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Junk Cars From Hurricane Flood Damage

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With the recent wave of horrendous hurricane activity in the southern regions of the U.S., many advocates are heightening awareness regarding the potential for hazardous flooded vehicles to be unknowingly sold to consumers. The NADA recently posted some best practices to avoid being a victim of those looking to pass these vehicles off on the public:

  • Investigate the VIN (title) history of the car. Both Auto Check and the National Insurance Crime Bureau have a means of doing this.
  • Look at the vehicle’s interior and within the engine compartment for potential remnants that suggest flood damage.
  • Has the carpet recently been shampooed or have they used significant air freshener to mask the smell of water damage?
  • Check beneath the carpet for the condition of the floor boards.
  • See if any dried mud under the dashboard area.
  • Are there any screws or other metallic components showing premature rust?
  • Always have a professional thoroughly inspect the vehicle prior to purchase.

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