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Incentive to Scrap Cars

Incentive to Scrap Cars

Barberton Junk Cars is a wrecked car buyer and salvage car buyer that processes junk car scrap in Summit, Portage and Medina Counties. Do you have a salvage vehicle that you want to sell to a wrecked car buyer? BJC is where to sell a junk car and we handle vehicle removal throughout Kenmore, Chapel Hill and Hudson. Our next topic of news within the auto scrap and junk car scrap market focuses on an incentive program implemented in Spain designed to spur new vehicle sales and remove older cars from the roads.

A January 4, 2016 article titled ‘Spain’s car sales rose 21% in 2015 boosted by scrappage program’ on told us the following: “Spanish new-car sales rose by 21% in 2015 to 1.03 million, vehicle manufacturers’ association Anfac said on Monday. Registrations increased by 21% to 88,609 in December, Anfac said. A Spanish government-backed subsidy scheme to boost new vehicle acquisitions has helped spur purchases over the last 2 years. In November, the government said it coordinated to renew the incentive for the 8th time stretching it until the middle of this year. Under this scheme, vehicle owners who scrap their cars and buy a new one get 2,000 euros, 50% of which is provided by the government and 50% from the automaker.” The complete article is available here.

Apparently this car scrapping program designed to boost new vehicle sales has been revised on several occasions. A July 2014 article on by Jorge Palacios provided us the following information: “The new program closes a loophole in prior versions of the plan. To scrap a car it must be at least 10 years old, or for a light-commercial vehicle at least 7 years old and must show current proof of ownership. It was discovered many of the transactions in earlier schemes involved vehicles that had languished in junkyards for years.” The story is available in its entirety at this link.

This salvage vehicle trade-in plan is very similar to the “cash for clunkers” model that was used in the US several years ago. Essentially, the new car dealer acts as a salvage car buyer and junk car scrap site for those willing to trade in the old vehicle toward the purchase of a new one. The US government heavily subsidized this program and the reviews were mixed in the overall effectiveness of this program.

Barberton Junk Cars will buy your salvage vehicle 6 days a week in Tallmadge, Rolling Acres, or Coventry Township. We are a wrecked car buyer (aka salvage car buyer) that handles vehicle removal and junk car scrap services is the areas of Fairlawn, Norton and Monroe Falls. Residents of Clinton, Medina and the Portage Lakes seeking a wrecked car buyer should call our salvage car buyer today for a junk car quote. We are flexible and are happy to pick up a salvage vehicle from Firestone Service Centers, Conrad’s locations, or transmission shops. Those needing to sell a junk car for junk car scrap in Bath, Stow, or Lakemore should call us at (330) 732-JUNK. Many salvage vehicle outfits are unable to offer same-day pick up service and may wish to pay you with a check rather than cash. Forget about those guys and visit us online at