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Junk Car Removals Causing Problems for One City

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The City of Albuquerque is reportedly being overtaken by a flood of unwanted, junk or abandoned vehicles. Over 450 cars were reported just in the last three months via the App now available for residents to send reports. The city has a “wrecker rotation list” that contains 24 towing organizations that they use. Jon Kellar, manager of Duggar’s services, says that over a span of six days they towed in 141 junk vehicles on behalf of the Albuquerque PD. Kellar says that many of the vehicles parked at his place have been there for a year or more. He sends a certified letter to the registered owner to request that they switch the title into the towing company’s name so it can be scrapped. Often there is no response from the owner; after which, the company must wait 45 to 75 days to obtain ownership rights. On a few of these cars individuals have destroyed the VIN # that identifies the vehicle. Kellar says that ultimately the scrap value in insufficient to cover the costs of towing the vehicles and filing all the necessary paperwork.

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