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Abandoned Car Removal

Those attempting to determine how to sell a junk car or how to receive cash for a damaged car are in luck! You have found the Barberton Junk Cars website. We may not always be the highest paying for junk cars—but we provide fast scrap car removal services 6 days a week. We are definitely an eco-conscious organization; in fact, our program reduces water & land pollution levels, as well as a host of other environmental benefits. Green companies are now increasing in popularity and are great for the environment, as well as being a source for green jobs.

Our next topic focuses on the Houston area of Texas where all hell is breaking loose! Massive rainfall levels have swept through the area totaling over a foot over water in the region. Many homes are flooded, schools closed and the Governor declared a state of emergency.

A report on by Patricia Lopez communicated the following: “After Monday’s historic floods, if you own abandoned a car on the road – that isn’t blocking traffic – you have a bit of time to arrange tow options. Law enforcement is NOT yet towing these vehicles if not blocking traffic or seen as a hazard to public safety.

The costs of a vehicle being towed in Houston are as follows:

$162.50 Non-consent Tow Fee (CITY)
$20 Each day charge (storage)
$50 Notify Fee from after 24hrs
$20 Misc. impound fee.”

The full story is available at this link.

We sincerely hope that this widespread rash of flooding will quickly subside. Will that much water, it would seem likely to result in some public health concerns. It is likely to heighten the presence of mosquitoes and other such pests that flourish in areas of standing water.

Who is the highest paying for junk cars?

To find out how to sell a junk car for quick cash today, call BJC. We will pay cash for a damaged car or wrecked vehicle in this area. We are a scrap vehicle recycler with a commitment to green practices, our auto recycling of steel uses over 50% less energy. Are you aware that used oil from scrap cars can cause environmental damage? This is why we take measures to insure that all fluids from the vehicles are properly handled.