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Junk Car Disposal Initiative

The process of how to scrap my car is much more simplistic than you may realize. Call now to receive cash for a damaged car in any condition. Those seeking cash for a damaged car in the greater Akron area are encouraged to call. Those trying to determine how to sell a junk car with free towing are encouraged to call. Are you seeking a wrecked vehicle buyer to pay cash for your scrap car? Maybe you should consider looking into how to scrap my car? Our next topic is a about a US city that is doing a “spring cleaning” of sorts to get junk cars and scrap vehicles removed and scrapped.

In the March 31, 2016 edition of the Juneau Empire and article titled ‘City covers clunker expenses’ posted by Sam DeGrave informed us of the following: “The city’s Solid Waste Division will pay the $150 disposal fee for residents who want to scrap their junked vehicles at Skookum Sales & Recycling. The city recently signed a contract with Channel Construction, Skookum Recycling’s parent company, agreeing to pay the disposal fee for up to 400 vehicles, totaling $60,000. Solid Waste Coordinator Jim Penor says although this solution isn’t cheap, it’s necessary if the city is to abate the growing number of abandoned vehicles. If we do nothing with the vehicles, we would have a junk car problem.

This isn’t the first time that Channel Construction and the city have worked together to take care of Juneau’s junked cars. For years, the city partnered with the company to hold two car roundups per year. The city would pay for the vehicle disposal fee and Skookum Recycling would take care of the cars. These roundups stopped in 2010 when the price of scrap metal was high enough for Skookum to stop charging a disposal fee. The price of metal stayed high enough for the company to cover its scrapping costs until last year, when it started having to charge the disposal fee.

Scrapping a car comes with some costs, as staff have to remove the tires and drain the fluids — gasoline, antifreeze, oil, etc. — from each car that is to be scrapped. Skookum Recycling has to pay special fees to dispose of the tires and gas they remove from each car because neither can go in Juneau’s landfill. The scrapped cars go to Seattle. Skookum Recycling doesn’t charge a disposal fee for vehicles without tires or gas in their tanks.

Necessary though it may be to cover costs, the disposal fee had an unintended consequence; it deterred many people from disposing of their junked vehicles in the proper manner. The city-funded scrapping will help cut down on the number of cars being left in Juneau’s streets and parking lots. Currently, the police department has to pay to tow abandoned vehicles to their impound lot, where they sit until officers determine what to do with them. JPD sends letters to the last registered owner before it ultimately sends them to the scrapyard, again paying for the towing. On top of the towing costs, JPD has to pay the disposal fee once it gets the cars to Skookum Recycling.

The new program will allow residents to drop off their vehicles at the Skookum Recycling any time between 8am and 5pm Monday through Saturday. The program is for personal vehicles only, including motor homes and travel trailers so long as their graywater tanks and refrigerators have been removed.” The full story is available here.

How to sell a junk car

Residents with a junk vehicle should contact our junk car buyer to find out how to scrap my car. Even a non-running car is worth something–so call us for cash for a damaged car. Our wrecked vehicle buyer is on hand to explain how to sell a junk car with ease! As an eco-conscious organization, our program reduces water and land pollution, as well as a host of other environmental benefits. Doing what is best for our local environment is our goal with our auto scrap and recycling operation.