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City Planning Junk Car Removal Sweep

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On the December 29, 2016 edition of the Examiner, Connie Clements informed us as follows: “On Jan. 17, the city of Navasota is beginning a citywide “sweep” to remove junk cars in violation of the city’s junked vehicle ordinance. They are seeking out vehicles that are visible from the public view that isn’t registered, is wrecked, disassembled or non-running. This is the initial such plan for the city. Prior, scrap vehicle violations were dealt with on a case-by-case format but many owner complaints lead the choice to move forward. By February letters will be mailed out to the owner of record, the property owner and/or lienholders.

Article 8.05 of Offenses & Nuisances creates a definition of junk vehicles. These cars are a magnet for vandals, potential fire hazards, and are an obviously indication of urban blight.  Accumulations of shattered glass & rust, limits other neighbor’s ability to enjoy their properties. The ordinance contains some exceptions such as antique cars or special-interest cars. The ordinance indicates that if the property owner doesn’t request a hearing or transfer the vehicle elsewhere, they can have the car towed away to a junk yard.

When auto owners receive their violation letter, they will have 10 days to schedule a hearing in muni court. If they don’t request the hearing or move the vehicle, Gruver will file a criminal complaint in muni court. If the owner ignores the letter, the auto will be removed, junked & dismantled, & the owner will be subjected to a $200 fee for each day.” The full article is available here: http://www.navasotaexaminer.com/news/article_f16f6dde-cd1a-11e6-a28f-7baa8c4ed67d.html.

Akron Wrecked Car Buyer

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