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Car Buying Investigation

Car Buying Investigation

Among the many of us who scraps cars, also commonly referred to as a junk car buyer or operator of a place where you can scrap a car for cash, we experience volatility in the market. Currently, the value of a scrap car and related auto junk has plummeted quite a bit in market pricing. The per ton scrap price of steel is the primary culprit for the decreased value of a scrap car, as counties like China and India have lessened import demand and plenty of product being produced within their countries. The result is those seeking to get cash for a car will notice that those us you call who scraps cars will be offering less cash then last year. Our next topic dealings with vehicle purchasing and describes a case where the title was missing. On November 9, 2015 Al Whitaker composed an article on whnt.com titled ‘Taking Action: A car deal, a missing title and a plea for help’ with the following story: “A young Huntsville, AL woman got a loan to purchase a car and then she discovered a problem with the title. The search for answers and the title prompted her to contact WHNT News 19′.  The investigation revealed a problem not only for car buyers but the lenders who finance them; WHNT uncovered something anyone who buys a used car needs to know.

Breunna Jones, a college senior, made the very first major purchase she made on her own.  Jones priced the car, test drove it, and she agreed to buy it and made arrangements with the seller and Redstone Federal Credit Union to sign paperwork. In February, Redstone called and said they never got the title — nearly a year later she still doesn’t have it. Jones has sent emails, text messages and certified letters and is blaming the AL Department of Revenue.

The ALDR is the agency that issues car titles; also the agency issues licenses to car dealers, like Walter Alexander, who sold her the car. Alexander says the title has been sent from the state twice.  WHNT went to the Dept of Revenue to check on the title and it was never sent out.  The application for the title had been canceled the same day Alexander signed the paperwork. If you purchase a vehicle from a dealer and they don’t present you the title for whatever the reason, then the only thing you can do is apply for a title bond. That’s otherwise known as a surety bond; after WHNT got involved, her application was approved. They learned this was not an isolated incident, as hundreds of car buyers in AL face this same issue. One of the most common problems is getting a title for a car that was bought in one state and then sold in another. It can take weeks to find out if there’s a lien on the car in the other state. The state is introducing a new feature on its website that will make it possible to find out if the used car is still financed or has a lien against it. That should close the door on a lot of the fraud that’s taking place. As for Breunna’s car, we found the guy’s car dealers license in AL was revoked back in May because of title If you’re about to invest dollars on a used car, consider getting a Carfax report. The complete article is available here.

Who scraps cars in Cleveland?

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