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Auto Industry Staffing

Auto Industry Staffing

Barberton Junk Cars is back with news and information within the auto scrap, auto junk and recycling realm. We have been broadening our scope of topics to proceed past auto junk, where to scrap my car and value of a scrap car related topics. We are often referred to as a “place to get cash for a car” or “where to scrap my car”, which is true, yet this forum allows us to expand and create and review or aspects of the massive US auto industry (auto junk aside) . On October 27, 2015 there was a piece composed by Jamie LeReau titled ‘Dealers raise workers’ pay but struggle with high sales staff turnover” that discussed the following: “Car dealers are raising their employees’ pay and are getting higher productivity for it. But dealers still suffer from high sales staff turnover, struggle to hire women and fill some fixed-operations jobs. NADA’s 4th annual Dealership Workforce Study is based on data collected in 2014. Although pay for sales jobs rose less than for other dealership positions, overall it’s good to work at a car dealership. In 2014, the median weekly income for all new-car dealership employees increased 5.1%. On average, dealership workers earned about 29% more than those in the U.S. private sector overall, according to the study, citing data compiled by the BLS.

Steven Szakaly, chief economist for the NADA says these are very good-paying jobs in terms of benefits, but it’s not bringing people in. The difficulty in hiring results from an antiquated industry image. It’s about educating people about what this work is like and how well compensated it is. These aren’t bad jobs; they need to talk about the reality of the situation instead of allowing old stereotypes to be there. For example, salespeople are now product experts & consultants expected to meet increased demand for top customer service. The car is a lifestyle choice and it’s just as much of a measure of one’s self as going clothes shopping or picking out a phone. In 2014, the annualized turnover rate in the average car dealership’s sales department was 72%, an increase of six percentage points. Part of that is explained by an increase in hiring millennials, ages 18 to 34. The % of millennials working in dealerships rose to 31% from 27% a year earlier; close to half of all new dealership hires in 2014 were millennials. Many dealers experienced high turnover in part because of millennials taking entry-level sales jobs & deciding they didn’t like it. Some salespeople switched to brands with higher sales & profit margins, resulting in greater compensation.

Auto retailing is going through industry changes, putting pressure on sales staff earnings. Certain dealership jobs, such as operations, finance and insurance, experienced greater increases in compensation than sales. Profits in those areas of the dealership were stronger than car-sales profits and dealers have a national market now for new-car sales because of the Internet. Growth in median income for key sales jobs averaged 1.8% compared with an average of 6.2% for fixed-operations jobs, which include service managers, service advisers and technicians. Sales employees’ gains in average income also lagged other dealership jobs. The average annual compensation for a salesperson rose 3.3% to $68,823 while the average annual service tech pay increased 4.8% to $59,181. Component consultants saw a 6.9%t boost to $50,935. Those employees working at dealership groups with 10 to 40 stores outpaced the earnings of those at larger dealership groups. Those at luxury brand stores earned more; the average weekly pay in at a luxury dealership was $1,696, 47% higher. There is a demand for higher customer service; how you deliver is by paying your staff well and having lower turnover. Hiring women remains challenging, as they accounted for 18.5% of employees. More dealers open their showrooms on Sundays; the number open on Sunday increased to 41%. In 2012, 7% were open on Sunday compared with 10 % last year.” To view the complete article, visit this link.

The Value of a Scrap Car

The auto recycling junk cars business rolls on for us in Summit County, Medina County and Portage County. As a buyer of junk cars serving these areas 6 days a week, we encourage you the contact us regarding auto junk and about how to get cash for a car. Are you wondering where to scrap my car in Springfield Township, Mogadore and East Akron? The value of a scrap car has declined quite a bit over 2015, meaning last year you would have gotten more to get cash for a car. Although the value of a scrap car has fallen nationwide, it is still often the best option in many cases. Those with a car to scrap in Peninsula, Firestone Park and Highland Square can reach our junk vehicle buyer at (330) 732-JUNK. Those will a car that is broken down at a Conrad’s, Monro, transmission shop or Firestone Service Center are encouraged to call us for a junk car quote. Our junk vehicle hauling services are available in Tallmadge, New Franklin and Kenmore. You can sell your old car for cash in Fairlawn, Norton and Monroe Falls today!