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Automobile Financing Mistake

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A recent NYT article by Ann Cairns tells us the following: “Many people who trade in their vehicle when buying a new one are upside down, which means they owe more on the existing auto loan than the vehicle is worth, the auto website reports. Edmunds says that 32% of trade-ins for these purchases in the 1st 9-months of the year had equity that was negative.  The average negative equity was roughly $4,800 at the time, which is quite high. About a 25% of shoppers buying pre-owned cars also had negative equity, averaging $3,600.

Owing more than the car is worth is like to being “underwater” on a mortgage, in that the asset behind the debt is not worth the loan. Assume you owe $20,000 on a vehicle now valued at $18K. This truly means that you have negative equity balance of $2,000. If you were to trade in your car, the debt from the old loan must be rolled into a new one. It will then take a while to have any equity in this new loan, which means you could get behind in a vicious cycle of loans with negative equity.

Consider if you can truly afford the vehicle you want to buy. If necessary, to extend the loan to 6-years, it may be better to choose a less expensive car. A rule of thumb is “20-4-10”: 20% down, finance the car with a loan terms of not more than 4 years, and make sure the monthly bills, which includes the car payment, insurance etc. aren’t over 10% of your total gross income. If you can’t make it within those parameters–then don’t buy it.

Take more than one short test drive before deciding on a car to limit the chance of buying an unsuitable vehicle that you’ll want to trade in during the initial period of the loan. For example, a tall buyer may want to think twice about a subcompact car. He was really too cramped driving that vehicle. The full article is available here:

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