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Auto Scrap Recycling Project

Auto Scrap Recycling Project

Barberton Junk Cars is back with some auto scrap related news. We are one of several outfits who junks cars in the area and are a solution when wondering where to scrap my car. Junk car towing is included in our auto scrap program and we are one place who junks cars that can provide the junk car towing on the same-day. Anyhow, our next topic relates to a project in San Diego, CA that is recycling multiple auto components and fluids.

A City News Service report posted on on October 17, 2015 summarized as ‘SD recycling used oil, oil filters, auto batteries & used antifreeze at Qualcomm’ provided the following: “The 1st of several recycling-friendly events in which San Diego residents properly dispose of used oil, oil filters, auto batteries & antifreeze is scheduled Saturday. The city & state Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery are coordinating these events. All of these, which are free to San Diegans with proof of city residency — to reduce improper disposal of dangerous vehicle-based materials. This will take place from 9A – 1P at the Qualcomm Stadium in Mission Valley.

People are to bring the wastes in closed (sealed) containers, which will prevent breakage or spills. The maximum limit is 10 gallons and commercial waste will not be permitted, according to the city. Due to weight restrictions, no more than (3) auto batteries per household will be accepted. Future events are scheduled for Southwest High School in the South Bay, Nov. 14; the School of Creative & Performing Arts in Paradise Hills, Dec. 5; and the PUOC in Kearny Mesa, Jan. 23. To read the complete article, visit this link.

Ten facts about auto fluid & filter recycling:

  1. One gallon of used motor oil can contaminate up to one million gallons of water.[1]
  2. Motor oil doesn’t wear out – it just gets dirty. [2]
  3. Vehicle motor oil’s base remains; the items that break down are the additives. [3]
  4. Each oil filter has about a pound of re-usable steel.[4]
  5. Recycling all the oil filters sold annually in the US would recover about 160,000 tons of steel.[5]
  6. Used oil filters contain quite a bit of oil—it’s recommended to allow several hours for drainage.
  7. The EPA requires that all free-flowing oil be drained from filters before disposal.
  8. Planet Earth Recycling has its own way of recycling antifreeze through reverse osmosis & ultra-filtration.
  9. Legislation requires antifreeze US users to either recycle or to pay for disposal with a licensed facility.[6]
  10. There is a new, multi-stage purification process using dual-bed deionization for antifreeze.[7]

In the auto scrap business and anyone who junks cars, must be careful to insure that oil, antifreeze and oil filters are properly disposed of. If you are deciding where to scrap my car, the fact that the company is environmentally compliant is critical. Are you pondering where to scrap my car in Copley, Kenmore or Firestone Park? We are an organization who junks cars and includes complimentary junk car towing. If you are tired of throwing money at fixing your clunker–call us at (330) 732-JUNK today for fast ‘scrap my car’ services. We service the areas of Fairlawn, Cuyahoga Falls and Highland Square. Our junk vehicle buyer will provide you with a quick junk car quote over the phone if looking to scrap a car in Kent, Stow or the Portage Lakes areas.