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Green Electric Vehicles from Nissan

If your car, truck or van is now auto junk, we are here to pick it up in Canal Fulton, Coventry Township, and Chapel Hill. Yes, will buy junk cars quickly in the region of Hudson, as well as from Firestone Service Centers or Conrad’s locations. Our “cars for cash” program is quick and simple, allowing you to get cash today in Peninsula, Granger Township, or from a transmission shop. Millions of cars annually need damaged car removal in the Uniontown and Tallmadge, far too many end up residing in driveways & backyards.

In a recent February 19, 2017 post by Lindsay Chappell on Auto News, the Nissan Leaf is discussed: “Nissan’s move within the electric vehicles (EV) market has had low sales; however, at Boulder Nissan in CO, the Leaf now is roughly 80% of the new cars sales volume.

They attribute their success to connecting with EV-consumers through social media & sending salespeople into the communities to display the vehicles. They are interested in a possible AWD version, to expand on sales of approximately 250 models per year. Nissan sold 14,000 units last year. There are strong geographical regions where EVs are in demand led by Seattle, competing with the top selling Altima. Growth also has been happening in Kansas, Delaware, NJ, Minnesota and Connecticut. .

The owner of Rosen Nissan in Milwaukee has never sold many Leafs; however, last year, he opened a store in Madison where he is generating Leaf sales. Volkswagen is nearing their launch of many EVs. GM is unveiling the Chevy Bolt, capable of traveling over 230 miles on a charge. Daimler’s Smart brand is said to soon be an EV brand. And Tesla is busy developing the Model 3, it hopes will move the CA EV manufacturer into higher-volumes of sales.

The U.S. consumer demand recently has been focused on trucks. Dealers recognize a need for having a dedicated EV expert on the team, who can deliver outreach and education. He visits schools explaining how the technology works, and joined many groups and government groups. The Boulder dealer executes “ride-and-drives”, taking half a dozen Leafs to local company parking lots so employees can drive them. In December, a group-buy effort in the Kansas City appeared to wake up prospective consumers. The battery-driven Leaf had competed closely vs the plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt after both launched in 2010. This year, Chevy has introduced the battery-driven Bolt, boasting double the battery power of the Leaf.” The article in its entirety is available here.

Summit County Auto Junk

Depending on the condition, auto junk from Firestone Park, Highland Square, and Copley will be salvaged quickly and quietly. We buy junk cars throughout Barberton, Ravenna, and the Merriman Valley, often the same-day that you contact us. Owners of junky unwanted vehicles in the areas of Bath, Lakemore, and Clinton can rest assured that we buy cars for cash. The advancement has begun to include Rootstown, the old Rolling Acres area and the Portage Lakes as pick up spots for damaged vehicle removal. We strive to have an excellent environmental impact for the preservation of the resources.