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Electric Vehicle Debate

Electric Vehicle Debate

Barberton Junk Cars is back with the latest news and information concerning topics such as who buys old cars, junk car towing and the price for a junk car.  We are where to junk a car in the areas of Rolling Acres, Cuyahoga Falls, and Springfield Township.  We are a service provider who buys old cars in Mogadore, East Akron and Copley. The price that we quote you for selling a junk car includes junk car towing. Our next story involves the economics of subsidized electric vehicles (EVs). On December 4, 2015 Paul Chesser posted a story on nlpc.org titled ‘Electric Vehicle Sales Plummet without Taxpayer Subsidy’ with the following details: “NLPC has reported that the market for electric vehicles was anything but free and competitive against gasoline-fueled automobile; it is all hype and subsidies, evidenced by what has happened in Atlanta. A $5,000 state tax credit expired on July 1 abs sales of zero-emission cars such as the Nissan Leaf plummeted. Monthly sales averaged 915 in 2015, but sales in the month of August fell to only 148. State Rep. Chuck Martin feels it was taking money that would have paid Georgia taxes. The steep drop was expected after the tax credit expired, gasoline prices are $2 per gallon, which probably exacerbated the fall. Besides the $5,000 from GA, buyers also could take a $7,500 federal tax credit.

There was wealth transfer from taxpayers to a class of automobile drivers, many of them well-heeled, who can afford non-essential vehicles without a credit. According to the Georgia State University Center for S&L Finance, had the tax credit remained it would have cost S&L governments $6.2 million in gas taxes in 2016. The lost revenues have a impact on maintenance of the state’s transportation network, with EV drivers using roads virtually for free. As for the environment, the incentive to spur greater use of electricity-powered vehicles reaped no benefit either. That’s because about 70% of Georgia’s electricity is generated by coal & natural gas, while another 25% comes from nuclear.

When the tax credit was implemented in 2001, it was supposed to reduce the cost of “zero-emission” vehicles. Meanwhile an economic sector was built on government subsidies, which are easily eliminated by politicians who constantly change their minds. Meeting market demand with products that people desire to buy, based upon what they actually cost, is a much better way to do business.” The complete article is available here.

So residents of Georgia could actually take advantage of the $5,000 state subsidy as well as the $7,500 federal subsidy, which made these EVs very affordable. Although this opportunity was viewed as “double dipping”, these vehicles may have needed a push for some consumers to give them a try.

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