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Abandoned Junk Jeeps

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Scott Condon of The Aspen Times recently posted ‘Abandoned wreckage of two Jeeps’ with this information: “The U.S. Forest Service is seeking owners of two vehicles that rolled into Crystal River headwaters July 2 and haven’t been removed. The incident occurred after one Jeep was attempting to tow another Jeep out of a precarious position. Both vehicles ended up falling about 130ft. into the water. The cars ended up in the North Fork of the Crystal River. Gunnison County Sheriff Rick Besecker says a deputy investigated the accident but the department determined that there was no traffic accident. Since no ticket was issued to either driver, Besecker didn’t release their names. He said they were brothers from the Denver region.

The sheriff was alerted on July 5 that (2) vehicles with young adults who had allegedly been drinking were involved in the incident. The deputy was able to reach the owners on July 6. The report said that the trucks were traveling in the rain. They came across another vehicle that was disabled & partially blocking the road. One of the Jeeps attempted to squeeze around the non-running vehicle but the left rear tire slid off the road. A tool was fastened from the secure Jeep to the one hanging over the edge of the embankment in an effort to pull it back up. The parties used a tow strap also to try to pull the vehicle back onto the road. The truck in the precarious position fell over the edge of the roadway and pulled the other Jeep in with it. No one was injured in the vehicle.

Aspen-Sopris District Ranger Karen Schroyer says that they’re having trouble reaching the individuals and are committed to holding the vehicle owners responsible for removal. Given that no one was seriously injured, the primary concern is over various contaminants running into the water. Christopher Mandrick, a law enforcement officer with the Forest Service, said he went to the site and entered the river to see if he could gather information about the owners or insurance providers. He wasn’t able to find any details in the one Jeep. The other vehicle was on its side and unstable in the fast water. The cars were strewn with beer cans, a bike rack and personal items, he said. A resident of Crystal sent the Aspen Times the pictures of the site.

The driver of a vehicle that slipped off the road on the approach to Montezuma Basin, southwest of Aspen, took responsibility for his actions and worked with his insurance carrier to have the vehicle removed, Mandrick says. Mandrick noted that the Jeeps, a 1999 Cherokee and a 2000 Grand Cherokee, had standard street tires and were not fit for backcountry travel.” The complete article is available here.

We buy any car

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