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Junk Cars on Property

Junk Cars on Property

Barberton Junk Cars is back with old car scrap-related news and information. We are who junks cars in Coventry Township, the Portage Lakes and Fairlawn. Are you seeking those that buy scrap cars in Kenmore, the Chapel Hill area or Hudson? One call to BJC and our buyer who junks cars can provide you a quote for the value of a junk car right over the phone. Those that buy scrap cars can certainly tell you that we have witnessed a significant decline in the value of a junk car lately, due in part to global economic issues. We have been in the old car scrap business for several years and you can sell us your car regardless of the condition. Our price for a wrecked car does include complimentary towing of your vehicle. Our next topics centers on two local municipalities seeking to get rid of unwanted vehicles as follows: “On November 2, 2015 Neil Simon posted a story titled ‘Canaseraga gets serious about junkers’ on with the following details: “Village renewal is closely tied to the physical appearance of the community. Officials are asking residents to comply with state law regarding junk cars by voluntarily removing all inoperable vehicles from private property. Canaseraga currently follows state codes with the NY Building Code permitting one inoperable vehicle on each property.

One inoperable vehicle on your property is allowed but we encourage you to get rid of it. It could be sold for scrap, or if it runs and is just an eyesore, consider donating it to one of the many charities which accept vehicles. Officials pledge to step up enforcement and you will have until Nov. 30 to voluntarily comply before enforcement action commences. Mayor Paul Mess says warnings will be issued soon and calls the junk car cleanup just one aspect of looking its best. The village population was approximately 550 in the 2010 census. The village isn’t necessarily overcome with hordes of junk vehicles; a reporter spotted about ten such vehicles in driving around the village. The exact number, however, is not the point, the mayor insists.” The complete article is available at this link.

An article composed by Ashley Biles on November 7, 2015 titled ‘People in trailers breaking law’ on brought us the following information: “Citizens living in travel trailers are becoming an issue throughout Upson County, according to Enforcement Officer Susan Morris. The county ordinance prohibits anyone from doing so, yet she has come across many violators popping up. You can have a travel trailer on your property—but it cannot be occupied.

A travel trailer is defined as a vehicle designed as a temporary dwelling for travel or recreational use and not more than 30 feet long. Morris is finding people using their travel trailers for longer than a temporary dwelling. She gave 12 examples in violation and noted there are at least 20 more that she knows of the county, the majority of which are surrounded by junk and trash and don’t have adequate septic systems. One example Morris gave is on Rocky Bottom Road where a lady dug a hole in the ground and put some lime in it to serve as her septic tank. The neighbors complained of the smell of raw sewage. On Crest Highway a travel trailer is parked behind a house and in addition to having improper sewage connectivity, it is surrounded by piles of garbage because the owners do not have trash service either. There are two instances that allow for someone to live in their travel trailer in Upson County, one is if they are over the age of 65 and can prove financial hardship preventing them from living elsewhere, and the other is if they are building a house. She has heard every type of excuse and was even threatened by a gentleman living on the Flint River when she confronted him.

The Value of a Junk Car

Many factors dictate the price we buy scrap cars for such as the age, condition and location of the scrap vehicle. Among those who junks cars, the old car scrap price is significantly influenced by the metal commodities market which is driven by demand in places like China, Turkey and India. We buy scrap cars in Firestone Park, Highland Square and Barberton. Residents of Bath, Warren and Stow can reach our guy who junks cars 6 days a week by calling (330) 732-JUNK. We are a “cash for cars” buyer that proudly services the areas of North Akron, Rolling Acres, and Cuyahoga Falls. Those in Copley, Tallmadge and New Franklin can sell their car for cash and receive same-day junk vehicle removal.