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Car Manufacturer Recycling

Car Manufacturer Recycling

At Barberton Junk Cars we buy any car located in areas such as Coventry Township, Chapel Hill, and Hudson. We are who buys junk cars, allowing you to sell a car for scrap in Barberton, Ravenna, or the Merriman Valley. When we buy used cars for scrap, thus allowing you to junk your car for cash, the process recycling has begun. What if my car was wrecked in an accident? No problem—we buy any car, even in poor or fair condition. Are you asking yourself who buys junk cars in Green, Fairlawn, or Cuyahoga Falls? The good news is that you can sell a car for scrap much more quickly than you realize. Some people refer to us as the guys who buy used cars for scrap, or a place where to junk your car for cash. Make an environmentally sound decision by choosing BJC for your scrap car removal.

A February 5, 2016 article by Jack Walsworth on autonews.com titled ‘Toyota recycling program gives second life tells us about the automaker’s continued recycling efforts as follows: “Toyota’s junk is becoming one of its treasures. Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A and Boles Supply, takes bumper covers & recycles them in the form of shredding. The shredded remains are turned into plastic pellets, which are sold, becoming part of the material used to create new components. Toyota created the National Scrap Program with Boles in 2014, piloting with Toyota’s two largest such centers, Ontario, Calif., and Hebron, Ky. The program serves as a “one-stop shop” for all of Toyota’s North American recycling needs.

The covers are primarily from dealer returns that were damaged in transit from distribution centers. Covers that are obsolete from Toyota’s inventory also are recycled. None of these items had been installed on a car, according to Ernest Lopez, Toyota’s environmental health & safety manager. Cloth, foam & rubber also are recycled at the centers. Just about any automobile component that Toyota sends to dealers can be recycled. In the 1st 15 months, the program recycled over 40,000 lbs of cloth and foam, which before had been incinerated or sent to landfills. The program expanded to distribution centers in Cincinnati, LA, SF and Portland, OR. This move more than doubled the amount of cloth, foam, glass & rubber recycled, to over 88,000 pounds. Toyota is reviewing the program for potential rollout to more distribution centers by the end of fiscal year 2017. Juliana Dee, manager of the program at the North American operation says they are giving new life to things that used to be trash & making improvements in their recycling rate.” To view the article in its entirety, visit this link.

In 2015, Toyota published a North American Environmental Report which contained several interesting aspects of their “green” program with the following[1]:

  • Carbon: Global warming is a top priority. The Toyota Mirai is now in the market, powered by hydrogen and emitting nothing but water vapor.
  • Water: Saved over 54M gallons last year.
  • Materials: Last year, we reduced, reused or recycled 96 percent of our own solid waste.
  • Biodiversity: Partners with the Wildlife Habitat Council to bring employees, government agencies & conservationists together to build healthy ecosystems & connected communities,
  • Outreach: Team members can be environmental ambassadors, working with our dealerships on green initiatives; and through the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation, we are part of conservation awareness programs in the U.S.

The full report is available at this link. (See the environment report)

How to sell a car for scrap

Currently, we buy any car in need of fast removal throughout Springfield Township, Kenmore, and North Akron. Are you attempting to determine who buys junk cars in Sharon Center, Mogadore, or Monroe Falls? We buy used cars for scrap and we do not classify or care whether it is running or not. To junk your car for cash Monday through Saturday, we strongly recommend calling (330) 732-5865. Our auto buyer will give you the opportunity to sell your car for scrap. If you seek a ‘buy my junk car place’ in Clinton, Medina, or Rootstown–we are available! All buyers of scrap vehicles in Ohio will require the vehicle title and a matching ID. The condition of the vehicle is of little concern when getting cash for wrecked cars in the Portage Lakes, Norton, or Brimfield. Residents of Kent, New Franklin, and Firestone Park should pick up the phone to get cash for cars today.


[1] http://www.toyota.com/usa/environmentreport2015/index.html