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Auto Insurance Problems

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In the March 16, 2016 edition of the Baltimore Sun an article by Marceline White and Tom Feltner titled ‘Maryland’s discriminatory car insurance scheme’ told us the following: “Car insurance should be priced to reflect the risk of the driver getting into an accident. In Maryland (MD), insurance companies use non-driving related factors — including education, occupation, marital status, homeownership & credit to set the rates. This allows them to determine who might be a more profitable customer in the long run, rather than someone’s risk on the road. The MD Consumer Rights Coalition found that a driver living in Roland Park with two at-fault accidents would pay $215 less than a driver with a perfect record who lives in Park Heights. Common sense tells us that someone with a spotty driving record should pay more, but insurance firms’ pricing policies mean that bad drivers in wealthier ZIP codes pay less. And these kind of pricing policies have a disparate impact on communities of color. A 2015 Consumer Federation of America study found that good drivers living in predominantly African-American ZIP codes in Baltimore are charged nearly double the rates of those living in predominantly white area.

While auto insurers use non-driving related factors to up the cost of car insurance — for example the death of your spouse can increase the cost of your car insurance by 14% — your credit history is a way insurance companies cheat good drivers. The MD Insurance Administration (MIA) allows insurance companies to charge drivers with poor or even “good” credit 40% more than drivers with “excellent” credit. Insurance companies say credit is important by alleging a correlation between credit scores & risk, but don’t explain why this would be. If a series of medical bills hurts your credit score, do you suddenly turn reckless on the road? Insurers also say those with lower credit scores file more claims–the insurance lobby’s attempt at misdirection. Insurers make perfect drivers with less-than-perfect credit scores pay more than those with the highest credit score for even the basic liability insurance. That policy only covers accidents that you cause, so you’re not filing claims under these policies. The industry’s theory about the claims behavior of people with lower credit scores is simply untrue.

A 2015 study by Consumer Reports found that a good driver with poor credit pays $1,636 more than a driver with excellent credit but a DUI conviction. By prohibiting the use of credit and other non-driving related factors when setting auto insurance rates, insurance companies will have to set their premiums based on actual driving factors so drunk drivers and those with accidents will pay more for their car insurance, while good drivers pay less. The MD General Assembly has an opportunity to make things right. In 2002, MD prohibited the use of credit in setting home insurance rates. In 2011, the MD General Assembly agreed that credit shouldn’t be used for hiring & compensation decisions. Legislators have determined over the past 14 years that good credit, should not affect the cost of home insurance or access to employment. This year, Sen. Catherine Pugh introduced Senate Bill 1028 which prohibits the use of credit, education, occupation, marital status & homeownership from use by insurance companies in setting rates. SB 1028 will reduce the cost for many good but low-income drivers. It will reverse the current practice in which drivers in low-income communities subsidize wealthier drivers. And it will mean that insurance will be based on how you drive, not who you are. The full article is available here.

How to scrap my car

The first step in how to sell a junk car is to pick up the phone for a price quote from our wrecked vehicle buyer. You can call several of who buys crashed cars and pay fast cash for vehicles. We are an established scrapper of junk cars proudly servicing Wadsworth, Akron and Kent. We are a “cash for cars” buyer that will provide you free scrap vehicle hauling included from Cuyahoga Falls, Kenmore and Firestone Park. Need to get cash for your junk car or old vehicle? Our “junk my car” offer is quick and easy. Our auto scrap & recycling protocols and best processes help to greatly limit hazards such as global warming and its detrimental environmental effects. Our “green” practices seek to protect and preserve the planet’s resources for the betterment of many generations to come.