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Current Scrap Car Pricing – February 2018:


2000 Saturn SL: $130
1998 Chevrolet Cavalier RS: $130
2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee: $165
2003 Ford Focus: $130
2000 Nissan Frontier Pickup XE 4-Cylinder: $125
2002 Audi A6 Sedan: $130
2000 GMC Sierra 2500 Pickup: $130
1999 Ford Taurus SE: $130
1999 Volkswagen Jetta $130
1997 Dodge Caravan SE: $135
2004 Kia Sorento SUV: $145
1997 Cadillac Sedan Deville: $130
2000 Kia Sedona: $130
1995 Chevrolet G2500 Cargo Van: $140

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What if I do not have my keys to my junk car? Keys are not necessary to scrap your car

What if I do not have my scrap car’s title? The vehicle title is required

What if I lost my registration for this old car? The registration is not necessary since the vehicle’s title is the document used for shifting ownership

What if I have a title but I am not the owner of the car? The title must be signed by the owner of the vehicle and have the necessary permission from the current owner to scrap your vehicle for cash.

A tenant abandoned a junk car in my parking lot? Call your authorities for instructions on the proper action needed for abandoned junk or scrap vehicle removal on your property. Since you don’t own the vehicle, we can’t buy the scrap car from you.

How fast can you handle a scrap car removal? Typically we can have a junk or scrap car picked up within 2-3 hours, or can  schedule a convenient time for the next day.  Free towing is included.

Do I have to be with the car when my junk or scrap vehicle is picked up? With your consent and proper ID, we may be able to arrange.  Please call for details.

Can you pay me some other way other than cash? We can pay you for your junk or scrap car in cash or with a check if you choose.

Do I get the cash right away for my junk car? YES. We will give you cash when we pick-up your scrap vehicle.

How do you determine the price for buying junk cars and scrapping cars? The junk car price is based on the car’s weight, make, model & condition. Also, the current market value of scrap metal has an impact on the value of scrap autos.

Does it cost anything for you to pick-up my junk car? NO. We pick-up your junk car free of charge.

What do you do with the junk cars? They are recycled. The junk cars are drained of all fluids, reusable parts are removed and then the scrap metal is recycled for future use.

How much is my junk car worth? Simply call or email us with the vehicle’s year, make, model and condition for a price on your scrap vehicle.

My junk car doesn’t run. Will you still buy it? YES. The majority of the cars we buy are non-running vehicles, which we classify as scrap autos or junk autos.

Do you buy junk vehicles other than cars? We buy cars, trucks, vans and commercial vehicles. We do NOT buy motorcycles, appliances or loose scrap metals.

Will you buy my junk car if I do not have the title? No. You must have a valid vehicle title in order to transfer ownership of the vehicle, even if in poor condition. (in accordance with Ohio law)

Is there any expense involved on my part for selling my car for cash, like towing charges? NO. Free towing is included in the price.

What areas do you service? We primarily buy junk cars in Summit County as well as eastern Medina County, western Portage County, and northern Stark County.

What should I do with my license plate after I sell my junk car? Once the tower arrives, you should remove the license plates from your junk car and return them to the DMV

Do you sell used auto parts from the junk cars you buy? No. We are in the scrap metal recycling business and do NOT currently sell parts from junk autos.

Will I get more money for my junk car if I drop it off at your location? Perhaps, but only if the vehicle is towed to us. For insurance purposes, we do not have junk vehicles driven on our property, due to the liability of an accident occurring on our property, which is more likely in dealing with junk, scrap or old vehicles.

Hours of Operation (WINTER):
Monday – Friday: 8AM – 5:30PM
Saturday: 8AM – 1PM
Sunday: CLOSED

Barberton Junk Cars
(330) 732-JUNK
Barberton, OH 44203

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