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Auto Scrap Program Stopped

With our auto buyer website it is fast and easy to get a quote and can remove the vehicle from a Mr. Tire or Monro Muffler & Brake shop.  Did you know that even a totaled car has some kind of salvageable value in Rootstown, Rolling Acres, or the Portage Lakes area? When determining where to sell a junk car in the regions of Norton, Brimfield, or Uniontown–we are the solution. Ask around among those of us who buys scrap cars Tallmadge, Peninsula, Granger Township and they will tell you the per car scrap price has fluctuated.

A recent story on NBC 4 New York by Jonathan Dienst tells us the following: “Paterson has canceled their auto tire recycling program after the possibility of corruption led to an investigation by city staff as well as the FBI. Mayor Jose Torres passed an executive order canceling the program for recycling vehicle tires at the City Yard on E. 16th St.  Curb-side removal of truck or passenger auto tires for recycling can be arranged through the Dept. of Public Works. The News 4 team determined last months that allegations of corruption & poor management were occurring at the recycling plant. Several city staffers stated that residents may drop off up to (4) tires for free per year, the wide majority of tires dumped in there were from auto-related companies. These dumping them don’t pay the necessary fees & instead sometimes paid cash to some workers. The city then loses revenue from program.

The FBI subpoenaed the city regarding the program. Paterson’s attorney Domenick Stampone says the city was served a subpoena. Mayor Joey Torres has been under scrutiny for supposedly using city workers to perform side jobs at his residence. Investigators want to know if federal grant funds may have been misappropriated by the city.  The mayor denies any wrongdoing and referred the issue to the city administrator, who in turn reached out to law enforcement.” The full story is available here.

Akron Auto Buyer

Our auto buyer will give you the opportunity to sell your car and can tow it away from Conrad’s locations, transmission shops, or Goodyear stores. If you recently transformed your vehicle into a totaled car in Canal Fulton, Silver Lake, or Wadsworth, go ahead and make the call!

The people in Medina, Kent, and New Franklin know where to sell a junk car. Are you in search of who buys scrap cars and pays cash in the areas of Firestone Park, Highland Square, or Copley, OH? Our company believes in waste diversion by aiming to reuse and recycle as much as possible.