trump-administration/

Fast Damaged Vehicle Removal in Summit County

The advancement has begun to include NTB locations, Mr. Tire, Monro Muffler & Brake shops, as pick up spots for damaged vehicle removal. Car owners everywhere within Bath, Lakemore, Clinton, and Rootstown should read the memo—the ability to junk cars for cash is now available. Those with junky cars in the regions of the Portage Lakes, Norton, and Brimfield should contact the office for a price for scrap cars. Scrap yards that buy cars are reaching out to owners with lousy cars in Tallmadge, Peninsula, and Granger Township.

Scrap Vehicle Cleanup Effort

From coast-to-coast car buyers have experienced the effects of declining commodity pricing, even here in Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls. The cash for wrecked cars business is hopefully that prices rebound post-election throughout Medina, Springfield Township, and Kenmore. The simplicity involved in junk car removal in North Akron, Sharon Center, and Mogadore has kept the process moving. In the meanwhile, the price for a damaged car will remain low in Stow, Monroe Falls, and East Akron. Where is the closest scrap my car site in the Summit County region?

“The junk is left over from a decades-old auto dump that was an official city operation after the 1964 earthquake and the spot of an illegal dump for years since. Just over the ridge from what is the Kincaid Park Track, was a rocky pit back in the early 60s, per the AK Dept. of Fish & Game Refuge Manager. Post-earthquake, they used the gravel area to dump cars ruptured by the earthquake, smashing them and pushing them over the bluff, along with unused sand from the gravel pit. It was formally closed in the 70s. Helicopters make trips back and forth over the bluff, hauling cargo nets and bags filled with debris to receptacles. Meehan says that debris removed in these efforts had sat there for (2) years because the usual method of removal was to transport it over frozen marshland & ice, and Anchorage’s milder winters have not been frigid enough for that to occur.

The Legislature funded $100,000 for the cleanup in 2011. Community volunteering working most of it hadn’t been needed directly for the cleanup. Initial estimates evaluating the dump and potential pollutants, along with helicopter lifts had been funded by the appropriation. Local support & donated equipment have led much of what has occurred since cleanup began (9) years ago. Meehan says at least 2,000 autos were dumped there over a decade of the area being known as a sanctioned car dump. The latest cleanup has removed more than 100 autos, 2,000 tires, and about tons of assorted junk, like refrigerators and stoves.

The last of the cars, which were buried in the bluff, will stay. Meehan said. “They will decay and turn back into iron & rust, and descendants who are here won’t even realize there used to be a dump here.” He said the engineering checked for contaminants, and didn’t find anything, so it’s likely that most of the vehicles were flushed of their fuel & oil before being crushed. While many of the cars are still visible in the bluff, they’ll stay there until becoming a problem, or are eroded. Meehan says it would likely cost millions dollars to excavate the entire bluff and remove them, and that they shouldn’t hurt anything overall. There are some regions where erosion could cause the cars to fall down into the marshlands of the Coastal Wildlife Refuge area. If funding became available, the areas could be stabilized & revegetated.  The refuge is an yearly stopover for many waterfowl & shorebirds.” The full article is available here.

Scrap car buyers

Are you among the many in New Franklin, Firestone Park, and Highland Square seeking out cash for wrecked cars? Our service area for junk car removal and old car scrap has been expanded to accommodate Silver Lake, Wadsworth, and Kent. What is the price for a damaged car typically found in the regions of Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna? The continued lower scrap my car values lately are not without repercussions for those in the cities of Bath, Lakemore, and Clinton. It can be flat-out illegal and hazardous to dump used auto fluids to our water, land & other key resources.

Scrap from Shredded Junk Vehicles

Barberton Junk Cars pays cash for cars between 8AM and 5:30PM during the week in Silver Lake, Wadsworth, and Kent. Do you need junk car hauler services for a scrap vehicle in the New Franklin, Firestone Park, or Highland Square areas? The current market price for a damaged car is influenced by a series of various factors in the cities of Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna. We have been a functional provider of scrap car hauler services throughout the regions that include Merriman Valley, Bath, and Lakemore.  Your old car is recycled and repurposed significantly when we buy junk cars from you.

Auto shredders come in different varieties. The Wendt Corporation is a manufacturer of these units with the following specs: “Offering a full line of auto shredders from 60″ to 130″ with horsepower ranging from 750 to 10,000. All shredders are designed and engineered to provide the highest production per KW HR and lowest wear of components per shredded ton, while maximizing performance, reliability and safety.”

Shedder Residue

The following information was provided by Vulcan Systems’ report on vehicle shredder residue: “75% of automobiles can be recycled. The other 25% are combined metal & shredder waste known as automotive shredder residue (ASR). Auto recycling produces over 5M tons of ASR annually, much of which endsup in landfills. These plastics and metals are able to be recycled or reused. ASR contains a variety of material, some are hazardous contaminants such as cadmium, lead and petroleum hydrocarbons. Other materials include:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Foam
  • Wire
  • Fiber

With dwindling space in landfills and the potential of hazardous chemicals seeping into the environment, recyclers & scientists have found a way to recycle & reuse ASR. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agent (EPA), about 1M tons of ASR can be recovered for fuel usage. The benefits for usage as fuel include:

  • Reductions in harmful carbon dioxide emissions
  • A savings of 1M tons of coal per year
  • Prevents unnecessary landfilling

Vulcan ASR Dryer Systems are made to suit each client’s distinct project needs & customized specifically to dry ASR, making the material simple to transport, sort, and handle. The drying process features a drum with a burner which is mounted to a combustion chamber. Shredder residue is placed into a rotary dryer. After traveling through the system, the dried material is fed to a transfer conveyor for additional sorting and separating. The vapor generated is pulled through a cyclone that is exactly designed to work with the fine ASR dust, as well as a higher temp baghouse that extracts additional fine particulates from the flow of vapor. The dryers are very efficient and retain material temperature below 185℉ (85℃) while limiting moisture levels to low as 2% of weight. Plastic makes up about 15% of a vehicle’s weight and is about 50% of ASR. 95% of plastic can be recovered. Approximately 10M tons of steel & iron are recuperated each year from scrap vehicles in North America alone.” The full white paper is available here.

Where to get cash for cars

Don’t waste another day with your junk car, call our junk car hauler today in Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Are you thinking about scrapping your old car? The initial step is to contact us for a price for a damaged car in Kenmore, North Akron, or Sharon Center. As a scrap car hauler in Mogadore, Stow, or Monroe Falls, we will purchase vehicles with any and all levels of damage or failure. We regularly buy junk cars in the surrounding areas including Springfield Township, East Akron, and Portage County. Motor vehicles are a leading recycled product in the US and beyond.

Green Business Power

The recycling processes begin when the vehicle is hauled by a buyer of scrap vehicles in the Portage Lakes, Norton, or Brimfield. Simply leaving a non-functioning car sitting around in Tallmadge, Peninsula, or Granger Township, serves no purpose–damaged car removal is a better option. A junk vehicle buyer in Coventry Township, or the areas of Rolling Acres, or Chapel Hill, can pay you for the car. Our organization has successfully acted as a salvage car buyer in the regions of Hudson and Portage County as well. The simplicity involved in scrapping cars cannot be understated; therefore, we get the job done quickly.

The following except is from Joel Makower in The State of Green Business, 2016: “Several solar panels connected to inverter, with battery no than those used in electric vehicles. This solution could allow villages in Kenya to have some electricity. This collection of electrical components used for power is called a micro-grid. Rural areas in Kenya — as well as companies across the world — are heightening self-sufficiency, while polluting less. These micro-grids are local configurations that produce and bring electricity to a defined physical area, such as a building, college campus or neighborhood. They are reshaping economies in developing countries, as well as organizations, universities and municipalities. Micro-grids also can function as backup power supplies to entities.

1,437 micro-grid projects are believed to be underway worldwide representing 13 GWS of capacity either operating, proposed or in developing stages. The market for these constructs will soar to $40B by 2020, a massive increase over (7) years, according to Navigant. A blend of technology-based, economic and environmental factors, each is pushing micro-grid advancement forward rapidly. The surge in battery storage is definitely among them. Storage successfully eliminates a key wall to renewable power formation: the sporadic nature of sunshine and wind. Batteries allow a micro-grid to hold energy from sunny or windy times of the day and hold it for use during periods when those weather conditions cease.

The so-called Internet of Things (IoT), in which items are connected and able to interconnect in real time, is another technology solution. IoT software sends exactly the correct amount of energy from the lowest cost source can be transferred via micro-grids or shifted in fast response to variations in weather or demand, acting similarly like the larger grid does. As these advancements and the prices of solar and wind power have plummeted, renewables are becoming an electricity option. The prices of solar have dipped 82% per watt in the past (6) years, while wind power in down 61% during that time, per Lazard’s Cost of Energy. That makes them more attractive and lower priced in certain markets compared to fossil-fuel power. The perception of vulnerability of local electrical grids to volatile weather and other such events are making micro-grids a solid option. Weather disasters are more frequent due to climate changes — not to mention other variables — utility power grids seem more susceptible to surging outages.” The full report is available here.

 Local buyer of scrap vehicles

Get fast damaged car removal in East Akron, Silver Lake, and Wadsworth with our scrap vehicle hauling service by calling us today!  As an experienced junk vehicle buyer in Kent, New Franklin, and Firestone Park, we can give you a price for your car right over the phone. When you contact a salvage car buyer in Highland Square, Copley, or Barberton, you should have the year, make & model of the vehicle ready. Environmental concerns are at the forefront of our operation which is scrapping cars in Ravenna, Merriman Valley, and Bath, OH. As a business with best practices in place in Lakemore, Clinton, and Medina, we divert tons of materials from being tossed annually into landfills.

Scrap Battery Recycling Solutions

Our buyer of scrap cars is taking calls 6 days a week in Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls. Those in the areas of Springfield Township, Kenmore, and North Akron are now being notified of our cash for scrap cars program. Old car removal is even available now on Saturday throughout Sharon Center, Mogadore, and Stow. Calling Barberton Junk Cars is decision that should be made when needing a quote for a junk car in Monroe Falls and East Akron. If you recently transformed your vehicle into a totaled car in Silver Lake or Wadsworth, go ahead and make the call!

A recent article on Digital Trends told us the following: “Throwing your single-use alkaline batteries in the trash can isn’t exactly a conscious way to dispose of them. Batteries, including single-use alkaline batteries, use many various chemicals and materials such as lead, cadmium, zinc, and lithium — perhaps even mercury. Batteries thrown into a regular trash bin will just go to a landfill, where the chemicals will drain into the ground. Batteries disposed of by incineration even have some chance of causing air pollution.

100% of all alkaline batteries are recyclable if you so choose; meaning each piece is separated, resulting in several products: zinc, manganese, steel, paper, plastic, and brass. Duracell recommends reaching your local government for information on disposal of these batteries, though, there isn’t a proven cost-effective to separate these parts just yet. If you’ve got a bunch of alkaline batteries to dispose of, it’s suggested that you don’t throw them away. Rechargeable batteries should always be recycled. These are the types of batteries used in a camera, smartphone, laptop; essentially anything you can recharge again after it’s been drained. Even these types will ultimately die for good.

In the US, the rechargeable battery industry began a free recycling program known as Call2Recycle, that accepts dry-cell batteries under 11 pounds. There are plenty of sites with drop-off points. You don’t have to remove the battery from the device. Many of the same places which take rechargeable batteries also take your cell phone during the same drop. Your vehicle battery is likely a lead-acid battery which is surely not something you’ll want left around, as used lead-acid batteries are deemed as hazardous. The good thing is, most of us know how to recycle them. AAA says that 97% of car batteries are recycled. To be recycled, these batteries are beaten apart into pieces. Lead and metals within are then separated from the plastic. AAA is a great resource for recycling car batteries.” The full article is available at http://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/how-to-dispose-of-batteries/

Old Car Removal

Our buyer of scrap cars will explain that free scrap vehicle pick up is encompassed in Ravenna, the Merriman Valley, and Bath. On our website you can propel us your vehicle’s year, make and model to get a ‘cash for scrap cars’ quote in Lakemore, Clinton, or Medina. How much is my junk vehicle worth in Rootstown, the Portage Lakes, or Norton? Simply call us at 330-732-JUNK for a quote for a junk car. A totaled car in Brimfield or Tallmadge that exceeds 10 years in age is better off just being scrapped.

CA Scrap Recycling Problems

Barberton Junk Cars is established site in the field of scrap yards that buy cars in Summit County. Our process of scrapping cars is focused on environmentally sound practices geared toward recycling. If your car is broken down in a state of disrepair, contact us for information about how to sell a junk car. To quickly process vehicle scrap, we dispatch several junk car removal vehicles. We are a local provider who scraps cars in the area, of which we are an excellent option.

An article on Mother Jones by Alexander Sammon posted on August 28, 2016 tells us the following: “Fewer states have a greener reputation than California, and for good reason; it has a cap-and-trade program for carbon emissions and solar-energy generation at the behest of Gov. Jerry Brown. CA has proved itself a national leader in environmental policy. On average, each CA residentn throws nearly 5lbs of material into landfills daily. There latest waste & recycling report revealed that landfill waste in the state jumped to 33.2M tons in 2015, a 1-year increase of 2M tons. Per capita, each person now tosses 4.7 pounds of stuff into the landfill per day. The CA rate of recycling also dipped to 47%  in 2015, its lowest since 2010 and the 1st time since the state began measuring.

Mark Oldfield of CalRecycle says a recovering economy as a big contributor to the setback; growth boosts consumption and building, which them results in more waste. People are buying new stuff and getting rid of the old items. With the low prices of oil and other plummeting commodity prices, CA eliminated financial incentives for companies to use recyclable material. Thanks to cheap oil, producers are using more petroleum-based plastics than before. A 4-year decline in the prices manufacturers will to pay to process such materials has hurt many for-profit recycling centers. CalRecycle pays up to 1/2 of the centers’ operating expenses, depending on the amount of material they gather, to encourage recycling centers to accept plastics containers along with the more lucrative aluminum cans. The deposits paid by consumers on beverage containers, provides an incentive for those doing curbside pickup to bring cans and bottles to the centers and earn the deposits. CalRecycle’s payments to the centers are based on volatile scrap prices over the previous year. Across the state, the bulk recyclers have faced a shortfall of more than $50M.

Nearly 1/3 of California’s recycling centers have closed. The setbacks cost the state in various ways: Recycling typically generates $8-$9M in tax revenue annually and produces 3,000+ full-time jobs. Income from collecting and redeeming recyclables helps keep many desperate people off public assistance. Regulating plastic packaging in a similar fashion could have a big impact and help reverse this troubling course. Legislation forcing producers to buy recycled content can also help.” The full article is available at this link.

Who scraps car for cash in Akron?

We are one of the scrap yards that buy cars in the Northeast Ohio area. When seeking a hauler that specializes in scrapping cars, be sure to get a price from us. To sell a junk car quickly, call us at (330) 732-JUNK, since we will provide same-day or next-day scrap car hauling services. Complimentary vehicle scrap removal is available in our junk car quote amount. As a business with best practices in place, we divert tons of materials from being tossed annually into landfills. Take a step in the right direction for protecting our environment, by simply contacting us for eco-friendly vehicle recycling.

Scrap Auto Tires: Landslide Prevention

A common misconception is the when you junk your car for cash, that is the end of its useful life. In reality, this is not the case, as people that buy junk cars in Cuyahoga Falls, Springfield Township and Kenmore can attest to the solid process of recycling and reusing. Residents of North Akron, Sharon Center, and Mogadore that are seeking a scrap car hauler to take away a car are encouraged to contact us. When you sell a car for scrap in Stow, Monroe Falls, and East Akron, a large percentage of the vehicle is repurposed. Did you know that our complimentary vehicle removal program is in full swing throughout Silver Lake, Wadsworth, and Kent?

We are reviewing the following excerpt from Calrecycles 2016 TDA report: “Road landslides are often caused by a various excessive pressures applied to weaker backfill materials below the surface of the road. They typically occur from a lack of stability in a slope caused by extreme loading from heavily saturated soils within the makeup of the slope. TDA is lighter-weight and permeable, it’s great in reducing loading on a potentially uneasy slope. An added benefit to using TDA is that its high porousness allows drainage through the various layers and can dramatically reduce the potential hydrostatic pressures. TDA is a good choice for landslide repair and thus has been used in many completed landslide repair attempts. A slope is deemed stable when the strength of the soil exceeds the weight of the backfill down slope along the plane. When the driving force exceeds the shear strength of the backfill material, the slope will succumb to the pressure and slide. In landslide repair plans, TDA is used in alternating layers with soil.

The key benefits to designing a slope with a TDA backfill are:

  • It is less than half the weight of soil, so the driving force triggering a potential landslide is reduced.
  • The internal shear strength of TDA exceeds that of soil, further increasing the resistance force.
  • Designs using TDA as an alternative can achieve the necessary safety with less excavation.

A section of road in Calpella, CA had been gradually failing; originally built by backfilling a ravine to create a base that would support the construction of a roadway above. Over time, this gradual slope failure had been fixed by re-establishing the road grade using a combination of soil, base rock and asphalt concrete. This structure provided a temporary access path to areas. This repair was repeated several times after failures, and the repeated repairs to this road eventually led to significant layers of base rock & asphalt concrete nearly 7’ thick. The weight of theses sections actually made it more unstable. CalRecycle, with the Mendocino County Dept. of Public Works, developed a repair design using TDA. The design utilized two layers of TDA wrapped in geotextile to prevent mixing with soil; this landslide repair plan used about 130K passenger tires and saved some money as well.” To read further about these developments, visit their site here.

Junk your car for cash today!

Among the people that buy junk cars, we extend you fast and courteous scrap car removal in Barberton, Ravenna, and the Merriman Valley. Calling a scrap car hauler in the cities of Bath, Lakemore, or Clinton, OH is often the best available option for disposal of an unwanted vehicle. To sell a car for scrap in Medina, Rootstown, or the Portage Lakes, we suggest calling for a price quote and having the title and an ID ready. Our same-day vehicle removal service is available in Norton, Brimfield, and Tallmadge if you contact us early-on in the day. Automobile-related liquid waste is kept from contaminating the local environment; therefore, we strive to have a positive environmental influence for the preservation of the resources.

Scrap Materials for Cars

Old car removal services are necessary in any places where aging vehicles are located. Those looking to turn and old salvage vehicle into cash have found the place to do so. It is true that in 2016 the price for a junk car available from scrappers is less than in previous years. If you are sitting around wondering where to scrap my car, wake up and call Barberton Junk Cars. The best part is that your old car helps extend the functional life of other ones that are still on the road!

A recent posting on 3BL Media titled ‘Recyclable Materials Auto Makers Use to Make Cars Eco-Friendly’ told us the following:

“Here are some examples of how recycled content is incorporated into cars and trucks on the road today.

• GM developed a method to convert oil-soaked booms into air deflectors for the Chevrolet Volt. Recycled deflectors used in cars built in 2011 & 2012, prevented 212,500 lbs. of scrap from ending up in landfills.

o These air deflectors comprise 25% boom material, 25% recycled tires and 25% packaging plastic; the remaining 25% is a mix of post-consumer recycled plastics and other such products.

• GM shreds & uses its test tires & packing plastic in making air & water baffles for a variety of cars.

• Cardboard shipping materials from its plants are recycled into a sound-deadening material, used in the Buick Verano headliners to help keep the interior quiet. This is a case of closed-loop recycling in which GM retains its own materials in use, bringing greater efficiency to their production operations.

• Scrap aluminum from transmission cases are melted down and reused to create additional casings. This saves money while also furthering its facilities’ landfill-free program.

• Water bottles from (5) facilities in Michigan get a new life as material used in their Chevrolet Equinox. Seven bottles are necessary to make enough fabric insulation to dampen the noise of the vehicle’s V6 engine.

• Plastic caps & shipping material from their Fort Wayne plant in Indiana are mixed with other materials to make radiator pieces for the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks. The materials’ 1st use is as protection for car & truck parts while they are being moved to the plant. Once installed in the car, they help direct air through toward radiator reduce heat.” The full article is available here.

Where to scrap my car?

There is no need to guess what the price for a junk car will be in Summit, Medina and Portage Counties, just give us a quick call! Our salvage vehicle buyer is on-hand 6 days a week to give you cash for cars. The old car removal specialists will get you cash for your car quickly. We have offered scrap my car solutions in the area for years and include complimentary junk car retrieval. Many scrap auto recyclers use systems & processes that are not harmful to the atmosphere. Did you know that the majority of the materials in your car can be reclaimed, recycled and remanufactured?

Abandoned Junk Jeeps

The best method of determining how to sell a junk car is to contact Barberton Junk Cars at (330) 732-JUNK. Our scrap car buyer provides fair pricing and friendly service–in the scrap a car process. When you sell us your car you are enabling the second generation or after-life of the vehicle. The value of a junk car is most cases is between $100-$300 to most buyers in this local area. Many of those within Summit, Portage and Medina Counties are beginning to realize that we buy any car, and do so pretty quickly.

Scott Condon of The Aspen Times recently posted ‘Abandoned wreckage of two Jeeps’ with this information: “The U.S. Forest Service is seeking owners of two vehicles that rolled into Crystal River headwaters July 2 and haven’t been removed. The incident occurred after one Jeep was attempting to tow another Jeep out of a precarious position. Both vehicles ended up falling about 130ft. into the water. The cars ended up in the North Fork of the Crystal River. Gunnison County Sheriff Rick Besecker says a deputy investigated the accident but the department determined that there was no traffic accident. Since no ticket was issued to either driver, Besecker didn’t release their names. He said they were brothers from the Denver region.

The sheriff was alerted on July 5 that (2) vehicles with young adults who had allegedly been drinking were involved in the incident. The deputy was able to reach the owners on July 6. The report said that the trucks were traveling in the rain. They came across another vehicle that was disabled & partially blocking the road. One of the Jeeps attempted to squeeze around the non-running vehicle but the left rear tire slid off the road. A tool was fastened from the secure Jeep to the one hanging over the edge of the embankment in an effort to pull it back up. The parties used a tow strap also to try to pull the vehicle back onto the road. The truck in the precarious position fell over the edge of the roadway and pulled the other Jeep in with it. No one was injured in the vehicle.

Aspen-Sopris District Ranger Karen Schroyer says that they’re having trouble reaching the individuals and are committed to holding the vehicle owners responsible for removal. Given that no one was seriously injured, the primary concern is over various contaminants running into the water. Christopher Mandrick, a law enforcement officer with the Forest Service, said he went to the site and entered the river to see if he could gather information about the owners or insurance providers. He wasn’t able to find any details in the one Jeep. The other vehicle was on its side and unstable in the fast water. The cars were strewn with beer cans, a bike rack and personal items, he said. A resident of Crystal sent the Aspen Times the pictures of the site.

The driver of a vehicle that slipped off the road on the approach to Montezuma Basin, southwest of Aspen, took responsibility for his actions and worked with his insurance carrier to have the vehicle removed, Mandrick says. Mandrick noted that the Jeeps, a 1999 Cherokee and a 2000 Grand Cherokee, had standard street tires and were not fit for backcountry travel.” The complete article is available here.

We buy any car

If you have a car taking up space, simply call us today to find out how to sell a junk car. Call our scrap car buyer today and we will give you fast cash on the spot and tow your car away. When you sell us your car you are entering into service to the environment by initiating the recycling process. When getting rid of a junk car it is important to consider market forces in the value of a junk car. Motor vehicles are a very commonly repurposed and recycled product in the US and beyond. Auto scrap recycling prevents wasting over 80M barrels of oil, normally lost in the manufacturing processes associated with new components. Auto recycling with BJC assists to drop energy usage and consumption of necessary materials.

Automobile Scrap and Waste

The auto scrap and recycling team here at Barberton Junk Cars will buy a damaged, unwanted or totaled car. There are various factors that have significant influence on the value of a scrap car. The questions of where to junk a car is often answered by the response to most these days—just use Google. In this regional area of Ohio, many of us who buys old cars are experiencing the ramifications of the continuously low scrap prices. Many auto body shops will pass our number on to their customers who really just need a wrecked car buyer. Many folks are unaware that in the US over 12 million vehicles are scrapped annually, providing a plethora of salvageable components & recyclable materials.

On July 14, 2016 Alan Harman composed a story titled ‘Ford Hits Zero-Waste Target at European Plants’ on Waste 360 with the following information: “Ford’s European arm has supposedly achieved zero waste-to-landfill in their European manufacturing plants, eliminating 6K metric tons of waste annually in the last (5) years, an amount equivalent to the annual amount tossed out by a town of over 12K residents. New measures were employed to achieve zero waste-to-landfill from the 1.2M vehicles Ford makes in Europe each year.

These do include the briquetting of grinding sludge-material from the Dagenham, U.K., motor plant so the oil can be recycled in the production processes. At the Valencia, Spain, vehicle plant, Ford is creating alternative fuel from waste that couldn’t be recycled. The most recent plants to achieve zero waste-to-landfill status are the Valencia & Craiova, Romania facilities, which join plants in Bridgend and Dagenham in the U.K., Bordeaux, France; and Cologne and Saarlouis in Germany. According to Ford’s Environmental Quality Manager Andreas Reiss, the achievement is a fantastic start to push on from and further improve in areas such as reducing water & electricity consumption as Ford of Europe strives towards the company’s global sustainability goals.

The manufacturer recently published a 2016 Sustainability Project indicating that last year Ford of Europe rolled out a new energy-management system within their production models, allowing teams to manage demand & even remotely control energy and heat-based systems for greater efficiency. Ford’s strategy has resulted in a 25% drop in energy use since 2011, essentially an annual savings of 800 gigawatt hours. Between 2013 & 2015, the organization lowered its global water usage per car produced to 1,006 gallons from 1,067 gallons, nearly a 6% reduction. The full article is available here.

According to Ford’s corporate site they are: “Committed to preventing or reducing environmental, economic & social harm due to climate changes. To meet their goals, they are following a plan to make the products emit less carbon dioxide. For the past (8) years, they have been following an ambitious plan of auto technology & alternative powertrain and fuel. By implementing this, they are improving fuel efficiency & reducing CO2 emissions across the product portfolio, and working toward a sustainable future.” To view their complete sustainability information, please visit this site: http://corporate.ford.com/microsites/sustainability-report-2015-16/products-greener.html

Where to junk a car in Stow or Cuyahoga Falls

The price to repair a totaled car is typically expensive and that’s why the decision to scrap it is considered. The value of a scrap car is determined by considerable factors such as age, condition and demand for the components. Are you concerned with who buys old cars near your home? Call us at (330) 732-JUNK today. Don’t leave that old car sitting there—get paid from our wrecked car buyer for it! After all, motor vehicles are a among the top recycled products in the US and abroad.

Abandoned Vehicle Laws

To get cash for a car in the greater Summit County area, be sure to contact us today! Junk car removal is one aspect of the process, particularly where we tow away that piece of junk. When we junk cars for cash, ultimately the end result is that the materials are recycled. Are you attempting to determine the price for a damaged car that we can offer? Those acting as a salvage car buyer are responsible for protecting the environment amid their recycling and disposal process.

This article was recently posted in the News Courier: “Changes to the unclaimed/abandoned (U/A) (motor vehicle (MV) law were announced by the Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR). A person or entity, including towing companies, in possession of an “unclaimed” (MV) must now comply with the following requirements before a (MV) can be sold as an “abandoned” (MV). ADOR will provide an (U/A)(MV) online portal for this purpose. The portal is set to launch: (http://revenue.alabama.gov/motorvehicle/) on Friday.

Unclaimed motor vehicles (MVs) include the following:

  • A (MV) left unattended on a public road or highway for more than 48 hours;
  • A (MV) not left on private property for repairs that has remained on private or other public property for a period exceeding 48 hours without the consent of the owner or lessee of the property;
  • A (MV) left on private property for repairs that has not been reclaimed within 48 hours from the latter of either the date the repairs were completed or the agreed upon redemption date;
  • A (MV) left unattended because the driver has been arrested or is impaired by an accident or for any other reason which causes the need for the vehicle to be immediately removed as determined necessary by law enforcement; and/or
  • A (MV) that is impounded for outstanding traffic or parking violations.

Within (5) days from the date the vehicle was 1st considered “unclaimed,” the person or entity in possession of the vehicle must report the (U/A) vehicle to ADOR. A 45-day hold will be marked on the vehicle title record. (Note: Storage fees may not be assessed unless it is reported to ADOR within (5) days of the date the vehicle becomes (U/A).

Within (5) days from the date the (MV) was reported as “unclaimed” to ADOR, the person or entity in possession of the (MV) shall use the National (MV) Title Information System (NMVTIS) to determine the state in which the vehicle is titled and/or registered. A list of service providers are found at http://www.vehiclehistory.gov/nmvtis_vehiclehistory.html.

Within (5) days of receiving the NMVTIS record, the person or parties in possession of the (MV) must obtain an official record from the state and issue a Notice of Possession to the owner and/or lienholder. The notice must be sent via certified mail. If the vehicle is not redeemed in time, it will be considered “abandoned” & sold at auction. If the auction is to be held in the county in which the vehicle is registered; it must be publicized once a week for two consecutive weeks in a local publication. A list of all (U/A) (MVs) will be available to the public on ADOR’s website at http://www.revenue.alabama.gov.

Within (5) days of the receipt of the Notice of Public Auction, ADOR shall issue a Notice of Termination to the current owner and/or lienholder. After (35) days from the Notice of Public Auction, the vehicle may be sold. The abandoned vehicle bill of sale will be produced from the unclaimed/abandoned portal and used to apply for the Alabama title.

Before selling abandoned vehicles, it may be contested on appeal at the ALTax Tribunal. After the sale of a vehicle, it may be contested in court. (Note: If the sale was prior to July 1, 2016, the prior laws apply. However, the vehicle must be titled prior to the end of the 2016, or the buyer would be required to post a surety bond in order to title it.)” The full article is available here.

What is the price for a damaged car?

Are you kidding yourself that you intend to fix the junk car in your driveway? Don’t be a loser—get cash for a car today! Those who process junk car removal should feel obligated to recycle the vehicle in an environmentally sound manner. We junk cars for cash with same-day hauling being available. When initiating contact with a salvage car buyer, you should have the year, make & model of the vehicle ready to provide to the company.  Environmental contamination as a result of mishandling junk cars can occur within the realm of junk car operations.

Junk Automobile Business

Where is the place that is the highest paying for junk cars? Where can I determine how to scrap my car? Who has the answers regarding what is a junk car worth? Barberton Junk Cars is among the “junk car places” who buys crashed cars for cash. Those actively seeking out or searching for a wrecked car buyer should contact out office.  Were you aware that used vehicle oil from scrap cars can cause damage to the overall environment? For this reason we take the best green practices to insure safety.

Purchasing scrap cars has been a mainstream business with organizations. Selling your junk car is an easy way of making money without being stressed. We buy scrap automobiles because of the cash that we get from reselling them but because of many various factors. We buy junk cars for a number of recycling purposes. Our junk car program is a kind of recycling area where most of the vehicles present are being scrapped. These autos are converted to steel and other commodities for manufacturing or other type of work. Recycling, at its core, provides a means of saving energy. Producing new materials can be done at a lower overall cost if using recycled material. Scrap cars left sitting around to rust serve no viable purpose.

We buy scrap cars because we acknowledge that there is a need for an organization to handle this service in the market. We buy wrecked cars 6 days a week throughout the greater Akron, OH area. You can sell your scrap vehicle, which is wrecked or written off from the comfort of your home. We buy scrap cars throughout Summit, Portage and Medina County, and we have a wealth of experience in choosing to sell your automobile to us. Contact the most experienced company in the region with the ability to buy and wreck a junk car for you in this area of Northeast Ohio.

Don’t waste hours probing for a tow company to get rid of your scrap car or old truck. Contact us and we’ll handle all the towing removal for your vehicle, and pay you cash for your car! It is likely the fastest and easiest way to get rid of your unwanted vehicle. We will come to your place to pickup your car, van, SUV or truck & pay you for it. Regardless if your vehicle is running or not, we will pick up your scrap vehicle and transition it into cash! Sell your junk car to Barberton Junk Cars! Selling your vehicle could not be much been simpler! Just give us a quick call, and we will make you a proposal for your vehicle! We will pay you quickly for cars that are wrecked, damaged or not running.

A local and established wrecked vehicle buyer

We may not be the highest paying for junk cars, but we offer efficient, professional services. When asking how to scrap my car for fast cash—you need not search further! By reaching out to our cash for junk car buyer you can find out what is a junk car worth now. Who buys crashed cars or wrecked vehicles in this local area? Many automotive recyclers dismantle vehicles to recover fluids and components for many uses that benefit the overall environment.

Bad Car Lending

Where can you receive fast damaged car removal and quick money for a junk car? You have found the spot to sell a car for cash here in Summit, Portage and Medina Counties. Our junk car buyer is available to provide a quote for an old car, thus allowing you to sell a car for cash. We strive to increase the public view of the auto scrap & recycling business. It can be illegal, not too mention hazardous, to discharge scrap auto fluids to our water system, land and other resources.

In the June 18, 2016 edition of The Hawkeye and article titled ‘As subprime auto borrowers default, collection suits pile up’ by Walker Moskop explained the following: “In 2008, William Lesinski walked into a Car Credit City in STL and made an expensive decision. To buy his son a car, Lesinski put $1,750 down and drove off in a 2003 Ford Mustang. The loan for the car was $11,367, and it carried 29% annual interest over nearly (4) years. His son would make the payments, but the loan was in Lesinski’s name.

After paying the balance down to $10,000, his son, who stopped making insurance payments, wrecked it. In 2011, after more than $4K in interest had accrued, Car Credit City’s finance arm, General Credit Acceptance, sued Lesinski. With attorney fees, the court judgment came to over $15K After Lesinski fell behind on a payment plan, GCA began garnishing a portion of his paycheck.

The company has taken $22K+ of Lesinski’s wages. Because MO court judgments can carry the interest from the initial deal, little of those funds had gone toward principal. Lesinski thought the balance was near zero, he still owes nearly $13K. High-interest car lending for low-end borrowers with poor credit are nothing new. The US auto market has come back since the economic crisis, the sub-prime car loans has risen steadily. Lenders use the courts to recoup losses on loans to poor borrowers, the STL Post-Dispatch viewed court data from suits involving (3) finance companies. Since 2010, the firms alone have filed more than 15,000 suits against in local courts. The vast majority of cases end in a judgment against the borrower, after which the lender seeks to garnish wages. Many other subprime lenders file many of suits each year. Large debt buying firms along with banks & finance companies, file the suits each year for debts, including used car loans, but the origin of debt is impossible to identify without viewing individual court filings.

Among companies dealing in high-interest car loans, few match the number of suits filed by Midwest Acceptance, Instacredit Automart and Car Credit City. Their contracts typically carry annual interest of over 24% with terms ranging from 36-60 months. There are no interest rate caps for auto installment loans in MO or IL. Unlike competitors who bundle & sell their debt elsewhere, the company said, it keeps its own debt, and thus files suits as needed. As US auto sales have heightened, investors have been pumping money into subprime loans. Many lenders recently loosened their credit standards and raised interest percentages to account for more risk. Others weren’t aware of what was in the contract and didn’t understand the terms Rob Swearingen, an attorney, represents those who have been sued by subprime lenders. For borrowers who pay on time, a 29% interest rate means that in the 4-year loan, they repay 70% more than they borrowed. Swearingen says that this is away people go broke or stay poor. Most experts feel increased sub-prime vehicle lending is different than the real estate bubble, and a surge in defaults won’t take down the economy. But for some borrowers who can’t make the payments, defaulting can be crippling.” The full article is available here.

Scrapping junk cars in Ohio

Same-day and next-day damaged car removal is now available for cars in any condition. To sell a car for cash you will need to have the vehicle title and a matching ID. Receiving money for a junk car is a simple and easy process. Simply obtain a quote for an old car and you can have money for a junk car today. Auto recycling reduces the pollution created with manufacturing

Electric Vehicle Update

Are you seeking a buyer of scrap vehicles in the (330) area? We pay fast cash for scrap vehicles with same-day salvage car removal in many cases. By calling BJC at (330) 732-JUNK you will receive a junk car quote for the scrap value of your clunker. The old car scrap process is simpler than you may realize. Our “green” practices and extra steps preserve many key resources and are a prime example of environmental responsibility.

 The following except is from the Idaho National Laboratory Study (2016) regarding electric passenger vehicles:  “It can be difficult, but it is important to secure high-level state support at the beginning of a PEV (plug-in electric vehicles) program. The state of Vermont has a long history with PEVs going back to the E-Vermont program and the state’s support for early development and deployment. In 2013, the VT governor signed an 8-state MOU calling for action to reach 3.3M ZEVs by the year 2025. Before, VT aimed to achieve 90% renewable energy across all sectors by 2050. The governor had visited several DEV events & supported them in various venues, such as the New England Governors/ Canadian Premiers meetings that led to formation of the Quebec-Vermont green corridor for PEV charging. Having top-level state political support for PEVs raises the distinguishability & awareness, and helps gain buy-in from other important bodies, such as groups that often refer to VT policy when considering grants. Establishing of lofty state-level goals fosters a variety of state activities, including access to clean energy funds, public investments, updated codes, permits, and incentives. Most DEV-related activity that has been completed have not needed legislative action; in fact, Act 56 in 2015 included a Renewable Energy Standard & included a provision that requiring electric utilities to lower their customers’ consumption of fossil fuels.

Despite this extensive support from leaders, VT hasn’t found a steady funding source for PEV incentives due heightened pressures on statewide budgets, such as health care. While state incentives would surely increase the usage, DEV has found alternate cash sources (in section 6.7) for minor incentive programs and strive to see PEV market gains. In VT, all state agencies engage in climate action establishment, with standard state climate cabinet discussion of the VT ZEV plan. As a result of the prevalence of the prior mentioned “green corridor” connecting Vermont to Montreal, members of DEV, particularly utility outfits and other agencies, coordinated meetings & assigning some responsibilities. Recognizing the wide-ranging nature of PEVs, (3) state agencies (i.e., environmental, energy, & transportation) acknowledged needs to determine a central and single point-of-contact serving as a lone head of PEV-related activity. A problem in VT was that state’s PEV efforts didn’t truly have a home, set of events, a pool of stakeholders or a web presence.” The complete article is available at http://avt.inl.gov

Where to obtain cash for scrap vehicles?

We are a “cash for cars” buyer of scrap vehicles proudly serving the regions of Summit, Medina and Portage Counties. The process is quite simple, as you call us for a junk car quote for your salvage car and we will be out to pick it up. Old car scrap is reused and recycled in accordance with the best environmental practices. Our eco-friendly methods in handling junk car recycling helps in conserving many raw materials and protecting various habitats.

Vehicle Weight Reduction

Barberton Junk Cars is a “scrap my car” solution allowing you to receive fast cash for cars. By simply call us at (330) 732-JUNK you can receive a price for scrap cars with junk car towing included. Our buyer of junk cars is eager to take your call and provide you a junk car quote throughout the counties of Summit, Portage and Medina. Did you know that in the United States each year approximately 12-15 million cars are scrapped, providing significant amounts of recyclable components and salvageable materials?

On June 7, 2016 an article by Jeff Bennett titled ‘How Auto Companies Are Making Their Cars Lighter’ was posted in the Wall Street Journal with the following details: “Engineers are seeking the future of auto manufacturing: finding materials that is just as strong as the one it is replacing, but with less than half the weight. The auto industry is searching for new & different ways to drop weight from its vehicles to reduce carbon emissions & increase fuel economy. Tighter emission and fuel-economy regulations in the U.S. and throughout the world have auto makers using more aluminum and other potential materials, such as magnesium, strong steels, carbon fiber, compressed wood and even soy. For every 10 lbs. they can drop, it means about 10 to 15 lbs. less of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere each year.

Shedding the weight is no easy task, as new materials can be costly. Some are hard to work with, and others don’t work at all in the auto manufacturing-related processes. Most vehicles are growing bigger and heavier. Cars and SUVs on the roads have added hundreds of pounds in the last 20 years. Charles Klein, GM’s chief of CO2 strategy says size increases in all segments have led to a compact car now being almost as big as what a midsize car was ten years ago. He says there is much more content on a vehicle, whether it’s for safety or other options, such as cameras. The usual compact car has increased to almost 3K pounds from 2,542 pounds in 1996. The subcompact sport-utility vehicle has seen a weight reduction though; those vehicles are now down to an average of 3,048 pounds Mr. Klein says the numbers indicate how much further they have to go. The new Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards that go into effect in 2025; these require auto makers to increase fuel efficiency from 10-20%.

Steel is still the most used material; which compose over ½ of the vehicle. Steel makers have begun producing lighter grades of steel & using different heating and cooling techniques that can cut the pounds without weakening the metal. Auto manufacturers are spending a lot of time tinkering with aluminum, which has many of the advantages of steel but is generally 40% lighter. The one drawback: It’s about 2 times the price of steel. Ford took one of the biggest plunges recently when it switched the body of the F-150 pickup truck to aluminum. This substitution cuts about 700 lbs. in weight. Another possible material is magnesium; the alloy is 75% lighter than steel and 35% lighter than aluminum. It is heated and made into a variety of parts. The biggest challenge with magnesium is the cost. While market prices for magnesium & aluminum do fluctuate, they tend to be more expensive.” The full article is available here.

A scrap my car service provider

As a long-established buyer of junk cars and scrap vehicles, we can make sure that you get fast cash for cars 6 days a week. Included in the price quote is the junk car towing service. The price for scrap cars has been lower than usual so far in 2016. Our buyer of junk cars will make the process quick and easy for you! Our organization is committed to waste diversion by striving to reuse and recycle as much of the material as possible. Our goals include facilitating a positive environmental impact for the savings of resources.

Suit Involving Junk & Scrap

We are able to buy scrap cars 6 days a week in the local region. To receive cash for scrap cars from BJC, simply contact our buyer to ask how much money for a scrap car that you can receive. We are an established junk car hauler that can usually pick up your damaged or wrecked vehicle the same day. Those in Summit, Medina and Portage Counties are able to scrap a car for cash with us much more quickly than you realize.

Rachael Zimlich posted an article in a Waste 360 special reports titled ‘Landfills’ with the following info: “Landfill managers & the city of New Orleans will pay $8M to property owners whose land turned into a busy landfill site after Hurricane Katrina. The class-action lawsuit filed in 2007 was from landowners who had bought lots for a future development. This development sat atop a former landfill that closed 30 years ago. In 2005, the “Old Gentilly” landfill operation began taking in waste.

Joel Waltzer is the primary lawyer for the plaintiffs. Apparently the city of New Orleans believed it owned the piece of land. According to Waltzer, many owners of the land did not know it was turned into a landfill until he started filing suits. Approximately 80 % of the landfill was privately-owned, and the city was sending property tax bills to the owners. The operators AMID/Metro Partnership were earning $3.50/yard to accept waste. The deal with the city allowed AMID/Metro to keep 97% of the funds and 3% being paid to city in royalties.

Walzer says a fund has been set up to pay the settlement–each property owner will receive about $12,000. Also, the deal clears the property owners from any liability that may arise in the future. The city did not send out a statement on this issue.” The full article is available here.

Where to obtain cash for scrap cars

We buy scrap cars and afford you the best in timely vehicle retrieval and excellent junk car prices. Don’t leave that old jalopy sitting around—get money for a scrap car today!   Is your old vehicle turning you into the Beverly Hillbillies of the neighborhood? Call our junk car hauler. To scrap a car for cash is fast & easy with us. We make you an offer over the phone and come out to haul it away. As an eco-friendly company, we seek to reduce water and land pollution, as well as a variety of other such environmental advances.

Automobile Dealers & Finance 1.0

Barberton Junk Cars is a buy my junk car solution for owners of scrap vehicles. To obtain cash for wrecked cars, the first step is to receive a quote for a junk car. This quoted price that you receive from us will also include junk vehicle removal from your location. Old vehicle recycling conserves in excess of 80 million barrels of oil annually. This oil would normally be lost in the manufacturing of new auto components. Did you know that auto recycling with BJC helps to limit energy usage & consumption of critical materials?

A 2014 study titled ‘Fair Lending: Implications for the Indirect Auto Finance Market’ was prepared by Arthur Baines and Dr. Marsha Courchane. The report was compiled and directed to the American Financial Service Assoc. In our first look at this study, we learned as follows: “The auto finance market provides credit through both leasing and purchasing options for a broad range of market segments which include direct & indirect finance passages, new and used vehicles, and prime, non-prime, and subprime buyers.

Financial associations in the direct channel originate loans directly to customers for the purpose of buying a new or used vehicle. Once a consumer is accepted by the financial institution, the consumer completes the vehicle purchase, generally at a dealer, subject to the rates dictated by the financial institution. In the direct channel, financing and buying the vehicle are related but two separate transactions. Financial institutions in the indirect channel buy retail installment sale agreements from a dealer. The pricing variances within the indirect channel are a focal point of current regulators to determined fairness. In the indirect channel, there is no direct interaction between the bank and the customer when they buy. The contracts are assigned by the retailer directly with a buyer. To allow such transactions, lenders regulate which contracts they will take and offer retailers wholesale finance rates, often referred to as ‘buy rates.’ The seller and buyer negotiate the financing in one transaction amid the car purchase. The dealer allocates the contract to a lender willing to buy it. Essentially the dealer auctions the deal and financial groups are in competition to acquire the resulting dealer business. This research effort focused primarily on the indirect channel, the subsequent results in one channel have some impact to the other channel (direct) and all others involved.

New vehicles & used cars are both present in the arena. New vehicles are typically retailed by franchised dealerships. Franchised dealers are fundamentally different than independent auto retailers. Pre-owned vehicles, unlike new vehicles, may be sold by franchised dealers, independent auto retailers and in private-party deals without dealer involvement. Pre-owned vehicles have several categories such as: 1) certified used vehicles, one to three years old; 2) later-model cars, typically less than 6 years old, and 3) older-model used vehicles. The prices can vary significantly in each case. NADA reports the average pre-owned vehicle price at franchised dealers was $18,111 in 2013. The average pre-owned vehicle price at independent dealers and in private party sales were $9,500 and $7,000. In 2013, about fifty-two percent of used vehicles were financed.

The credit market classifications have different thresholds for each group; nearly all of them used an automated credit score, obtained from some source, to accurately label each buyer. Unlike mortgage markets, where certain financial products came to be known as ‘sub-prime products,’ in auto lending there isn’t an equivalent subprime car product. According to Experian Auto, the 2013 market for financed new cars consisted of sixty-four percent prime buyers, twenty percent non-prime buyers and sixteen percent sub-prime buyers. The volume of sub-prime deals in the preowned vehicle segment is a considerably higher percentage.” The study can be viewed in its entirety at http://www.crai.com

Who will buy my junk car?

Did you know that Barberton Junk Cars now pays cash for wrecked cars throughout Summit, Portage and Medina Counties? Our scrap car buyer is available 6 days a week to give you a quote for a junk car right over the phone. There is no need t be concerned if your car is non-running, damaged or wrecked, as we offer complimentary junk vehicle removal throughout our scrap my car service area. The eco-friendly manner in our recycling processes which help to conserve precious raw materials and protect the environment that we all share. As an eco-conscious organization, our junk car scrap program reduces pollution to the air, water and land, as well as a multitude of other environmental benefits.

Scrap Tire Recycling Info

Barberton Junk Cars is an outfit buying cars for cash 6 days a week throughout Summit, Portage and Medina counties. In the auto scrap industry, those of us who buy junk cars are impacted by the fluctuations in pricing and values of several major commodities such as steel, aluminum, palladium and platinum. Car buyers in the US have recently been feeling the squeeze from dramatic over-supply of such. Our organization believes in waste diversion by striving to reuse & recycle as much material as possible. Our fundamental goals include having a positive environmental impact for the preservation of needed resources.

The city will host a scrap tire collection event May 21st and May 28th. The program is available to all Barberton residents. Participants must show a valid ID and a utility bill from Barberton. The cost is $1 a tire. Tires can be with or without rims, though rims won’t be returned. Only pickup truck tires and smaller sizes will be accepted. Drop off tires from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on both days at the city’s utility garage off of Snyder Ave., behind the towpath trailhead. The original article is available at http://www.ohio.com/

Reminder of Items OK for Recycling

  • Cartons including: Milk, Juice, Broth, Soup & Other Food & Beverages
  • Paper, Magazines, Junk Mail, Cardboard, Catalogs, & Telephone Books
  • Plastics
  • Glass Bottles & Jars
  • Aluminum & Other Cans

Yard Waste: Republic will collect leaves, grass clippings or decomposable natural yard waste, if placed in with your trash or if placed in a separate trash can with a tag purchased from a local vendor. Garbage should not exceed 60 lbs. per $5 tag. The City of Barberton will pick up loose leaves raked into a row in the fall and placed on the street no more than (2) feet from the curb or edge of the street without creating a traffic obstruction. The upcoming Fall Leaf Removal Schedule will soon be released and can be found on the website and also in the Barberton Herald. For further information visit: http://www.cityofbarberton.com/oc/service_trash_recycle.shtml

We certainly encourage and support the city’s continued efforts directed toward environmentally sound recycling programs. Many US cities have experienced the unfortunate illegal “scrap tire dumping” by unscrupulous individuals. These folks are too cheap to pay for proper disposal and will dump a load of auto scrap tires wherever they can.

We buy junk cars and scrap vehicles with complimentary damaged vehicle hauling included. When we purchase cars for cash, the seller must have the title on-hand with corresponding photo ID. As established car buyers in the region, we seek to offer same-day or next-day retrieval of your old car to get you fast cash. Were you aware that our “green” scrap & recycling practices preserve natural resources, lower costs in many manufacturing processes and decrease pollution overall. We are a junk vehicle recycler with a commitment to “green” practices, our recycling of steel can result in the usage of 60% less energy.

Scrap Auto Tire Incentive

Barberton Junk Cars is back with the latest news regarding auto recycling of junk cars. We are an established junk my car facility that pays cash for junk cars 6 days a week in Summit, Portage and Medina counties. If you have a non-running or unwanted car, truck, van or SUV, give us a call for a scrap car quote. We strive to have a positive environmental impact for the preservation of the resources. Our topic below is a new initiative in the scrap and recycling of vehicle tires.

Andy Barrand of the Hillsdale Daily News composed an article titled ‘Agencies receive money for tire recycling’ in the May 14, 2016 edition that told us the following: “Jefferson Twp. and the Hillsdale Conservation District were among fifty-two localities that received funding grants to collect scrap auto tires within Michigan. Jefferson Twp. received over $12K, and the conservation district received in approximately $40K. The collection of tires at the Jefferson Twp. Transfer Station, which is located on Pioneer Rd., in Osseo, will begin this week. The station is open @ 8am until 5pm. 6 days a week. There is no fee assessed for auto tires while the funds from grant remain available.

The Jefferson Twp. treasurer, Mr. Jim Lockwood, says the grant pays for environmental disposal of approximately (6) trailer loads of junk tires. He thinks that the trailers will quickly fill up. Lockwood says it is discouraging to see tires thrown out along the roadways of the county, although there are places to dispose of them properly. The Hillsdale County CD’s collection will run between 8am and 7pm on August the 26 at the County Fairgrounds. Pre-registration is necessary for this district collection. Residents seeking to dispose of tires during the district collection event must register by August 19th. Registration is available in person or by calling 517-849-9890, or by via e-mail to hillsdalecd@macd.org. A pre-registration form is also made available at www.hillsdalecd.org.

The DEQ says the community events offer an affordable tire recycling opportunity to all residents. Improperly dumped tires do pose a fire-hazard & create a breeding ground for mosquitos. Recycled junk auto tires are used in roadway asphalt, as garden mulch, at playgrounds as well as in manufacturing. Those collected at Jefferson Twp. will be taken to Huffman Rubber for processing. There is a minimal handling fee for the larger semi-truck tires & tractor tires. The transfer station facility accepts tires all year for a fee of $1.25 for auto tires, for semi tires at $5 and between 15 and 25 dollars for tractor tires.” The complete article is available at this link: http://www.hillsdale.net/article/20160514/NEWS/160519289

 The auto recycling of junk cars

Those seeking cash for junk cars in the local area should contact us for fast damaged vehicle removal. The process to junk my car is likely much easier than you think! Our scrap vehicle buyer is able to provide same-day cash plus junk car hauling services within out scrap my car service area. In fact, the protection of the environment with our auto scrap program is an effective way to reduce size and scope of expanding landfills. Our now eco-friendly scrap car recycling processes are beneficial since they generate less pollution.

Junk Auto Plastic Recycling

Barberton Junk Cars is back from the lovely world of auto junk and damaged vehicle removal. Did you know that we buy used cars for scrap from the general public 6 days a week? Contact our junk car buyer today for same-day or next day cash for your old car, with scrap car towing included. We you aware that our practices associated with junk vehicle recycling have environmental benefits such as reducing hazards such as air pollution and water pollution?

“More plastic can be recycled each year—from eleven year old cars driven until their last mile or others that are newer models involved in crashes. Typically, plastics lower the weight of autos by 500-750 lbs. There are approximately 39 types of plastics being placed in automobiles, recycling these vehicles at their real-world end-of-life (ELV) can be a challenging. With heightened use of plastics in autos, increased emphasis should be given to what happens to these materials when vehicles reach their ELV. Increased knowledge and understanding of plastics & particularly the recycled variety in auto manufacturing is necessary. Many good-quality recycled plastics need to be provided to auto engineering staff at a low price. Multi-industry collaborations are vital for the further development and use of such plastics in auto components—and the recycling of these in auto manufacturing and at ELV. The public, particularly young consumers are concerned about the footprint of their car and the companies that make products; plastics should be at the head of the conversation about new auto production & recycling.

Automobiles are an emerging market for plastics as car sales continue to increase. A variety of different driving forces combined in 2015 to generate a record of car sales in the United States, leading to a fifteen year peak. Inexpensive gasoline prices, improved occupational employment and lower interest rates helped automakers sell 17.5M units—a 5.7% increase from 2014. Global auto sales for 2015 did a jump up by 2.4% to hit 88M+ vehicles, per IHS Automotive—the fifth year of shown growth. IHS indicated 90M in vehicle sales globally is within reach in 2016.” For the full report visit www.plasticsmarketwatch.org

Who will buy used cars for scrap purposes?

When it comes to who is buying auto junk, we are among the best in the business, featuring quick turnaround & always offering personal service. If needing fast damaged vehicle removal services, simply contact us today at (330) 732-JUNK. As the area’s most efficient junk car buyer, we will get the job done right and fast! We closely adhere to environmentally sound scrap recycling procedures. Did you know that used oil from junk vehicles can be recycled, purified and then used again, another example of sustainability in the market! Old junk cars often have harmful and dangerous chemicals that we process safely to avoid contamination of our land, air and water

More Scrap Recycling Woes

Barberton Junk Cars is back with more news relating to vehicle scrap and recycling. We are an auto buyer that specializes in paying cash for cars. As a buyer of scrap cars with a commitment to protecting the environment, you can be sure we are a junk vehicle buyer that will not pollute our air or water. Green companies like our scrap my car operation are good for the environment and also create green jobs.

On May 1, 2016, Wilson Walker of CBS SF Bay Area, composed an article titled ‘Weight Of Cheap Commodities Crushing North Bay Recycling Company’ with the following details: “Joe Garbarino has been moving trash for over 60 years, and for most of those he could do it profitably. Not so much anymore. Despite that he recycles 75% percent of what comes in he is being crushed by the weight of low commodity prices. Garbarino started working as a garbage man in the 1940s. 

It has been a while since recycling became popular in CA. Back then, the promise was saving the planet and it also made economic sense, since collecting recyclables was worth it. For years, that worked enough to keep the cans & bottles moving. According to him, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong wanted recyclables. A lot of our waste wasn’t getting recycled here, but getting shipped over to China’s surging economy—which has since collapsed. The price of oil is directly tied to the value of our used plastic bottles. When oil prices were up, plastic was being made out of plastic, now they make plastic out of oil.

If recycling is in trouble here in CA, the rest of the US is in a crisis. High costs have major cities like Houston scaling down curb-side pick-ups, and dozens of plants for recyclables have been shuttered, sending more waste into landfills. Waste Management, the US’ largest such hauler, has closed 20% of its recycling-based facilities. For Joe Garbarino, he’ll likely have to increase collection rates, to cover costs of handling plastic that nobody wants to buy.” The complete article is available at this link.

So we encounter yet another story of a recycler who is struggling with the reduction in scrap and recycling related value. Any buyer of scrap cars can likely express the same such concerns. When we pay cash for cars, our auto buyer is able to be more responsive in his role as a junk vehicle buyer. Providers like the one mentioned in the story in CA, are likely bound by pricing established over a multi-year contract, thus has fewer options to counter the downturn. We are optimistic that the overall market will begin to improve, but in the meanwhile the best course of action is to limit your losses.

Poor Recycling Rates

Barberton Junk Cars is back with the latest news relative to auto scrap and recycling. We are a wrecked vehicle buyer proudly serving this local area. Our scrap vehicle buyer is on-hand 6 days a week to provide you a price for the value of a junk car. By calling out junk auto buyer for a quote for an old car, you can determine the scrap price. Keep in mind that when scrapping a car with us you can rest assured that the majority of the material that composes the vehicle will be recycled—a win for the environment!

A story on Waste Dive by Arlene Karidis on April 25, 2016 titled ‘Study finds NYC’s commercial recycling rate 19%’ informed us of the following: “A study shows NYC’s commercial rate of 19%—compared to the national average of 34%, and a full ten points from New York’s 29% rate back in 2004. Transform Don’t Trash sees inefficiencies in the performance of privately-held companies. These haulers of approximately 4,000+ trucks week, which Kirsti Barnes says are getting out of control. Mr. T Carting, one of the largest, recycles at a rate of about 11% of what it hauls. Sanitation staff reported to the NY Daily News that many companies don’t recycle.

Many NYC activists are pushing for designated trash collection zones, citing that it would progress the city’s miserable recycling rates, particularly commercial zones. At least one study shows that nearly 90% of the waste is recyclable. The NY Department of Sanitation (DSNY) publicly called for such a zoning system. Many say it would cut traffic, noise, and other pollution and spark competition. The NYC charter of the National Waste & Recycling Assoc. (NWRA) opposes this, citing possible prices increases, thus small firms couldn’t compete, eliminating open market competition. Former sanitation worker Ernie Waight tells the NY Daily News that poor recycling efforts have existed for 25+ years. A researcher named Justin Wood says the lousy service stems from few incentives for improvement.

NY Mayor Bill de Blasio feels that although we don’t control private waste hauling, the commercial firms can and do better. NYC is working to gain the regulations to achieve the goals. De Blasio’s goal is 90% diversion from landfills prior to 2030 for residential wastes.” The complete article is available here.

What is the value of a junk car

Our wrecked vehicle buyer or scrap vehicle buyer will provide a fast quote for an old car, which essentially begins the process of scrapping a vehicle. Did you know that the vast majority of the materials that make up the composition of your car can be refurbished, repurposed or remanufactured? Auto recycling with BJC helps to reduce energy usage and consumption of critical raw materials in the eco-system.

Abandoned Car Removal

Those attempting to determine how to sell a junk car or how to receive cash for a damaged car are in luck! You have found the Barberton Junk Cars website. We may not always be the highest paying for junk cars—but we provide fast scrap car removal services 6 days a week. We are definitely an eco-conscious organization; in fact, our program reduces water & land pollution levels, as well as a host of other environmental benefits. Green companies are now increasing in popularity and are great for the environment, as well as being a source for green jobs.

Our next topic focuses on the Houston area of Texas where all hell is breaking loose! Massive rainfall levels have swept through the area totaling over a foot over water in the region. Many homes are flooded, schools closed and the Governor declared a state of emergency.

A report on abc13.com by Patricia Lopez communicated the following: “After Monday’s historic floods, if you own abandoned a car on the road – that isn’t blocking traffic – you have a bit of time to arrange tow options. Law enforcement is NOT yet towing these vehicles if not blocking traffic or seen as a hazard to public safety.

The costs of a vehicle being towed in Houston are as follows:

$162.50 Non-consent Tow Fee (CITY)
$20 Each day charge (storage)
$50 Notify Fee from after 24hrs
$20 Misc. impound fee.”

The full story is available at this link.

We sincerely hope that this widespread rash of flooding will quickly subside. Will that much water, it would seem likely to result in some public health concerns. It is likely to heighten the presence of mosquitoes and other such pests that flourish in areas of standing water.

Who is the highest paying for junk cars?

To find out how to sell a junk car for quick cash today, call BJC. We will pay cash for a damaged car or wrecked vehicle in this area. We are a scrap vehicle recycler with a commitment to green practices, our auto recycling of steel uses over 50% less energy. Are you aware that used oil from scrap cars can cause environmental damage? This is why we take measures to insure that all fluids from the vehicles are properly handled.

Truck in Recycling Scheme

Are you calling around to find the place that is the highest paying for junk cars? When we are posed questions about how to scrap my car or what is a junk car worth, we explain that a call to (330) 732-5865 will address your concerns. We pay cash for cars 6 day a week and are a site who buys crashed cars. What is a junk car worth these days? Typical pricing in April 2016 is between $110 and $190, which may not be the highest paying for junk cars; however, we can tow it away and pay you cash on the same-day or next-day.

Are next topic is how truckloads of recyclables are pouring into California to be redeemed for cash, despite not being items that originated in CA—so essentially a scam. An April 11th article on Recycling Today titled ‘CalRecycle arrests LA truck driver on charges of attempted grand theft and felony recycling fraud’ with the following details: “The California Department of Resources Recycling & Recovery (CalRecycle) has announced the arrest of an LA truck driver on charges of attempted grand theft as well as felony recycling fraud. The arrest is the 2nd time in (3) months that a driver using a New Evolution Trucking vehicle has been accused of illegally transporting scrap beverage containers into CA from NV in an attempt to defraud the California Redemption Value Fund.

CalRecycle’s enforcement partners with the CA Department of Justice, the CA Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA) and the CA Highway Patrol (CHP) continue to increase the pressure on such organized recycling fraud. CalRecycle Director Scott Smithline feels that with each bust, our team learns more about these criminal outfits, and they will face consequences. In February agents with the CA Department of Justice’s Recycling Fraud Team investigated a Las Vegas storage yard with a history of handling scrap beverage containers into CA. At 4:25 p.m., agents observed a white semitruck labeled New Evolution enter the storage yard. Agents followed the truck as it departed and requested help from CHP after the driver took a route to avoid the CDFA border checkpoint.

Carlos Flores, 36, of LA was stopped and stated he did not have the bill of lading or Imported Material Report required to haul used beverage containers into CA. He was arrested, and his trailer was impounded; a subsequent check of the materials inside revealed 7,260lbs of aluminum and 3,360lbs of plastic junk beverage containers with a potential California Redemption Value of $over $15K.

CDOJ investigates & prosecutes cases on behalf of CalRecycle, which has authority over the CA beverage container recycling. In addition to CalRecycle’s interagency agreements with CDOJ and CDFA, CalRecycle fights fraud & illicit payments through pre-certification training of recycling centers; probationary reviews; oversight of processors; monitoring & tracking of imported materials. The complete article is available at this link.

Are you the highest paying for junk cars?

Are you attempting to determine how to scrap my car for cash? We are a junk vehicle hauler who buys crashed cars and damaged vehicles in cash. Used engine oil can be recycled, purified and reused, another example of sustained renewability. Old cars house harmful chemicals that we manage in an environmentally friendly manner to avoid contamination. We provide junk car hauling; therefore, contact our buyers of junk vehicles to find out the cash value of a junk car and receive a quick quote for your car, van or truck.

Junk Car Disposal Initiative

The process of how to scrap my car is much more simplistic than you may realize. Call now to receive cash for a damaged car in any condition. Those seeking cash for a damaged car in the greater Akron area are encouraged to call. Those trying to determine how to sell a junk car with free towing are encouraged to call. Are you seeking a wrecked vehicle buyer to pay cash for your scrap car? Maybe you should consider looking into how to scrap my car? Our next topic is a about a US city that is doing a “spring cleaning” of sorts to get junk cars and scrap vehicles removed and scrapped.

In the March 31, 2016 edition of the Juneau Empire and article titled ‘City covers clunker expenses’ posted by Sam DeGrave informed us of the following: “The city’s Solid Waste Division will pay the $150 disposal fee for residents who want to scrap their junked vehicles at Skookum Sales & Recycling. The city recently signed a contract with Channel Construction, Skookum Recycling’s parent company, agreeing to pay the disposal fee for up to 400 vehicles, totaling $60,000. Solid Waste Coordinator Jim Penor says although this solution isn’t cheap, it’s necessary if the city is to abate the growing number of abandoned vehicles. If we do nothing with the vehicles, we would have a junk car problem.

This isn’t the first time that Channel Construction and the city have worked together to take care of Juneau’s junked cars. For years, the city partnered with the company to hold two car roundups per year. The city would pay for the vehicle disposal fee and Skookum Recycling would take care of the cars. These roundups stopped in 2010 when the price of scrap metal was high enough for Skookum to stop charging a disposal fee. The price of metal stayed high enough for the company to cover its scrapping costs until last year, when it started having to charge the disposal fee.

Scrapping a car comes with some costs, as staff have to remove the tires and drain the fluids — gasoline, antifreeze, oil, etc. — from each car that is to be scrapped. Skookum Recycling has to pay special fees to dispose of the tires and gas they remove from each car because neither can go in Juneau’s landfill. The scrapped cars go to Seattle. Skookum Recycling doesn’t charge a disposal fee for vehicles without tires or gas in their tanks.

Necessary though it may be to cover costs, the disposal fee had an unintended consequence; it deterred many people from disposing of their junked vehicles in the proper manner. The city-funded scrapping will help cut down on the number of cars being left in Juneau’s streets and parking lots. Currently, the police department has to pay to tow abandoned vehicles to their impound lot, where they sit until officers determine what to do with them. JPD sends letters to the last registered owner before it ultimately sends them to the scrapyard, again paying for the towing. On top of the towing costs, JPD has to pay the disposal fee once it gets the cars to Skookum Recycling.

The new program will allow residents to drop off their vehicles at the Skookum Recycling any time between 8am and 5pm Monday through Saturday. The program is for personal vehicles only, including motor homes and travel trailers so long as their graywater tanks and refrigerators have been removed.” The full story is available here.

How to sell a junk car

Residents with a junk vehicle should contact our junk car buyer to find out how to scrap my car. Even a non-running car is worth something–so call us for cash for a damaged car. Our wrecked vehicle buyer is on hand to explain how to sell a junk car with ease! As an eco-conscious organization, our program reduces water and land pollution, as well as a host of other environmental benefits. Doing what is best for our local environment is our goal with our auto scrap and recycling operation.

New Automobile Related Programs

Who is the highest paying for junk cars among the places known as a wrecked vehicle buyer? We may not be the highest paying for junk cars when it comes to cash for a damaged car; however, we offer a fair price for what is a junk car worth. You can receive cash for a damaged car in any condition 6 days a week by calling our wrecked vehicle buyer directly at (330) 732-JUNK. To obtain a junk car quote, which is essentially a request for what is a junk car worth–we are on hand after 8AM daily.

On March 24, 2016 a story titled ‘TCC adds Ford manufacturer training to automotive program’ was posted on wtkr.com that informed us of the following: “Tidewater Community College is adding Ford Motor Company’s Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET) program for their manufacturer-specific training. The program is sponsored by local Ford dealers and begins in the fall at the college’s Regional Automotive Center (RAC) in Chesapeake. The program is the only one of its kind in Virginia; the closest programs are in Jamestown, NC & Spartanburg, SC.

Lisa Rhine, provost of TCC’s Chesapeake Campus says it’s the first ASSET program Ford has added in six years and that it offers an innovative and much-needed program. Students will learn on Ford & Lincoln vehicles using Ford-specific technology. Students will complete cooperative education courses in a sponsoring dealership.Those who complete the program will earn an associate degree as well as Ford-factory training credentials, which certifies their skills to perform warranty service at a vehicle service department. Beno Rubin, director of the RAC, says this is an avenue to a job with one of the top vehicle brands and that graduates are well prepared to work as automotive technicians, with opportunities for advancement.

Ford dealerships from Elizabeth City, N.C., to Richmond are supporting the program by donating vehicles, offering co-op program sponsorships & aiding on the program advisory committee. The enrollment is recently open and interested students should first apply to TCC and then contact Mr. Steve Whitney, an ASSET instructor, at 757-822-5080 or swhitney@tcc.edu. Scholarships and financial aid are available. The program is eligible for the GI Bill.” The full article is available at this link.

Part of the mission of Tidewater CC is described on their website as “Open access to high-quality, affordable education to prepare students for transfer to a four-year baccalaureate institution, as well as for entry or advancement in the workforce.”[1] Currently the college offers Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Technology as well as several specific career certificate programs. We think that this program is an excellent idea for so many reasons including:

  • The practicality of the program. Unlike so many “generalized” Associate and Bachelors programs like history, English, philosophy, psychology (undergrad) and most liberal arts programs, this program translates to preparing graduates for a specific career.
  • The program is approximately two years in length and is partially funded by the companies that will employ these trained professionals and assist in minimizing student loan debt.
  • The median salary for the position is $17/hour or $680 per week.[2]   Although this is not a high salary, it typically with offer reasonable health insurance plans and figuring that a two-worker household each earn this salary then they should have a net take-home pay of $1000 a week, which is middle-class in low to middle level ‘cost of living’ regions in the US.

What is a junk car worth these days?

Barberton Junk Cars strives to deliver same-day and next-day junk vehicle removal and cash for cars services. We are not always the highest paying for junk cars, but we deliver professional and fast service throughout Summit, Portage and Medina counties. We have proudly functioned as a wrecked vehicle buyer for several years.

[1] http://www.tcc.edu/about-tcc

[2] http://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Automotive_Technician/Hourly_Rate

Auto Insurance Problems

Barberton Junk Cars is a wrecked vehicle buyer who buys crashed cars and non-running vehicles 6 days a week. If wondering how to scrap my car with a wrecked vehicle buyer, simply give us a call! Those trying to determine how to sell a junk car should know that the process is made easy with us! Our junk car buyer is standing by to answer any questions relating to how to sell a junk car for cash. Those needing a junk car quote or those trying to determine how to scrap my car within Summit, Medina or Portage counties, can visit us at http://www.BarbertonJunkCars.com for additional information. There are several locals claiming they are among those who buys crashed cars and unwanted vehicles, but few take protecting the environment as seriously as BJC! With our auto recycling program, fewer raw materials are used, which conserves energy & natural resources. Did you know that our auto scrap and recycling processes reduce the overall pollution associated with manufacturing processes?

In the March 16, 2016 edition of the Baltimore Sun an article by Marceline White and Tom Feltner titled ‘Maryland’s discriminatory car insurance scheme’ told us the following: “Car insurance should be priced to reflect the risk of the driver getting into an accident. In Maryland (MD), insurance companies use non-driving related factors — including education, occupation, marital status, homeownership & credit to set the rates. This allows them to determine who might be a more profitable customer in the long run, rather than someone’s risk on the road. The MD Consumer Rights Coalition found that a driver living in Roland Park with two at-fault accidents would pay $215 less than a driver with a perfect record who lives in Park Heights. Common sense tells us that someone with a spotty driving record should pay more, but insurance firms’ pricing policies mean that bad drivers in wealthier ZIP codes pay less. And these kind of pricing policies have a disparate impact on communities of color. A 2015 Consumer Federation of America study found that good drivers living in predominantly African-American ZIP codes in Baltimore are charged nearly double the rates of those living in predominantly white area.

While auto insurers use non-driving related factors to up the cost of car insurance — for example the death of your spouse can increase the cost of your car insurance by 14% — your credit history is a way insurance companies cheat good drivers. The MD Insurance Administration (MIA) allows insurance companies to charge drivers with poor or even “good” credit 40% more than drivers with “excellent” credit. Insurance companies say credit is important by alleging a correlation between credit scores & risk, but don’t explain why this would be. If a series of medical bills hurts your credit score, do you suddenly turn reckless on the road? Insurers also say those with lower credit scores file more claims–the insurance lobby’s attempt at misdirection. Insurers make perfect drivers with less-than-perfect credit scores pay more than those with the highest credit score for even the basic liability insurance. That policy only covers accidents that you cause, so you’re not filing claims under these policies. The industry’s theory about the claims behavior of people with lower credit scores is simply untrue.

A 2015 study by Consumer Reports found that a good driver with poor credit pays $1,636 more than a driver with excellent credit but a DUI conviction. By prohibiting the use of credit and other non-driving related factors when setting auto insurance rates, insurance companies will have to set their premiums based on actual driving factors so drunk drivers and those with accidents will pay more for their car insurance, while good drivers pay less. The MD General Assembly has an opportunity to make things right. In 2002, MD prohibited the use of credit in setting home insurance rates. In 2011, the MD General Assembly agreed that credit shouldn’t be used for hiring & compensation decisions. Legislators have determined over the past 14 years that good credit, should not affect the cost of home insurance or access to employment. This year, Sen. Catherine Pugh introduced Senate Bill 1028 which prohibits the use of credit, education, occupation, marital status & homeownership from use by insurance companies in setting rates. SB 1028 will reduce the cost for many good but low-income drivers. It will reverse the current practice in which drivers in low-income communities subsidize wealthier drivers. And it will mean that insurance will be based on how you drive, not who you are. The full article is available here.

How to scrap my car

The first step in how to sell a junk car is to pick up the phone for a price quote from our wrecked vehicle buyer. You can call several of who buys crashed cars and pay fast cash for vehicles. We are an established scrapper of junk cars proudly servicing Wadsworth, Akron and Kent. We are a “cash for cars” buyer that will provide you free scrap vehicle hauling included from Cuyahoga Falls, Kenmore and Firestone Park. Need to get cash for your junk car or old vehicle? Our “junk my car” offer is quick and easy. Our auto scrap & recycling protocols and best processes help to greatly limit hazards such as global warming and its detrimental environmental effects. Our “green” practices seek to protect and preserve the planet’s resources for the betterment of many generations to come.

Scrap Car Tire Problems

We are back with the latest news and information relating to the auto scrap and recycling business. Barberton Junk Cars pays cash for a damaged car and often is among the highest paying for junk cars in Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls. We are constantly being asked about what is a junk car worth and who buys crashed cars. To get cash for a damaged car in Springfield Township, Kenmore, and North Akron–contact our guy who buys crashed cars to find out what is a junk car worth. We strive to have a positive environmental impact in the regions of Mogadore, Stow, and Monroe Falls for the preservation of the scarce resources. Are you looking to find out what is a junk car worth in Firestone Park, Highland Square, or Copley? With our auto recycling program, fewer raw materials are used, which conserves both energy and our natural resources.

Our next topic involves some unscrupulous individuals that are conducting widespread illegal dumping in Tennessee. In the March 11, 2016 edition of the Knoxville News Sentinel, an article titled ‘Loudon County targets illegal tire dumping’ was authored by Hugh G. Willett, which tells us the following: “The illegal dumping of hundreds of used tires along Loudon County roads this week is an example of a problem that has plagued the state. Sometimes there are 40 to 50 in one spot, or even as many as a hundred at a time. Chris Parks, director of the County Convenience Center says The 400 tires dumped in three separate areas this week is the largest such incident on record. The county pays the landfill $1.35 for each tire dumped. In 2015 they picked up over 200 units and paid about $2,000 in disposal costs, excluding labor and transportation. He says it took one deputy and four workers from the county road supervisor’s office almost a full day to load & transport the units from this latest incident. County Mayor Bradshaw said he wants to see the responsible individual or individuals charged with a felony. The commission voted to offer a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the culprits.

The fine for illegal dumping is $500. Sheriff Guider says he has discussed the possibility of enhanced charges. Tennessee Department of Environment spokesperson Eric Ward said TDEC enforces illegal tire disposal, which is prevalent. Tire dealers are required to keep records of how many units they sell and are only allowed to dispose of the same number. Tire dealers pay tipping fees at the dump in addition to the per-unit. Private individuals are allowed to send (4) units to the dump at a time. They would like to see more competition in the disposal business, which would lower the cost of legal disposal & reduce incentives to dump illegally.

There is a fee to fund projects creating or supporting uses for waste tires. The fee will provide TN with an estimated $1.2M the first year to be paid to qualified applicants as grants. The program funds projects that result alternative uses for the waste units including recycling and creating other products. 15 years ago they were taken to state prisons to be ground into mulch or powder, used as filler in sports fields and roads. At one time they were burned to create energy but ceased now amid concerns on air pollution. Additionally, the current low cost of oil reduces the incentive to recycle rubber. The complete story is available here.

Who is the highest paying for junk cars?

An additional resource regarding the dumping of scrap vehicle tires can by Cash 4 Cars in Cleveland can be viewed here. Recycling with a firm who buys crashed cars and junk vehicles reduces the amount of pollution associated with manufacturing processes. Auto scrap recycling saves over 80M barrels of oil annually, that otherwise are lost in manufacturing various components, plus you get cash for a damaged car. Those looking to sell a junk car for cash in Barberton, Ravenna, and the Merriman Valley are in luck! Our scrap vehicle removal program is now up and running in Bath, Lakemore, and Clinton. We will pay you cash for a car in Medina, Rootstown, and the Portage Lakes 6 days a week. Call our junk vehicle buyer at (330) 732-JUNK to junk your ride and receive free scrap car hauling. Residents of Norton, Brimfield, and Tallmadge that have a car that is not worth fixing are encouraged to contact us. Even if your unwanted car is damaged or wrecked in the areas of Peninsula, Granger Township, or Rolling Acres—we will likely buy it.

Vehicles Polluting Water

Here at Barberton Junk Cars we pay cash for a damaged car, serving as a wrecked vehicle buyer who buys crashed cars. Are you the proud owner of a junk car in Green, Fairlawn, or Cuyahoga Falls and wondering how to scrap my car? Most people don’t realize that the how to scrap my car process is quick and easy. We give you cash for a damaged car the same-day throughout the areas of Springfield Township, Kenmore, and North Akron. We are and damaged and wrecked vehicle buyer that proudly offers junk car removal in the regions of Sharon Center, Mogadore, and Stow. In the cities of Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna, we are among the best of who buys crashed cars. Our service area for scrap car removal now encompasses Medina, Summit and Portage counties. Our next topic involves how water pollution is a phenomenon that is still persisting in the US.

The topic of water pollution has been a recent controversy particularly in the wake of the Flint, MI problem. A story by David Graham on theatlantic.com headlined ‘Michigan has finally declared a state of emergency over the city’s lead poisoning, but there are questions about why it’s taken so long to respond’ told us the following: “In April 2014, Flint was under the direction of an emergency manager appointed by the state. To save money, the city began drawing its water from the Flint River, rather than from Detroit’s system, which was deemed too costly. But the river’s water was high in salt, which helped corrode Flint’s aging pipes, leaching lead into the water supply. The move saved millions, but the problems started becoming apparent. The water smelled like rotten eggs. Engineers responded to that problem by raising the chlorine level, leading to dangerous toxicity. GM discovered that city water was corroding engines at a Flint factory and switched sources. Then children and others started getting rashes and falling sick. Marc Edwards, a Virginia Tech environmental-engineering professor, found that the water had nearly 900 times the recommend EPA limit for lead particles. As late as February 2015, even after tests showed dangerous lead levels, officials were telling residents there was no threat.” The full story is available at this link.

This issue has led to a political firestorm and will likely end in litigation. Automobiles are another potential source for water pollution. On March 2, 2016 a story by Tony Bizjak in the Sacramaneto Bee titled ‘Caltrans launches roadway clean water initiative’ explained the following: “California highway officials launched a clean water campaign, aimed at reducing the amount of pollution that flows off of cars into streams, rivers, lakes and such. Caltrans operates storm drain systems along the state highway system. Roadway pollution flows through ditches and pipes into city or county storm drain systems, or directly into watersheds. They recommend:

  • Keep your vehicle clean to reduce particles from washing off into storm drains.
  • Keep tires inflated. Under-inflated tires wear faster and send particles into the water system.
  • Clean the brake pad dust from wheels.
  • Truckloads should be secured with a tarp to reduce materials flying out onto the roadway.
  • Maintain your vehicle so that fluids don’t leak.

State Water Resources Control Board member Steven Moore said such actions, take together, will make a difference. The 3-year campaign is being guided by a steering committee that includes Caltrans, the state water board and the California Storm Water Quality Association. The article is available in its entirety here.

Who buys crashed cars in the Portage Lakes and Norton?

Auto recycling with BJC helps to reduce energy usage and limit the consumption of important raw materials. When you receive cash for a damaged car from us, you can rest-assured that the vehicle will be recycled and refined with eco-friendly practices and procedures. Are you wondering how to scrap my car for cash in the Merriman Valley, Bath, or Lakemore? Contact our scrap and wrecked vehicle buyer at (330) 732-JUNK for a junk car quote. We remove junk cars and scrap vehicles in Tallmadge, Peninsula, and Granger Township 6 days a week. Our auto recycling program has environmental benefits such as reducing air pollution and water pollution. Get fast cash by selling your old car to us in the areas of Rolling Acres, Coventry Township, and Chapel Hill. Good news for those seeking cash for clunkers in Rootstown, Brimfield and Kent—we are buying junk cars there now.

Junk Car Parking

Barberton Junk Cars is among those auto recyclers that are often the highest paying for junk cars in the areas of Fairlawn, Cuyahoga Falls, and Springfield Township. Those wondering how to sell a junk car should contact our scrap car buyer at (330) 732-JUNK. Are you wondering–what is a junk car worth? Although we may not be the highest paying for junk cars, we offer impeccable service and same-day hauling of your junk vehicle. We are able to provide you a junk car quote for exactly the scrap value of the car. The greater Cleveland area’s top junk car buyer and junk car hauler is awaiting your call. Call for a junk car quote from our scrap car buyer and we will provide you a price for a junk car in the cities of Clinton, Medina, and Rootstown. Same-day junk vehicle removal is included in our quote for an old car throughout the Portage Lakes, Norton, and Brimfield.

Our topic today centers on an area where auto-related business are essentially making an area of south Philly look terrible by leaving vehicles in various stages of disrepair sitting around in and adjacent to the streets. In the March 1, 2016 edition of the Philadelphia Tribune, an article titled ‘Fighting blight by letting pictures tell the unsightly story’ authored by Nathaniel Lee was posted with the following information: “The residents & community advocates of SW Philadelphia are tired of the blight from some businesses in the area. The advocates took their cellphones and digital cameras out and took pictures of the trash & debris in the area. Marsha Wall, a community organizer, says the blight from auto-related businesses has trash and junk cars parked inside and outside. Auto shops in the area have been major concern, as they leave customer cars on the sidewalks and become dump sites for old tires. Wall says guys are doing work on the pavement not in the shop.

This has been an ongoing problem with elected officials conducting tours through the neighborhood and even surprise visits from the councilman Kenyatta Johnson accompanied by members of Licenses and Inspections who even closed down one offending auto shop until it was brought into compliance with local ordinances. Wall said the photos are necessary since complaints made using the city’s 3-1-1 line proved ineffective. The complete article is available here.

What is a junk car worth?

Residents of Kenmore, North Akron, and Sharon Center wanting to know how to sell a junk car can visit us online at http://www.BarbertonJunkCars.com. What is a junk car worth in the areas of Mogadore, Stow, or Monroe Falls? Who is the highest paying for junk cars in the regions of East Akron, Silver Lake, and Wadsworth? The process of how to sell a junk car is much easier than you think. Those in need of quick cash for cars in Kent, New Franklin, and Firestone Park should contact BJC for a price for scrap cars in any condition. We handle junk car scrap and related auto scrap 6 days a week throughout Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna. Those in search of a location that junks cars need not look any further, as you can get fast cash for any car with us quickly regardless of whether the vehicle is located in the Merriman Valley, Bath, or Lakemore. Our eco-friendly processes for auto scrap are a benefit since they generates less pollution. Did you know that used oil from scrap vehicles can cause environmental damage? This is why we insure that all fluids from the vehicles are properly handled.

Business Scrap Recycling

Here at Barberton Junk Cars we function as an auto buyer that will buy junk cars 6 days a week in the regions of Coventry Township, Chapel Hill, and Hudson. We offer cash for my car services and junk my car services throughout Summit, Portage and Medina County. Our auto buyer can provide you a fast ‘junk my car’ quote right over the phone. When we buy junk cars we differentiate ourselves from other ‘cash for my car’ companies by insuring that the process of recycling it is conducted in an environmentally positive manner. Are you wondering where to junk my car for cash in Silver Lake, Wadsworth, or Kent? Green companies like BJC are great for the environment and also create green industry job opportunities. Our staff adheres to practices that result in both savings that is associated with energy and resources.

Ethel Preston posted an announcement titled ‘Recycle Utah Green Business Program’ on kpcw.org with the following: “Recycle Utah is pleased to introduce its Green Business Program, which assists businesses in sustainable projects. If you are interested in “greening your business” and would like guidance with recycling, energy & water conservation, or green buying tips, please contact Recycle Utah. In addition to helping sustainability, when you join Recycle Utah Green Business, you’ll receive free media coverage and much more.” The complete article is available at this link.

Next we will look at what Recycle Utah does, with their 2015 Performance:

  • Collected 700+ tons of glass product
  • 10K lbs. of winter sports equipment was collected, sorted, shipped, and recycled
  • 15K lbs. of batteries were gathered
  • 169+K lbs. of electronic waste collected
  • Over 7K students were educated[1]

[1] http://www.recycleutah.org/our-impact/

Here is a list of the various items that the Recycle Utah accepts:

  • CD Cases
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Tennis Shoes
  • US Flags
  • Batteries: Alkaline, Rechargeable, Car etc…
  • Bicycle Tires & Inner Tubes
  • Bicycle Helmets
  • Bras
  • Cabling & Chargers
  • Cardboard
  • Discs like CD/DVD
  • Mobile Phones & iPods
  • Light Bulbs (CFL)
  • Child Safety Seats
  • Electronics
  • Styrofoam (packing)
  • Glasses (Eye)
  • Fluorescent Lights (Tubes up to 6 feet in length)
  • All colors of glass
  • Guitar Strings
  • Household-based Grease
  • Toner/Ink Cartridges
  • Medicine
  • Metals
  • Wooden Pallets
  • Paper
  • Planting Pots
  • Plastics: (#’s 1-7)
  • Ski and Snowboard Equipment
  • Thermometers and Thermostats
  • Tyvek-type Envelopes and Windows[1]

[1] http://www.recycleutah.org/materials-accepted/

We congratulate and encourage the new Green Business Program and hope that participation levels are high. Such events should be more common here in Ohio, as they are beneficial to the community. Often companies that adhere to green standards and practices are far too often not recognized.

Our auto buyer is awaiting your call!  

We buy junk cars throughout the regions of New Franklin, Firestone Park, and Highland Square. Are you seeking cash for my car or junk car hauling services in Barberton, Ravenna, or the Merriman Valley? What is required to junk my car in Bath, Lakemore, or Clinton? The process is fast and amazingly simple—call for a junk car price quote today. We are a junk vehicle buyer in the auto scrap business. The auto recycling of scrap cars in an ecofriendly manner is our 1st priority. We buy junk vehicles 6 days a week in the cities of Medina, Rootstown, and the Portage Lakes. Call our buyer of junk cars for price for a wrecked car and get cash for it today! We’re paying fast cash for cars and include complimentary damaged car removal in Norton, Brimfield, and Tallmadge. The Barberton area’s leading junk car buyer and now premier junk car hauler. Call for a junk car quote from our scrap car buyer and we will give you a quick price for a junk car, regardless of whether it is located in Granger Township, the Rolling Acres area, or Coventry Township.


Recycling Fraud with Scrap Containers

At Barberton Junk Cars we buy any car that is running or not allowing you to junk your car for cash. To sell a car for scrap in Tallmadge, Peninsula, or Bath, you should contact out junk vehicle buyer. Are you wondering who buys junk cars in the Rolling Acres area, Coventry Township, or the Chapel Hill area? We actually buy used cars for scrap; therefore, when you junk your car for cash, it is recycled—which is good for the environment. Those residing in Brimfield, Tallmadge, and Peninsula should know that we buy any car and are among who buys junk cars that are using recycling practices that protect and preserve resources, lower costs and decrease pollution.

 On February 16, 2016 a press release on calrecycle.ca.gov titled ‘Agents prevent $13,550 hit to California’s CRV fund’ was posted with the following story: “The CA Department of Resources Recycling (CalRecycle) announced the 1st recycling border bust of 2016. Mr. Daniel Rosales, of Baldwin Park is due to appear at tRiverside County Superior Court for arraignment on charges of felony recycling fraud & attempted grand theft. He could receive 6 months to (3) years if convicted. CalRecycle’s Director Scott Smithline says that drivers need to understand that recycling fraud will not be tolerated. It essentially steals money from the honest Californians who pay CRV at the cash registers. Anyone helping these criminals haul out-of-state beverage containers into CA to make fraudulent redemptions will be caught & punished.

The CA Department of Food & Agriculture agents at a checkpoint in Blythe conducted an inspection of a semi-trailer, marked as BNS Trucking, and found used beverage containers. Mr. Rosales, has a bill of lading stating he was hauling bottle caps and was unable to produce the Import Materials Report, required for transporting used beverage containers into CA. CDFA agents alerted members of the CA Recycling Fraud Team. After conducting an interview, Rosales was arrested and the truck impounded. Rosales was hauling 6,622lbs of aluminum and 2,606lbs of plastic beverage containers with a potential redemption value of $13,550.

CDOJ investigates and prosecutes cases on behalf of CalRecycle, which has authority over the state’s beverage container recycling program. The department combats fraud and illicit payments through precertification training of recycling center owners, probationary reviews of centers, monitoring & tracking the disposition of imported materials, assessment of daily claims for reimbursement, prepayment controls, and post-payment reviews.” The complete story is available at this link.

To get an overall picture of exactly how this works we have this statement from the CalRecycle website: “CA Refund Value is the amount you paid at the checkout stand that is paid back to consumers when they recycle their aluminum, plastic, glass & bi-metal containers at recycling centers. The minimum refund value is $.05 for each container under 24oz and $.10 for each that is greater.”[1] So people looking to cash in (like the gentleman discussed earlier) take large loads to CA to try to collect on out-of-state generated containers.

[1] http://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/BevContainer/Consumers/FAQ.htm

We currently buy used cars for scrap

When we buy any car, we take great pride in our efforts to recycle the vast majority of the components. We currently buy used cars for scrap throughout Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls 6 days a week. The requirements in Northeast Ohio to sell a car for scrap are that you possess the title for the car and the listed owner must be present with valid ID. Those seeking to junk your car for cash can receive a junk car quote from our vehicle buyer in three simple ways; during business hours, you can call us at (330) 732-JUNK, or after hours can send a text to that number, or email your vehicle’s info through our website. We are now offering scrap vehicle removal in the regions of North Akron, Sharon Center, and Mogadore. With our ‘cash for junk cars’ program, the results are that fewer raw materials are used, thus conserving precious energy and natural resources. Residents of Copley, Barberton, and Ravenna, can get cash for clunkers today by contacting Barberton Junk Cars. We are now happy to be serving the Medina County areas of Wadsworth, Medina and Granger Township. Those in the Portage County areas of Kent and Rootstown are now within our junk car removal service area!

Scrap Vehicle Tire Recycling

Scrap Vehicle Tire Recycling

Barberton Junk Cars is back with the latest news concerning car buyers and auto scrap from someone who buys junk cars. As you know, we buy any car (regardless of condition) allowing you to sell a car for scrap. We buy used cars for scrap in Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls. Those in the regions of Springfield Township, Kenmore, North Akron, should know that we buy any car available. To sell a car for scrap to car buyers in the Ohio auto scrap market, the vehicle title is required. Are you pondering who buys junk cars in Sharon Center, Mogadore, or Monroe Falls? The good news is that we do buy used cars for scrap throughout Summit, Medina and Portage Counties. Our next topic discusses the recycling of scrap car tires in California, that some believe is causing a “blowback” of sorts.

A February 12, 2016 article by Zach St. George on takepart.com with the headline “When Recycling Goes Awry: California’s Old Tires Cross the Ocean and Come Back as Smog” tells us the following: “Inside a machine shop, Mark Hope leans over a conveyor belt, picking through the black scraps. He finds a web of silver wires sandwiched between two layers of black rubber. Hope says there is a lot of wire in tires and it’s tough on the equipment. The shredder has shears that need changed out all the time, since they are constantly going dull from the wire.

California drivers generate over 40M scrap tires annually. Most are too beat up to return to the road, and until the early 1990s, 2/3 went to landfills, taking up space and costing money. Others tires were burned for fuel and a small portion were recycled. Since then, the state has gone to great lengths to keep tires out of the dump. Besides their utility as fuel, they can be shredded and turned into artificial turf, or applied as landfill cover CA has been a catalyst for the tire recycling business and developed markets for the product. California’s scrap tires winding up in landfills fell to just 26% in 2001. Studies have shown that pollution from China makes it across the ocean, fouling CA air. A 2015 study by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, found that although the Western US reduced its pollutant emissions between 2005 and 2010, air quality remained the same because of a simultaneous increase in emissions in China making it back—as smog.

For most of the ’00s, CA kept about 70% scrap tires out of the landfills–then a new crop of balers arrived. In 2007, the price of Australian coal spiked, squeezing power plants supplying China’s booming economy with electricity. Suddenly tires were cheaper than coal as a fuel source. Next, Asian tire manufacturers started putting more rubber from used tires in their new tires, using up the tires that could have gone to the power plants. The power plants then began looking abroad. Records from CalRecycle show exports doubled in 2010, and by 2011, more than a quarter were exported. In June 2012, CalRecycle predicted two outcomes. If demand in Asia remained strong, the exporters would become members of the state’s scrap tire industry. In this scenario, the number of tires going to the landfill would stay low–but the environmental benefit might be a wash. Terry Levielle, a lobbyist, says the cement kilns that incinerate tires in CA are subject to strict air quality regulations, standards he doubts the factories in China would match—a hunch that air quality in Beijing would seem to support. In 2013 China’s economy faltered; prices of Australian coal fell and with it, demand for scrap tires. Currently, only about 10% of tires get landfilled (even as exports have slowed somewhat).” The article is available to be read in its entirety at this link.

We will buy used cars for scrap

As mentioned earlier, we buy any car located in Copley, Barberton, or Ravenna. We are definitely among the most environmentally sound outfits among the sites who buys junk cars. We are now on-hand 6 days a week for you to sell a car for scrap in Merriman Valley, Bath, and Stow. Even if your car is broken down and facing a costly repair bill at a local mechanic, transmission shop or Midas location—we can pay you cash for it. Our junk car removal service is now covering the regions of Lakemore, Clinton, and Medina. Do you need a scrap car hauler to remove your unwanted car in Rootstown, the Portage Lakes, or Norton? The good news for those seeking cash for scrap cars in Brimfield, Tallmadge, and Peninsula is that our scrap my car service area now encompasses you!

Car Manufacturer Recycling

Car Manufacturer Recycling

At Barberton Junk Cars we buy any car located in areas such as Coventry Township, Chapel Hill, and Hudson. We are who buys junk cars, allowing you to sell a car for scrap in Barberton, Ravenna, or the Merriman Valley. When we buy used cars for scrap, thus allowing you to junk your car for cash, the process recycling has begun. What if my car was wrecked in an accident? No problem—we buy any car, even in poor or fair condition. Are you asking yourself who buys junk cars in Green, Fairlawn, or Cuyahoga Falls? The good news is that you can sell a car for scrap much more quickly than you realize. Some people refer to us as the guys who buy used cars for scrap, or a place where to junk your car for cash. Make an environmentally sound decision by choosing BJC for your scrap car removal.

A February 5, 2016 article by Jack Walsworth on autonews.com titled ‘Toyota recycling program gives second life tells us about the automaker’s continued recycling efforts as follows: “Toyota’s junk is becoming one of its treasures. Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A and Boles Supply, takes bumper covers & recycles them in the form of shredding. The shredded remains are turned into plastic pellets, which are sold, becoming part of the material used to create new components. Toyota created the National Scrap Program with Boles in 2014, piloting with Toyota’s two largest such centers, Ontario, Calif., and Hebron, Ky. The program serves as a “one-stop shop” for all of Toyota’s North American recycling needs.

The covers are primarily from dealer returns that were damaged in transit from distribution centers. Covers that are obsolete from Toyota’s inventory also are recycled. None of these items had been installed on a car, according to Ernest Lopez, Toyota’s environmental health & safety manager. Cloth, foam & rubber also are recycled at the centers. Just about any automobile component that Toyota sends to dealers can be recycled. In the 1st 15 months, the program recycled over 40,000 lbs of cloth and foam, which before had been incinerated or sent to landfills. The program expanded to distribution centers in Cincinnati, LA, SF and Portland, OR. This move more than doubled the amount of cloth, foam, glass & rubber recycled, to over 88,000 pounds. Toyota is reviewing the program for potential rollout to more distribution centers by the end of fiscal year 2017. Juliana Dee, manager of the program at the North American operation says they are giving new life to things that used to be trash & making improvements in their recycling rate.” To view the article in its entirety, visit this link.

In 2015, Toyota published a North American Environmental Report which contained several interesting aspects of their “green” program with the following[1]:

  • Carbon: Global warming is a top priority. The Toyota Mirai is now in the market, powered by hydrogen and emitting nothing but water vapor.
  • Water: Saved over 54M gallons last year.
  • Materials: Last year, we reduced, reused or recycled 96 percent of our own solid waste.
  • Biodiversity: Partners with the Wildlife Habitat Council to bring employees, government agencies & conservationists together to build healthy ecosystems & connected communities,
  • Outreach: Team members can be environmental ambassadors, working with our dealerships on green initiatives; and through the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation, we are part of conservation awareness programs in the U.S.

The full report is available at this link. (See the environment report)

How to sell a car for scrap

Currently, we buy any car in need of fast removal throughout Springfield Township, Kenmore, and North Akron. Are you attempting to determine who buys junk cars in Sharon Center, Mogadore, or Monroe Falls? We buy used cars for scrap and we do not classify or care whether it is running or not. To junk your car for cash Monday through Saturday, we strongly recommend calling (330) 732-5865. Our auto buyer will give you the opportunity to sell your car for scrap. If you seek a ‘buy my junk car place’ in Clinton, Medina, or Rootstown–we are available! All buyers of scrap vehicles in Ohio will require the vehicle title and a matching ID. The condition of the vehicle is of little concern when getting cash for wrecked cars in the Portage Lakes, Norton, or Brimfield. Residents of Kent, New Franklin, and Firestone Park should pick up the phone to get cash for cars today.


[1] http://www.toyota.com/usa/environmentreport2015/index.html

Unusual New Auto Sales

Unusual New Auto Sales

Barberton Junk Cars, a site that allows you to junk your car for cash through our commitment to buy used cars for scrap in Kenmore, North Akron, and Sharon Center. We are among those who buys junk cars by providing a junk car quote for the value of a scrap car. Speaking of this topic, the value of a scrap car has eroded a bit over 2015, due to many market conditions. Are you wondering where to scrap my car in Mogadore, East Akron, or Silver Lake? To junk your car for cash in Wadsworth, Kent, or New Franklin, call the home of cash for cars!

 A recent story contributed by the Trefis Team on forbes.com titled ‘Unique Approach to Increase Membership’ tells us the following info: “Shopping at Costco usually means stocking up on groceries in bulk & getting discounted prices on big-ticket items such as televisions. Costco is a place to buy a new vehicle. Since 2008, Costco has emerged to become a leading car seller in the U.S; sales negotiated through Costco have almost doubled in the 2008-2014 period, with vehicles sold increasing from 199,000 in 2008 to 398,000 in 2014. Costco doesn’t earn revenues off the vehicle sales it arranges, as the sales of cars are conducted directly with a dealer. Costco simply arranges the deal between the dealer & the buyer, taking away the negotiation involved. Dealers pay Costco a modest monthly marketing fee to operate this program. Costco’s motivation for entering the market is building a channel to get more people to join for membership, which translates into higher recurring revenues for the company in the future.

Costco’s bargaining power with suppliers is well known; one of the ways that they ensure customers get low prices. The company uses its bargaining power to negotiate discounts on cars for its members. Members are receptive to the idea as it limits the process of bargaining with the auto dealers. Costco is making the process of buying cars simpler & hassle-free, and the increasing number sales is evidence that it is working.

Membership at Costco carries a $55 annual fee; consumers can buy new or used vehicles at prearranged prices. These negotiated prices save the buyer approximately an average of $1,000 per car. Members also receive 15% discounts on components, services & miscellaneous, within certain constraints. The incentives (including $500 store gift cards), with additional offers in conjunction with auto makers, are attracting more people to buy. The full story is available at this link.

Where to scrap my car

Those of who buys junk cars and buy used cars for scrap, may have varying levels of commitment to the environmentally sound processing of scrap cars. At BJC, when we buy used cars for scrap, you can rest-assured that we recycle and repurpose at the maximum eco-friendly level. If wondering who buy junk cars in Firestone Park, Highland Square, and Copley, then you have found it! To junk your car for cash in Barberton, Ravenna, and the Merriman Valley, contact or junk vehicle buyer at our scrap car processing center at (330) 732-JUNK. Getting cash for a junk vehicle in Bath, Stow, and Lakemore, is only a phone call away for fast junk vehicle removal. Residents of Clinton, Medina, and Rootstown are now able to receive of scrap vehicle removal program, plus cash for your old car today! If your car is broken down at a repair shop or damaged, in the areas of the Portage Lakes, Norton, or Brimfield—your junk vehicle removal solution is here.

Ohio Environmental Issue

Ohio Environmental Issue

In this forum we strive to discuss and report news and information concerning auto recycling, salvage vehicle recycling, and scrap car removal related concerns. In addition, issues relative to the environment are also in the forefront. Barberton Junk Cars is scrap vehicle buyer that allows you to sell a car for scrap. We buy any car and process the scrap car removal in the areas of Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls. Those seeking the value of a junk car in Springfield Township, Kenmore, or North Akron, are encouraged to contact our scrap vehicle buyer 6 days a week. Do you have a salvage vehicle in need of scrap car removal in Sharon Center, Mogadore, or East Akron? By calling us at (330) 732-JUNK, you can obtain the value of a junk car, in the form of a quote right over the phone.

On January 27, 2016, the Akron Beacon Journal editorial board posted ‘Where are the new rules for drilling in Ohio’, which discussed as follows: “John Kasich has described Ohio’s regulations on oil & gas drilling as among the toughest in the nation. Drilling activity rapidly increased, oil and gas companies using horizontal wells & hydraulic fracturing to reach resources in deep shale. The scale of these operations is truly staggering, each well producing millions of gallons of waste water containing drilling chemicals. The Department of Natural Resources provides oversight of oil and gas drilling, but hasn’t followed through. A report by the Columbus Dispatch showed that of 20 rules the agency was working on, only one is in place. It covers the construction of well pads. Action by this department is important because local governments have been stripped of authority over oil & gas drilling. If the state fails to act, communities are left without a way to respond to concerns from their residents about potential environmental impacts. Still in the works are rules covering recycling waste water from hydraulic fracturing, tracking it as it leaves the drilling site and to report well leaks. Without pressure from the governor and leaders, the state will have a regulatory framework far less robust than promised.

Last fall, a legislative report recommended a gradual phase-in of higher severance taxes, citing industry concerns that a tax increase would cripple drilling activity dampened by low prices. What the report also noted is that the state’s tax burden on drillers is now “lower than or as low as every other state with a severance tax.” For his part, the governor rightly has continued to propose a modest increase, shifting from a low, volume-based tax to a 6.5% rate based on current market prices. Such a tax would place Ohio about in the middle of what other states charge, hardly an invitation for drillers to abandon rich deposits in the state. Increased taxes would provide the revenue to support a strong, sensible regulatory system capable of heading off environmental and public health disasters. The report recommends using tax revenues to help local governments affected by hydraulic fracturing — and to fund additional income tax rate cuts. Ohioans deserve both effective, comprehensive rules governing the taking of onetime resources and a tax system that ensures enforcement. Both deserve prompt attention from the governor and members of the legislature.” The full article is available at this link.

At Barberton Junk Cars we buy any car, as long it is complete, for salvage vehicle recycling and disposal. Those wishing to sell a car for scrap in Barberton, Ravenna, or the Merriman Valley, should contact our cash for cars phone line today. As a scrap vehicle buyer servicing the areas of Bath, Stow, or Lakemore, you can sell a car for scrap to us and have it towed away the same day. We buy any car that is wrecked, non-running or unwanted as long as you possess the title and an ID that matched the owners name on the title. When you sell a car for scrap to BJC the vehicle is recycled in processes that are protect the environment. We take our “green” approach to auto recycling very seriously and have best practices in place to insure that when you scrap a car with us that up to 85% of the vehicle is recycled. In our ‘scrap my car’ program, one of the primary goals is to limit the amount of materials which end up in landfills. Our service area now includes the cities of Wadsworth, Medina and Granger Township. We now offer auto scrapping in Kent, Rootstown and Streetsboro as well.

Scrap Vehicle Licensing

Scrap Vehicle Licensing

We are back with our next piece of news and information regarding the auto recycling, vehicle removal and salvage car industry. As a wrecked car buyer that deals in junk car scrap, we offer money for a scrap car 6 days a week in Monroe Falls, Tallmadge, and Granger Township. To sell a car for cash in the Portage Lakes, Fairlawn, or Norton, you should contact our junk car scrap and wrecked car buyer today. Regardless of whether your old car is located in Bath, Stow, or Lakemore, we can offer money for a scrap car or salvage vehicle, which includes the vehicle removal. Our next topic involves a scrap and wrecked car buyer in Massachusetts that his competitors claim is performing services that extend beyond the scope of their state license.

In the Tuesday, January 26, 2016 edition of iberkshires.com , Andy McKeever authored a story titled ‘Licensing Board Rules in Favor of Pearlman’s Scrap Vehicle Operation’ which told us the following information: “The Licensing Board says Pearlman’s Recycling doesn’t need additional licenses to buy scrap vehicles, transfer the title to another company, and resell the vehicle components. The board decided the company is in compliance with laws regarding automobile recyclers. Randy Stein, the City Fire Inspector issued the complaint saying the company was selling old vehicles & components without proper licensing. The board found the operation in compliance with its current junk dealer license to satisfy the statute under a Chapter 54 license. For those who wish to take a look at the company website, the link is here.

Pearlman’s operates a scrapyard and buys junk motor vehicles. They transfer the plates to a separately-owned entity, Eastern Vehicle Recycling, with the same owner, where they are “parted out” and/or resold. Pearlman does not have a used auto sales license required to sell components locally. Mervin Haas, owner of County Auto Wrecking, says they are bypassing the rules. Haas has a Class 2 auto dealer license, to sell used autos & handle the titles, as well as a Class 3 junk license to buy & sell salvage cars. Pearlman’s only has a junk dealer license and the law says that a used-components dealer only needs the additional licenses if it is their primary business, which it is not. The Licensing Board determined that the company operations are in line with the permit issued.

If the company has a license to be a junk dealer, then it is authorized to sell cars if the company meets those provisions, which it does. The issue really center on the titles; the board said the company is required to keep records of the titles, which is being done both at Pearlman’s and he sister company, which does have the license to resell the items. The board ultimately found in Pearlman’s favor. The complete article is found at this link.

Barberton Junk Cars is where to sell a car for cash in Green, Silver Lake, and Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio’s requirements for selling a salvage car to a scrap vehicle operator or wrecked car buyer are that you possess the title and a valid ID. Being that this requirement is a state-based law, it applies regardless of whether you are trying to get money for a scrap car in Springfield Township, North Akron, or Sharon Center. Our junk car scrap buyer is on-hand 6 days a week when you call us at (330) 732-5865. Those stuck with a car needing a costly repair such as a new motor or transmission located in Mogadore, East Akron, or Wadsworth, are encouraged to call. Residents of Kent, New Franklin, and Peninsula will be happy to know that same-day junk car removal is now available. Are you wondering where to get cash for cars in Firestone Park, Highland Square, or Copley? Visit us online at http://www.BarbertonJunkCars.com today!


Recycling in Akron

Recycling in Akron

Barberton Junk Cars is a wrecked car buyer that processes junk car scrap and is among those people that buy junk cars in the areas of Tallmadge, Rolling Acres and Coventry Township. To receive money for a junk car in Kenmore, Chapel Hill, and Hudson, you must have the title and a matching ID. Are you wondering where to junk a car? Perhaps you are asking yourself where to sell an old car? There are options among people that buy junk cars, and more than likely the amount of money for a junk car that you receive will be comparable. One differentiating factor with our wrecked car buyer and junk car scrap program is that we are among the most environmentally conscious in the industry.

Our next topic looks closely at the details of the City of Akron’s curbside recycling program. We look to their Recycling Collection Division page on akronohio.gov to provide the following information: “The City offers single stream recycling, meaning it is all combined together. Recycling allows you to save on your monthly bill and keep materials out of landfills. Most packaging from items you buy at a grocery store that are larger than 3″ and smaller than a plastic jug of laundry detergent are acceptable items. The plastic grocery bags or trash bags are not recycled.

The Material Recovery Facility (MRF) that we take your recycled items to be processed only accepts the items that are listed below as acceptable:

Paper products: Newspapers, office / school papers (not shredded), junk mail, phone books, beer & beverage packages, cereal boxes and tissue boxes

Cartons: Milk, juice, soup, broth and others

Plastic products: Bottles for water, soda and sports drinks. The containers used for milk, iced tea, and juice. The food containers such as yogurt cups, sour cream, butter, margarine, & coffee creamer are accepted. Containers used for soap, dish liquid, & laundry detergent are fine as well.

Other items include: Cardboard (flattened, not bundled), aluminum cans, trays and metal cans, soda cans, beverage cans, soup cans, tomato cans, vegetable cans, glass bottles for juice, iced tea & beer, as well as canning jars.

Top 5 Recycling Rules:

  • Place suitable items in your recycling cart loose—not bagged.
  • Rinse the items out before placing in the cart
  • Place caps & lids into the trash
  • No plastic bags
  • No medical waste, needles, or syringes

Larger items are recyclable as well. Auto tires & household appliances such as refrigerators, washers and air conditioners can be collected weekly from the curb. These items should be place next to your trash and we’ll pick them up. These larger items go to a local salvage company to make sure they are recycled correctly.” To read the complete resource, please visit this link.

Where to junk a car

To sell an old car in the Portage Lakes, Fairlawn, or Norton, place a call to our people that buy junk cars at (330)732-JUNK. As a wrecked car buyer serving the regions of the Merriman Valley, Bath, and Stow, we insure that your junk car scrap is properly recycled. The amount of money for a junk car that you can receive can be determined by contacting our cash for cars buyer. We are proudly now offering junk vehicle removal in Ravenna, Kent and Rootstown. Not only has our scrap car hauling area been expanded to Portage County, but to Medina County also! Free scrap car removal is included in the price you get for an old car in the areas of Medina, Wadsworth and Sharon Center. Residents of New Franklin, Peninsula, and Firestone Park are encouraged to call us regarding cars in any condition. Even if the junk vehicle is parked at a Firestone Service Center, Conrad’s location, or transmission shop, facing costly repairs—call us!

Scrap Recycling Debate

Scrap Recycling Debate

Barberton Junk Cars is back with our latest update relating to the salvage vehicle, salvage car buyer and junk car removal industry. We are among those people that buy junk cars by paying money for a scrap car. We offer you a fast price for a junk car and complimentary junk car removal is included regardless of whether you are located in Kenmore, Chapel Hill, or Hudson. BJC pays money for a scrap car or salvage vehicle in Tallmadge, the Rolling Acres area and Coventry Township 6 days a week. The people that buy junk cars must realize the importance of taking environmental concerns seriously. Our salvage car buyer and junk car removal processes and procedures are definitely eco-friendly.

Recently on wsra.net Bob Gedert of National Recycling Coalition authored the following story titled ‘How to respond to attacks on recycling’ with the following news: “You may be familiar with the jabs at recycling that came through several editorials distributed nationally recently. These same basic attacks have been recycled over the last 25 years. The commentary from William F. Shughart, a libertarian, wrote assumptions, gross generalizations and false statements that are misleading. The National Recycling Coalition is responding, setting the record straight for all who are working hard to maintain recycling efforts. Recycling makes More Americans – and more manufacturers – recycle today than in past decades. Shughart asserts that the costs associated with recycling almost always outweigh the benefits. If this were true manufacturers wouldn’t rely on recycled metal, paper, plastic and other for nearly 50% of their raw material needs.

In the U.S., steelmakers rely on iron & steel scrap – processed from automobiles, appliances, bridges and machinery – to make 60+% of the steel produced. One-third of the U.S. aluminum supply comes from soda cans, aluminum siding and other scrap. Mr. Shughart also proclaims that landfilling is better than recycling, conveniently ignoring the environmental costs of landfilling, as well as the financial costs to our communities. According to the U.S. EPA, as many as 30 hazardous air pollutants have been identified in uncontrolled landfill gas. In the U.S., recycling helps us avoid harmful effects, and the use of recycled instead of virgin materials reduces carbon dioxide emissions by significantly scaling back the total energy needed to manufacture the products.

Recycling is an important economic engine and job creator, supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs and generating $11B in tax revenues for the federal, state & local governments. Every 10,000 metric tons of recyclables generates 37 jobs, which equates to $1.1 million in wages and $330,000 in tax revenues. Conservation of natural resources is often not counted as a major benefit of recycling. When one looks at the facts, it is clear that recycling makes much more sense than burying or burning our waste. The National Recycling Coalition encourages all Americans to recycle, not just because it seems like the right thing to do but because it makes clear environmental & economic sense.”  The complete article is available at this link.

The debate on if recycling is worthwhile is seemingly endless. While there may be certain recycling related processes that could be more economically efficient, the underlying motive for recycling is to preserve natural resources, conserve energy and limit landfill expansion. Recycling, like any concept or initiative, is still continuously evolving and will likely increase the cost effectiveness of the many processes over time.

Those seeking money for a scrap car in Fairlawn, Norton and Monroe Falls should contact our salvage car buyer today. The price for a junk car will vary based on many factors; therefore, the best course of action is to call us for a salvage vehicle quote right over the phone. Most people that buy junk cars and process junk car removal can handle the process more quickly than you may think. Residents of Clinton, Medina, the Portage Lakes are encouraged to call (330) 732-JUNK. Even if your car is facing a costly repair bill at one of the Firestone Service Centers, Conrad’s locations, or transmission shops, we can buy it from you. If you have an old car to sell for cash in the regions of Bath, Stow, or Lakemore—we are available. BJC is the environmentally sound option to get cash for cars in Firestone Park, Highland Square, and Copley.

Scrap Car Battery Recycling

Scrap Car Battery Recycling

We at Barberton Junk Cars strive to do much more than pay money for a junk car or salvage car. We provide the latest news and information several times per month concerning topics of interest t the scrap vehicle buyer and auto recycler. Car buyers in the US and beyond face continuous challenges in the salvage car market. As a scrap vehicle buyer, we know all too well that the money for a junk car that is generated has decreased due to falling steel prices. We buy junk cars 6 days a week and are among the many who scraps cars in the Northeast Ohio market.

A January 8, 2016 article by Ben Messenger on waste-management-world.com titled ‘Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling to Surge’ discussed the following: “A new report outlining best practices to recapture and recycle the materials used in electric-drive vehicle (EDV) batteries once they reach end-of-life has been published by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC). According to the CEC, an organization intended to protect the environment, the market in North America for electric-drive vehicles has surged over the last 10 years and the supply of end-of-life batteries for EDVs is expected to continue to increase.

The report says that this represents a vital opportunity to recapture & recycle the materials used in EDV batteries, such as nickel, cobalt, and steel. The study, a partnership between Canada, Mexico and the US examines how EDV batteries are currently managed at end-of-life across the US protect health & the environment. The report is named ‘Environmentally Sound Management of EDV batteries in North America’ and warned that changes to using less costly materials in the batteries need to be assessed to ensure the continuing environmentally sound management at end-of-life.

Current Facts:

  • It is projected that about 276,000 EDV batteries will reach EOL in North America in 2015
  • Most of these batteries are likely to be nickel metal hydride (NiMH), the primay battery chemistry used.
  • By 2030, almost 1.5 million EDV batteries will reach EOL. By that time, close to half the EOL EDV batteries will be lithium-based, with the remainder being NiMH batteries
  • Manufacturers like Toyota & Honda are starting reverse supply chains to ensure the batteries are recovered & recycled
  • The recycling/processing structure for EDV batteries is in its infancy, but large players are in the market and plotting for future expansion. The complete story is available at this link.

Those of us who scraps cars have likely not begun to receive these electric battery powered vehicles into the salvage car market yet. Car buyers should expect to begin encountering them in the next couple of years. As a scrap vehicle buyer, we wait in anticipation to see what the aftermarket options and value for these will be.

We buy junk cars in Summit, Medina and Portage Counties. Those looking to get money for a junk car should contact our scrap vehicle buyer at (330)732-JUNK. As car buyers in Northeast Ohio for several years now we know that sellers of cash for cars vehicles want fast pickup and payments in cash, rather than a check. BJC is the best option available and we hope to see you soon.

Incentive to Scrap Cars

Incentive to Scrap Cars

Barberton Junk Cars is a wrecked car buyer and salvage car buyer that processes junk car scrap in Summit, Portage and Medina Counties. Do you have a salvage vehicle that you want to sell to a wrecked car buyer? BJC is where to sell a junk car and we handle vehicle removal throughout Kenmore, Chapel Hill and Hudson. Our next topic of news within the auto scrap and junk car scrap market focuses on an incentive program implemented in Spain designed to spur new vehicle sales and remove older cars from the roads.

A January 4, 2016 article titled ‘Spain’s car sales rose 21% in 2015 boosted by scrappage program’ on europe.autonews.com told us the following: “Spanish new-car sales rose by 21% in 2015 to 1.03 million, vehicle manufacturers’ association Anfac said on Monday. Registrations increased by 21% to 88,609 in December, Anfac said. A Spanish government-backed subsidy scheme to boost new vehicle acquisitions has helped spur purchases over the last 2 years. In November, the government said it coordinated to renew the incentive for the 8th time stretching it until the middle of this year. Under this scheme, vehicle owners who scrap their cars and buy a new one get 2,000 euros, 50% of which is provided by the government and 50% from the automaker.” The complete article is available here.

Apparently this car scrapping program designed to boost new vehicle sales has been revised on several occasions. A July 2014 article on wardsauto.com by Jorge Palacios provided us the following information: “The new program closes a loophole in prior versions of the plan. To scrap a car it must be at least 10 years old, or for a light-commercial vehicle at least 7 years old and must show current proof of ownership. It was discovered many of the transactions in earlier schemes involved vehicles that had languished in junkyards for years.” The story is available in its entirety at this link.

This salvage vehicle trade-in plan is very similar to the “cash for clunkers” model that was used in the US several years ago. Essentially, the new car dealer acts as a salvage car buyer and junk car scrap site for those willing to trade in the old vehicle toward the purchase of a new one. The US government heavily subsidized this program and the reviews were mixed in the overall effectiveness of this program.

Barberton Junk Cars will buy your salvage vehicle 6 days a week in Tallmadge, Rolling Acres, or Coventry Township. We are a wrecked car buyer (aka salvage car buyer) that handles vehicle removal and junk car scrap services is the areas of Fairlawn, Norton and Monroe Falls. Residents of Clinton, Medina and the Portage Lakes seeking a wrecked car buyer should call our salvage car buyer today for a junk car quote. We are flexible and are happy to pick up a salvage vehicle from Firestone Service Centers, Conrad’s locations, or transmission shops. Those needing to sell a junk car for junk car scrap in Bath, Stow, or Lakemore should call us at (330) 732-JUNK. Many salvage vehicle outfits are unable to offer same-day pick up service and may wish to pay you with a check rather than cash. Forget about those guys and visit us online at http://www.BarbertonJunkCars.com

Car Electronic Signatures

Car Electronic Signatures

Barberton Junk Cars pays money for a scrap car and is among the people that buy junk cars through the greater Akron area. As a scrap vehicle buyer, we serve to recycle old cars and avoid the many components from entering landfills. Car buyers in the US and other people that buy junk cars are sometimes not viewed as being active in the day to day news. Here at BJC, we want to be a scrap vehicle buyer that provides the latest in auto scrap and recycling news and information.

In the December 23, 2015 edition of autonews.com and article titled ‘States now have power to allow e-signatures on odometer disclosures’ was composed by Hannah Lutz with the following information: “Dealerships could be closer to all electronic documents, as a bill was signed into federal law this month.

President Obama signed the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, into law Dec. 4. Before the bill, the federal gov’t required wet signatures on odometer disclosures. States can decide whether or not to allow e- signatures on such forms, which speeds up the F&I process & reduce errors and fraud. The odometer disclosure was the final vehicle related document on which the fed required a wet signature. Dealers had been striving to make the process more efficient; to have wet signatures was a potential hindrance. Handwritten signatures tend to add to time in the F&I office.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration say it will offer guidance on electronic odometer disclosures Most dealers are ready to use electronic odometer disclosures. The complete article is available at this link.

We are certainly in agreement that this step to allowing e-signatures is long overdue. It will be nice to someday progress the forms used in vehicle titling and registration in a similar direction.

Where to receive money for a scrap car

We are scrap vehicle buyers allowing you to sell your scrap car quickly. Car buyers and other such ‘junk my car’ outfits fill a need in the market for the disposal of end-of-life vehicles. Our car buyers are on hand 6 days a week to provide you a junk car quote for your ride. Get money for a scrap car in the (330) today by calling BJC–car buyers serving Summit, Medina and Portage Counties.

Toyota Auto Scrap Recycling

Toyota Auto Scrap Recycling

Barberton Junk Cars is a scrap vehicle buyer and wrecked car buyer that will pay money for a junk car. In the salvage car business, there are several factors that influence the amount of money for a junk car that you can receive. We include complimentary vehicle removal with our ‘scrap my car’ service. Our scrap vehicle buyer is on-hand 6 days a week throughout Mogadore, East Akron and Wadsworth. If looking for a damaged or wrecked car buyer in Barberton, Ravenna, or the Merriman Valley, we are ready to provide you a junk car quote. In the December 17, 2015 edition of plasticsnews.com, Jim Johnson composed an article titled ‘Toyota leans into recycling as it streamlines national effort’ with the following report: “Toyota Motor Corp. North America is increasing recycling through a national program. The effort includes the company’s largest component centers in Ontario, CA and Hebron, KY., as well as regional component distribution centers in Cincinnati, L.A, San Francisco and Portland. Toyota is using Boles  Supply Inc. as a contractor for its recycling, including component & packaging, through the company’s National Scrap Program. Boles provides a single vendor source to take all of the recyclables from the (6) sites.

Toyota workers can easily intermingle all recyclables without worrying about separating them, freeing up more time to do their component distribution. Juliana Dee, manager of the recycling program at Toyota says they are very protective of product quality and are handling it to ensure that defective products don’t get out in the marketplace. They had using dozens of vendors around the US;  each basically had their own process, it wasn’t standardized and we saw some challenges and opportunities to improve. Going to a single vendor to handle recycling for all locations allowed Toyota to standardize and implement controls, to get components in and out the door. Recycling is cumbersome for the facilities to manage; Bolesi is handling those duties at the sites. For the six locations using Boles, the amount of material being recycled & diverted from landfills has increased. Items that were once trashed are now finding their way into the recycling stream. Foam and cloth, that were thrown away or incinerated, now gets recycled.

Toyota’s recycling program handles a variety of plastic items and provides them a secure system of knowing the unacceptable products no longer find their way back into the market. Plastic bumper covers are a good example of a part that the company had difficulty recycling before Boles came on board; now they are shredded & reprocessed to make new auto components. Toyota hopes to expand its national recycling program through Boles. Boles not only handles a wide variety of plastic for Toyota, but also packaging used to transport those products, such as bubble and shrink wrap. The complete article is available here.

This story relating to the salvage car market is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, any scrap vehicle buyer can tell you that the plastics and cloth-style materials are the least recycled components of a salvage vehicle. With this being said, it is fantastic that there are auto recyclers that have developed a means of extracting and reusing these components for their vehicle removal and scrap system. The other aspect is that sometimes during their production, certain components are determined to be faulty or irregular. Once this determination is made those pieces were (previously) sent to the various vendors for recycling. With the new single-stream “monitored’ system, Toyota can be assured that none of the components are removed from the process and sold back into the aftermarket.

Where to scrap my car

We act as a scrap and wrecked car buyer in the areas of Green, Silver Lake and Cuyahoga Falls. Residents of Springfield Township, North Akron and Kent are encouraged to contact our salvage car buyer today. We can get you money for a junk car which includes free towing in Highland Square, Copley and Barberton. Cash for a salvage car is available in Monroe Falls, Tallmadge and the Rolling Acres area by calling us at (330) 732-JUNK. Even if your car is facing costly engine or transmission repairs in the Portage Lakes, Fairlawn, or Norton—we will purchase it.


Vehicle Education

Vehicle Education

Barberton Junk Cars, the local people that buy junk cars are back with more news. The amount of money for a scrap car in the market has dwindled quite a bit lately due to market conditions. We are car buyers that offer cash for a salvage vehicle or other unwanted car, truck or van. Those seeking money for a scrap car in Tallmadge, the Rolling Acres area, or New Franklin, can turn their salvage vehicle into cash. Our car buyers are on hand 6 days a week throughout the areas of Kenmore, Hudson and around Chapel Hill Mall. Our next story tells us of an auto-related educational gift. In the December 14, 2015 edition of the pilot.com a contributed story titled ‘Teacher Receives $10,000 Grant for Automotive Program’ detailed the following: “Auto Technology Teacher Eddie Billings at North Moore High School (NMHS) is a Real Tools for Schools received a $10,000 grant from the Ingersoll Rand Foundation. NMHS School will use the funds for upgrading in its automotive classrooms and course-work with newer equipment, supplies, staff training and curricula. Billings says the grant money makes a big difference in the readiness of his students in their future career paths.

Billing says he’s thrilled to get the grant to provide students better tools to advance their automotive tech skills. It allows us to enrich our auto-related technology offerings for the students. NMHS offers students the following (4) automotive technology courses: Into to Auto and Auto I, II and III. It is currently one of the more popular elective programs at the school. Billings has about 65 students per term. Many of the graduates go on to work for, manage or own their own automotive-related businesses. The School Principal Jenny Purvis appreciates the generosity of Ingersoll Rand, saying that he’s grateful for Ingersoll Rand’s commitment to fund our classrooms & upgrade equipment in the auto tech programs.

Ingersoll Rand’s grant is not only a financial investment and gift to the school; it shows their commitment to NMHS and our community as an educational partner to better prepare our students for success. The Ingersoll Rand Real Tools for Schools program is sponsored by the Ingersoll Rand Foundation & their power tools business to enhance education. Automotive technology is becoming more sophisticated; employers prefer to hire technicians and mechanics that have completed a formalized training program. In addition to the grants, Ingersoll Rand is partnering with high schools to deliver seminars, hands-on training and development. Discounts are also eligible for purchasing Ingersoll Rand power tools. Company President Donny Simmons recognizes that students are the future of the automotive tech industry and they are proud to support technical education that preps them for success & job readiness.” The complete article is available at this link.

It is great that Ingersoll Rand’s Power Tools Division is helping out. Educational programs in Automotive Technology can definitely lead to a diverse and rewarding career path. Auto technology is certainly a time of education that really has practical applications within the economy. The majority of people drive automobiles and the industry employs people in jobs everything from engineers, developers, manufacturing, sales, repair maintenance and recycling.

People that buy junk cars

Are you seeking money for a scrap car in North Akron, Cuyahoga Falls or Springfield Township? Salvage vehicle removal is typically available on the same-day in the areas of Mogadore, East Akron and Wadsworth. We have been local car buyers serving Kent, Peninsula and Firestone Park for several years. Those selling a scrap car in Highland Square, Copley, or Barberton should call us at 330-732-JUNK today. We provide you a fast quote for an old car in the regions of Bath, Stow and Lakemore. Don’t leave an old car sitting around—call the people that buy junk cars!

Scrap Vehicle Refurbished

Scrap Vehicle Refurbished

Barberton Junk Cars, the area’s premier salvage car buyer and junk vehicle buyer, is back with the latest news. We offer money for junk car scrap or salvage car 6 days a week throughout Lakemore, Clinton and Medina. Our junk vehicle buyer is on hand to receive calls from those selling a scrap car. To get money for a junk car, the requirements are that you have the title and a matching ID, regardless of whether you are located in Bath, Stow, or Kent. Our next story involves a savage car that was refurbished and then donated to a needy driver. On December 11, 2015, Tamara Browning posted a story titled ‘Collision center gives refurbished car to single mother’ on The State Journal-Register with the following information: “Zara’s Collision Center gave a refurbished 1999 Oldsmobile Alero to Mahogony Wilson, which provided much needed transportation for work and caring for her 4-year-old named Aniya. Wilson used to take cabs to her job at a hotel & to the baby sitter. With the car that was given to her, things have changed gotten a lot easier. Wilson, 29, expressed it’s a wonderful thing–just what I needed right now.

Zara’s Collision Center’s giveaway to Wilson is part of its benevolence program; nearly 30 vehicles have been refurbished & donated now in 17 years. The car was presented to her during a recent event that included a recipient & donor appreciation luncheon. Julie Zara, co-owner, says she met Wilson during a parenting class she teaches at a transitional shelter. We have classes every morning, life-skills classes, and parenting.  Wilson recently moved (from Ohio to change her life for her daughter. She stayed with them for six weeks, already had a job working nights and the buses don’t run late in town.  The refurbished Olds Alero had been totaled by an insurance company. Zara’s purchased the car, took over the title and fixed it up into great condition.

Several businesses helped with the refurbishing of Wilson’s car, including Lauterbach Tire & Auto Service, which provided new tires; S & K Buick GMC, which did detailing; NAPA Auto , which supplied components; Accessories Unlimited, which took care of mechanical repairs; and Specialty Paint, which supplied paint materials. Other help came from R & S Towing, for towing to and from Accessories Unlimited; KB Computer Consulting Inc., which provided a laptop for Wilsons use in college to take online classes. The complete article is available at this link.

Where to get money for a junk car

BJC is a salvage car buyer that processes junk car scrap in the areas of Barberton, Ravenna and the Merriman Valley. Those of us in the junk vehicle buyer market have recently experienced a significant drop in the value of a scrap vehicle. The global commodities market, similar to that of gasoline, is the lowest in many years. The value of junk car scrap is a direct reflection of this reduction. We are paying cash for cars in any condition in the regions of Coventry Township, the Portage Lakes and Fairlawn. Residents of New Franklin, Kenmore or the Chapel Hill area, are encouraged to contact us at (330) 732-JUNK for a junk car quote. Even if you have a totaled car or non-running car to sell in Monroe Falls, Green, or Tallmadge—just give us a call!


Electric Vehicle Debate

Electric Vehicle Debate

Barberton Junk Cars is back with the latest news and information concerning topics such as who buys old cars, junk car towing and the price for a junk car.  We are where to junk a car in the areas of Rolling Acres, Cuyahoga Falls, and Springfield Township.  We are a service provider who buys old cars in Mogadore, East Akron and Copley. The price that we quote you for selling a junk car includes junk car towing. Our next story involves the economics of subsidized electric vehicles (EVs). On December 4, 2015 Paul Chesser posted a story on nlpc.org titled ‘Electric Vehicle Sales Plummet without Taxpayer Subsidy’ with the following details: “NLPC has reported that the market for electric vehicles was anything but free and competitive against gasoline-fueled automobile; it is all hype and subsidies, evidenced by what has happened in Atlanta. A $5,000 state tax credit expired on July 1 abs sales of zero-emission cars such as the Nissan Leaf plummeted. Monthly sales averaged 915 in 2015, but sales in the month of August fell to only 148. State Rep. Chuck Martin feels it was taking money that would have paid Georgia taxes. The steep drop was expected after the tax credit expired, gasoline prices are $2 per gallon, which probably exacerbated the fall. Besides the $5,000 from GA, buyers also could take a $7,500 federal tax credit.

There was wealth transfer from taxpayers to a class of automobile drivers, many of them well-heeled, who can afford non-essential vehicles without a credit. According to the Georgia State University Center for S&L Finance, had the tax credit remained it would have cost S&L governments $6.2 million in gas taxes in 2016. The lost revenues have a impact on maintenance of the state’s transportation network, with EV drivers using roads virtually for free. As for the environment, the incentive to spur greater use of electricity-powered vehicles reaped no benefit either. That’s because about 70% of Georgia’s electricity is generated by coal & natural gas, while another 25% comes from nuclear.

When the tax credit was implemented in 2001, it was supposed to reduce the cost of “zero-emission” vehicles. Meanwhile an economic sector was built on government subsidies, which are easily eliminated by politicians who constantly change their minds. Meeting market demand with products that people desire to buy, based upon what they actually cost, is a much better way to do business.” The complete article is available here.

So residents of Georgia could actually take advantage of the $5,000 state subsidy as well as the $7,500 federal subsidy, which made these EVs very affordable. Although this opportunity was viewed as “double dipping”, these vehicles may have needed a push for some consumers to give them a try.

Who buys old cars in Summit County?

Those wondering where to junk a car for cash in Monroe Falls, Fairlawn and Norton are encouraged to contact the area’s best among those who buys old cars. Are you selling a junk car in the Chapel Hill area, Kenmore or Hudson? We are a scrap my car buyer that offers fast, same-day junk car towing. The market price for a junk car has been negatively impacted recently due to conditions in the commodity values. We are available to pick up vehicles needing costly repairs directly from Firestone Service Centers, Conrad’s locations and transmission shops. Residents of Clinton, Medina and Coventry Township can always visit http://www.barbertonjunkcars.com to forward us your car information.

Vehicle Financing Data

Vehicle Financing Data

To get cash for a car in Mogadore, Wadsworth or Green, we are available 6 days a week. Those seeking old car scrap should contact Barberton Junk Cars regardless of whether located in East Akron, Firestone Park or Highland Square. We buy scrap cars in any condition; therefore, our auto buyer will provide a “fast cash for cars” price quote right over the phone. The price for a damaged car can vary based on several factors. We take cars for cash throughout Cuyahoga Falls, Norton and Copley with fast same-day pick up. Our next topic discusses how changes in the way consumer credit is reported are impacting the world of auto lending. On December 2, 2015 Hannah Lutz posted an article titled ‘Credit data changes spur loan growth’ with the following highlights: “The rising number of auto loans could in part be a result of changing credit scoring methodologies and the use of alternative data. Credit bureau data consistently show that auto loan balances and originations are growing. Experian says total auto loan debt reached $968B in the 3rd quarter, up 11% from the year-earlier period. Meanwhile, Equifax reported that through July auto originations reached $341.B, up 9% from the first seven months of last year. Robust U.S. auto sales, coupled with dealers & lenders expert at their business, likely accounted for most of the auto loan increase. But changes in how credit data are evaluated also may have spurred the gain. Before the 2000s, all lenders were limited to a FICO model used to score the risk on most loans because it was the only credit scoring company. That model used data that did not score positive rental payments but did score medical collection accounts. As a result, lenders had less ability to assess consumers with limited credit histories than they have today.

In 2006, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion formed a joint venture — VantageScore — that incorporated rent, telecommunications services and utility data into credit scores. (FICO followed suit in 2014.) By 2010, VantageScore was using 45 million credit files, about double its previous amount, to predict & assess creditworthiness.  By 2014, both FICO and VantageScore ignored paid medical collections. Today, VantageScore and FICO have bins dedicated to consumers with thin credit files. About 10M of VantageScore’s “new score” customers are near prime & subprime because of more predictive data. New-score customers are those who just entered the credit market, use credit infrequently, have no recent activity or have no open trades. Over 9M Hispanics & African American consumers that were not previously can now be scored.

Lenders also use alternative data to identify consumers’ monthly payments that the credit bureaus don’t account for. They also verify income & job tenure using employment data services. Traditionally lenders have used consumer-provided pay stubs to confirm income. Using verified income & alternative data provides the complete picture of a consumer’s financial standing, allowing lenders to see consumers’ true income, payment obligations & other attributes. There are multiple factors contributing to a strong auto lending market. Contributors are heightened vehicle sales and savvy dealers and lenders.” The complete article is available at this link.

We Buy Scrap Cars

At Barberton Junk Cars we buy scrap cars and process old car scrap throughout the Chapel Hill area, Ellet and Kenmore. Those looking to get cash for a car quickly in the regions of Monroe Falls, Stow and Kent are encouraged to call (330) 732-JUNK. Residents of Silver Lake, Medina and Springfield Township, can get cash for a car and be relieved of being saddled with old car scrap. Our junk vehicle buyer is anxiously awaiting your call!

Recycling Scrap Oil

Recycling Scrap Oil

The auto scrap recycling and junk vehicle removal industry is centered on reusing existing product to protect the environment, limit expansion of landfills, and reduce the costs of new product production. (and much more)  Many of the recyclers who junks car in the US are more creative than others in developing potential auto scrap and recycling ideas. Many in the junk vehicle removal and those who buys junk cars arena may choose to recycle at a minimum level to simply satisfy EPA and/or other regulatory agency requirements. When selling a junk car, you should consider whether the outfits who junks cars in your area are true “champions” of green practices and recycling. Our next story is certainly a creative and practical recycling initiative that is underway in Georgia. The November 25, 2015 edition of cbs46.com contained a story with the headline ‘Used Thanksgiving cooking oil translates to city vehicle fuel’ authored by Will Franklin, which brought up the following: “Leaders in the Atlanta area are hoping residents will take part in a program that has already helped save the city’s fleet hundreds of gallons in bio-diesel fuel. Smyrna, GA, which is about 17 miles NW of the ATL, are being urged to collect their used cooking oil from Thanksgiving and leave it curbside for pickup. The city turns the oil around for use as bio-diesel fuel in its trucks. Virginia Davis, a city manager says it is an awesome program because they sometimes struggle with keeping their pipes in good condition since many dump their cooking oil down the drain.

Davis says that they usually get about 200 gallons (of cooking oil recycled) during this season and it saves the city a lot of money. They are trying to get more people to take part in this program. The city hopes to add another bio-diesel vehicle to what they already have; anyone wishing to recycle their oil should seal it in a container and place it outside alongside the recycling at the normal time.” The full article is available here.

According to downers.us, “cooking oil sticks to sewer pipes, which creates clogs and breaks that are costly for landowners and cities to fix. Grease can also interfere with water treatment at sanitary facilities.”[1] The US EPA explains the details and process further at this link. Here are some highlights: “Biodiesel is an alternative fuel made from virgin or used vegetable oil. Animal fats like beef tallow & fish oil can be used to make this fuel. Unlike fossil fuels, biodiesel is renewable and can be made domestically. Biodiesel may be blended with conventional diesel to get various blends such as B2 or B20 (20% biodiesel). Biodiesel is cleaner-burning than petroleum based diesel. It reduces emissions of harmful air pollutants and asthma-causing elements. When used cooking oil is recycled to produce biodiesel, waste grease can avoid landfills and city water pipes. Used cooking oil diverts waste from landfills and converts into an energy source. In metro areas with restaurants and cafés, waste oil is harvested instead of using virgin soybean oil. Some of the grease is used in feed for farms, but some ends up in landfills.”

Who junks car in Akron?

Are you selling a junk car in Monroe Falls, Green or Tallmadge? We are committed to being Summit County’s fastest, easiest way to get cash for auto scrap, particularly a junk or unwanted car.  We are a place who junks cars for cash. For a scrap cars service provider in Akron, Barberton, Norton, give our junk vehicle buyer a call. Whether your scrap car is broken down or not, get cash for your car. Sell a scrap car or junk car in Fairlawn quickly, with one call to 330-732-JUNK. Does your junk vehicle need repairs that actually cost more than the car is worth? A bad engine or damaged transmission doesn’t mean your car is worthless…Call NOW to get an INSTANT OFFER on ANY car or truck in ANY condition! Dial (330) 732-5865 or visit http://www.barbertonjunkcars.com for a fast junk car quote. Same day junk vehicle removal is available in Kenmore, Chapel Hill and Hudson.

[1] http://www.downers.us/public/docs/top_stories/Resident%20Flyer%20all%20locations.pdf

Auto Lending News

Auto Lending News

Barberton Junk Cars is back with our latest blog posting in auto-related discussions such as auto junk stories and the value of a scrap car. BJC is a ‘where to scrap my car’ outfit servicing the counties of Summit, Portage and Medina. Among those of who scraps cars and process auto junk, we strive to add an additional dimension by providing interesting and current dialogue. So remember, when asking yourself where to scrap my car, look no further than Barberton Junk Cars. Our next topic involves auto dealer discrimination against customers who choose to finance through the dealership’s partner banks. The finance departments in the retail auto industry are given “base interest rates” for borrowers in certain credit-based categories. They will add a markup to the rate of Staff is more likely to generate loans for the lenders who pay these incentives, commonly referred to as “splits”. On November 17, 2015 Stuart Rossman posted a story titled ‘The Data Is Clear: Auto Lenders Discriminate’ on usnews.com with the following details: “The House of Representatives will vote on reforming the Indirect Auto Financing Guidance Act, which would weaken the ability of the CFPB to address discrimination in auto financing. That would be a mistake. The CFPB and Dept. of Justice both concluded that auto financers’ policy of giving dealers discretion to mark up the interest rates in financing results in discrimination vs minority borrowers. Ally Bank, American Honda Finance & Fifth Third all are believed to be lenders where borrowers of color paid higher than whites with similar creditworthiness. The CFPB urged all auto financers to move to a method that does not result in discrimination.

The findings of discrimination were based on proxy analysis. Loan files don’t list the race of borrowers, so the study was based on consumers’ last names & geographic location. This analysis conducted on data from finance transactions can find patterns that reveal differences based on race. A few years ago, the National Consumer Law Center proved the same conclusion based on data that did reveal the race of borrowers. In the 1990s, class action lawsuits against major auto financiers challenged the use of dealer markups. In discovery, data on loans were matched to drivers’ license data indicating race. The results were overwhelming: African-Americans were twice as likely to have markups — comparable to white borrowers. When African-American and comparable white borrowers both were marked up, the African-American borrowers paid significantly more. Hispanic origin was not coded on enough loans to analyze.

The evidence convinced courts that the plaintiffs had proved their case. The auto finance companies settled with compensation & agreed to limit discretionary auto dealer markups.  The agreements all expired by 2012; under pressure from dealers who play one finance company off of another, they have nearly all returned to the same practices that led to our lawsuit. This isn’t to say that dealers charge higher rates to minorities intentionally, many subconscious factors go into the negotiation over a loan. Dealers may be subliminally letting race affect their calculation of how much money they can extract. Unlike home-mortgage borrowers, the race of car finance borrowers is not recorded. Race coding based on proxy is a reliable way to produce findings. Dealers deserve to be paid for efforts to originate loans, but we can find a better method.” The complete story is available here.

It seems that there are several questionable aspects to the opinions of Mr. Rossman in the aforementioned article:

  1. The findings are based on fundamentally flawed data. Since unable to verify the races of those who were issued the loans, they chose to base their finding on proxy data. They are guessing on the race of the loan recipients! Common sense would lead most rational observers to dismiss the validity of the findings.
  2. They claim that Hispanic origin would be more difficult to decipher using their incompetent method. The likelihood of uncovering those likely to be of Hispanic decent would likely be more reliable, based on the recipients last names.
  3. He states that the “plaintiffs” have proven their case. Another ridiculous lie, since the plaintiffs were not the minorities who were recipients of the loans, but rather some third party that stands to gain something from the “fantasy” findings.
  4. Mr. Rossman further embarrasses himself in his “fantasy” by suggesting that dealers may be subliminally and subconsciously executing these unjust and prejudicial rate-hiked loans. To make a case on something as fact and suggest that the actions are done subconsciously is profoundly erroneous.
  5. The lenders that initially settled in the case whose terms expired in five years simply agreed to pay the settlement and move on. They likely considered it much more cost effective and simple, compared to paying for litigation and generating negative publicity.

Sell us your car

You can scrap a car in Kent for the value of a scrap car and receive cash for your auto junk. Those wondering where to scrap my car in Green, Tallmadge or Mogadore should contact our junk car buyer today. If seeking someone who scraps cars in East Akron, Hudson or Firestone Park, simply call (330) 732-JUNK. Recently in the US, the value of a scrap car has declined quite a bit. The provider who scraps cars in your area is likely to give you a lower than usual offer to sell us your car. We are a solution when it comes to scrap car removal in the Chapel Hill area, Cuyahoga Falls and Copley. To sell a junk vehicle in Copley, North Akron or Ellet, the requirements are that you possess the title to the car and a matching ID.



Auto Scrap Impact

Auto Scrap Impact

Our next topic involves how the changes in the market relating to the value of a junk car and old car scrap are impacting things. If you ask anyone who buys old cars and handles junk car towing about the value of a junk car, they will tell you that it has fallen like a “lead balloon”. In fact, many junk car towing outfits and we who buys old cars, are redirecting their focus to other aspects of the industry beside just old car scrap. Barberton Junk Cars allows you to sell us your car for cash and has been scrapping cars for a long time now. Our first news article review was authored by George King Cassell and titled ‘Platinum & Palladium set for physical deficits in 2015’ posted on platts.com on November 19, 2015 with the following information: “Platinum is set for an annual deficit of 20.3 mt in 2015 and palladium a 13.3 mt deficit, Johnson Matthey (JM) said in its review on platinum group metals Thursday. In platinum, overall demand is expected to increase by 3.1 mt for 2015, driven largely by higher than expected investment demand, as well as steady automotive demand and gains in industrial applications. In a reverse of expectations earlier this year, net investment should rise to 11.4 mt. South African mined supply will be the highest since 2011, but low prices will cause a 13% drop in recycling volumes.

JM describes the influence of platinum exchange-traded funds as neutral despite Commerzbank putting total ETF outflows. In palladium, overall demand is expected to drop 12mt. Auto consumption will set a new record of 233.3 mt, but the rate of growth is expected to fall as the Chinese market slows. Palladium supplies are expected to rise by 6% as South African mine output recovers from strikes, whilst scrap again is down. As with platinum, weak steel and PGM prices have meant there is little incentive to scrap cars, and auto catalyst recovery in platinum is expected to fall by 10%. Commerzbank warned both platinum and palladium deficits predicted by JM could turn out to be lower if rising prices were to cause investment demand to cool. JM is the world’s largest refiner of platinum and palladium. The complete article is available here.

To further simply and explain this report, we start off by stating that Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium are commodities that have significant value. A good part of the supply to the market comes from old car scrap and makes up a portion of the value of a junk car, when the catalytic converters, which possess those substances, are recycled. The per ton scrap price of steel has dropped considerably; therefore, there is less incentive for those who buys old cars to aggressively buy and recycle these units. It would seem to me that if the supply derived from mining at flat and less supply comes from the auto recycling side–the prices should increase.

On November 20, 2015 in recyclingtoday.com a story titled ‘Sims issues profit warning, cutting up to 800 jobs’ discusses some of the blowback from the decline in auto recycling profitability as follows: “Sims Metal Management, based in Sydney & New York, issued a profit warning for its upcoming quarter. They will buy back shares of its own stock and is scaling back operations, with a focus on the US. On the company’s website, Sims has warned of flat earnings in the 1st half of its fiscal year and that expects a $230 million impairment charge during. CEO Galdino Claro and CFO Fred Knechtel point to ferrous prices that fell by 30% from September to November as a leading cause. Copper and aluminum have weakened, down 10-15% in the 2nd half of the 2015 calendar year.

Sims announced its intention to scale back operations globally, with its North American scrap yard portfolio facing the heaviest cuts. Sims is taking steps to eliminate as many as 800 jobs and to either cut back operations or idle as many as 35 of its 270 facilities globally. Claro & Knechtel say the largest portion of these initiatives will address challenged operations in the Central Region of North America Metals.  An American Metal Market (AMM) article in November reported that St. Louis-based Alter Trading Company is ‘laying off’ and idling equipment at some facilities; most of the facilities are in the Midwest states. The full story can be viewed in its entirety at this link.

Value of a junk car

The two aforementioned articles assist in providing insight in the old car scrap and junk car towing business woes. We are anxious for a recovery in the ferrous scrap pricing, but are uncertain what will spur such. BJC buys junk cars for cash in Fairlawn, Tallmadge and New Franklin. Our junk car buyer is on hand 6 days a week throughout Coventry Township, Barberton, and Ravenna. Residents of the Portage Lakes, Norton and Monroe Falls, are encouraged to call (330) 732-5865 today. As an established junk car hauler serving the (330) areas such as Copley, Springfield Township and Mogadore, we will buy old cars in any condition.

Auto News in Northeast Ohio

Auto News in Northeast Ohio

The next matter we are discussing involves the titling of motor vehicles in Ohio. As a reminder, Barberton Junk Cars is a service provider who junks cars and processes auto scrap and junk vehicle removal.  We buy scrap cars throughout Summit, Portage and Medina Counties 6 days a week. When we buy scrap cars, the junk vehicle removal (towing) of the car is included when you sell us your car. The auto scrap business affords the public several options among who junks car; however, we feel we are the best option of where to sell a junk car.

On November 10, 2015 Joe Pagonakis of newsnet5.com posted a story titled ‘Former Canton used car dealership accused of leaving dozens of drivers without titles’ which tells us the following: “A former Canton used car dealership is accused of leaving dozens of drivers without car titles & unable to use their vehicles. Taletha Long of Canton was one of 22 northeast Ohio consumers in a dozen different cities who filed complaints with the Ohio Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau.

Long told newsnet5.com she purchased 12 consecutive temp tags, finally forcing her to store her vehicle. She was unable to drive it for months; Ohio AG Mike DeWine is investigating and has filed suit against the dealership accused of failing to deliver vehicle titles to customers. Automotion Car Sales and its owner of violated Ohio’s Certificate of Motor Vehicle Title Act. The Attorney General seeks restitution for affected consumers, reimbursement to the state’s Title Defect Fund, civil penalties, and an end to any violations OH consumer protection laws.

DeWine expressed that they expected to receive a title to the vehicles; many consumers did not receive titles from Automotion Car Sales and we stepped in to help. He’s seeking reimbursement from the dealership and an injunction to prevent any future violations. Automotion Car Sales last operated at 3742 Cleveland Ave. in Canton. The complete story is available here.

In other vehicle titling related news, Karen Farkas posted a story labeled ‘Cuyahoga County to open new title bureau amid efforts to improve relations with dealerships’ on the November 10th edition of Cleveland.com with the following news: “Cuyahoga County plans to open a new title bureau and is encouraging dealerships in an effort to regain fees lost because dealers obtain titles in other counties. The county loses about $800K annually in fees because since dealers say other counties offer better service; since 2002 dealers were allowed to obtain vehicles titles in any county. The county plans to open its 5th title bureau in 2016 at Golden Gate Plaza in Mayfield.

Fiscal Officer Dennis Kennedy thinks an expansion will generate additional revenue, in a location competitive with Lake County and is committed to improvement of customer service. A number of eastern Cuyahoga County dealers use Lake County’s Wickliffe bureau office; Cuyahoga bureaus are in North Olmsted, Parma, Cleveland & Maple Hts. The Maple Heights bureau is the closest to the dealers on the Bedford Auto Mile, many go the Summit County title bureau in Northfield. Other changes included new management at the Maple Heights office; they’re working to increase customer service over the phone and in-person, and are committed to a 24-hour turnaround time for drop-off transactions. Other improvements include extended office hours, courier service on some days and title-clerk training for new dealer employees. In 2014, 201,110 titles for vehicles in Cuyahoga County were issued in other counties, according to the Ohio BMV.” The full article is found at this link.

Finding out who junks cars

We give you immediate cash in hand when we buy scrap cars, with no worries. We offer free towing (junk vehicle removal) for every vehicle we buy, even scrap cars and related auto scrap activities! Barberton Junk Cars is known for its & friendly service and the fastest junk car quotes among those who junks cars in Copley, Springfield Township and North Akron. The price we offer you is based on current US scrap car market prices, regardless of whether you are located in Silver Lake, Cuyahoga Falls or Mogadore. Residents with a junk vehicle in the Rolling Acres area, the Portage Lakes and Chapel Hill regions can contact our office at (330) 732-JUNK Monday through Saturday for auto scrap. If your car has a blown motor or transmission troubles in the areas of Peninsula, East Akron or Ravenna, simply sell it to us for scrap. We buy cars in any condition from vehicle owners in Kent, Firestone Park and Highland Square. Although based in Barberton, we are one who junks car in Bath, Stow and Lakemore also.

Car Buying Investigation

Car Buying Investigation

Among the many of us who scraps cars, also commonly referred to as a junk car buyer or operator of a place where you can scrap a car for cash, we experience volatility in the market. Currently, the value of a scrap car and related auto junk has plummeted quite a bit in market pricing. The per ton scrap price of steel is the primary culprit for the decreased value of a scrap car, as counties like China and India have lessened import demand and plenty of product being produced within their countries. The result is those seeking to get cash for a car will notice that those us you call who scraps cars will be offering less cash then last year. Our next topic dealings with vehicle purchasing and describes a case where the title was missing. On November 9, 2015 Al Whitaker composed an article on whnt.com titled ‘Taking Action: A car deal, a missing title and a plea for help’ with the following story: “A young Huntsville, AL woman got a loan to purchase a car and then she discovered a problem with the title. The search for answers and the title prompted her to contact WHNT News 19′.  The investigation revealed a problem not only for car buyers but the lenders who finance them; WHNT uncovered something anyone who buys a used car needs to know.

Breunna Jones, a college senior, made the very first major purchase she made on her own.  Jones priced the car, test drove it, and she agreed to buy it and made arrangements with the seller and Redstone Federal Credit Union to sign paperwork. In February, Redstone called and said they never got the title — nearly a year later she still doesn’t have it. Jones has sent emails, text messages and certified letters and is blaming the AL Department of Revenue.

The ALDR is the agency that issues car titles; also the agency issues licenses to car dealers, like Walter Alexander, who sold her the car. Alexander says the title has been sent from the state twice.  WHNT went to the Dept of Revenue to check on the title and it was never sent out.  The application for the title had been canceled the same day Alexander signed the paperwork. If you purchase a vehicle from a dealer and they don’t present you the title for whatever the reason, then the only thing you can do is apply for a title bond. That’s otherwise known as a surety bond; after WHNT got involved, her application was approved. They learned this was not an isolated incident, as hundreds of car buyers in AL face this same issue. One of the most common problems is getting a title for a car that was bought in one state and then sold in another. It can take weeks to find out if there’s a lien on the car in the other state. The state is introducing a new feature on its website that will make it possible to find out if the used car is still financed or has a lien against it. That should close the door on a lot of the fraud that’s taking place. As for Breunna’s car, we found the guy’s car dealers license in AL was revoked back in May because of title If you’re about to invest dollars on a used car, consider getting a Carfax report. The complete article is available here.

Who scraps cars in Cleveland?

The auto junk and recycling business is what we do here at Barberton Junk Cars. To get cash for a car in Highland Square, Firestone Park or Bath Township, you should contact our scrap vehicle buyer. To determine the value of a scrap car that you own in the Merriman Valley, Peninsula or Ravenna, just call us 6 days a week for a junk car quote. As we mentioned earlier, the value of a scrap car and auto junk related prices are temporarily down, but we encourage you to get cash for a car before the holidays. Residents of Clinton, Stow and Lakemore can receive cash for cars and free towing (junk car removal) service is included. Is your old broken down car becoming an “eyesore” to you and your neighbors in Mogadore, Kent or Norton? Pick up the phone to get cash for your clunker, plus we handle the scrap vehicle removal as well. Same-day fast cash for your old car is available throughout the Portage Lakes, Fairlawn and Monroe Falls as long as you call before 1PM during the week and Noon on Saturday. We pick up damaged cars (with title) in Medina, Coventry Township and Cuyahoga Falls quickly and pay you cash!

Junk Cars on Property

Junk Cars on Property

Barberton Junk Cars is back with old car scrap-related news and information. We are who junks cars in Coventry Township, the Portage Lakes and Fairlawn. Are you seeking those that buy scrap cars in Kenmore, the Chapel Hill area or Hudson? One call to BJC and our buyer who junks cars can provide you a quote for the value of a junk car right over the phone. Those that buy scrap cars can certainly tell you that we have witnessed a significant decline in the value of a junk car lately, due in part to global economic issues. We have been in the old car scrap business for several years and you can sell us your car regardless of the condition. Our price for a wrecked car does include complimentary towing of your vehicle. Our next topics centers on two local municipalities seeking to get rid of unwanted vehicles as follows: “On November 2, 2015 Neil Simon posted a story titled ‘Canaseraga gets serious about junkers’ on eveningtribune.com with the following details: “Village renewal is closely tied to the physical appearance of the community. Officials are asking residents to comply with state law regarding junk cars by voluntarily removing all inoperable vehicles from private property. Canaseraga currently follows state codes with the NY Building Code permitting one inoperable vehicle on each property.

One inoperable vehicle on your property is allowed but we encourage you to get rid of it. It could be sold for scrap, or if it runs and is just an eyesore, consider donating it to one of the many charities which accept vehicles. Officials pledge to step up enforcement and you will have until Nov. 30 to voluntarily comply before enforcement action commences. Mayor Paul Mess says warnings will be issued soon and calls the junk car cleanup just one aspect of looking its best. The village population was approximately 550 in the 2010 census. The village isn’t necessarily overcome with hordes of junk vehicles; a reporter spotted about ten such vehicles in driving around the village. The exact number, however, is not the point, the mayor insists.” The complete article is available at this link.

An article composed by Ashley Biles on November 7, 2015 titled ‘People in trailers breaking law’ on thomastontimes.com brought us the following information: “Citizens living in travel trailers are becoming an issue throughout Upson County, according to Enforcement Officer Susan Morris. The county ordinance prohibits anyone from doing so, yet she has come across many violators popping up. You can have a travel trailer on your property—but it cannot be occupied.

A travel trailer is defined as a vehicle designed as a temporary dwelling for travel or recreational use and not more than 30 feet long. Morris is finding people using their travel trailers for longer than a temporary dwelling. She gave 12 examples in violation and noted there are at least 20 more that she knows of the county, the majority of which are surrounded by junk and trash and don’t have adequate septic systems. One example Morris gave is on Rocky Bottom Road where a lady dug a hole in the ground and put some lime in it to serve as her septic tank. The neighbors complained of the smell of raw sewage. On Crest Highway a travel trailer is parked behind a house and in addition to having improper sewage connectivity, it is surrounded by piles of garbage because the owners do not have trash service either. There are two instances that allow for someone to live in their travel trailer in Upson County, one is if they are over the age of 65 and can prove financial hardship preventing them from living elsewhere, and the other is if they are building a house. She has heard every type of excuse and was even threatened by a gentleman living on the Flint River when she confronted him.

The Value of a Junk Car

Many factors dictate the price we buy scrap cars for such as the age, condition and location of the scrap vehicle. Among those who junks cars, the old car scrap price is significantly influenced by the metal commodities market which is driven by demand in places like China, Turkey and India. We buy scrap cars in Firestone Park, Highland Square and Barberton. Residents of Bath, Warren and Stow can reach our guy who junks cars 6 days a week by calling (330) 732-JUNK. We are a “cash for cars” buyer that proudly services the areas of North Akron, Rolling Acres, and Cuyahoga Falls. Those in Copley, Tallmadge and New Franklin can sell their car for cash and receive same-day junk vehicle removal.

Scrap Vehicle Tires

Scrap Vehicle Tires

Barberton Junk Cars is back with our next posting relating the world of junk car towing, old car scrap and other auto junk. We are a place to scrap a car for cash in Monroe Falls, Green and Tallmadge. When you are selling a junk car the first order of business is to determine the price (the value of a scrap car). Once you agree to our auto junk car price then we can schedule it for old car scrap, which begins with junk car towing. As you have heard or seen from our prior posts, the value of a scrap car has dropped quite a bit recently due to declining prices in the metal commodity market. The next topic is one that has been hotly debated recently. Old scrap vehicle tires are being shredding into very small pieces and used in the artificial turfs that are designed for athletic fields. Mr. Jason Scott composed an article titled ‘Crumb Rubber Concerns Halt Turf Installation’ in a November 2015 piece on athleticbusiness.com with the following information: “Seminole County has stopped installation of artificial turf on athletic fields at a new sports complex after Commissioner Lee Constantine had concerns about the crumb rubber material that substitutes for dirt. Per the Orlando Sentinel, the install was halted so that the county could have an opportunity to look into the health impacts.

Crumb rubber is made by grinding tires into small pellets. It’s been used in construction, playgrounds and ball fields for years. Parents have concerns about this rubber made of heavy metals and chemicals such as lead & arsenic are found in car and truck tires. The county began constructing a $27M sports complex this year. Once completed, it will feature a baseball stadium, and fields for soccer, football & lacrosse. Nine fields are planned to have this turf and others with natural grass. Crews have partially installed crumb rubber on fields, but stopped installation. Seminole County’s leisure-services director Joe Abel said that county commissioners decided to install this turf citing it lasts longer than natural turf, is less expensive to maintain and can be opened up to use more quickly after a heavy rain.

Commissioners say county employees didn’t tell share info about safety concerns with them before the decision. Robin Wiener, president of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), that represents the recycling industry, said that despite calls for an examination of the safety of crumb rubber, research supports it as a safe material. There have been more than 75 independent, peer-reviewed studies on the health effects of synthetic-turf fields & playgrounds with crumb rubber from old tires, and these fields are safe. To read the article in its entirety, please visit this link.

This debate will likely drag out for many years, since the ability to determine adverse effects from using these auto junk tires is very difficult to determine. Perhaps this movement is being fueled behind the scenes by a constituency that has financial interests in promoting an alternate product that can be used?

Old Car Scrap

We are an auto junk organization that provides you a quote for the value of a scrap car and then promptly facilitates the junk car towing and removal of the vehicle. We are proud to serve the regions of Copley, Springfield Township, and Mogadore with cash for cars services. The cities of New Franklin, Kenmore and Hudson can call our junk car buyer 6 days a week for a junk car quote. We will pay you cash for a junk car throughout the areas of Highland Square, Barberton and Ravenna. If you have a broken down car that is not worth fixing in Coventry Township, the Portage Lakes or Fairlawn, we encourage you to call (330) 732-JUNK as soon as possible. If your old vehicle is unable to pass State “e-check” emissions tests in Lakemore, Clinton or Medina, maybe it is time to scrap the car.

Scrap Auto Recycling

Scrap Auto Recycling

Barberton Junk Cars is continuing to update this blog with the latest news relating to auto scrap, junk vehicle removal and the factors that influence the value of a scrap car. We are one who buys old cars for the auto scrap recycling industry in NE Ohio. We are available 6 days a week offering vehicle scrap, sell an old car and junk vehicle removal services in Summit, Portage and Medina Counties. Our next topic centers on how a manufacturer is conducting significant research to increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of when the vehicle ultimately is recycled. On October 30, 2015 there was a story posted on recyclinginternational.com compiled by Kirstin Linnenkoper titled ‘Sticky lizard feet to advance car recycling’ with the following information: “Ford Motor Company has partnered up with Procter & Gamble for a project aimed at heightening the recyclability of its cars. The source of inspiration is the brightly-colored gecko lizard. Researchers have been struggling to find a glue-free production method for a couple of year, which would notably improve quality disassembly & material recovery at the end-of-life stage. The research has led to the gecko, due to its ability to stick to surfaces without liquids or tension.

The reptile’s power resides in its toe pads & the creature swiftly sticks and releases itself as it moves along objects – without leaving any residue. Researchers note at adult weight the lizard of just 2.5ozs. and capable of supporting over 290lbs. This work is in-line with biomimetic innovation. Ford recently met 200+ experts at the Biomimicry Institute, a not for profit studying nature to develop many solutions to modern challenges. Solving this particular problem could provide cost savings & and environmental savings according to Debbie Mielewski, Ford senior technical leader for plastics & sustainability. They could increase the recycling of more foams, plastics, and further reduce their environmental footprint. The gecko may also inspire fabric technologies that could transform the interior of their vehicles. Using nature as its guide–its efficiency in design uses minimal resources.” The full story is available at this link.

My summation of this program is that when a car is finally ready for auto scrap it would greatly benefit the recycler and the environment if able to avoid encountering glue adhesives. Ford wants to find or create an alternative material so that after the junk vehicle removal and recycling process begins, things will be much faster and environmentally sound. To those of us who buys old cars, it seems to be a great idea.

Value of a scrap car

Are you in the process of trying to determine who buys old cars in North Akron, Rolling Acres and Cuyahoga Falls? Do you wish to find out the value of a scrap car that you own? We offer fast cash for junk vehicles and scrap cars throughout Silver Lake, Copley, Springfield Township and Mogadore. Many car owners find themselves facing a massive repair bill at a local Conrad’s, Goodyear, Monro or Midas repair shop. It is at this time that you need to weight the options on whether to spend the money to repair the car, or simply to “junk it” and move on. We are currently buying junk autos in the cities of East Akron, Kent and Peninsula. Those living in Firestone Park, Highland Square and Barberton that seek to simply scrap their vehicle for cash are encouraged to contact us. Those wishing to receive “cash for a clunker” in Ravenna, Merriman Valley and Bath can call us at (330) 732-JUNK today.

Auto Industry Staffing

Auto Industry Staffing

Barberton Junk Cars is back with news and information within the auto scrap, auto junk and recycling realm. We have been broadening our scope of topics to proceed past auto junk, where to scrap my car and value of a scrap car related topics. We are often referred to as a “place to get cash for a car” or “where to scrap my car”, which is true, yet this forum allows us to expand and create and review or aspects of the massive US auto industry (auto junk aside) . On October 27, 2015 there was a piece composed by Jamie LeReau titled ‘Dealers raise workers’ pay but struggle with high sales staff turnover” that discussed the following: “Car dealers are raising their employees’ pay and are getting higher productivity for it. But dealers still suffer from high sales staff turnover, struggle to hire women and fill some fixed-operations jobs. NADA’s 4th annual Dealership Workforce Study is based on data collected in 2014. Although pay for sales jobs rose less than for other dealership positions, overall it’s good to work at a car dealership. In 2014, the median weekly income for all new-car dealership employees increased 5.1%. On average, dealership workers earned about 29% more than those in the U.S. private sector overall, according to the study, citing data compiled by the BLS.

Steven Szakaly, chief economist for the NADA says these are very good-paying jobs in terms of benefits, but it’s not bringing people in. The difficulty in hiring results from an antiquated industry image. It’s about educating people about what this work is like and how well compensated it is. These aren’t bad jobs; they need to talk about the reality of the situation instead of allowing old stereotypes to be there. For example, salespeople are now product experts & consultants expected to meet increased demand for top customer service. The car is a lifestyle choice and it’s just as much of a measure of one’s self as going clothes shopping or picking out a phone. In 2014, the annualized turnover rate in the average car dealership’s sales department was 72%, an increase of six percentage points. Part of that is explained by an increase in hiring millennials, ages 18 to 34. The % of millennials working in dealerships rose to 31% from 27% a year earlier; close to half of all new dealership hires in 2014 were millennials. Many dealers experienced high turnover in part because of millennials taking entry-level sales jobs & deciding they didn’t like it. Some salespeople switched to brands with higher sales & profit margins, resulting in greater compensation.

Auto retailing is going through industry changes, putting pressure on sales staff earnings. Certain dealership jobs, such as operations, finance and insurance, experienced greater increases in compensation than sales. Profits in those areas of the dealership were stronger than car-sales profits and dealers have a national market now for new-car sales because of the Internet. Growth in median income for key sales jobs averaged 1.8% compared with an average of 6.2% for fixed-operations jobs, which include service managers, service advisers and technicians. Sales employees’ gains in average income also lagged other dealership jobs. The average annual compensation for a salesperson rose 3.3% to $68,823 while the average annual service tech pay increased 4.8% to $59,181. Component consultants saw a 6.9%t boost to $50,935. Those employees working at dealership groups with 10 to 40 stores outpaced the earnings of those at larger dealership groups. Those at luxury brand stores earned more; the average weekly pay in at a luxury dealership was $1,696, 47% higher. There is a demand for higher customer service; how you deliver is by paying your staff well and having lower turnover. Hiring women remains challenging, as they accounted for 18.5% of employees. More dealers open their showrooms on Sundays; the number open on Sunday increased to 41%. In 2012, 7% were open on Sunday compared with 10 % last year.” To view the complete article, visit this link.

The Value of a Scrap Car

The auto recycling junk cars business rolls on for us in Summit County, Medina County and Portage County. As a buyer of junk cars serving these areas 6 days a week, we encourage you the contact us regarding auto junk and about how to get cash for a car. Are you wondering where to scrap my car in Springfield Township, Mogadore and East Akron? The value of a scrap car has declined quite a bit over 2015, meaning last year you would have gotten more to get cash for a car. Although the value of a scrap car has fallen nationwide, it is still often the best option in many cases. Those with a car to scrap in Peninsula, Firestone Park and Highland Square can reach our junk vehicle buyer at (330) 732-JUNK. Those will a car that is broken down at a Conrad’s, Monro, transmission shop or Firestone Service Center are encouraged to call us for a junk car quote. Our junk vehicle hauling services are available in Tallmadge, New Franklin and Kenmore. You can sell your old car for cash in Fairlawn, Norton and Monroe Falls today!

Recycling Old Cars

Recycling Old Cars

Barberton Junk Cars is back with an auto recycling related story. We are among those who buys old cars, allowing you to get cash for a car 6 days a week. Are you wondering who scraps cars in the Silver Lake, North Akron and Rolling Acres areas? We handle old car scrap by making it easy for you to get cash for a car. Those in areas of Cuyahoga Falls, Copley or Springfield Township that are looking for someone who buys old cars should give us a call. The Bay Area Rapid Transit System in CA has decided that rather than selling their junk vehicles to somebody who scraps cars, they will recycle them. An article titled ‘BART Expanding Its Fleet By Recycling Old Cars’ was posted on patch.com on October 25, 2015 with the following news: “BART is expanding its fleet with a massive recycling project that is turning previously scrapped, damaged cars into fully-functioning ones. The project began this year in response to increasingly crowded trains, according to BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost. Trost says riders are more cramped than ever and being able to add these trains can help.

Twelve refurbished cars are already in service, and six are being worked on. We assumed the trains were done for and only be used for spare components, but staff came up with a plan to fix them and get them back into service. The project will help increase the number of cars available for service and lengthen trains to alleviate commute crowds.  As ridership increases, more cars are needed. The project will add capacity for 800 more riders per car each day, and increase the percentage of train cars from the daily average of 86% to 89%.

BART recently secured $1.7 million in federal funds and $1.69 million in state funds. The new cars are safe and have been through extensive testing, as we want to have a safe mode of transportation. BART is currently hiring additional mechanics and electronics technicians. Individuals interested are asked to go to bart.gov/jobs for more information.” To read the article in its entirety, visit this link.

BART has an average of 422,490 weekday passengers, which is hard to fathom for those of us in Ohio. The system loses millions of dollars every year and relies on federal, state and local tax revenue to survive.[1]

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bay_Area_Rapid_Transit

Are you looking for who scraps cars?

To get cash for a car in Mogadore, East Akron or Kent, we are a solution. Those seeking old car scrap from someone who buys old cars in Peninsula, Firestone Park and Highland Square, are encouraged to contact us. All of the providers among those of who scraps cars are going to require that the seller possess the vehicle title and an ID. Scrapping cars 6 days a week is what we do. Those wanting to sell my car for cash in Barberton, Ravenna and the Merriman Valley should simply dial (330) 732-JUNK. We offer same-day old car scrap removal services in Bath, Canal Fulton and Warren.  Call NOW to get an INSTANT OFFER on ANY car or truck in ANY condition!

Vehicle News, The Auction

Vehicle News, The Auction

In this posting we will venture slightly outside the usual realm of discussing junk vehicle removal, the auto junk business and the value of a junk car. We buy scrap cars and are primarily involved in working with end-of-life vehicles (ELV). The life span of car in the US can range from 10 to 20 years; therefore, there are various sequences in a vehicle’s useful life span, long before they would be considered auto junk and processed for junk vehicle removal. One aspect of vehicle ownership is the realization of depreciation. A vehicle ages (year after year) and accumulates additional mileage, its market value declines, until ultimately it is the value of a junk car. In this post we examine a “mid-point” within the vehicle life cycle, when it is resold at an auction. W. Christian Ward composed an article in roadandtrack.com titled ‘Here’s What Happens During One Day at an Auto Auction’ on October 22, 2015 with the following information: “It’s a hot day at the ADESA auto auction of Atlanta. The facility has its own detailers, servicemen, and auctioneers. It’s the 3rd largest in the city; more than 1200 cars will be up for sale. The doors open at 8:30 and the machinery is spinning by 9:30. The auction starts with three lanes. By 10:15, six of the eight available lanes are going. The uniform of today’s buyer is a plain T-shirt or polo. The whole event has the air of a company golf outing. Despite the heat, ADESA employees are meticulously groomed. The ladies are in full makeup and jewelry, the males clean-shaven.

The buyers are independent car dealers. They use smartphone apps to scan VINs. The sellers are new-car dealers liquidating trade-ins, credit unions, leasing companies, fleet owners, and rental agencies. The raised auction platforms sit alongside the lanes. Bidders gather between the lanes, facing the auctioneer and standing back-to-back with the bidders from the next lane. There is usually a seller’s representative to approve the final bid. The ringmen, work the crowd and hype the cars.  They hold a rolled hardcopy of the lane’s wares & slap it against their open hand or on the windshield with every bid increase. The cars are not obvious bargains. Independent dealers are blue-collar and competition is fierce, and profits are small. In the hectic pace, a clean 2003 Explorer Sportrack sells for $1300 in less than a minute. Six feet away a 2003 Lexus LS430 sells for $5600. Clifford McGhee, a dealer from Decatur, picks up a 2008 Mercedes S500 for $7000. He is pleased with the deal and says he’ll make about $2000. (gross, not net) He has to get the car to his lot, cover overhead, and hope the car doesn’t have a fatal flaw. He’s spent decades building an honest reputation. One bad purchase can put him in the red for the month.

The auction appears chaotic at first, but is highly orchestrated. Buyers know their customer’s taste & usually specialize in a few brands. Toyotas & Hondas still command top dollar. It is easy to see what manufacturers had the most attractive leases 3 years ago. There’s an abundance of Lexus’, BMWs, and Jeep Patriots. Each lane has a snack & drinks table. In addition to the buyers in attendance, every lane simulcasts online. If you are a larger dealer looking to build inventory, you can log onto auction’s website and bid in real time. You lose the benefit of seeing the cars up close, but you can attend several auctions at once. Potential buyers inspect paint and scan VINs. At 11:00, a fleet company liquidating cars has a drawing for a free TV—must be present to win. The auction provides the venue & the buyers, but it doesn’t own a single car. To keep bidders around and buying, sellers incentivize the crowd. Tickets & gift cards are common prizes. By 11:30 over 1100 cars have sold and now the hard-to-sell vehicles begin to cross. Most are too expensive or past their prime. A Chrysler dealer auction opens, separate from the main event.. It’s 12:15 and the final car, a 2000 Infinity I30, goes unsold. Minutes later janitors mop the deserted lanes.  The staff retreats to their offices. These are bids that came close but outside of the dealer representatives’ ability to accept. The staff calls their contacts at the seller’s offices and let them know what the last bid was. There are more than 100 of these to close, and these cars have to go. The auction makes about $330 per car, but each time an employee washes, moves, or fixes a car, ADESA spends an average of $10. Vehicles remaining another week quickly marginalize profit. Sellers want these cars gone–transporting them back & forth gets expensive. 56% of the cars on the block were sold today. The staff will be here cleaning and wrapping up. They have 4 days to prepare-then the show happens again.” Here is the link to the complete article.

We Buy Scrap Cars!

Hopefully this brief glimpse at how auto auctions operate is informative to those seeking to understand the many aspects of the US auto industry. Next, we will get back to our small segment of the industry—dealing in auto junk and recycling. Barberton Junk Cars will buy scrap cars throughout Summit, Medina and Portage Counties 6 days a week. Junk vehicle removal is included in the price regardless of the value of a junk car. When seeking a buyer of scrap cars, or a “cash for my car” hauler, ask if they are a reputable company. Do they have a website and track record in the business? We pay fast cash for cars throughout Cuyahoga Falls, Tallmadge and the Portage Lakes. We buy scrap cars in any condition in Barberton, Copley and Norton. Residents in the areas of Springfield Township, Mogadore and East Akron are encouraged to call (330) 732-JUNK for a junk car quote. Even if your car is broken down at a repair shop in Ravenna, Merriman Valley or Bath—we will pick it up!

Auto Scrap Recycling Project

Auto Scrap Recycling Project

Barberton Junk Cars is back with some auto scrap related news. We are one of several outfits who junks cars in the area and are a solution when wondering where to scrap my car. Junk car towing is included in our auto scrap program and we are one place who junks cars that can provide the junk car towing on the same-day. Anyhow, our next topic relates to a project in San Diego, CA that is recycling multiple auto components and fluids.

A City News Service report posted on 10news.com on October 17, 2015 summarized as ‘SD recycling used oil, oil filters, auto batteries & used antifreeze at Qualcomm’ provided the following: “The 1st of several recycling-friendly events in which San Diego residents properly dispose of used oil, oil filters, auto batteries & antifreeze is scheduled Saturday. The city & state Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery are coordinating these events. All of these, which are free to San Diegans with proof of city residency — to reduce improper disposal of dangerous vehicle-based materials. This will take place from 9A – 1P at the Qualcomm Stadium in Mission Valley.

People are to bring the wastes in closed (sealed) containers, which will prevent breakage or spills. The maximum limit is 10 gallons and commercial waste will not be permitted, according to the city. Due to weight restrictions, no more than (3) auto batteries per household will be accepted. Future events are scheduled for Southwest High School in the South Bay, Nov. 14; the School of Creative & Performing Arts in Paradise Hills, Dec. 5; and the PUOC in Kearny Mesa, Jan. 23. To read the complete article, visit this link.

Ten facts about auto fluid & filter recycling:

  1. One gallon of used motor oil can contaminate up to one million gallons of water.[1]
  2. Motor oil doesn’t wear out – it just gets dirty. [2]
  3. Vehicle motor oil’s base remains; the items that break down are the additives. [3]
  4. Each oil filter has about a pound of re-usable steel.[4]
  5. Recycling all the oil filters sold annually in the US would recover about 160,000 tons of steel.[5]
  6. Used oil filters contain quite a bit of oil—it’s recommended to allow several hours for drainage.
  7. The EPA requires that all free-flowing oil be drained from filters before disposal.
  8. Planet Earth Recycling has its own way of recycling antifreeze through reverse osmosis & ultra-filtration.
  9. Legislation requires antifreeze US users to either recycle or to pay for disposal with a licensed facility.[6]
  10. There is a new, multi-stage purification process using dual-bed deionization for antifreeze.[7]

In the auto scrap business and anyone who junks cars, must be careful to insure that oil, antifreeze and oil filters are properly disposed of. If you are deciding where to scrap my car, the fact that the company is environmentally compliant is critical. Are you pondering where to scrap my car in Copley, Kenmore or Firestone Park? We are an organization who junks cars and includes complimentary junk car towing. If you are tired of throwing money at fixing your clunker–call us at (330) 732-JUNK today for fast ‘scrap my car’ services. We service the areas of Fairlawn, Cuyahoga Falls and Highland Square. Our junk vehicle buyer will provide you with a quick junk car quote over the phone if looking to scrap a car in Kent, Stow or the Portage Lakes areas.

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Is Recycling Worth It?

Is Recycling Worth It?

We welcome varying opinions & views as long as they are constructive. We’re a company that buys cars for cash and transitions the vehicles for recycling. We are a junk car buyer willing to pay cash for junk cars, scrap vehicles and damaged cars. The question today is whether various forms of recycling are worthwhile? In the October 11, 2015 edition of straitstimes.com an article titled ‘How recycling is wasteful’ was composed by John Tierney with the following details: “In 1996, I wrote an article for The NYT Magazine arguing that the recycling process was wasteful. I presented plenty of evidence, but its defenders said it was unfair to rush to judgment. The modern recycling movement had just begun and they predicted it would flourish as the industry matured. So, what’s happened since then? The recycling message has reached more people than ever; the bottom line, economically & environmentally, not much has changed. It’s still typically more expensive for cities to recycle household waste than to send it to a landfill. Prices for recyclable materials have fallen because of lower oil prices & reduced demand overseas; it forced some recycling companies to shut plants.

While politicians set higher goals, the national rate of recycling has stagnated in recent years. As cities move into recycling glass, food scraps & plastics, the costs rise while the environmental benefits decline. Mr. Steiner, the CEO of Waste Management feels it costs more than expected. Recycling has been promoted as of public good; otherwise well-informed people have no idea of the cost, assuming that recycling plastic bottles must be doing lots for the planet.

NY and other cities instruct people to rinse bottles before putting them in the recycling bin, but the EPA’s calculation doesn’t take that into account–the omission can make a big difference. To many, recycling is a question of morality, not cost-benefit analysis. NY Mayor DeBlasio declared by 2030 the city would no longer send any garbage to landfills. San Francisco and Seattle are moving to a “zero waste” policy. The US recycling rate has been stuck around 34% in recenly. It makes sense to recycle cardboard paper, as well as metals & plastics; other materials rarely make sense, including food waste & compostable items. The goal is very expensive with no real environmental benefit. Original goals of recycling were to avert a crisis because there was no room left in the nation’s landfills. That fear was never realistic in a country with so much open space. The US Open tennis tournament is played on the site of an old landfill – one that never had the environmental safeguards required today.

Landfills have been welcomed in rural communities that reap economic benefits; the great landfill shortage has not arrived, and neither have the shortages of raw materials that were supposed to make recycling profitable. With the economic rationale gone, advocates for recycling have switched to environmental arguments. Most of these benefits do not come from reducing the need for landfills and incinerators. A modern landfill in a rural area can have relatively little environmental impact. Decomposing garbage releases methane, a greenhouse gas, but landfill operators have started capturing it and using it to generate electricity. Incinerators, while politically unpopular in the US, have been accepted in Europe and Japan for generating clean energy. Recycling operations have their own environmental costs, like extra trucks on the road & pollution from operations. Composting facilities around the country have inspired complaints about odors, rats and defecating seagulls. After NY started sending food waste to be composted in DE, the unhappy neighbors of the plant campaigned to shut it down last year.

The enviro benefits come from reducing the need to make new products — not appealing to workers in those industries. Everyone approves one potential benefit: reduced emissions of greenhouse gases (GG). Its advocates often cite an estimate by the EPA that recycling US municipal waste saves 186M tons of CO2. According to the EPA, 90% of GG’s come from paper, cardboard & metals like the aluminum. Recycling 1 ton of plastic saves only slightly more than 1 ton of carbon dioxide. A ton of food saves less than a ton; for glass, you recycle 3 tons to get 1 ton of greenhouse benefits. The worst is yard waste; as a business, recycling is on the wrong side of global economic trends. Labor cost has been increasing while the cost of raw materials declined. A labor-intensive activity, recycling is an expensive way to produce materials that are less valuable. Recyclers have tried to improve by automating. The more types of trash recycled, the more difficult to sort the valuable from the worthless. In NYC, the cost of recycling a ton of trash is more than the cost to bury it. New Yorkers are spending for the privilege of recycling. That money could buy more valuable benefits, including more reductions in GG’s.

Why do public officials keep vowing to do more? Special-interest, green groups and it’s also because recycling appeals to voters. Cities have been burying garbage for 1,000+ years — it’s still easy & cheap. The recycling movement’s survival depends on continual subsidies.” The complete article is available at this link.

From an economic standpoint it is still worthwhile for us to buy cars for cash. A junk car buyer is able to recycle the various components from the vehicle when paying cash for junk cars. The pricing has dropped considerably when buying cars for cash. Here at BJC we pay cash for junk cars 6 days a week. Our junk car buyer will provide you a quote over the phone and free damaged car removal (towing) is included. We offer junk vehicle removal services throughout Summit, Portage and Medina Counties.

Scrap Auto Tire Debate

Scrap Auto Tire Debate

Barberton Junk Cars is back with another story within the realm of auto scrap and recycling. We strive to be more than a buyer of junk cars or a place to scrap a car in Akron. We seek to provide updated blog content concerning the market of auto recycling junk cars. As a buyer of junk cars who has been in the business of auto recycling junk cars for several years, we recognize the importance of having useful solutions for scrap vehicle tires. These rubber doughnuts take up a great deal of space, are a breeding ground for mosquitoes and have traditionally cost us money to dispose of. On October 2, 2015 an story titled ‘Turf War: One Suburb Bans Crumb Rubber, Another Says It’s Safe’ composed by Hannah Rappleye, Kevin Monahan and Stephanie Gosk on nbcnews.com, has rekindled the debate on using shredded scrap vehicle tires in turf used on playing surfaces as follows: “Jon Damm is a lacrosse coach in Fairfax County, VA. Jon and his wife Laura, both environmental lawyers, have decided that the bits of pulverized rubber tires nestled in the fake grass pose a health risk to their 2 children. Damm says they don’t feel comfortable having kids on the fields, which is heartbreaking for the coach.

The debate over whether crumb rubber turf is safe to play on is continuing across the country. In the absence of clear federal guidance or definitive scientific studies, parents and municipalities are deciding the issue on their own. The EPA has said more testing needs to be done, and that for now, decisions about turf are a local & state matter. The agency has declined requests from NBC News for an interview.” The complete story is available at this link.

In the October 6, 2015 edition of tirebusiness.com, they posted a rebuttal of sorts titled ‘Recycled rubber council refutes NBC turf report’ with the following details: “NBC News is off-base in suggesting that crumb rubber in synthetic athletic turf may be a causative factor in various cancers, according to the Recycled Rubber Council (RRC), an association for recycled rubber manufacturers, processors & distributors. They feel that recycled rubber used in turf fields is safe and doesn’t cause cancer. The RCC says we have to look at the facts and the science. As an industry, we stand unequivocally behind the products.

The RRC noted that NBC News itself acknowledges that no research has linked crumb or shredded scrap tire rubber to cancer.  The report also quoted toxicologist Laura Green as saying there is no reason for concern about synthetic turf. Both stories centered on Amy Griffin, women’s soccer coach at the University of Washington. In last year’s story, Ms. Griffin said she had learned of 38 young soccer players, 34 of them goalkeepers, who had developed various forms of cancer. In the latest story, she told NBC News that she had learned of 63 goalies the developed cancer, 15 of whom had died.” The full article is available by clicking here.

We at BJC have encountered this debate before and would likely not have revisited the topic right now if NBC had not reported it again recently. The problem here is that there is no evidence to support the argument from either side. In the NBC News report, the interviewees were a husband and wife who are both environmental attorneys. Gee, I wonder if two environmental attorneys would have any underlying interests in this debate? Every roadway, driveway, parking lot and sidewalk comes in daily contact with auto tires, so perhaps we are all going to develop cancer by walking on these surfaces! Until there are several independent, scientific based studies on this topic, it should not be the topic of debate.

Are you looking to scrap a car in Akron? We suggest you call the area’s premier buyer of junk cars at (330) 732-JUNK for a junk car quote to determine the available cash for your car. The business of auto recycling junk cars is more common than you may think. To scrap a car in Akron, Clinton or Fairlawn you will need to possess the vehicle title and an ID matching the name on the title. Get cash for cars in Summit County, Medina County and Portage County today by contacting Barberton Junk Cars. Our junk auto buyer is on hand 6 days a week to provide you with cash for cars and same-day junk vehicle removal. When we buy scrap cars for cash, we insure that the vehicle is recycled in a manner that is friendly to the environment.

Donating Junk Cars

Donating Junk Cars

Some vehicle owners that call us (for example) to junk a car in Barberton, Coventry Township or the Portage Lakes inquire about vehicle donation. The current auto scrap prices are as low as they have been in years. The price for a damaged car and what you can expect to get for selling an old car are certainly disappointing. We want to review the process & potential pitfalls associated with the donation. A story posted by Melanie Parker in thenewsenterprise.com on September 12, 2015 is titled ‘Focus on Finance: Donating a car to charity’, which had these details: “Some of us may find ourselves with an older car that will offer very little gain as far as trade-in value. Or maybe one that doesn’t run but still could be put to good use. Many organizations accept donated vehicles. A charity that uses a donated vehicle themselves obviously benefits directly from a donation. In some cases donated cars are sold, either by the charity or by a dealer to raise money, which also is a win. If interested, you can even use the donation as a tax deduction. Just make sure you handle the paperwork properly.

Tips for to donating a car to charity:

  • To receive the maximum tax deduction on your car donation, and to receive the satisfaction that the full value of the car benefits a charitable purpose, give it to a charity that will use the vehicle in its operations or will give it to a person in need. Otherwise, your tax deduction will not be based on the fair market value, but will be limited to the amount of $ the charity gets from the sale. If the charity you are donating to sells it, ask what percentage of the proceeds they receive.
  • If possible, drive the vehicle to the charity instead of using a towing service. This allows the charity to keep the full amount of any proceeds from selling the car. Make sure the charity is eligible to receive tax deductible contributions via the organization’s IRS letter of determination which verifies its tax exempt status. Be sure you get a receipt.
  • Non-cash donations are a common trigger to an IRS audit, so document it and keep records
  • If the car is worth more than $500, you must complete IRS Form 8283. Donors are required to file a written acknowledgment from the charity. If the charity sells it, they must provide the donor with a certification the car was sold at “arms-length” between unrelated parties & the sale price of the car within 30 days. In this case, the donor’s tax deductions are limited to the sum of the sale price. If the charity doesn’t sell the car, it must provide you with a receipt in 30 days.
  • If the car is worth $5,000 or more, an independent appraisal is necessary. The donor also must fill out Section B of IRS Form 8283. For cars worth less than $5,000, use the Kelley Blue Book, or a guide from the NADA to determine the market value. Make sure you use the correct figure for the date, mileage, and condition of your car.
  • Take pictures of the car and save receipts for new tires or other upgrades to verify its value.

Remember, it is the donor, not the charity, who is obligated to value the car and who will pay penalties if an IRS challenge finds your figure inaccurate.” The complete article is available at this link.

Barberton Junk Cars is not involved in auto donation. We pay cash for cars throughout Summit, Portage and Medina counties. The first step in selling an old car to BJC is to obtain a price for a damaged car, which we refer to as a “junk car quote”. To junk a car in Barberton, Clinton or Monroe Falls simply contact our scrap car buyer at (330) 732-JUNK. If you agree to accept the price for a damaged car or junk vehicle and wish to proceed with selling an old car to us, we will promptly schedule a tow driver to meet you. Keep in mind that the title for the vehicle must be in your name to scrap a car for cash. This title requirement is a state law (Ohio) and this is why regardless of whether you seek to junk a car in Barberton, Medina or Green that this applies. Please note that property owners who have an abandoned or unwanted car, truck or van residing on their property are unable to have a junk car buyer or scrap car hauler retrieve the vehicle since the property owner is not the title holder. In this instance we recommend that property owners visit http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/4505 and review the Certificate of Motor Vehicle Law for guidance. Do you have questions related to scrapping a car for cash, junking a vehicle or selling a car for scrap? We encourage those selling a junk car to call us or visit http://www.barbertonjunkcars.com for additional junk my car related inquiries.

New Auto Repair Tax

New Auto Repair Tax

BJC is back with news relating to the auto industry. Regardless of whether you seek to junk a car in Ravenna, Kenmore or Monroe Falls, we’re the best option for where to junk a car. The reasons are numerous but include: same-day old car removal, a fast price quote when selling a junk car over the phone and a wide service area for vehicle removal. As with most of the scrap yards that buy cars, we buy junk cars in any condition. (such as non-running vehicle or a totaled car) This article does not relate to the usual topics such as old car removal, selling a junk car or where to junk a car. In NC a controversial new tax that is a part of the budget. On September 26, 2015, Mark Barrett of citizen-times.com posted a story titled ‘Legislature Revs Up Tax…’ with the following info: “Jennifer Hartman sees a sales tax increase on car repairs as hurting customers. They are less likely to have options when things go wrong and have to keep older vehicles and can’t afford a new car. Randy Richards, of Precision Int’l says it’s a middle class & lower-middle class tax. If you’re upper class and driving a new car, you’re not paying for repairs because they aren’t needed or are under warranty. Tax changes like the car repair tax approved by the Assembly as part of a state budget will increase taxes paid by North Carolinians.

A commentator said people at the bottom will benefit from improvements in the state’s economy and will result from the lower amounts most taxpayers will pay. The bill cuts the personal income tax rate from 5.75% to 5.49 and an annual drop in the corporate tax rate that will see it fall to 3% down from 6.9% a few years ago. Legislators increased the standard deduction, the amount of income not subject to tax for those who do not itemize deductions, and restored a deduction for health care expenses. The bill extends the sales tax to maintenance, repair & installation of items whose sale is already subject to the tax. It also raises driver license, registration & fees by roughly 30%. A little more than half of the additional money expected from the sales tax will be dispersed to the state’s more rural municipalities. The types of purchases affected by the change are car repairs, installation of an appliance or repairs to a computer. Car repair businesses are already required to charge sales tax on items they sell. Under current law, they don’t charge sales tax on the labor–which makes up about half the cost of an average repair, so the change will effectively double the amount of sales tax people pay to get their car fixed.

The added expense could weigh into some decisions about whether to fix a vehicle or junk it, but the impact on most will be that they have less money to spend. Most will see a net decrease in the total amount of sales & income taxes they pay as a result of the bill, while some of the state’s poorest citizens will pay more, per the B&TC. The bottom 20% — those who make less than $20,000 a year — will pay $7 more a year in taxes. People between $20,000 and $34,000 in annual income, will save $10 a year. Those with incomes of $90,000 to $184,000 a year will get an extra $181 in their pockets. Those numbers don’t take into account the impact of higher DMV fees; the DMV changes will mean most of those in the lower 40% of the income scale who own a car will end up paying the state the more in taxes.” The complete story is available at this link.

This topic was addressed further in a September 19, 2015 article titled ‘NC budget: More sales taxes in 2016, income tax cuts in 2017’ composed by Colin Campbell on newsobserver.com with the following highlights: “The new state budget includes about $400M in income tax cuts, offset by new sales taxes on repair, installation & maintenance services. Whether this budget will save you money depends on how much you make, and how much money you spend on the newly taxable services. The 6.75% sales tax rate will increase the cost of a $750 repair to $800. Households making more than $95,000 a year would get an average tax cut of $476, according to projections. Unless they spend $7,000+ on taxable services, they’ll see a net benefit.

The Senate hopes to expand the sales tax–while lowering the personal income tax rate and move to a consumption-based tax. Republicans say sales taxes are a more stable revenue source–some economic studies back up that claim. In the recession, incomes in general go down; especially those taxed at the high ends, but people still spend money to survive. Walden pointed out studies that states that rely more on sales taxes didn’t necessarily fare better during the latest recession. When the economy is growing, income tax revenue will typically grow more than sales tax revenue. Overall, NC will get less revenue as part of the budget’s tax changes. Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/news/politics-government/state-politics/article35825601.html#storylink=cpy

Overall, this tax adjustment seems rather miniscule economically, but sheds light on the larger picture. Our Federal Government is far too large of a system and is completely mismanaged, as evidenced by a trillion in debt. What ever happened to the idea of having a balanced budget? The federal government defies the fundamentals of business and common sense. One example is the US Postal Service, which manages to defy all odds by LOSING BILLIONS every year. One interesting stat is that approximately 53% of spending is for the military[1]. The 2nd largest expenditure is the government itself and this exceeds $72B annually. The state of NC is making adjustments within the range of a budget. Why can’t the federal government have to make responsible decisions like the states are required too?

Are you looking to junk a car in Ravenna, North Akron or the Chapel Hill area? Are you wondering where to junk a car for cash that includes old car removal? Perhaps you are asking yourself what the requirements are to junk a car in Ravenna, Streetsboro or Kent? Selling a junk car at Barberton Junk Cars is easier than you think. We are a local provider of cash for cars services that functions as a scrap car buyer and junk vehicle hauler. To scrap a car with us you need the vehicle title and your ID, which matches the name on title. We can be reached 6 days a week at (330) 732-JUNK or by visiting http://www.barbertonjunkcars.com.

[1] OMB, National Priorities Project

Unique Auto Program

Unique Auto Program

To junk a car in Akron, Cuyahoga Falls or Kenmore we recommend you call Barberton Junk Cars for a quote for a junk car before you sell your scrap car anywhere else. We are where to scrap a car 6 days a week and a provider who buys junk cars that is able to give you a junk car quote and then pick it up the same-day. The purpose of this forum is to discuss much more then about scrapping cars or where to scrap a car. We report the latest news and happenings within the auto scrap and recycling industry, and in this case, various economic issues relating to the auto marketplace. Our next topic introduces a new concept developed by an auto insurer. In September 13, 2015 edition of thetimes-tribune.com and article titled ‘New company offering per-mile auto insurance’ composed by Jim Dino with the following details: “Auto insurance companies are always offering some kind of discount. One company won’t raise your rates after a crash. Another will reward you for a clean driving record. And another company offers to tailor your rates to your driving habits. Metromile launched per-mile auto insurance coverage in Pennsylvania, which the company says is the third-most expensive state nationwide for auto insurance.

The company has developed the insurance coverage so that low-mileage drivers are not subsidizing high-mileage drivers, Metromile CEO Dan Preston said. In their recent survey, that more than 60% of PA drivers drive less than 20 miles per day, and are considered low-mileage drivers who drive less than 10,000 miles per year. The survey also showed nearly 48% of PA residents drive less than 10 miles per day.

  • On average, they found a 6% decrease in driving after they switched to per-mile car insurance.
  • Overall, 54% of test-drivers drove less after switching to pay-per-mile insurance.
  • Users who drove more than 20 miles per day, more than 80% drove less after switching.

With 253 million cars on the road in the U.S., if people drove 6% less:

  • We could save $6 billion on road maintenance and $26 billion in accident-related costs.
  • Would be 60 million metric tons less of CO2 emission.
  • There would be 150 billion fewer miles driven.

Metromile tracks the number of miles a driver travels with a gadget that connects to the driver’s on-board diagnostic port and wirelessly obtains and transmits data to the Metromile driving app, which can attach to your smartphone. From the app, drivers can then access insights to personalized driving trends and diagnostics. Progressive Insurance’s Snap Shot program also offers a device to attach to your vehicle that notes the distance, time of day and how you drive.

Drivers in the big cities of Philadelphia & Pittsburgh have access to a wide variety of public transportation in addition to bike-friendly commute options. Those Pennsylvanians who own cars they rarely drive are overpaying for auto insurance. Pennsylvania marks the 2nd state on the East Coast to offer Metromile’s per-mile insurance. Founded in San Francisco 4 years ago, it was launched in Oregon. It is also found in California, Illinois, Washington & Virginia.” The complete article is available at this link.

Are you asking yourself where to junk a car in Akron or Kent? Wondering where to scrap a car in Kenmore, Barberton or Wadsworth? Call BJC at (330) 732-JUNK today for a quote for a junk car and sell your scrap car for cash. Currently the scrap prices have fallen quite a bit in the cash for cars market. The typical quote for a junk car is between $150-$200 when you junk a car in Akron, the Chapel Hill area, or the Rolling Acres area. Sell you scrap car for fast cash in Mogadore, Tallmadge or Ravenna today. We can pick up non-running cars, trucks or SUV’s from repair shops if the car is determined to be junk, since the cost of repair is too high. Often we receive cars with blown motors, bad transmissions and such from shops like Conrad’s, Midas, Goodyear or Firestone.

Auto Title Loan Pitfalls

Auto Title Loan Pitfalls

Here at Barberton Junk Cars we provide a variety of services including damaged car removal, buying junk cars in Ohio and we issue sellers a free quote for an old car. If seeking out where to junk a car for vehicle scrap typically you will wind up at one of the scrap yards that buy cars. These places where to junk a car, simply allow you to sell an old car for cash and usually wrecked or damaged car removal is included. In many instances a vehicle owner may have a good running car and also an immediate need for cash. This combination of factors often precipitates the consideration of an auto title loan. These loans are fundamentally risky, expensive and typically used by consumers who are facing desperate situations.

Ms. Molly Young produced a story on September 7, 2015 titled ‘Sky-high interest rates tied to online title loans prompt lawsuit from Oregon regulators’ on oregonlive.com that presented some information as follows: “Jodi Arbak’s daughter needed a plane ticket to college and some extra cash to spend once she arrived. So Arbak searched online for a title loan. She filled out an application and sent in photos of her 2012 Kia Soul. Soon, she had $1,500. And Auto Loans LLC had a lien on her $12,000 car. She didn’t know Oregon regulators never licensed the lender or the triple-digit interest rates it charged. And yet, at least 250 other Oregonians got caught in the same trap: Pay sky-high installments or risk losing your car. Even if they kept up every month, many borrowers were pummeled by a final balloon payment that cost more than the original loan. Arbak says she never saw a contract spelling out those terms and within months, her Kia was gone.

Residents continue to be hamstrung by the financial strings often tied to online loans. The state hasn’t licensed a single online title lender, and only seven internet lenders overall. Many have no reason to apply, because their annualized interest rates soar beyond Oregon’s 36% ceiling. They just shell out cash to Oregonians anyway. Complaints flood in — Oregon’s top banking regulator has fielded more than 250 against unlicensed consumer lenders since 2010. Auto Loans and its connections are frequent fliers, named in 16 complaints. Washington issued a consumer advisory about a related firm last year, and Pennsylvania ordered the operations to cease and desist.

In August, the attorney general sued Auto Loans LLC and (3) affiliates. A Multnomah County judge then ordered the business to temporarily stop making or collecting on loans in Oregon. The state contends the unlicensed operation preyed on vulnerable people who may have never seen the contracts, including annual interest rates as high as 334%. Officials also told borrowers to stop paying the loans, which they have declared void under Oregon law.

Many online lenders cite ties to tribes that are not bound by state rules; others are based overseas & ignore U.S. regulations. Financial regulators insist the companies are required to follow state laws when they lend to residents. In June, lawmakers passed a bill that voids loans of $50,000 or less made by unlicensed firms. But Arbak said the next two payments went unpaid after she lost her job–they repossessed it. In February a man from Eugene showed up for her Kia. She and other borrowers said the company tracks cars through GPS devices and hires local firms to repossess vehicles.

Other Oregonians recounted similar experiences. A Portland man told state officials he needed money for the holidays & landed on Title Loan America, an Auto Loans LLC sister company. He said he read the original contract for his $1,500 loan, but not a second one that he says he was asked to sign, supposedly because of a spelling error. He believes the subsequent document included a much higher interest rate than he originally agreed to pay.

One problem regulators face is navigating the web of companies tied to the lender; most operate under generic names such as Liquidation LLC, Vehicle Liquidation LLC & Car Loan LLC. Some are based at a PO Box on the Cook Islands, a sparsely-populated country south of Tahiti. A physical operating address is difficult to find. Investigators searched DMV records and found the lender had registered 251 liens on Oregon vehicles. That number doesn’t capture how many cars they may have repossessed.” The complete story is available here.

We offer same-day wrecked and damaged car removal of junk cars in Ohio. Call (330) 732-JUNK for a quote for an old car and then you can decide where to junk a car. There are certainly many junk cars in Ohio. Some of the reasons for this are the often premature auto body deterioration that occurs from harsh NE Ohio winters and particularly from the vast usage of road salt that is used. The typical price quote for an old car right now varies between $150 and $250 in cash depending the age, condition and location of the scrap vehicle.

Options for Old Cars

Options for Old Cars

Barberton Junk Cars is back again with some new information relating to the handling of end-of-life vehicles. As indicated throughout our website, we are a buyer of scrap vehicles and the best choice to junk a car in Kent, Wadsworth or Kenmore. Do you need a price for a wrecked car? Are you considering whether or not selling a scrap car for cash is for you? This article will weigh in on the various options that you have for disposing of or selling an older car, truck, SUV or van. In the September 1, 2015 edition of parade.com an article titled ‘Should You Sell or Donate Your Used Car?’ was posted by Leah Ingram, with the following highlights: “While many people trade in an old car when they buy new, what are you supposed to do if you’re not in the market for a car but you still want to get rid of an old car? Due to a death in the family, we inherited a 2003 SUV in great shape; the car had 75,000 miles on the odometer when we assumed ownership. Most cars are driven (on average) 12,000 miles per year; there should have been nearly twice that many miles on the car, given its age.

Soon thereafter our 10-year-old, everyday car, a Ford Freestyle, started having significant problems; the air conditioning gave out and the all-wheel drive stopped working. Estimates to get both fixed added up to almost as much as the Kelley Blue Book (KBB) value for this car. Finally, earlier this summer, the rear windshield shattered–either by a passing lawnmower or the extreme summer heat. This car is older and pretty beat up—both our daughters learned to drive in this car so you can only imagine the dents & scratches it received. All the needed repairs added up to more than the car was worth. With this newer car sitting in our driveway, it became obvious that it was probably time to get rid of the Freestyle. Since we weren’t interested in trading it in for a new vehicle, the question became this: should we sell or donate our used car? Here’s what we learned.

Companies like Carmax.com and Autotrader.com are good places to start when trying to sell your car yourself. The only drawback that we found was that we had to visit a nearby dealer to get our actual offer. Perhaps one of the best ways to sell a car yourself is via Craigslist. That’s how a sold her Ford Focus in 2014, even though her 2003 vehicle needed a new transmission; she priced it at $1,000 on Craigslist and had an offer from someone to give her $900.  What helped her successfully sell the vehicle was that, except for the transmission, the exterior & interior were in perfect condition. Since I couldn’t say the same for my Ford Freestyle, I figured selling it on my own wasn’t an option.

While speaking with her she told me that she had also donated a car in the past; she was disappointed in the resulting tax benefit–only able to write off the car for $200. According to Brian Moody of Autotrader,  it seems that the only time that donating a car might make sense is amid a tax year when you might have a big tax liability you need to counterbalance. So what did we end up doing with our used Ford Freestyle? We junked it. It turns out the car was worth more if we sold it for scrap metal; we drove it to a local junkyard and handed over the title for $600. I called our auto insurance company to let them know we no longer owned the car, and they refunded us part of the premiums we’d already paid to insure that car.” The complete article is available at this link.

Hopefully, this parade.com story provided some good insight on whether to choose from these 4 options:

  1. Trade-In. This applies only when purchasing another car from a dealer.
  2. Set it privately. Placing ads or posting ‘for sale’ signs to attract a local buyer.
  3. Donating the vehicle. Perhaps a good option for those with a large tax liability.
  4. Scrapping the car for cash. Basically selling a scrap car to a buyer of scrap vehicles.

Those seeking to junk a car in Kent, Cuyahoga Falls or Fairlawn should contact us at (330) 732-JUNK to receive a price for a wrecked car or other non-running vehicle. As an experienced buyer of scrap vehicles, you can rest knowing we give you a good price for a wrecked car or damaged vehicle. We are available 6 days a week for those selling a scrap car. In the state of Ohio it is required that you have the title and matching ID. This is a state law that applies regardless whether you junk a car in Kent, Medina or Lakemore. The business of auto recycling junk cars tends to experience some pricing volatility based on the market; therefore, do not assume that a junk car quote you receive today will be honored a few weeks later. To receive fast cash for cars from our junk vehicle buyer, simply call us or visit our website. Our scrap car hauler will typically be able to pick up your old car the same-day!

Recycling Auto Oil

Recycling Auto Oil

Barberton Junk Cars is back with a new article relating to the auto scrap and recycling industry. BJC is a buyer of scrap cars that makes it simple to junk a car in Medina, Kenmore and Silver Lake. If you are wondering where to sell a junk car then look no further. To sell your junk car we highly recommend that you call our junk vehicle buyer at (330) 732-JUNK today! Regardless of where you sell your junk car, the buyer of scrap cars is ultimately responsible to insure that all hazardous materials are properly disposed of or recycled. This principle applies whether you junk a car in Medina, Cuyahoga Falls or Norton.

In the August 25, 2015 edition of kcchronicle.com a story titled ‘How to Recycle Oil’ was posted by Carmen Heflin with the following details: “Two hundred million gallons of used oil are improperly disposed of each year. Recycling just 2 gallons of used oil can generate enough electricity to run the average household for almost 24 hours. You decided to change the oil in your car yourself. Do you throw the oil in with the regular garbage? The used oil can be recycled into other uses and should not be disposed with regular garbage. Recycled oil can be refined into several uses such as lubricants, processed into fuel oils, and used as raw materials for the refining & petrochemical industries. In order to recycle used oil many items need to be removed including: water, insoluble items, dirt, heavy metals, nitrogen, chlorine, & oxygenated compounds. This becomes a product called “re-refined oil”, which must meet stringent performance standards.

The Environmental Protection Agency lists several benefits of recycling oil:

  • Recycling used oil keeps it from polluting soil & water.
  • Motor oil doesn’t wear out—it just gets dirty—so recycling it saves valuable resources.
  • Less energy is needed to produce 1 gallon of re-refined base than a base stock from crude oil.

In order to protect the environment, it is important to properly recycle this valuable resource. Here are several tips to help you with the process:

  • Don’t spill on the ground.
  • Put used motor oil in a clean plastic container with a lid. Never store used oil in a container that once held chemicals or food/beverages.
  • Don’t mix the oil with any antifreeze, solvent, or paint.
  • Take used motor oil to a location that handles used motor oil for recycling.”

The complete story is available here.

Those looking to junk a car in Medina, Wadsworth or New Franklin should know that we are where to sell a junk car. As a buyer of scrap cars, we recognize that the decision to sell your junk car is not easy, especially for the small amounts of cash that a buyer of scrap cars typically pays. When you decide where to sell a junk car it is critical that they are a reputable junk car hauler when it comes to protecting the environment. Nobody wants their vehicle being sold to cash for clunkers and contaminating drinking water and such.

Scrap Cars in NY

Scrap Cars in NY

Barberton Junk Cars is where to junk a car in Kent, North Akron and Firestone Park because when you sell us your car the damaged vehicle removal is included in the price. We buy junk cars for the purposes of recycling within the auto scrap segment. Our next story talks about the considerable decline in the volume of abandoned vehicles that the local government has had to conduct damaged vehicle removal on lately. An article was posted on August 17, 2015 on recyclingtoday.com titled ‘Scrap recycling removes eyesores from NYC streets’, which had the following details: “Scrap metal recyclers were undoubtedly doing their best to obtain obsolete autos for recycling in the 1980s, but records from the NYC Department of Sanitation help reveal their more recent success in collecting them before they become an eyesore.

Statistics maintained by Department of Sanitation are cited in a mid-August 2015 New York Times post that accompanies 1980s-era photographs of the abandoned cars that used to clutter the city’s scenery. The blogger notes that in 1988 the Department of Sanitation removed more than 148,000 cars from NYC streets (and occasionally waterways), for an average of more than 400 cars per day. In fiscal year 2013, the department towed away fewer than 2,200 abandoned vehicles, or less than 1.5 percent of the 1988 total. Blogger Jim Leland stated that in the past 25 years car theft and abandonment have slowed to a near standstill; according to Leland, a “junker” is too valuable to just leave by the side of the road and will pay for it.” The full article is available here.

To put things in perspective further, I refer to Jim Leland’s post in the NY Times from August 15, 2015 that had the title ‘Abandoned Cars Are a NY Memory’ which stated the value of abandoned cars as: “In 1968, brought the city as little as $1.01 per automobile, and topped out at about $5.” His full post is available at this link. With the scrap value being only between one and five bucks in those days it comes as no surprise that so many were dumped. Between an hour’s pay (wage) of the driver and the fuel used to pick up the car, there would be no way to cover the costs of handling them.

One point that came to mind is that with the outrageous headaches and costs involved in traffic and parking for a vehicle in NYC, is it possible that fewer commuters drive into the city? A 2014 study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute indicates that 44% of NYC residents own vehicles, but have not found definitive results among commuters. Tolls are likely another reason that people are less likely to drive into the city for work. In my research on vehicle ownership in Manhattan, here are the top 6 reasons not to own a car there:

  1. Monthly parking in Manhattan can be expensive:
    * Monthly (Days only) is approximately $170;
    * Monthly: (Nights only) ranges from $130-$210;
    * Monthly without time limits: $280-$440 on the east side &  $300-$550 on the west side.
  2. Alternate street parking is widespread in Manhattan, which means that there is only parking on one side of the street during certain hours to allow for street sweepers. This means that you may have to return to move your car during the period of your visit to a destination of pay either a $35 or $65 ticket.
  3. Paying a 20% premium for fuel in NYC.
  4. Paying a 10-15% premium for auto insurance unless you have excellent credit.
  5. Traffic congestion is still among the major complaints in NYC
  6. Various sources have told me that EVERYONE will hound you to borrow your car.

Frankly, I am glad to not live in New York City. We buy junk cars 6 days a week and to junk a car in Kent, Tallmadge or Wadsworth, the requirements are that you possess the vehicle title and a matching ID. We are typically able to offer same-day damaged vehicle removal when you sell us your car. Saturdays are typically a busy day for those who buy junk cars since many full-time workers are off. Regardless of whether you junk a car in Kent, Cuyahoga Falls or Mogadore, you can expect the best in customer service from BJC. To sell us your car you simply need to contact our buyer of junk cars at (330) 732-JUNK. They will make you an offer and get you fast cash for cars and our scrap car hauler can be on the way to your place!


Recycling Auto Glass

Recycling Auto Glass

Barberton Junk Cars is where to sell a junk car and where to scrap a car in Akron. If you are selling an old car, give us a call for a price for a damaged car or non-running vehicle. One question that we hope to address is what happens to the auto glass from junk cars and scrap vehicles. The good news is that progress is being made when you scrap a car in Akron, Kent or Medina as it relates to recycling this plentiful supply of scrap car glass.

On August 7, 2015 an article titled ‘How One Hauler is Making Glass Recycling Work’ was posted by Elizabeth McGowan on waste360.com with the following details: “As prices for plastic, paper and metals soared, legions of trash haulers kicked glass out of their curbside collection bins. They didn’t see the reward in handling a heavy & messy commodity that wasn’t filling their tills. Rumpke Waste and Recycling, however, opted to hang in there with glass. The Cincinnati-based company is now an integral player in Ohio’s efforts to fuel its glass-deprived manufacturing base by keeping what’s touted as the original recyclable out of landfills. In 2004, Rumpke built its Dayton Glass Processing Facility to create a consistent market for its Midwestern service area. Through 2011, it shipped about 40,000 tons of mixed-color glass, processed to be no larger than a grain of sand, to the fiberglass insulation industry annually.

The Ohio EPA was developing a strategy to stop Ohioans from tossing 90 percent of their glass in the garbage. A 2011 state-commissioned study revealed that Ohio manufacturers craved up to 295,000 tons of recycled glass annually—almost triple of the 110,000 tons they were then receiving. Owens-Illinois, which crafts clear liquor bottles in Zanesville; Owens Corning, which makes fiberglass insulation in Newark and Mount Vernon; and Johns Manville, which produces fiberglass insulation in Defiance were among the largest businesses in need. Rumpke, the only U.S. hauler that owns and operates a glass processing facility, recognized this sweet spot. That was incentive to upgrade its Dayton plant with optical sorting technology. A $3.6 million Rumpke investment—complemented by a $500,000 state grant—allowed the plant to also recover larger pieces of amber and clear glass for the container industry to turn into bottles and jars. Capacity doubled to 80,000 tons annually.

By 2012, when the governor’s office urged the launch of a statewide glass recovery program, TerMeer had her bins in a row. She had already strategized with stakeholders and requested that study by DSM Environmental of Windsor, Vt. Her next order was figuring out how to feed more glass to Rumpke and the state’s other three hungry processing plants.

Shredded paper in the recycling mix is a headache of a glass contaminant. Rumpke has installed pre-cleaning equipment at its MRFs in Cincinnati and Columbus to scrub away paper and other clingy bits. The glass undergoes a second cleansing at the Dayton plant. Lynn Bragg, president of the Arlington, Va.-based Glass Packaging Institute, points out that everybody in the recycling supply chain needs to exchange ideas about equipment, sorting and education. Prices for clean recycled glass have remained stable and even grown slightly over the last decade, making it a valued commodity, she adds.” To view the complete article, please visit this link.

It is great to see Ohio leading the way in the environmentally conscious methods of glass recycling. Here at Barberton Junk Cars we offer sellers a fast price for a damaged car 6 days a week. To scrap a car in Akron, Mogadore or Tallmadge, the requirements are that you possess the vehicle title and matching ID. Selling an old car is made easy at BJC, as we offer you a price for a damaged car or junk vehicle right over the phone. Our quick, often same-day junk car removal service makes us the place where to sell a junk car. Our auto buyer is standing by to get you a price for a damaged car–or any car in any condition today. If you are pondering whether selling an old car is the solution for you, we recommend you explore the various options. BJC is where to sell a junk car on Saturday for those who work during the week. We pay cash for cars and cash for clunkers throughout Summit, Medina and Portage County. If your vehicle needs costly repairs the option of scrapping it for cash may be the way to go.

Car Buying & Selling News

Car Buying & Selling News

Here at Barberton Junk Cars, the best spot where to junk a car in Barberton, Copley or Norton, we like to provide insight and news as it relates to auto buying and selling a scrap car and such. We are much more than a junk auto buyer, as we seek to post and review news regarding the auto scrap and recycling market in the US.

On July 30, 2015 the site kare11.com out of Minnesota posted a story by Alicia Lewis titled ‘Avoiding scams on Craigslist’ with the following details: “If you have ever tried buying or selling a car online via Craigslist, you may have come across a scammer or two. In fact, KARE 11 reporter Alicia Lewis caught a scammer while trying to sell her parents car. An interested buyer told her that he wanted a vehicle history report, which is common when selling used cars, but they offered up their own website to get it for half the price of a car fax. Turns out… the website was a scam, and that the so-called interested buyer just wanted her money.

Dan Hendrickson of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Minnesota says that people are told I’ll give you a great deal, people sometimes start thinking I have a great opportunity here and I have to move quickly, that’s what scammers are looking for. The BBB adds that the website given in this case, lookupvin.com could be a legitimate VIN lookup site. These vehicle history report scammers pull data from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), and they’re repackaging it for money and possibly commission or card information.” The complete article is available at this link: http://www.kare11.com

Some other auto buyer or vehicle seller related scams may have the following characteristics:

  • Asking for bank routing information, perhaps stating they will send the funds electronically
  • Someone requesting any credit card information, possibly to put a small deposit hold on the car
  • A buyer or seller that is unable to meet you in person
  • If someone is in a major hurry (rush) to get the transaction completed

Those seeking where to junk a car in Barberton, North Akron or Firestone Park are encouraged to call (330) 732-JUNK for selling a scrap car to our junk auto buyer. We are buying junk cars and scrap vehicles 6 days a week. To scrap your car for cash, the requirements are the vehicle title and photo ID. BJC is where to junk a car in Barberton, Wadsworth and Medina since those who call before 2PM can usually get same-day pickup. The process of selling a scrap car begins when you contact our scrap auto buyer for a junk car quote. We insure that your vehicle is recycled in a manner that is friendly to the environment and its components can assist with bringing damaged vehicles “back to life”!

Auto scrap prices are at a very low point right now. This stems from a variety of reasons including lower demand in emerging markets overseas (China) for products such as steel, aluminum and such. These are factors that obviously beyond the control of a junk auto buyer here in northeast Ohio. Many of those selling a scrap car do so because they receive bad news, such as that they need $2,000 in transmission work on a vehicle that is 10+ years old. That is decision you have to make, but if the decision is to sell it for cash—call Barberton Junk Cars!

Damaged Vehicle Repair

Damaged Vehicle Repair

Barberton Junk Cars is back with some interesting news relating to the auto market. We are where to junk a car in Kent, Medina and Firestone Park. We provide a quick quote for a junk car to make selling a junk car simple and fast.

Our latest update relates to the materials used to make up the frame of a vehicle as it relates with replacing those materials in the event of a collision. Recently, Ford introduced an aluminum framed vehicle to their line in efforts to lower the weight of the truck compared to using steel. On July 30, 2015 an article in autonews.com reported by Nick Bunkley titled ‘Ford F-150 aluminum repairs cost more than steel’ delivered the following findings: “Tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that repairing body damage on the aluminum-bodied Ford F-150 took longer and cost 26% more than on the F-150 made of steel. Ford Motor Co. disagreed with the conclusions. The institute’s findings are evidence that it could cost more to own a vehicle made with aluminum, a perception that Ford has been fighting.

Chevrolet began an Internet marketing campaign this month portraying its Silverado pickup as superior to the F-150 because the Silverado is made of high-strength steel. Edmunds.com took a sledgehammer to an F-150 and found that fixing the dent took longer & cost more than it would have on a steel pickup. Ford designed the aluminum F-150 with a modular structure that it says can be easier to repair than its predecessor. The change in material also required most dealerships & body shops thousands of dollars creating separate spaces for working on aluminum and buying specialized repair tools & equipment. Insurance companies Allstate and State Farm saying insurance costs for the new F-150 will remain comparable with 2014 models.

IIHS said it crashed a 2014 and 2015 F-150 into each other at low speeds to simulate offset rear-end accidents. It said the tests caused more damage to the aluminum-bodied truck in both the front and the rear. The cost to repair the front of the aluminum truck was $4,147, vs. $3,759 for the front of the steel truck. Fixing the rear of the aluminum truck was $4,738, vs. $3,275 for the steel truck. Repair costs for the aluminum truck were 42 % higher for components and 22 % higher for labor. In addition, one side of the aluminum truck’s bed had to be replaced, while the steel truck’s bed only needed a repair.

Eric Lyman, VP of industry insights at TrueCar, said evaluating repair costs will be difficult until such jobs become more common. He said Ford likely has some sort of plan to help ensure customers won’t have to pay significantly more to fix their truck, such as a goodwill fund to quietly cover some of the dealerships’ costs. Besides costing more for customers paying out of pocket, higher repair costs could result in higher insurance premiums for the aluminum truck. Ford’s rival, Chevy, has begun trying to use the uncertainty over aluminum as a marketing tool. In one new ad, people are put in a room and told to choose between cages made of aluminum and another made of steel to protect them as a bear is released.” The complete article is available here: http://www.autonews.com/article/20150730/RETAIL05/150729842/ford-f-150-aluminum-repairs-cost-more-than-steel-iihs-says

Are you wondering how to go about selling a junk car or where to junk a car? Call Barberton Junk Cars for a quote for a junk car and we can pick it up quickly regardless of whether you wish to junk a car in Kent, Cuyahoga Falls or Stow. We pay cash for cars 6 days a week and provide a quote for a junk car right over the phone. Selling a junk car is easy, assuming you have the vehicle title and an ID. We have recently expanded our service area to encompass Medina County, Portage County, northern Stark County as well as Summit County; therefore, if you need to junk a car in Kent, Brunswick or Hartville—call us at (330) 732-JUNK today. CSC is where to junk a car quickly and easily!

Vehicle Scrap Prices Tumble

Vehicle Scrap Prices Tumble

Barberton Junk Cars is where to scrap a car in Summit County and we will junk a car in Medina, Copley or Kenmore. To sell your scrap car the first step is to get a price for a wrecked car or damaged vehicle. Our next article is critical to the auto scrap and recycling industry and is very surprising and discusses the recent continued drop in commodity pricing. Commodities are identifiable in that they typically are a product of agriculture or mining, a mass-produced unspecialized product and/or are useful and have value. On July 24, 2015 Bob Bryan with businessinsider.com posted a story titled ‘Why everyone blames China for slumping commodity prices’ with the following details: “The Chinese economy is in a serious slowdown. On Friday, we learned that small and medium-size manufacturing firms in China are struggling. That’s bad news not just for its trading partners and global manufacturers, but commodity prices too.

Metal prices are at multi-year lows. Gold hasn’t been this cheap in 5 years. Copper, nickel and aluminum all hit or got close to 6-year lows. The reason for this is China uses massive amounts of these materials. China currently accounts for nearly 1/2 the world’s demand for copper, nickel and aluminum. The market for iron ore, the price of which has gotten destroyed this year, is dominated by China with nearly 70% of seaborne and close to 60% of global demand coming from the country. Steel, of which China accounts for between 40-50% of the world’s demand for has seen production tumble. China has needed massive amount of raw commodities to build out the infrastructure in its booming economy. Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/why-blame-china-for-low-commodity-prices-2015-7#ixzz3grIJMfIR

Next we review a July 21st article on cnn.com titled ‘What’s behind the falling prices of oil, copper and gold’ with the follwing details: “Why are these commodities tanking? There isn’t enough demand.” The article goes further citing that China, which is the fastest growing country, has seen their growth slowed. Companies increased production which has resulted in an abundance of supply. The dollar recently has been strong compared to other currencies due to economic problems. When the US dollar gains value, then the relative price for US commodities are essentially more expensive. The full article is available here: http://money.cnn.com/2015/07/21/investing/commodities-prices-gold-oil-copper-aluminum/

Barberton Junk Cars is the best choice to junk a car in Medina, Fairlawn or Tallmadge. We provide a fast price for a wrecked car, a scrap car or non-running vehicle right over the phone. Making the right decision of where to scrap a car is simple—just call (330) 732-JUNK for a price for a wrecked car or vehicle in need of a costly repair. To sell your scrap car for cash may be the best option when faced with an expensive repair on a car that is 8-10 years old already. The requirements to junk a car in Medina, Kent or Cuyahoga Falls are that you possess the vehicle title and an ID. Our “junk car quotes” is the first step to sell your scrap car and is the phase where you receive a quoted price for a wrecked car or junk auto. The next time you consider where to scrap a car for cash, consider BJC, as we provide same-day pickup (towing) of your vehicle plus cash for the car. We pay cash on the spot for scrap auto, junk vehicles and old cars. Our new junk car removal service area includes Summit County, Medina County, Portage County and northern Stark County. Selling a scrap car doesn’t have to be difficult!

Locating Junk Cars

Locating Junk Cars

Barberton Junk Cars is a location buying junk cars in Ohio. If you are considering whether to junk a car in Akron, Kent or Medina — simply call us for a quote for an old car. We make it easy to sell your junk car for cash! Our next topic within the auto scrap and recycling realm takes us to New Philadelphia, OH. New Philadelphia is located approximately 40 miles south of Summit County and is encouraging residents to report junk cars in Ohio.

A story in the July 13, 2015 edition of timesreporter.com titled ‘New Philadelphia mayor, police seek help finding junk cars’ discussed the following: “Mayor Dave Johnson said he and the city police appreciate the public’s assistance in identifying junk & abandoned vehicles that are sitting on properties in the city in violation of city codes. Several residents who have contacted the office already this summer pointed out specific properties where one or more junk vehicles have been left sitting outside for long periods of time in clear violation of the city’s junk vehicle ordinance. He added that nobody associated with the city wants to intrude on the privacy of property owners.

According to the ordinance, junk vehicles are those that are partially or completely inoperable or dismantled, and/or are not currently licensed and are being stored outside of a building on a property. Police officers who determine a violation of the junk vehicle ordinance can issue a written order to the owner to have them removed within 10 days have them towed &impounded. Johnson says that police officers are not out cruising & looking for these potential violations, but they will follow up on calls received from residents” The complete article is available at this link: http://www.timesreporter.com/article/20150713/NEWS/150719843

To junk a car in Akron, Copley or Wadsworth, you can call (330) 732-JUNK for a quote for an old car and actually end up being able to sell your junk car the same-day! We have been removing junk cars in Ohio for several years and make the cash for cars process simple. When we junk a car in Akron, Ravenna or Tallmadge the towing of the car is free. Our junk vehicle buyer will provide you with a quick quote for an old car. To sell your junk car in Summit County, we can turn your old ride into fast cash.

Junk Auto Battery Recycling

Junk Auto Battery Recycling

Barberton Junk Cars is where to scrap a car and receive old car removal. Sell us your car since we are a buyer of scrap vehicles throughout Summit County, Medina County, Portage County and northern Stark County. Our next topic is relative to the auto scrap and recycling of EV batteries. A recent article on sustainablog.org titled ‘Battery Recycling: How We’ll Keep Electric Vehicle Batteries Out Of Landfills’ with the following information: “In an attempt to reduce carbon emissions, US policy makers set out to have 1 million electric plug-in vehicles on the road by 2015. While the environmental benefits of electric & hybrid vehicles are clear, they do come with certain challenges. The biggest challenge is figuring out what is to be done with the electric plug-in & hybrid batteries after they are finished being used.

The most important component of vehicle batteries is lithium; lithium is in demand as it used in for laptops, mobile phones & digital cameras. In 2020 the demand may reach 175,000 to 500,000 tons, with most of the demand going towards batteries. The majority of the world’s supply of lithium comes from Bolivia, Argentina & Chile. While recycling batteries to extract lithium makes sense, financially it is not worth it since the cost to recycle the lithium exceeds the cost of mining new lithium. Most of the value in recycling car batteries comes from the amount of nickel, cobalt, iron and other metals for reuse. The manufacturers are trying to reduce costs but if this results in inferior batteries they could be forced to change their ways.

Most consumers that drive a hybrid or electric vehicle care greatly about the environment so it’s important to ensure that the battery is disposed of properly. For consumers that see their vehicle until the end of its life, what options are there for the battery? The battery should not be sent to a random scrapyard to be recycled, as the components need to be processed properly. Throwing away these batteries is not an option as they can be hazardous & cause pollution. If an electric car battery is mishandled it could be a potential fire hazard or give off a shock.

Once used, the batteries retain about 70-80% of their original capacity so while this is not enough to use in a vehicle they can still find other uses. The US Department of Energy awarded $9.5 million to Toxco in order to build the first recycling facility for lithium-ion car batteries. Major electric car battery manufacturers such as Tesla have already begun to send battery packs to them.

The car manufacturers are also looking into aftermarket uses of electric batteries as well. Nissan is working with Green Charge Networks to sell a mass-market energy storage system built on Nissan Leaf batteries. GM is pursuing a similar plan where they will use Chevy Volt batteries to help power the GM Enterprise Data Center. The batteries will work in conjunction with the wind turbines & solar array while also providing a source of back-up power is need be. The full article is available here: http://sustainablog.org/2015/07/battery-recycling-how-well-keep-electric-vehicle-batteries-out-of-landfills/

We assume there will be some major technological improvements to the electric vehicle battery industry and particularly as it relates to the recycling of these scrap batteries. Barberton Junk Cars will continue to present updates as to where to scrap a car battery.

We are essentially where to scrap a car for cash. A buyer of scrap vehicles that handles old car removal will likely be knowledgeable about the recycling process when you sell us your car. Residents throughout the (330) area can sell us your car and receive same-day old car removal. Those seeking a buyer of scrap vehicles should contact our junk car buyer at (330) 732-JUNK.

Top 5 Scrap Car Variables

Top 5 Scrap Car Variables

Barberton Junk Cars is a buyer of scrap cars that offers damaged vehicle removal. Whether you seek to junk a car in Ravenna, Medina or North Akron, or to scrap a car in Canton, Cuyahoga Falls and Mogadore—call us! Our next topic involves the factors that may influence the value of a junk car or scrap vehicle when you sell it. What are the primary variables that determine the price of your junk car? The top 5 scrap car variables are as follows:

  1. If the vehicle is running or not. There are two types of cars in the eye of a buyer of scrap cars, running and non-running. Ordinarily, you would be better off selling a car that is running to a private buyer compared to a company that handles damaged vehicle removal and such. If the car is not running then a junk car buyer will be the logical choice. Often there is frustration when selling a non-running car because the owner has (for example) spent hundreds recently on tires, an exhaust and air-conditioning service. The seller is hoping to recoup some of these funds by scrapping it for cash, but the buyer is only willing to pay a couple hundred bucks for this non-running vehicle.
  2. The age of the vehicle. The importance of a vehicle’s age applies (for example) when you scrap a car in Canton to a dealer that resells the components. Cars that are older (12+ years for example) are more commonly at scrap yards by that time, as past their useful prime. Cars that are newer are in higher demand within the aftermarket since the supply is so limited and can generate excellent earnings.
  3. The vehicle’s condition. Obviously the condition is critical since it represents the viability of the components potential aftermarket value.
  4. The car’s make and model. This also is “supply and demand” based. If that particular make is rare, then obviously it may be in higher demand. Also, certain vehicles are manufactured with higher quality materials then others which can also mean that commodities such as copper, aluminum, steel, brass etc… may be more plentiful and thus are of higher value.
  5. The size of the auto, particularly the weight. Many of those buying junk and scrap vehicles do so based on weight. For example, if you are going to junk a car in Ravenna, Stow or Tallmadge they may simply weigh the car and pay you a variable price per ton.

Are you looking to junk a car in Ravenna, Clinton or Canal Fulton? Perhaps you are considering whether to scrap a car in Canton, Kenmore or Mogadore? As a buyer of scrap cars offering free damaged vehicle removal throughout Summit County, Medina County, Portage County and northern Stark County, we encourage you to call (330) 732-JUNK. We buy junk cars 6 days per week and if you contact us before 2PM, then typically we will pick up the same day. Those scrapping a car for cash who contact us after 2PM will receive fast next-day removal of your vehicle. We will buy your car regardless of condition throughout the (330).

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