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Electric Vehicle Update

Are you seeking a buyer of scrap vehicles in the (330) area? We pay fast cash for scrap vehicles with same-day salvage car removal in many cases. By calling BJC at (330) 732-JUNK you will receive a junk car quote for the scrap value of your clunker. The old car scrap process is simpler than you may realize. Our “green” practices and extra steps preserve many key resources and are a prime example of environmental responsibility.

 The following except is from the Idaho National Laboratory Study (2016) regarding electric passenger vehicles:  “It can be difficult, but it is important to secure high-level state support at the beginning of a PEV (plug-in electric vehicles) program. The state of Vermont has a long history with PEVs going back to the E-Vermont program and the state’s support for early development and deployment. In 2013, the VT governor signed an 8-state MOU calling for action to reach 3.3M ZEVs by the year 2025. Before, VT aimed to achieve 90% renewable energy across all sectors by 2050. The governor had visited several DEV events & supported them in various venues, such as the New England Governors/ Canadian Premiers meetings that led to formation of the Quebec-Vermont green corridor for PEV charging. Having top-level state political support for PEVs raises the distinguishability & awareness, and helps gain buy-in from other important bodies, such as groups that often refer to VT policy when considering grants. Establishing of lofty state-level goals fosters a variety of state activities, including access to clean energy funds, public investments, updated codes, permits, and incentives. Most DEV-related activity that has been completed have not needed legislative action; in fact, Act 56 in 2015 included a Renewable Energy Standard & included a provision that requiring electric utilities to lower their customers’ consumption of fossil fuels.

Despite this extensive support from leaders, VT hasn’t found a steady funding source for PEV incentives due heightened pressures on statewide budgets, such as health care. While state incentives would surely increase the usage, DEV has found alternate cash sources (in section 6.7) for minor incentive programs and strive to see PEV market gains. In VT, all state agencies engage in climate action establishment, with standard state climate cabinet discussion of the VT ZEV plan. As a result of the prevalence of the prior mentioned “green corridor” connecting Vermont to Montreal, members of DEV, particularly utility outfits and other agencies, coordinated meetings & assigning some responsibilities. Recognizing the wide-ranging nature of PEVs, (3) state agencies (i.e., environmental, energy, & transportation) acknowledged needs to determine a central and single point-of-contact serving as a lone head of PEV-related activity. A problem in VT was that state’s PEV efforts didn’t truly have a home, set of events, a pool of stakeholders or a web presence.” The complete article is available at

Where to obtain cash for scrap vehicles?

We are a “cash for cars” buyer of scrap vehicles proudly serving the regions of Summit, Medina and Portage Counties. The process is quite simple, as you call us for a junk car quote for your salvage car and we will be out to pick it up. Old car scrap is reused and recycled in accordance with the best environmental practices. Our eco-friendly methods in handling junk car recycling helps in conserving many raw materials and protecting various habitats.