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City Addresses Problem With Junk Vehicles

Many eco-friendly ideas come and go; however, in Rootstown, Rolling Acres, and the Portage Lakes, our buy my junk car program is consistent. No reason to keep sinking cash into that junky car in Norton, Brimfield, or Uniontown–junk your car for cash today. To determine the scrap value of your junk car, simply call us for a quote for an old car in the regions of Tallmadge, Peninsula, or Granger Township. You should take advantage of our sell my car for cash option in the areas of Canal Fulton, Coventry Township, and Chapel Hill.

“Regardless if parked in your driveway or on your front lawn, the city wants it gone. The city is starting to enforce the presence of “junk cars” that are littering neighborhoods. To avoid the “sight of blight”, non-running vehicles are subject to the city’s code enforcement and police are trying to spot vehicles where they don’t belong. Many are consistently parking on the lawn or have broken down cars sitting in driveways that don’t move.  People are encouraged to move them into the garage.

Upon the first violation, you will receive a warning letter. The next step is a $50 fine and then it will progress to a $100 fine. In April and May the city issued 137 warnings and/or fines for scrap vehicles. They do not want property values to drop and think that it should be basic common courtesy. Joanne De Bus, a local resident, lives next to an abandoned property and says the house has been vacant for several years. She thinks abandoned homes and street potholes are a problem.  She would worry more about houses then cars. Currently the city has some resources to make assist with this particular problem. They are focused many aspects of improvement. Those who are aware of a vehicle violation should contact the Jackson Dept. of Neighborhood Operations at (517) 788-4060”. The full story is viewable here.

The city code regarding abandoned vehicles contains the following provisions:

  • Automobiles left for a period of 48 hours in a parking area are considered to be abandoned and are subject to removal and impoundment.
  • To have an impounded vehicle released, all parking fees and towing charges must be paid.
  • The city has the capability of ultimately disposing of impounded vehicles that are not claimed.

Who Will Buy My Junk Car?

It can be illegal and dangerous to discharge dirty auto fluids to our water, land and other critical resources. No need for further procrastination in Green, Fairlawn, and Cuyahoga Falls–we are the buy my junk car answer. If you want your garage space back in Kenmore, North Akron, Doylestown, call us to junk your car for cash. If you vehicle needing repair is parked at a repair shop located near Sharon Center, Mogadore, or Stow, you can call us for a quote for an old car and we’ll pick tow it away. Those located in the areas of Monroe Falls, East Akron and Hudson should be knowledgeable about our sell my car for cash options.