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Junk Auto Plastic Recycling

Barberton Junk Cars is back from the lovely world of auto junk and damaged vehicle removal. Did you know that we buy used cars for scrap from the general public 6 days a week? Contact our junk car buyer today for same-day or next day cash for your old car, with scrap car towing included. We you aware that our practices associated with junk vehicle recycling have environmental benefits such as reducing hazards such as air pollution and water pollution?

“More plastic can be recycled each year—from eleven year old cars driven until their last mile or others that are newer models involved in crashes. Typically, plastics lower the weight of autos by 500-750 lbs. There are approximately 39 types of plastics being placed in automobiles, recycling these vehicles at their real-world end-of-life (ELV) can be a challenging. With heightened use of plastics in autos, increased emphasis should be given to what happens to these materials when vehicles reach their ELV. Increased knowledge and understanding of plastics & particularly the recycled variety in auto manufacturing is necessary. Many good-quality recycled plastics need to be provided to auto engineering staff at a low price. Multi-industry collaborations are vital for the further development and use of such plastics in auto components—and the recycling of these in auto manufacturing and at ELV. The public, particularly young consumers are concerned about the footprint of their car and the companies that make products; plastics should be at the head of the conversation about new auto production & recycling.

Automobiles are an emerging market for plastics as car sales continue to increase. A variety of different driving forces combined in 2015 to generate a record of car sales in the United States, leading to a fifteen year peak. Inexpensive gasoline prices, improved occupational employment and lower interest rates helped automakers sell 17.5M units—a 5.7% increase from 2014. Global auto sales for 2015 did a jump up by 2.4% to hit 88M+ vehicles, per IHS Automotive—the fifth year of shown growth. IHS indicated 90M in vehicle sales globally is within reach in 2016.” For the full report visit

Who will buy used cars for scrap purposes?

When it comes to who is buying auto junk, we are among the best in the business, featuring quick turnaround & always offering personal service. If needing fast damaged vehicle removal services, simply contact us today at (330) 732-JUNK. As the area’s most efficient junk car buyer, we will get the job done right and fast! We closely adhere to environmentally sound scrap recycling procedures. Did you know that used oil from junk vehicles can be recycled, purified and then used again, another example of sustainability in the market! Old junk cars often have harmful and dangerous chemicals that we process safely to avoid contamination of our land, air and water