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Abandoned Vehicle Laws

To get cash for a car in the greater Summit County area, be sure to contact us today! Junk car removal is one aspect of the process, particularly where we tow away that piece of junk. When we junk cars for cash, ultimately the end result is that the materials are recycled. Are you attempting to determine the price for a damaged car that we can offer? Those acting as a salvage car buyer are responsible for protecting the environment amid their recycling and disposal process.

This article was recently posted in the News Courier: “Changes to the unclaimed/abandoned (U/A) (motor vehicle (MV) law were announced by the Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR). A person or entity, including towing companies, in possession of an “unclaimed” (MV) must now comply with the following requirements before a (MV) can be sold as an “abandoned” (MV). ADOR will provide an (U/A)(MV) online portal for this purpose. The portal is set to launch: ( on Friday.

Unclaimed motor vehicles (MVs) include the following:

  • A (MV) left unattended on a public road or highway for more than 48 hours;
  • A (MV) not left on private property for repairs that has remained on private or other public property for a period exceeding 48 hours without the consent of the owner or lessee of the property;
  • A (MV) left on private property for repairs that has not been reclaimed within 48 hours from the latter of either the date the repairs were completed or the agreed upon redemption date;
  • A (MV) left unattended because the driver has been arrested or is impaired by an accident or for any other reason which causes the need for the vehicle to be immediately removed as determined necessary by law enforcement; and/or
  • A (MV) that is impounded for outstanding traffic or parking violations.

Within (5) days from the date the vehicle was 1st considered “unclaimed,” the person or entity in possession of the vehicle must report the (U/A) vehicle to ADOR. A 45-day hold will be marked on the vehicle title record. (Note: Storage fees may not be assessed unless it is reported to ADOR within (5) days of the date the vehicle becomes (U/A).

Within (5) days from the date the (MV) was reported as “unclaimed” to ADOR, the person or entity in possession of the (MV) shall use the National (MV) Title Information System (NMVTIS) to determine the state in which the vehicle is titled and/or registered. A list of service providers are found at

Within (5) days of receiving the NMVTIS record, the person or parties in possession of the (MV) must obtain an official record from the state and issue a Notice of Possession to the owner and/or lienholder. The notice must be sent via certified mail. If the vehicle is not redeemed in time, it will be considered “abandoned” & sold at auction. If the auction is to be held in the county in which the vehicle is registered; it must be publicized once a week for two consecutive weeks in a local publication. A list of all (U/A) (MVs) will be available to the public on ADOR’s website at

Within (5) days of the receipt of the Notice of Public Auction, ADOR shall issue a Notice of Termination to the current owner and/or lienholder. After (35) days from the Notice of Public Auction, the vehicle may be sold. The abandoned vehicle bill of sale will be produced from the unclaimed/abandoned portal and used to apply for the Alabama title.

Before selling abandoned vehicles, it may be contested on appeal at the ALTax Tribunal. After the sale of a vehicle, it may be contested in court. (Note: If the sale was prior to July 1, 2016, the prior laws apply. However, the vehicle must be titled prior to the end of the 2016, or the buyer would be required to post a surety bond in order to title it.)” The full article is available here.

What is the price for a damaged car?

Are you kidding yourself that you intend to fix the junk car in your driveway? Don’t be a loser—get cash for a car today! Those who process junk car removal should feel obligated to recycle the vehicle in an environmentally sound manner. We junk cars for cash with same-day hauling being available. When initiating contact with a salvage car buyer, you should have the year, make & model of the vehicle ready to provide to the company.  Environmental contamination as a result of mishandling junk cars can occur within the realm of junk car operations.