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The recycling processes begin when the vehicle is hauled by a buyer of scrap vehicles in the Portage Lakes, Norton, or Brimfield. Simply leaving a non-functioning car sitting around in Tallmadge, Peninsula, or Granger Township, serves no purpose–damaged car removal is a better option. A junk vehicle buyer in Coventry Township, or the areas of Rolling Acres, or Chapel Hill, can pay you for the car. Our organization has successfully acted as a salvage car buyer in the regions of Hudson and Portage County as well. The simplicity involved in scrapping cars cannot be understated; therefore, we get the job done quickly.

The following except is from Joel Makower in The State of Green Business, 2016: “Several solar panels connected to inverter, with battery no than those used in electric vehicles. This solution could allow villages in Kenya to have some electricity. This collection of electrical components used for power is called a micro-grid. Rural areas in Kenya — as well as companies across the world — are heightening self-sufficiency, while polluting less. These micro-grids are local configurations that produce and bring electricity to a defined physical area, such as a building, college campus or neighborhood. They are reshaping economies in developing countries, as well as organizations, universities and municipalities. Micro-grids also can function as backup power supplies to entities.

1,437 micro-grid projects are believed to be underway worldwide representing 13 GWS of capacity either operating, proposed or in developing stages. The market for these constructs will soar to $40B by 2020, a massive increase over (7) years, according to Navigant. A blend of technology-based, economic and environmental factors, each is pushing micro-grid advancement forward rapidly. The surge in battery storage is definitely among them. Storage successfully eliminates a key wall to renewable power formation: the sporadic nature of sunshine and wind. Batteries allow a micro-grid to hold energy from sunny or windy times of the day and hold it for use during periods when those weather conditions cease.

The so-called Internet of Things (IoT), in which items are connected and able to interconnect in real time, is another technology solution. IoT software sends exactly the correct amount of energy from the lowest cost source can be transferred via micro-grids or shifted in fast response to variations in weather or demand, acting similarly like the larger grid does. As these advancements and the prices of solar and wind power have plummeted, renewables are becoming an electricity option. The prices of solar have dipped 82% per watt in the past (6) years, while wind power in down 61% during that time, per Lazard’s Cost of Energy. That makes them more attractive and lower priced in certain markets compared to fossil-fuel power. The perception of vulnerability of local electrical grids to volatile weather and other such events are making micro-grids a solid option. Weather disasters are more frequent due to climate changes — not to mention other variables — utility power grids seem more susceptible to surging outages.” The full report is available here.

 Local buyer of scrap vehicles

Get fast damaged car removal in East Akron, Silver Lake, and Wadsworth with our scrap vehicle hauling service by calling us today!  As an experienced junk vehicle buyer in Kent, New Franklin, and Firestone Park, we can give you a price for your car right over the phone. When you contact a salvage car buyer in Highland Square, Copley, or Barberton, you should have the year, make & model of the vehicle ready. Environmental concerns are at the forefront of our operation which is scrapping cars in Ravenna, Merriman Valley, and Bath, OH. As a business with best practices in place in Lakemore, Clinton, and Medina, we divert tons of materials from being tossed annually into landfills.