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Car Electronic Signatures

Car Electronic Signatures

Barberton Junk Cars pays money for a scrap car and is among the people that buy junk cars through the greater Akron area. As a scrap vehicle buyer, we serve to recycle old cars and avoid the many components from entering landfills. Car buyers in the US and other people that buy junk cars are sometimes not viewed as being active in the day to day news. Here at BJC, we want to be a scrap vehicle buyer that provides the latest in auto scrap and recycling news and information.

In the December 23, 2015 edition of and article titled ‘States now have power to allow e-signatures on odometer disclosures’ was composed by Hannah Lutz with the following information: “Dealerships could be closer to all electronic documents, as a bill was signed into federal law this month.

President Obama signed the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, into law Dec. 4. Before the bill, the federal gov’t required wet signatures on odometer disclosures. States can decide whether or not to allow e- signatures on such forms, which speeds up the F&I process & reduce errors and fraud. The odometer disclosure was the final vehicle related document on which the fed required a wet signature. Dealers had been striving to make the process more efficient; to have wet signatures was a potential hindrance. Handwritten signatures tend to add to time in the F&I office.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration say it will offer guidance on electronic odometer disclosures Most dealers are ready to use electronic odometer disclosures. The complete article is available at this link.

We are certainly in agreement that this step to allowing e-signatures is long overdue. It will be nice to someday progress the forms used in vehicle titling and registration in a similar direction.

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