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Automobile Scrap and Waste

The auto scrap and recycling team here at Barberton Junk Cars will buy a damaged, unwanted or totaled car. There are various factors that have significant influence on the value of a scrap car. The questions of where to junk a car is often answered by the response to most these days—just use Google. In this regional area of Ohio, many of us who buys old cars are experiencing the ramifications of the continuously low scrap prices. Many auto body shops will pass our number on to their customers who really just need a wrecked car buyer. Many folks are unaware that in the US over 12 million vehicles are scrapped annually, providing a plethora of salvageable components & recyclable materials.

On July 14, 2016 Alan Harman composed a story titled ‘Ford Hits Zero-Waste Target at European Plants’ on Waste 360 with the following information: “Ford’s European arm has supposedly achieved zero waste-to-landfill in their European manufacturing plants, eliminating 6K metric tons of waste annually in the last (5) years, an amount equivalent to the annual amount tossed out by a town of over 12K residents. New measures were employed to achieve zero waste-to-landfill from the 1.2M vehicles Ford makes in Europe each year.

These do include the briquetting of grinding sludge-material from the Dagenham, U.K., motor plant so the oil can be recycled in the production processes. At the Valencia, Spain, vehicle plant, Ford is creating alternative fuel from waste that couldn’t be recycled. The most recent plants to achieve zero waste-to-landfill status are the Valencia & Craiova, Romania facilities, which join plants in Bridgend and Dagenham in the U.K., Bordeaux, France; and Cologne and Saarlouis in Germany. According to Ford’s Environmental Quality Manager Andreas Reiss, the achievement is a fantastic start to push on from and further improve in areas such as reducing water & electricity consumption as Ford of Europe strives towards the company’s global sustainability goals.

The manufacturer recently published a 2016 Sustainability Project indicating that last year Ford of Europe rolled out a new energy-management system within their production models, allowing teams to manage demand & even remotely control energy and heat-based systems for greater efficiency. Ford’s strategy has resulted in a 25% drop in energy use since 2011, essentially an annual savings of 800 gigawatt hours. Between 2013 & 2015, the organization lowered its global water usage per car produced to 1,006 gallons from 1,067 gallons, nearly a 6% reduction. The full article is available here.

According to Ford’s corporate site they are: “Committed to preventing or reducing environmental, economic & social harm due to climate changes. To meet their goals, they are following a plan to make the products emit less carbon dioxide. For the past (8) years, they have been following an ambitious plan of auto technology & alternative powertrain and fuel. By implementing this, they are improving fuel efficiency & reducing CO2 emissions across the product portfolio, and working toward a sustainable future.” To view their complete sustainability information, please visit this site:

Where to junk a car in Stow or Cuyahoga Falls

The price to repair a totaled car is typically expensive and that’s why the decision to scrap it is considered. The value of a scrap car is determined by considerable factors such as age, condition and demand for the components. Are you concerned with who buys old cars near your home? Call us at (330) 732-JUNK today. Don’t leave that old car sitting there—get paid from our wrecked car buyer for it! After all, motor vehicles are a among the top recycled products in the US and abroad.