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CA Scrap Recycling Problems

Barberton Junk Cars is established site in the field of scrap yards that buy cars in Summit County. Our process of scrapping cars is focused on environmentally sound practices geared toward recycling. If your car is broken down in a state of disrepair, contact us for information about how to sell a junk car. To quickly process vehicle scrap, we dispatch several junk car removal vehicles. We are a local provider who scraps cars in the area, of which we are an excellent option.

An article on Mother Jones by Alexander Sammon posted on August 28, 2016 tells us the following: “Fewer states have a greener reputation than California, and for good reason; it has a cap-and-trade program for carbon emissions and solar-energy generation at the behest of Gov. Jerry Brown. CA has proved itself a national leader in environmental policy. On average, each CA residentn throws nearly 5lbs of material into landfills daily. There latest waste & recycling report revealed that landfill waste in the state jumped to 33.2M tons in 2015, a 1-year increase of 2M tons. Per capita, each person now tosses 4.7 pounds of stuff into the landfill per day. The CA rate of recycling also dipped to 47%  in 2015, its lowest since 2010 and the 1st time since the state began measuring.

Mark Oldfield of CalRecycle says a recovering economy as a big contributor to the setback; growth boosts consumption and building, which them results in more waste. People are buying new stuff and getting rid of the old items. With the low prices of oil and other plummeting commodity prices, CA eliminated financial incentives for companies to use recyclable material. Thanks to cheap oil, producers are using more petroleum-based plastics than before. A 4-year decline in the prices manufacturers will to pay to process such materials has hurt many for-profit recycling centers. CalRecycle pays up to 1/2 of the centers’ operating expenses, depending on the amount of material they gather, to encourage recycling centers to accept plastics containers along with the more lucrative aluminum cans. The deposits paid by consumers on beverage containers, provides an incentive for those doing curbside pickup to bring cans and bottles to the centers and earn the deposits. CalRecycle’s payments to the centers are based on volatile scrap prices over the previous year. Across the state, the bulk recyclers have faced a shortfall of more than $50M.

Nearly 1/3 of California’s recycling centers have closed. The setbacks cost the state in various ways: Recycling typically generates $8-$9M in tax revenue annually and produces 3,000+ full-time jobs. Income from collecting and redeeming recyclables helps keep many desperate people off public assistance. Regulating plastic packaging in a similar fashion could have a big impact and help reverse this troubling course. Legislation forcing producers to buy recycled content can also help.” The full article is available at this link.

Who scraps car for cash in Akron?

We are one of the scrap yards that buy cars in the Northeast Ohio area. When seeking a hauler that specializes in scrapping cars, be sure to get a price from us. To sell a junk car quickly, call us at (330) 732-JUNK, since we will provide same-day or next-day scrap car hauling services. Complimentary vehicle scrap removal is available in our junk car quote amount. As a business with best practices in place, we divert tons of materials from being tossed annually into landfills. Take a step in the right direction for protecting our environment, by simply contacting us for eco-friendly vehicle recycling.